A. 根据提示用前六篇文章中学到的词语的合适形式 合适形式填空, 合适形式 不要重复使用。
  1. The death toll has risen to 2
  00. 死亡人数已上升到两百人。
  2. His recent novel is _reckoned as the worst of the year 他新近出版的小说被认为是本年度最差的小说。
  4. The company boosted its sales this year. 这家公司使今年的销售量增加了。
  5. He has some weird ideas. 他有一些怪念头。
  6. In the middle of his speech he reverted to the unemployment issue. 他演讲到一半,又重提失业问题。
  7. A spark _triggered the explosion. 一粒火星引起了这场爆炸。
  8. The police _contended that the difficulties they faced were too severe. 警察强调说他们面临的困难太严重了。
  9. He had an irrational belief that everybody was his enemy. 他有个荒谬的信念,以为人人都是他的仇敌。
  10. the demon of drug addition 吸毒成瘾
  11. Constant indulgence in gambling brought about his ruin. 经常沉迷于赌博把他毁了。

  12.A veil of mystery surrounds Kelly’s death.凯利的死笼罩 着神秘的面纱。
  13. dramatic changes in the international situation 国际形势 的戏剧性变化
  14. The Pope will visit Britain next year. 教皇明年将访问英 国。
  15. We use the hall for multiple purposes. 这个大厅我们派 多种用途。
  16. It was proposed we go to the station to meet our guests. 有人建议我们去车站接客人。
  17. Your name has popped up from time to time in the papers. 你的名字不时在报纸上出现。
  18. I assure you my actions will correspond with my words. 我向你保证,我将言行一致。
  19. The new proposal is better than its _predecessor . 新 建议比以前的建议好。
  20. A large reward is offered for the capture of the criminals. 巨额悬赏捉拿这些罪犯。 21 The military regime has outlived its statutory term by three years.这一军事政权的存在已超过法定期限 3 年。
  22. The institution of slavery was once widespread. 奴隶制 度曾经相当普遍。

  23. He could not _account for his absence from school. 他无法说清楚为什么旷课。
  24. I tipped the waiter two dollars. 我给了侍者两块钱小费。
  25. This is an arbitrary decision. 这是个武断的决定。
  26. The professor does not approve the government's foreign policy. 那位教授不赞成政府的外交政策。
  27. It is silly to be a slave to social conventions. 对社会习俗 盲从是愚蠢的。
  28. You are always abusing and offending people. 你总是出 言不逊得罪人。
  29. The store doesn't charge for delivery. 该店免费送货。
  30. It is interesting to contrast the two proposals. 将这两个 建议作对照是很有趣的。
  31. The child has no incentive to study harder because his parents can not afford to send him to college. 这孩子没有 努力学习的动力,因为他父母供不起他上大学。
  32. _compatible color TV system 兼容制彩色电视系统
  33. In the course of _evolution, some birds have lost the power of flight. 在演化过程中一些鸟失去了飞行的能力。

  34. Sally was weighed down with shopping bags.萨莉提着购 物袋颇感费力。
  35. The outcome is not always predictable. 后果并非都可以 预料。 36 She’s becoming obsessive about hygiene.她开始变得有洁 癖。 37 I am afraid the problems you mention are inherent in the system.你谈到的这些问题恐怕本来就存在于这个体制 中。 38 The house is in a central location with good_ access to the shops.这幢房子位于中心地段,离商店比较近 39“I don’t stand a chance of getting the job.” “Don’t be silly, you mustn’t put yourself down.” “我没有机会得到那份工 作。 “别傻了,你不应该贬低自己。 ” ” 40 Sarah was loath to tell her mother all that had happened.萨 拉不愿意告诉他母亲所发生的一切。 B. 翻译
  1. As a woman of exceptional intelligence and life experience, George Eliot shows a particular concern for the destiny of women, especially those with great intelligence, potential and social aspirations, such as Maggie Tulliver in The Mill on the
Floss. In her mind, the pathetic tragedy of women lies in their very birth. Their inferior education and limited social life determine that they must depend on men for sustenance and realization of their goals and they have only to fulfill the domestic duties expected of them by the society.
  2. Dickens is one of the greatest critical realist writers of the Victorian Age. It is his serious intention to expose and criticize in his works all the poverty, injustice, hypocrisy and corruptness he sees around him. But his social attitudes are very complicated. He hates the state apparatus, especially the Parliament, but as a bourgeois writer, he can in no way supply any fundamental solution to the social plights.
  3. Everybody loathes it, but everybody does it. A recent poll showed that 40? of Americans hate the practice. It seems so arbitrary, after all. Why does a barman get a tip, but not a doctor who saves lives? In America alone, tipping is now a $ 16 billion-a-year industry. Consumers acting rationally ought not to pay more than they have to for a given service. Tips should not exist. So why do they? The conventional wisdom is that tips both reward the efforts of good service
and reduce uncomfortable feelings of inequality. The better the service, the bigger the tip. 人人讨厌它,但人人都这样做。最近一项民意测验表明, 40%的美国人憎恨付小费。毕竟,这种做法好像毫无道理。 为什么酒吧招待能拿到小费,而救人生命的医生却得不到 呢? 仅在美国,小费这一行当每年的总额高达 160 亿美元。合 理消费的人们除了为得到的某项服务付费外,不该再掏腰 包。小费现象不应该存在。那么,为什么它一直流行呢? 公众的一般看法是:小费既是对优质服务的回报,又可以 减轻不平等地位的那种不舒服感。服务得越好,得到的小 费就越多。

  4. Before the launch of YouTube in 2005, there were few easy methods available for ordinary computer users who wanted to post videos online. With its simple interface, YouTube made it possible for anyone with an Internet connection to post a video that a worldwide audience could watch within a few minutes. The wild range of topics covered by YouTube has turned video sharing into one of the most important parts of Internet culture.
在 2005 年播客网建立之前,那些普通的电脑用户想把视 频传到网上并不那么容易。现在,任何互联网用户都可以 把视频传到播客网上,世界各地的网民在几分钟之内就能 通过它简单的界面看到这个视频。播客网视频涉及的主题 五花八门,视频分享已经成为网络文化最重要的一部分。



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