To do Doing Done
? 非谓语动词是指在句子中不是谓语的动 主要包括不定式和分词( 词,主要包括不定式和分词(现在分词 和过去分词),即动词的非谓语形式。 ),即动词的非谓语形式 和过去分词),即动词的非谓语形式。 非谓语动词除了不能独立作谓语外, 非谓语动词除了不能独立作谓语外,可 以承担句子的任何成分。 以承担句子的任何成分。
? 作表语: Her job is to clean the hall. 她的工作是打扫大厅。 ? 作状语: He worked day and night to get the money. 他夜 以继日地工作来赚钱。 ? 作主语: Reading aloud is very helpful. 朗读是很有好处的 ? 作表语: In the ant city, the queen's job is laying eggs. ? 作宾语: They haven't finished building the dam. 他们还 没有建好大坝。 We have to prevent the air from being polluted. 我们必须阻止空气被污染。
? 作定语: The man speaking to the teacher is our monitor's father. 正与老师谈话的那个人是我们班长的父亲。 ? 作状语: Being a League member, he is always helping others. 由于是共青团员,他经常帮助他人。 He stayed at home, cleaning and washing. 他呆 在家里,又擦又洗。 ? 作定语: Our class went on an organized trip last Monday. 上周一我们班开展了一次有组织的旅行。 Those selected as committee members will attend the meeting. 当选为委员的人将出席这次会。
? 作表语: The window is broken. 窗户破了。 ? 作宾语补足语: I heard the song sung several times last week. 上周我听见这首歌被唱了好几次。 ? 作状语: Praised by the neighbours, he became the pride of his parents. 受到邻居们的表扬,他成为父母的骄傲 ? 作状语: Though raining heavily, it cleared up very soon. 虽然雨下得很大,但不久天就晴了。
? 作主语: To finish the work in ten minutes is very hard. 十分 钟之内完成这项工作是很难的。 To lose your heart means failure. 灰心意味着失败。 ? 作表语: He appears to have caught a cold. 他似乎感冒了。 ? 作同位语: His habit, listening to the news on the radio remains unchanged.他收听收音机新闻节目的习惯仍未 改变。 ? 作独立主格: Time permitting, we'll do another two exercises. 如果时间允许,我们将做另两个练习。
playing ? (play)all day, you will waste your valuable time. 要是整天玩,你就会浪费宝贵的时间。 He dropped the glass, breaking(break)into pieces. 他把杯子掉了, 结果摔得粉碎。 (live)with the girl for 5 years, we all know her very well. Having lived 因为与那个女孩一起生活了五年,我们都非常了解她。 Not knowing (Not know) how to work out the difficult physics problem, he asked the teacher for help.因为不知道如何解这道 物理难题,他求助老师。 weighing (Weigh) almost one hundred kilogram ,the stone was moved by him alone. 虽然那块石头重将近一百斤,他一个人就把它挪动了。

  1. There no classes yesterday, we paid a visit to the Great Wall. A. was B. being C. were D. had been
  2. The boy lay on the ground, his eyes and his hands . A. closing; trembling B. closed; trembling C. closed; trembled D. closing; trembled
  3. her mother had come, her face lit up. A. Hearing B. Having heard C. When hearing D. When she heard

  4.Tom looked at Jenny, tears his eyes, and shouted out the words in his heart for years. A. filling; having hidden B. filled; hidden C. filling; hidden D. filled; hiding
  5.Everything into consideration, they ought to have another chance. A. to take B. taken C. to be taken D. taking

  6. the room, a letter was laid on the ground. A. Entering B. Having entered C. He entered D. Mrs Green entering
  7. The novel is said into many languages. A. to translate B. being translated C. to have been translated D. having been translated
  8. Each of them got up early to catch the early bus. A. to hope B. hoping C. so that D. and
Using Language
Some tourist attractions in China
Mount Tai
Mount Hua
Jiu Zhai Gou
Giant panda Research Center
Hot spring
The Lake of Heaven

  1. In what province is Changbaishan? In Jilin Province
  2.What is a nature reserve? Why is Changbaishan a famous nature reserve? A place kept in its natural state for people to enjoy. The largest one in China.

  3.What is the most popular tourist attraction in the reserve? Tianchi, or Lake of Heaven.
  4.What does Tianchi mean? How is Tianchi formed? The Lake of Heaven. By volcano eruption.

  5.What is the connection between the Manchu people and Tianchi? The story of the father of Manchu people.
Reading and Comprehension
Reading the article and tell the statements are true or false:
  1.Changbaishan is the second largest nature reserve in China. F
  2.The peak of Changbaishan can reach as high as 2,000 meters.

  3. You can see a lot of black bears, leopards or cranes in Changbaishan. F
  4. Tianchi is a lake in the crater of an extinct volcano. T
  5. The ancestor of the Manchu people was believed to be good at language and persuasion. T
Read the text and fill in the blanks Changbai Position In Jilin Province. shan Varies Height 1 from 700 metres above sea level to over 2 . 2,000 metres
Changbai Attract ▲ Many people come shan ion to study the 3 unique plants and animals. ▲ Others come to walk in the mountains, to see the spectacular 4 waterfalls or to 5 in the hot bathe water pools.
Attra 6 ▲ It has formed in the ction Lake of crater of a dead volcano on 7 top Heaven / of Changbaishan. Tianchi ▲ It’s 2,194 metres above sea level and more than 200 metres 8 . deep ▲ Views are the crystal clear 9 waters and sixteen mountain peaks that surround 10 it.
The land varies in height from 700 metres above sea level to over 2,000 meters and is home to a great diversity of plants and animals. 这里的地面高度从海拔700米到 米到2,000多米 这里的地面高度从海拔 米到 多米 不等,是各种各样的动植物的生长地。 不等,是各种各样的动植物的生长地。
vary v. 呈现不同 ;改变,变化 改变, My husband varies the vegetables he plants each year. 我的丈夫每年都种不同的蔬菜。 我的丈夫每年都种不同的蔬菜。 vary from…to… 由…到…不等; 不等; 到 不等 变为… 从…变为 变为
Her mood varied from optimism to extreme depression. 她的情绪由乐观一变而极为消沉。 她的情绪由乐观一变而极为消沉。 这些鱼的价格从3镑到 镑不等 这些鱼的价格从 镑到5镑不等。 镑到 镑不等。
These fish vary in price from ?3 to ?
variety (质量,种类或特征的 变化 质量, 质量 种类或特征的)变化 You need a lot of variety in your diet. 你的膳食要多样化。 你的膳食要多样化。 种类, 种类,品种 不同品种的香蕉 different varieties of bananas
? 翻译: the students’ work varies in quality 学生作业质量参差不齐 菜单随着季节变化而变化 The menu varies with the season 她的体重浮动在98j到108j间 Her weight varies between 98k and 108k
diversity n. 变化多样,多样性 变化多样, (相当 相当variety) 相当 The plants of Asia show a great diversity of form. 亚洲的植物形态多种多样。 亚洲的植物形态多种多样。 There must be a diversity of opinions. (对此 准是众说纷纭。 对此)准是众说纷纭 对此 准是众说纷纭。
Panic verb (panicked panicking) &noun恐慌
? 翻译: Rumours of an earthquake started a panic. 谣传即将发生地震引起了一阵恐慌。 Don’t panic in case of fire 如遇大火 勿恐慌 当我发现门锁住时,我恐慌了。 I got into a(n) panic when I found the door was locked. 大楼起火时, 人们一片惊慌。 There was a panic when the building caught fire.
Unit 4 translation
? I think our conference was very successful on the whole. professor brown’s presentation was warmly received ? There is a wide range of energy sources:coal,oil,natural gas,water power,nuclear power and so on ? Since your bike is broken, you can use mine, so long as you take care of it ? I would like to thank Mr. smith on behalf of the school for his work as a scholar, an engineer and educator
? His programme has been passed smoothly because most of the representatives in the conference subscribed to it ? His main contribution to our country is that he suggested controlling population growth. ? The existence of life in outer space is still a mystery. ? Experts said that the global temperature would show a tendency to increase
I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字 母或汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式。 母或汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式。
  1. His lips started to t and then he tremble started to cry.
  2. It’s so hot, you start s the sweating minute you walk outside.
  3. He caught the u opportunity unique and succeeded.

  4. I was anxious about the children a when they didn’t come back home from school. panic 恐慌
  5. I got into a(n) (恐慌 when I 恐慌) found the door was locked.
II. 用所给词的适当形式填空。 用所给词的适当形式填空。 bathe
  1. This river is dangerous to (bath) in.
  2. It’s natural that there is a diversity (diverse) of opinions within the organization. anxiety
  3. There is growing public (anxious) over levels of air pollution in our city.
III. 根据括号内的提示将下列句子翻译 成英语。 成英语。
  1. 我们不能保证我们所有的航班都不误 点。(guarantee) We can’t guarantee that all our flights will never be delayed.
  2. 这里的天气时时都在变化。(vary) 这里的天气时时都在变化。 The weather here varies from hour to hour.

  3. 他匆匆看了一遍那道题就开始回答了。 他匆匆看了一遍那道题就开始回答了。 (glance through) He glanced through the question and began to answer.



   非谓语动词 动词的非谓语形式有三种:不定式,动名词和分词. 不定式: 一,不定式: It is hard for me to do the work. 作主语 He wants to speak at the meeting.作宾语 I have a lot of work to do. 作定语 He asked me to finish it in time. 作宾补 My job is to help the patient.作表语 He is too young to go to sc ...


   学而思教育? 思考成就未来! 学而思教育?学习改变命运 思考成就未来! 高考网 英语非谓语动词讲解及练习 非谓语动词是指分词(包括现在分词和过去分词) 、不定式、动名词等三种形式,即: doing , done , to do , doing 。当然它们有各自不同的变化形式,如: 现在分词 doing : 有 being done(被动式) ; having done (完成式); having been do ne (完成被动式) 不定式 to do : 有 ...


   Multiple choice 2001春季高考 第21题 late in the morning , Bob turned off the alarm. A. To sleep B. Sleeping C. Sleep D. Having slept 2001年春季高考 第24题 One learns a language by making mistakes and them. A. correct B. correcting C. corrects D. to correct 近五年非 ...


   一, 动词不定式(以动词 动词不定式 以动词study为例 为例) 以动词 为例 语态 时态 一般式 完成式 进行式 主动态 to study 被动态 to be studied to have been studied to have studied to be studying 分词( 为例) 二 ,动词的 ing 分词(以make为例) 为例 时态 语态 主动态 making having made 被动态 being made having been made 一般式 完成式 三 , ...

初中英语语法 非谓语动词

   非谓语动词 一.定义:非谓语动词是指在句子中不是谓语的动词,即动词的非谓语形式。约占中考 10%。 二.分类:动词不定式、v-ing 形式和过去分词。 1. 动词不定式 1)构成:(not) to do / (not) do 2)句法功能: (1)作主语: To finish the work in ten minutes is very hard. 十分钟之内完成这项工作是很难的。 To lose your heart means failure. 灰心意味着失败。 动词不定式短语作主语时 ...


   初中英语语法 非谓语动词 初中英语语法-非谓语动词教案 英语语法 非谓语动词教案 一. 非谓语动词种类及句法功能 (一)概述: 在英语中,不作句子谓语,但仍具有除谓语外其他语法功能的动词,叫做非谓语 动词。非谓语动词有动词不定式(the Infinitive) ;动名词(the Gerund) ;现在分 词(the Present Participle) ;过去分词(the Past Participle) 。 (二)非谓语动词的句法功能 1)逻辑主语 为了强调是谁发出的一个动作,我们往往要 ...

英语语法 非谓语动词

   一、非谓语动词 近几年的语法测试中非谓语动词约占 31.1%,平均每年近 5 道题,可谓是语法项目考察的重 点,那么非谓语动词的考察都有哪些特点,解释回答时又应注意些什么呢?底下我和大家就 一起来分析一下: 一、非谓语动词考察特点 1)谓语动词与非谓语动词的判断 对于谓语动词与非谓语动词区另外考察主要集中在独立主格结构,如: All thellongs _because of the snowstorm,many passengers could do nothellong but take ...


   中考作文当中谚语的运用 在考试作文题目当中适当地运用谚语可以起到画龙点 睛的作用,增加文章当中的闪光点.但是谚语引用在文章中最 睛的作用,增加文章当中的闪光点. 多不能超过三次,引用的谚语不能太偏. 多不能超过三次,引用的谚语不能太偏. As a popular saying goes that As is known to all, " As a proverb says, " As a popular saying goes, " There is a f ...


   梦幻网络( ) 数百万免费课件下载,试题下载,教案下载,论文范 文,计划总结 -高中英语语法强化训练(非谓语动词续) ( )1.European football is played in 80 countries ,it the most popular sport in the world A. making B, makes C. made D to make ( )2The managers discussed the plan that th ...


   -高中英语语法强化训练 非谓语动词续 高中英语语法强化训练(非谓语动词续 高中英语语法强化训练 非谓语动词续) ( )1.European football is played in 80 countries ,it the most popular sport in the world A. making B, makes C. made D to make ( )2The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see th ...



   第一部分英语知识运用部分命题的特点和规律 一、英语知识运用部分总体分析 2002 年《大纲》将“完形填空”调整为“英语知识运用”之后明确规定:英语知识运 用测试的要点是词汇、语法和结构。 英语知识运用采用多项选择完形填空(Multiple Choice Cloze Test)的形式来考查。完形填 空(Cloze)又称综合填空或短文填空, 出现于 20 世纪 50 年代西方语言测试的实践中,1956 年被应用于外语测试。 在我国用于英语测试则是从 20 世纪 70 年代开始的。 完形填空是用来 ...

人教版高一英语必修3讲义Unit 2

   Unit 2 I.New words and expressions (P93) II.Language points 1.more than one +单数名词+单谓 c.f:more than ①+数,多于,超过;②+n,不仅仅是,不只是;③+adj/adv,非常,极其;④ +v;十分,大大地,岂只是,不仅仅是;⑤主+can / could +v;非…所能,不是:The cold is more than I can bear /stand more…than:与其说…不如说… He w ...


   尊敬的****主任、各位领导、各位嘉宾、同志们、大家下午好! 非常高兴参加今天的研讨会,本次研讨会以高等学校 IT 职业英 语教学改革为主题,进行深入研讨非常具有现实的意义,在此请允许 我代表****对研讨会的召开表示热烈地祝贺, 对关心支持****考试的 各级领导、各位嘉宾表示热烈的欢迎和衷心的感谢,向奋战在全省教 育考试工作第一线为教育考试事业辛勤工作的同志们表示诚挚的问 候。 继年初武汉被国务院确认为“中国服务外包示范城市”后,4 月 26 日举行的第四届中博会上,武汉市又被国家商务部 ...


   虚拟语气 虚拟语气是通过特殊的谓语动词形式来表达的愿望、 假设、 怀疑、 虚拟语气是通过特殊的谓语动词形式来表达的愿望、 假设、 怀疑、 猜测或建议等语气,它不表示客观存在。 猜测或建议等语气,它不表示客观存在。 一、虚拟语气在单句中的用法 常用来表示祝愿、采用固定的倒装句式。例如: 常用来表示祝愿、采用固定的倒装句式。例如: China!中华 中华人民共和国 Long live the People? Republic of China!中华人民共和国 万岁! 万岁! May you be ...

牛津小学英语3A unit7 教案

   3A Unit 7 教学内容:单元 Part B D 教学目标: It’s nice 教案 1.掌握单词、词组 shirt, blouse, skirt, blouse,jacket,sweater,dress,T-shirt. 2.进一步掌握日常交际用语 Look at his shirt. It’s smart. Look at my new blouse. It’s pretty. Look, this is her jacket.Oh, it’s nice! Look ,that’s ...