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高二英语:阅读专题训练( ) 新人教版必修
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A Saturday, October 7th, was a marathon of sad tasks for Anna Politkovskaya. Two weeks earlier, her father, a retired official in the department of foreign affairs, had died of a heart attack as he emerged from the Moscow Metro whi le on his way to visit Politkovskaya’s mother, Raisa Mazepa, in the hospital. She had just been diagnosed(诊断) with cancer and was too weak even to attend her husband’s funeral. “Your father will forgive me, because he knows that I have always loved him,” she told Anna and her sister, Elena Kudimova, the day he was buried. A week later, she had an operation and since then Anna and Elena had been taking turns helping her deal with her grief. Politkovskaya was supposed to spend the day at the hospital, but her twenty-six-year-old daughter, who was pregnant, had just moved into Politkovskaya’s apartment, on Lesnaya Street, w hile her own place was being prepared for the baby. “Anna had so much on her mind,” Elena Kudimova told me when we met in London, before Christmas. “And she was trying to finish her article.” Politkovskaya was a special reporter for the small newspaper Novaya Gazeta, and, like most of her work, the piece focused on the terror that can be seen all over the southern republic of Chechnya. This time, she had been trying to report repeated cruel acts done by people faithful to the Prime Minister, Ramzan Kadyrov, who are in favour of Russia. In the past seven years, Politkovskaya had written dozens of accounts of life during wartime; many had been collected in her book “A Small Corner of Hell: reports from Chechnya.” Politkovskaya was far more likely to spend time in a hospital than on a battlefield, and her writing bore frequent witness to robbery, and the uncontrolled cruelty of life in a place that few other Russians?and almost no other reporters?cared to think about.
  1. Politkovskaya’s father died of . A. tiredness B. a heart disease C. an attack D. an accident

  2. From the text we know that Raisa Mazepa . A. didn’t love her husband B. didn’t attend her husband’s funeral C. was having an operation the day her husband was buried
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D. was too sad to attend her husband’s funeral[来源:Zxxk.Com]
  3. The underlined word “emerged” most likely means . A. came out B. went into C. disappeared D. left for

  4. How many family members of Anna are mentioned in the passage?[来源:Z.xx.k.Com] A. Three. B. Four C. Five D. Six[来源:学科网ZXXK]

  5. Which of the following words can best describe Politkovskaya’s character? A. Curious B. easy-going B Most mornings, the line begins to form at dawn: scores of silent women with babies on their backs, buckets balanced on their heads, and in each hand a bright-blue plastic jug. On good days, they will wait less than an hour before a water tanker goes across the dirt path that serves as a road in Kesum Purbahari, a slum on the southern edge of New Delhi. On bad days, when there is no electricity for the pumps, the tankers don’t come at all. “That water kills people,” a young mother named Shoba said one recent Saturday morning, pointing to a row of pails filled with thick, caramel (焦糖)-colored liquid. “Whoever drinks it will die.” The water was from a pipe shared by thousands of people in the poor neibourhood. Women often use it to wash clothes and bathe their children, but nobody is desperate enough to drink it. There is no standard for how much water a person needs each day, but experts usually put the minimu m at fifty litres. The government of India promises (but rarely provides) forty. Most people drink two or three litres?less than it takes to wash a toilet. The rest is typically used for cooking and bathing. Americans consume between four hundred and six hundred litres of water each day, more than any other people on earth. Most Europeans use less than half that. The women of Kesum Purbahari each hoped to drag away a hundred litres that day?two or three buckets’ worth. Shoba has a husband and five children, and that much water doesn’t go far in a family of seven, particularly when the temperature reaches a hundred and ten degrees before noon. She often makes up the difference with bottled water, which costs more than water delivered any other way. Sometimes she just buys milk; it’s cheaper. Like the poorest people everywhere, the people of New Delhi’s slums spend a far greater percentage of their incomes on water than anyone lucky enough to live in a house connected to a system of pipes.
  6. The underlined word “slum” most likely means .
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C. careless
D. responsible
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A. a village B. a small town C. an area of a town with badly-built, over-crowded buildings D. the part of a town that lacks water badly
  7. Sometimes the water tanker doesn’t come because .[来源:学科网 ZXXK] A. the weather is bad B. there is no electricity C. there is no water D. people don’t want the dirty water
  8. A person needs at least litres of water a day. A. a hundred B. four hundred C. forty D. fifty

  9. Which of the following statements is wrong? A. a hundred litres of water a day is enough for Shoba’s family B. Americans uses the largest amount of water each day C. in Kesum Purbahari milk is cheaper than bottled water D. Shoba has a family of seven people
  10. The passage mainly tells us . A. how women in Kesum Purbahari gets their water B. how much water a day a person deeds[来源:学科网 ZXXK] C. that India lacks water badly D. how India government manages to solve the problem of water C One day last September, as Britney Spears was about to board a flight to Los Angeles from London, a blue bottle fell out of her purse. She quickly put it back in, but not before the camera recorded the event. Neither Spears nor her spokesman was willing to comment on the contents of the bottle, but the next morning London’s Daily Express published a page of pictures under the headline “EXCLUSIVE: POP PRINCESS SPOTTED AT AIRPORT WITH POT OF SLIMMING TABLETS.” Spears was apparently carrying Zantrex-3, one of the most popular weight-loss pills now sold in the United States. The pill, which is sold at about fifty dollars for a month’s supply, contains a huge amount of caffeine, some green tea, and three common South American herbs that
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also act as stimulants (兴奋剂). It hit the U.S. market last March and has had a success that would be hard to overstate. Millions of bottles have been sold, and during the Christmas season it was displayed in the windows of the nation’s largest chain of vitamin shops, G.N.C. (It is so highly sought after that many of the stores keep it in locked counters.) Zantrex-3 is also sold at CVS, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, and other chains, a nd over the telephone and on the Internet. If you type “Zantrex” into Google, more than a hundred thousand pieces of information about it will appear. At any moment, there are scores of people sell it on eBay. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the success story of Zantrex-3, however, is that it is far from unique. There are hundreds of similar products on the market today, and they are bought by millions of Americans. And though Zantrex’s producer makes some exciting statements (“the most advanced weight control compound (化合物)period”), so do the people who sell Stacker 2 and Anorex along with those who sell Carb Eliminator and Fat Eliminator. Almost all of these compounds suggest that they can help people lose weight and regain lost energy, and often without diet, exercise, or any other effort.
  11. Britney Spears is a / an. A. dancer B. singer C. athlete D. chemist

  12. Which of the following is also a kind of weight-loss pill? A. CVS B. Rite Aid C. Wal-Mart D. Anorex

  13. The underlined part of the sentence in the first paragraph is most likely similar in meaning to . A. it is difficult to say how successful Zantrex-3 is B. you can’t overstate the success of Zantrex-3 C. you can’t think too highly of the success of Zantrex-3 D. Zantrex-3 is not very successful
  14. From the second paragraph we know that . A. Zantrex-3 is one of the successful weight-loss pills on the US market B. Zantrex-3 is the most successful weight-loss pills on the US market C. Zantrex-3 is the only weight-loss pill on the US market D. there are five kinds of weight-loss pills on the US market
  15. The text mainly tells us .
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A. when Britney Spears was found taking weight-loss pills with her B. how Zantrex-3 became successful in the USA[来源:学科网 ZXXK] C. weight-loss pills are very popular in the USA D. Zantrex-3 is forbidden to be sold on the US market[来源:学科网 ZXXK]
[来源 来源:Zxxk.Com] 来源
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参考答案 1?5 BBACD 6?10 CBDAC 11-15 BDCAC

  1. 答案B。从第2句中的“…had died of a heart attack…”可知B选项是正确答案。C选项attack 是“攻击”的意思,而文中出现的是heart attack,“心脏病”,因此C选项偷换了概念;其 他选项与文中相关的表述不相干。[来源:Zxxk.Com]
  2. 答案B。从
  4、5三句可知 B选项是正确选项,其他三个选项与文中的表述不一致。
  3. 答案A。介词“from”表示动作的出处、来源,而后面的介词宾语是“the Moscow Metro”, 可知“Moscow Metro”是“emerged”这一动作的起源地,因此,A选项符合原文的意思。
  4. 答案C。文中提到Politkovskaya姐妹俩,以及她的父母、女儿。
  5. 答案D。从“Politkovskaya was a special reporter for the small newspaper Novaya Gazeta,…” 一直到文章的结尾,作者简述了Politkovskaya敢于直面社会的不良现象的正值性格,而 这是其他记者所不屑的,因此D选项是正确答案。
  6. 答案 C。A、B、D 可以指贫穷地区,也可以指富裕地区,但根据第 1 段的第 2 句及第 2 段的最后一句可以知道 slum 指的更可能是贫穷地区,C 选项比较接近这个意思,因此 应该是最佳答案。
  7. 答案 B。根据第 1 段的 On bad days, when there is no electricity for the pumps, the tankers don’t come at all.可以知道 B 选项是正确答案。
  8. 答案 D。根据第 2 段的“…but experts usually put the minimum at fifty litres”可以知道 D 选 项是正确答案。
  9. 答案 A。 根据第 2 段的 Shoba has a husband and five children, and that much water doesn’t go far in a family of seven, particularly when the temperature reaches a hundred and ten degrees before noon.可以判断 A 选项不符合文意,而其他选项均可在文中找到支 持信息。
  10. 答案 C。该题是判断主旨大意题。第 2 段第 2 句是该文的主题句,C 选项与主题句的意 思一致,因此是正确选项。A、B 选项是细节信息,用于村托印度缺水的现象;D 选项 则完全与文章的意思相反,因此均可排除。
  11. 答案 B。细节信息题。从第 1 段的大写部分“…POP PRINCESS SPOTTED AT AIRPORT WITH POT OF SLIMMING TABLETS.”可以知道 B 选项是正确答案。
  12. 答案 D。 细节信息题。 根据第 1 段的 “Zantrex-3 is also sold at CVS, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, and
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other chains,”以及第 2 段的“…so do the people who sell Stacker 2 and Anorex along with those who sell Carb Elimina tor and Fat Eliminator.”可以知道 D 选项是正确答案。
  13. 答案 C。理解句子结构及推测词义题。从 It hit the U.S. market last March and has had a success that would be hard to overstate. 的前半部分可以知道 Zantrex-3 是美国市场很畅 销的减肥类商品;根据构词法可以知道后半部分的 ov erstate 有“夸张、夸大事实”的意 思,而 would be hard to overstate 可以理解为“难以夸张、夸大”的意思,因此划线部分的 意思可以直译为“难以夸大/夸张的成功”或理解为“怎么夸张都不过份的成功”, 选项所 C 含有的句型 can not…too 亦是此意。
  14. 答案 A。从第 2 段的
  2、3 句可以知道 A 选项是正确答案,其他选项均与文章的信息 不一致。
  15. 答案 C。A 选项只包含了文章的部分信息;B 选项侧重 Zantrex-3 获得成功的方式,而文 章并 没有这方面的信息; 选项与文章中的信息相反; D 从整体来看, 文章是以 Zantrex-3 为引子,引出减肥或瘦身类商品当今在美国很流行的话题,即第 1 段是引入,第 2 段开 始切入主题,第 2 段的第 2 句可以看做是主题句。C 选项与主题句的意思一致,因此应 该是该题的答案。
[来源:学科网 ZXXK]
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