第一单元 Page4
  4) The pole is attached at the one end to an upright post around which it can revolve, and at the other to a blind-folded camel, which walks constantly in a circle, providing the motive power to turn the stone wheel. 翻译:磙轴的一端与一根立柱相连,使石磙可以绕立柱作旋转运动,另一端则套在一头蒙着眼罩的 骆驼身上,通过骆驼不停地绕圈子走动来带动石磙旋转。
  5) The machine is operated by one man, who shovels the linseed pulp into a stone vat, climbs up nimbly to a dizzy height to fasten ropes, and then throws his weight on to a great beam made out of a tree trunk to set the ropes and pulleys in motion. Ancient girders creak and groan, ropes tighten and then a trickle of oil oozes down a stone runnel into a used petrol can. Quickly the trickle becomes a flood of glistening linseed oil as the beam sinks earthwards, taut and protesting, its creaks blending with the squeaking and rumbling of the grinding-wheels and the occasional grunts and sighs of the camels. 翻译:这套装置是由一个人操作的。他先将亚麻籽浆铲入一只大石缸里,继而动作利索地爬上令人 头晕目眩的高处系牢缆索, 然后全身使劲压在一根用树干做成的粗大的横梁上, 带动缆索的滑轮装 置运转。古木大梁压得嘎吱作响,缆索开始绷紧,接着便见一滴滴的油沿着一条石槽流入一只废旧 汽油桶里。随着大梁越压越低,缆索越绷越紧,大梁的嘎吱声,石磙的辘辘声,以及骆驼不时发出 的咕噜咕噜的呼吸声和叹息声响成一片, 榨出的油也很快地由涓滴细流变成了一股晶莹发亮、 奔腾 不止的洪流。 Page10
  1) 一条蜿蜒的小路淹没在树荫深处。
  1)A zig-zag path loses itself in the shadowy distance of the woods.
  3)I really don't know what it is that has made him so angry
  5)Beyond the mountains there is a vast grassland that extends as far as the eye can see.
  9)To achieve the four modernization, we make a point of learning from the advanced science and technology of other countries.
  11)The apprentice watched his master carefully and then followed suit. 第二单元 Page20
  2) The cab driver’ s door popped open at the very sight of a traveler.
  2)As soon as the taxi driver saw a traveler, he immediately opened the door.
  4) I experienced a twinge of embarrassment at the prospect of meeting the mayor of Hiroshima in my socks.
  4)1 suffered from a strong feeling of shame when I thought of the scene of meeting the mayor of Hiroshima wearing my socks only.
  6) After three days in Japan, the spinal column becomes extraordinarily flexible.
  6)After three days in Japan one gets quite used to bowing to people as a ritual to show gratitude.
  8) I thought somehow I had been spared.
  8)I thought for some reason or other no harm had been done to me. P21
  2) “There are two different schools of thought in this city of oysters, one that would like to preserve traces of the bomb, and the other that would like to get rid of everything, even the monument that was
erected at the point of impact." 翻译:在这个以牡蛎闻名的城市里有两种截然不同的意见,一种主张保存原子弹爆炸留下的痕迹, 另一种则主张销毁一切痕迹,甚至要拆除立于爆炸中心的纪念碑。 Page26
  5)He was so deep in thought that he was oblivious of what his friends were talking about.
  8)I have had the matter on my mind for a long time.
  10)It was only after a few minutes that his words sank in.
  11)The soil smells of fresh grass. 第三单元 Page 45
  3) The strategic nature of the threat now posed by human civilization to the global environment and the strategic nature of the threat to human civilization now posed by changes in the global environment present us with a similar set of challenges and false hopes. Some argue that a new ultimate technology, whether nuclear power or genetic engineering, will solve the problem. Others hold that only a drastic reduction of our reliance on technology can improve the conditions of life ? a simplistic notion at best. But the real solution will be found in reinventing and finally healing the relationship between civilization and the earth. This can only be accomplished by undertaking a careful reassessment of all the factors that led to the relatively recent dramatic change in the relationship. The transformation of the way we relate to the earth will of course involve new technologies, but the key changes will involve new ways of thinking about the relationship itself. 翻译: 当前人类文明对全球环境的威胁的战略实质以及全球环境的变化对人类文明的威胁的战略实 质向我们提出了一系列相似的挑战,同时也使我们产生了一些自欺欺人的期望。有的人认为,有了 某种崭新的终极技术??不管是核能还是基因工程??就可以解决这个问题。 还有的人则认为, 只 有大大减少我们对技术的依赖才能改善人类的生存环境??这种看法充其量是一种简单化的看法。 真正的解决办法要从重新设计以及最终弥合文明与地球间的关系中去寻找。 要完成这一点, 只有通 过重新仔细估量导致这种关系在较近时期内发生的剧烈变化的所有各种因素才行。 改变我们与地球 的关系的途径当然会涉及到新技术的发明和应用, 但关键的变化将与对这种关系本身的新的思路有 关。 第四单元 Page75
  2)If you are upright and not afraid of losing anything, you will be able to look anyone in the eye.
  4) This blouse doesn't match the color or the style of the skirt.

  6)I can't imagine you doing disgraceful things.
  8)Stepping off from the car, the official was confronted by two terrorists.
  10)She was shocked at the news, but before long she recomposed herself.
  12)Their way of life could be traced to the ancient traditions handed down to them by their ancestors more than one thousand years ago. 第五单元 Page84
  2) Winant said the same would be true of the U. S. A.
  2)Winant said the United States would adopt the same attitude.
  4) I will unsay no word that I have spoken about it.
  4)I will not take back a single word of what I have said about Communism.
  6) We shall be strengthened not weakened in determination and in resources。
  6) We shall be more determined and shall make better and fuller use of our resources.
  2) If Hitler imagines that his attack on Soviet Russia will cause the slightest divergence of aims or slackening of effort in the great democracies who are resolved upon his doom, he is woefully mistaken. 翻译: 如果希特勒认为他对苏维埃俄国的进攻会使那些决心埋葬他的伟大的民主国家稍稍转移目标 或松懈斗志的话,那他就大错特错了。 He hopes that he may once again repeat, upon a greater scale than ever before, that process of destroying his enemies one by one by which he has so long thrived and prospered, and that then the scene will be clear for the final act, without which all his couquests would be in vain -- namely, the subjugation of the Western Hemisphere to his will and to his system. 翻译: 他期望能以空前的规模再度重演他长期以来赖以发迹的将敌手各个击破的故伎, 然后便可以 腾出场地来演出最后的一幕??将整个西半球置于他的控制和统治之下。 他知道, 如果做不到这一 点,他的全部战果都将化为泡影。 Page88
  1)This is true of the rural area as well as of the urban area.
  3)I don't remember his exact words, but I'm sure he did say something to that effect.
  5)Only 9% of the population in that country remains illiterate.
  7)The guests were overwhelmed by the warm reception.
  9)Their difficulty is our difficulty just as we view their victory as our own victory. 第六单元 Page107 Ⅳ.
  7) intercommunication system
  8)liberation fidelity(radio, photography, etc. )
  12)permanent wave
  15)preparatory (school)
  20)zoological Page112
  1)There is no call for hurry.Take your time. 他企图尽一切办法掩盖事情的真相。
  3)He tried every means to conceal the fact. 如不另行通知,我们的会在明天上午十点开。
  5)We will have our meeting at 10 tomorrow morning unless notified otherwise. 假定五点出发,我们在黄昏前能到达那里吗?
  7)Would it be possible to reach that place before dark assuming we set out at 5 o'clock(in the morning)? 我知道你是南方人,一听你的口音就知道了。
  9)I know you are from the South. Your accent has betrayed you. 第七单元 Page 123
  1)The microelectronic revolution promises to ease ,enhance and simplify life in ways undreamed of even by the utopians.
  1)The breakthrough in microelectronics will change people's lives in ways no one has ever thought of before.
  3)The computer might appear to be a dehumanizing factor ,but the opposite is in fact true .
  3)The computer might appear to make human beings machinelike,but it can bring some human qualities into our lives as well.
  5) The widest benefits of the electronic revolution will accrue to the young .
  5)It is the young Americans who will gain most of the advantages from the electronic revolution.
  1)Just as the Industrial Revolution took over an immense range of tasks from men's muscles and enormously expanded productivity, so the microcomputer is rapidly assuming huge burdens of drudgery from the human brain and thereby expanding the mind’ s capacities in ways that man has only begun to grasp. 翻译:正如工业革命替人类承担了大量繁重的体力劳动,并极大地发展了生产力一样,微型计算机 正迅速地替人类承担起大量繁重的脑力劳动, 并以人们现在才开始掌握的各种方式扩大了人脑的功 能。
  4)Certainly the miracle chip will affect American life in ways both benign and productive. The computer revolution is stimulating intellects, liberating limbs and propellingvmankind to a higher order of existence. 翻译: 神奇的集成电路片必然会以既有益又有效的方式影响美国生活, 计算机革命正在促进人的智 力发展,解放人的四肢,将人类生活提到一个更高的水平。 Page 127 这个装置能够在一两秒钟之内把信息发到另一个半球去.
  2)This device is capable of sending messages to the other hemisphere within a couple of seconds. 请你给我简要的总结一下上周的新闻.
  6)Please give me a rundown of last week's news. 再过若干年,普通的家庭都可以买得起电视机了.

  8)In a few years, the TV set will be within the reach of the average family. 据估计,到今年年底,全世界将有十二万个机器人在各个岗位上为人类服务.
  11)It is estimated that by the end of this year there will be 120 000 machine men(robots) working at various posts in service of the human race. 第八单元 Page142
  1) Where he saw internal memos, someone else saw Beethoven. He imagined that the machine could record informal communication between departments in a company but other people thought it could be used to record music.
  3) Say you shoot a viden that you think is particularly artsy. For example, you film a video which you think has special artistic pretensions.
  5) Another electronic library filled with realistic video versions of arcade shoot-em-ups. another electronic Library which has a large number of video tapes with recordings of the actual shootings and killings available in video game shops
  7) ordering pay-for-view movies and running up their credit card bills on the Home Shopping Network. ordering films which you will pay for watching and getting bills piled up by doing shopping at home paying with creditcards
  9) "Interactivity" may be the biggest buzzword of the moment, but "convergence" is a close second. "Interactivity" for the time being may be the most used word which has little meaning but sounds impressive to outside



   第一单元 Page4 4) The pole is attached at the one end to an upright post around which it can revolve, and at the other to a blind-folded camel, which walks constantly in a circle, providing the motive power to turn the stone wheel. 翻译:磙轴的一端与一根立柱相连,使石磙可 ...


   外研版小学英语第一册 1-4 模块测试题 小学英语 2009-10-11 19:51:46 阅读 487 评论 0 字号:大中小 班级: 三 年级班 姓名:LISTENING PART(听力部分) Ⅰ.听音选出你所听到的单词或短语,将序号写在( )中。 (每题 2 分,共 20 分) ( )1. A.hello B.hi C. am ( )2. A.good B.goodbye C.boy ( )3. A.what B.window C.blackboard ( )4. A.morning ...


   新视野大学英语第一册: 新视野大学英语第一册:课文翻译 Unit 1 课文 A 学外语 学习外语是我一生中最艰苦也是最有意义的经历。虽然时常遭遇挫折,但却非常有价值。 我学外语的经历始于初中的第一堂英语课。老师很慈祥耐心,时常表扬学生。由于这种积极的 教学方法,我踊跃回答各种问题,从不怕答错。两年中,我的成绩一直名列前茅。 到了高中后,我渴望继续学习英语,然而高中时的经历与以前大不相同。以前老师对所有的学 生都很耐心,而新老师则总是惩罚答错的学生。每当有谁回答错了,她会用长教鞭指着我们,上下 ...


   Unit1a 学习外语是我一生中最艰苦也是最有意义的经历之一。 虽然时常遭遇挫折,但却非常有价值。 我学外语的经历始于初中的第一堂英语课。 老师很慈祥耐心,时常表扬学生。 由于这种积极的教学方法,我踊跃回答各种问题,从不怕答错。 两年中,我的成绩一直名列前茅。 到了高中后,我渴望继续学习英语。然而,高中时的经历与以前大不相同。 以前,老师对所有的学生都很耐心,而新老师则总是惩罚答错的学生。 每当有谁回答错了,她就会用长教鞭指着我们,上下挥舞大喊: “错!错!错! ” 没有多久,我便不再渴望回 ...


   Chinese Translations of Texts A (Units 1-8) 参考译文 第一单元 成长 课文A ????我们写作时常常被告诫,脑子里要有读者,笔者所云一定要符合读者的口味和兴趣。但有一位读者特别不该忘记。你能猜出是谁吗?当拉塞尔?贝克找到这个问题的答案时,他自己和别人都感到大为惊讶。 ? 为自己而写 拉塞尔?田克 ????从孩提时代,我还住在贝尔维尔时,我的脑子里就断断续续地转着当作家的念头,但直等到我高中三年级,这?一想法才有了实现的可能。在这之前,我对所有跟英文课 ...


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   Starter Unit 1 Good morning! No. 110 Middle School by Cao Yi 课程目标 一、知识和能力目标 本单元要求学生掌握英文字母 A?H, 能认读其印刷体和手写体字母的大小写等四种形式。 书写(大写和小写,笔顺,笔画)基本合乎要求。能看,听,说本单元所列的日常交际用语,重 点学会打招呼,并做到语音语调正确。注意一些字母及日常交际用语的发音,提醒学生不要将 C/si:/发成/sei:/; H /e ?发成/e?,也不要将 Good mornin ...


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