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高考英语单选易错 题汇编及答案详解 高考英语单选易错 100 题汇编及答案详解 英语

  1. Stop making so much noise the neighbor will start complaining. A. or else A. if B. but still B. when C. though C. and then D. because D. so that
  2. We hope to go to the beach tomorrow, but we won't go it's raining.
  3. ??The weather is too cold March this year. ??It was still when I came here years ago. A. for; colder B. in; cold C. in; hot D. for; hotter
  4. ??How much vinegar did you put in the soup? ??I'm sorry to say, . I forget. A. no A. if never B. no one B. if ever C. nothing C. if not D. none D. if any
  5. He is only too ready to help others, seldom, , refusing them when they turn to him.
  6. ??What should I wear to attend his wedding party? ??Dress you like. A. what B. however C. whatever D. how
  7. ??The research on the new bird flu virus vaccine is challenging and demanding. Who do you think can do the job? ?? my students have a try? A. Shall A. which B. Must B. that C. Will C. where B. planned D. May D. in which C. had planned D. would plan
  8. I'd like to live somewhere the sun shines all year long.
  9. I to go for a walk, but someone called and I couldn't get away. A. was planning
  10. ??Your book, Tommy? ??No, Mom, it's my friend's. ??Remember to return it to name is on it. A. what service. A. 不填;a A. had lost A. looking up B. the;a B. lost C. 不填;不填 C. have lost D. the;不填 D. lose D. turning up
  12. Now that we all the money, it's no use turning on me and saying it's all my fault.
  13. We had a really bad time about six months ago but now things are . B. coming up C. making up
  14. ??When did it begin to snow? ??It started the night. A. during A. the; the B. by C. from D. at C. 不填;不填 D. 不填;the
  15. Young as he is, David has gained rich experience in society. B. a; 不填
  16. from endless homework on weekends, the students now find their own activities, such as B. which C. whose D. whosever
  11. Thank you for sending us fresh vegetables of many kinds. You have done us a great
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taking a ride together to watch the sunwise. A. Freed B. Freeing C. To free D. having freed
  17. ??So you missed the meeting. ??. I got there five minutes before it finished. A. Not at all ?? A. Why not? ??. A. With pleasure A. To consider ??Oh, . A. not at all B. just my luck C. never mind D. that's all right
  22. ??What do you think of the concert? ??I really enjoy it. I didn't expect it was wonderful. A. as B. more C. most B. which D. very C. one of which D. every one of which
  23. The engineers made two big plans for the dam, was never put in force. A. one of them A. help A. that
  24. I have no one me, for I am a new comer here. B. helping B. much C. to help C. enough D. to have helped D. too C. aren't they C. 不填;the D. besides D. mind D. needn't they D. the;不填
  25. The little girl couldn't work the problem out. She wasn't clever.
  26. Listen! His family must be quarrelling, ? A. mustn't it A. the; the A. except A. head B. isn't it B. 不填;不填 B. but B. heart
  27. The police have power to deal with such matters by law.
  28. Jack felt unhappy as they all went outing him. C. without C. brain
  29. That she hadn't kept her on her work resulted in the failure.
  30. ??Did your sister pass the exam? ??She failed and is in low spirits. ??I'm sorry for her. ??. A. Thank you A. disliked A. before A. to proved B. You're welcome B. were B. after C. had C. because C. I would think so D. did D. as D. to be proved D. Never mind
  31. The students spent as much time getting trained as they studying.
  32. It was believed that things would get worse, but it is they are getting better.
  33. As time went by, the plan stuck fairly practical. B. to proving C. proved B. It doesn't matter B. Considered C. It was no trouble at all D. To be considered D. By all means
  20. the temperature might drop, coal was prepared for warming. C. Considering
  21. ??Tom, you are caught late again. B. Yes, help yourself C. Go ahead D. Yes, but you'd better not
  19. ??We must thank you for taking the trouble to cook us a meal. B. Not exactly C. Not especially D. Not really
  18. ??Do you mind if I smoke?
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  34. More than one the people heart and soul. A. official has served officials have served for
  35. The president stood by a window inside the room, , looking over the square. A. where I entered A. had wanted A. prepare B. into which I entered B. wanted B. match C. would want C. fit D. do C. which I entered D. did want D. that I entered
  36. Though I to go abroad, I changed my mind and decided to stay with my family.
  37. My brother is very tall. The little bed won't for him.
  38. ??Thank you so much for the lovely evening, Dennis. ??You're quite welcome, Julie. . We'd been looking forward to seeing you. A. Were glad to meet you B. I'm afraid you didn't have a good time D. Just stay a little longer, please C. Thank you for your coming B. officials have served C. official has served for D.

  39. Scientists say they have found a way to produce the human body's own cancer-killing cells through gene treatment, new hope to cancer sufferers. A. offering B. showing C. taking D. making
  40. We are going to discuss the way of reading works it is used for real life purposes, and this should give you a better understanding of it. A. that B. which C. where D. when
  41. ??The dinner was delicious! ??I agree. I am so full. ??That's too bad. But some dessert . A. has ordered B. will be ordered C. has been ordered D. was going to be ordered
  42. ??This wall of air is an effective answer to the problem and it work. ??But it is a question to put such a wall of air around the statue. A. may B. must C. should D. could C. carry on D. go with
  43. We should know that we can only reach the top if we are ready to and learn from failure. A. deal with B. depend on
  44. ??Good evening. I to see Miss Jessic. ??Oh! Good evening. I'm sorry, but she is not in. A. came B. come C. have come D. had come
  45. ??Please call me at 8:00 tomorrow morning. I'm kind of forgetful. ??Don't worry about that, you'll be surely . A. reminded B. told C. warned D. informed
  46. ??What's the matter with Tim? ??Oh, Tim's cellphone was left in a taxi accidentally, never again. A. to find B. to be found C. finding D. being found
  47. A terrible earthquake happened in that district at the end of 2004, many countries in the world paid close attention to this. A. where B. when C. which D. what
  48. ??How come a simple meal like this costs so much? ??We have in your bill the cost of the cup you broke just now. A. added B. included C. contained D. charged
  49. ??You didn't wait for Mr. Black last night, did you?
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??No, but we . He didn't return home at all. A. couldn't have B. needn't have C. didn't need to D. should wait have
  50. ??How do you think I should receive the reporter? ?? you feel about him, try to be polite. A. How B. What C. Whatever D. However
  51. has recently been done to provide more buses for the people, a shortage of public vehicles remains a serious problem. A. That A. over A. reason B. What B. with C. In spite of what C. by D. at C. read D. realize D. Though what
  52. As we have much time left, let's discuss the matter tea and cake.
  53. Mr Black must be worried about something. You can it from the look on his face. B. recognize
  54. ??Can I pay the bill by check? ??Sorry, sir. But it is the management rule of our hotel that payment be made in cash. A. shall B. need C. will D. can C. a 7-day free trip D. a trip for 7-day
  55. If you win the competition, you will be given to Europe for two. A. a free 7-day trip free
  56. ??Hey, Kelin. Happy new year! ? ??Ok, I guess. My grandma kept cooking and cooking, so I just kept eating. A. How was your break B. How is your grandma D. What did you do in your holiday C. Where did you go for holiday B. a free trip for 7-day

  57. ??Would you mind giving your advice on how to improve our business management? ??if you make most of the equipment, there will be rise in production. A. 不填;不填 B. the;a C. 不填;a D. the;不填
  58. ??Will $200 the cost of the damage? ??I'm afraid not. I need at least $100 more. A. do B. include C. cover D. afford
  59. If you live in the country or have ever visited there, are that you have heard birds singing to welcome the new day. A. situations A. could have told A. making A. rather than B. facts C. dances D. possibilities C. should tell D. left D. less than D. might rell
  60. I you, but I didn't think you would listen to me. B. must have told C. keeping
  61. This problem may lead to more serious ones if unsolved. B. remained
  62. I have no dreams to have a happy life. B. more than C. other than
  63. ??You know Mr. Green has been ill for days? ??Yes, I wonder if he is better now. A. some A. spend A. for B. much B. take B. into C. any C. cover C. of D. no D. meet D. as
  64. $100 a month could hardly the cost of his life in such a big city in this country.
  65. Working in the kitchen for years made Tom a good cook.
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  66. She was such a proud person that she would die she would admit she was wrong. A. rather than B. until C. after D. before
  67. ??Are you through with your homework? ??Well, . A. sort of B. go ahead C. why not D. that's OK
  68. ??What field will your son go into after graduation from Nanjing University? ??I'm not quite certain, but he a good teacher of English. A. promises A. until B. becomes B. before C. makes C. while D. proves D. after
  69. My mother is always warning me when I go out, “Don't get off the bus it is stopping. ”
  70. The dance performed by the disabled actors is really a hit, but years ago no one they were to achieve such great success. A. must have imagined imagined
  71. The young lady prefers dressing up for a party to by others. A. be noticed A. threw away B. being noticed B. put away C. having been noticed D. carried away D. have been noticed
  72. Before the war broke out, many people possessions they could not take with them. C. gave away
  73. the pressure from work, teachers have to deal with psychological problems caused by interpersonal relationship. A. As far as B. As long as C. As well as D. As soon as
  74. ??I hear your aunt likes travel, music, clothes and fine food. ??Oh, yeah, and music may have been of her tastes. A. the rather more respectable C. very the most respectable A. The most B. Most B. much the most respectable D. even more respectable one D. The most of the B. could have imagined C. should have imagined D. would have

  75. children tend to prefer sweets to meat. C. Most of
  76. ??He looks very hot and dry. ??So if you had a temperature of 1
  03. A. would you Junto. A. has been called o'clock tonight. A. went B. is going C. goes D. will be going
  79. ??You didn't invite Mary to the ball? ?? her, too? A. Must I invite forever. A. what A. them B. it C. which C. it D. one D. me
  81. Will you see to that my birds are looked after well while I'm away? B. yourself B. Should I have invited C. Must I have invited D. Should I invite
  80. The number
  9. 11 is a special number, , I think, that will be remembered by the Americans B. to call C. a group called D. which group called
  78. The car at the present speed until it reaches the foot of the mountain at about nine B. will you C. would you have been D. do you
  77. In 1927 Benjamin Franklin founded one of the first adult-education organizations, the
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  82. Many teens don't get enough sleep because they have too much homework, which them up at night. A. makes B. breaks C. turns D. keeps
  83. ??Ms Lin looks rather a kind lady. ??But in fact she is cold and hard on us. You believe it! A. shouldn't it shows. A. if B. as C. while D. unless
  85. the search engine just gave me some brief introductions rather than the whole content of the book to read. A. Luckily B. Mostly C. Funnily D. Disappointingly
  86. ??Did you know any French before you arrived in Washington? ??Never it, actually. A. had I learned life”. A. chose B. choose C. are choosing D. have chosen
  88. A special dinner there might include Chinese pork dish, British roast beef and French-style vegetables. Boiled rice just abou



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   高考英语易混易错词汇、 高考英语易混易错词汇、 短语辨析大全 目录 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W 1 A λ 回目录 about around round 作副词时都含“四处”、“遍地”的意思。 about 系常用词, 如: look about 四处看。 around 具有 about 的基本意思, 因此 look about=look around, 但在下列短语里 around 没有 about 正式, 如: travel ...


   听力部分的解题技巧 一、中考对听力理解能力的考查主要集中在以下 几个方面: 几个方面: 能听懂基本上没有生词, 能听懂基本上没有生词,贴近学生生活的语 言材料,语速为每分钟120个词左右 言材料,语速为每分钟 个词左右 1、能听懂并正确的辨别做听到的句子; 、能听懂并正确的辨别做听到的句子; 2、能听懂声音材料中涉及到的主要信息或 、 重要细节; 重要细节; 3、能听懂对话或短文中谈论的要点、中心 、能听懂对话或短文中谈论的要点、 意思,并根据题目要求做出合理的判断, 意思,并根据题目要求做 ...


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   语法专项复习 宾语从句 一,宾语从句的概念 宾语从句属于名词性从句, 宾语从句属于名词性从句,在 句中作主句的宾语. 句中作主句的宾语. eg. We know Mr Green teaches English. She asked if these answers were right. 二,宾语从句三要素: 宾语从句三要素: 连 接 词 语 时 序 态 (一)连 接 词 1.连词 连词that引导:作从句的原句是陈述句. 引导: 连词 引导 作从句的原句是陈述句. I hear Engl ...


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   2010-2011 昌平区初三年级第一次模拟练习 英语试卷 2011.4 学校班级姓名编号 语言知识运用 (共 27 分) 单项填空( 四、单项填空(共 15 分,每小题 1 分) 从下面各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选择可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 、 、 、 四个选项中,选择可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 21. My mother is a science teacher. works in a high school A. She B. Her C. Hers D. She’s ...


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