高考英语常用句型: 高考英语常用句型: 课堂用语
  16. Come in,please. 请进!
  17. Sit down. 坐下!
  18. Stand up, please. 请站起来.
  19. Open your book, please. 请把书打开.
  20. Close your book, please. 请把书合上.
  21. Don't open your book. 别打开书.
  22. Do you understand? 你明白了吗?
  23. Yes,I understand. 是的,我明白了.
  24. No,I don't understand. 不,我不明白.
  25. Listen and repeat. 先听,然后再重复一遍.
  26. Now read,please. 现在请大家读.
  27. That's fine. 好得很.
  28. It's time to begin. 到开始的时候了.
  29. Let's begin now. 现在让我们开始.
  30. This is Lesson One. 这是第一课. Identifying objects 辨别物品
  31. What's this? 这是什么?
  32. That's a book. 那是一本书.
  33. Is this your book? 这是你的书吗?
  34. No,that's not my book. 不,那不是我的书.
  35. Whose book is this? 这是谁的书?
  36. That's your book. 那是你的书.
  37. And what's that? 还有那是什么?
  38. Is that a book? 那是一本书吗?
  39. No,it isn't. 不,不是.
  40. It's a pencil. 那是一枝铅笔.

  41. Is it yours? 它是你的吗?
  42. Yes,it's mine. 是,是我的.
  43. Where's the door? 门在哪儿?
  44. There it is. 门在那儿.
  45. Is this book his? 这本书是他的吗?
  46. What are these? 这些是什么?
  47. Those are books. 那些是书.
  48. Where are the books? 那些书在哪儿?
  49. There they are. 在那儿.
  50. These are my pencils. 这些是我的铅笔.
  51. Where are your pens? 你的那些钢笔在哪儿?
  52. They're over there. 在那里.
  53. Are these your pens? 这些是你的钢笔吗?
  54. Yes,they are. 是我的.
  55. Those are mine. 那些是我的.
  56. These are your books,aren't they? 这些书是你的,对不对?
  57. No,they aren't. 不,不是.
  58. They're not mine. 不是我的.
  59. These are mine,and those are yours. 这些是我的,而那些是你的.
  60. Those aren't your pens,are they? 那些钢笔不是你的,对吧? Identifying people by occupation 辨别身份
  61. Who are you? 你是谁?
  62. I'm a student. 我是学生.
  63. Who is that over there? 那边那个人是谁?
  64. He's a student,too. 他也是学生.
  65. Is that lady a student? 那位女士是学生吗?
  66. No,she isn't. 不,她不是.
  67. Those men aren't students,either. 那些人也不是学生.
  68. Am I your teacher? 我是你们的老师吗?
  69. Yes,you are. 是的,你是.
  70. That man is a teacher,isn't he? 那个人是位老师,对不对?
  71. Yes,he is. 是的,他是.
  72. Who are those people? 那些人是谁?
  73. Maybe they're farmers. 他们可能是农民.
  74. Aren't they students? 他们不是学生吗?
  75. I really don't know. 我真的不知道. Entertainment About Evening Entertainment 关于夜生活
  26. I'm free tonight. 我今晚有空. 5
  27. Shall we go to the cinema? 我们去看电影好吗? 5
  28. Do you know what's on tonight? 你知道今天上演什么? 5
  29. May I ask you for a dance? 可以请你跳支舞吗? 5
  30. With pleasure. 很荣幸. 5
  31. Sorry, I'm engaged. 对不起,我有约在先了. 5
  32. What about another dance? 再跳一曲好吗? 5
  33. You're a good dancer. 你舞跳的真好. 5
  34. What's on Channel 8 now? 现在 8 频道播什么节目? 5
  35. I don't know. You may look in the TV Guide. 我不知道,你可以看看《电视报》. 5
  36. Let's see what else is on. 咱们看看有没有别 的节目. 5
  37. Did you see the special last night? 昨晚你看特别节目了吗? 5
  38. I don't want to see any more of this TV show. 我不想再看这个电视节目了. 5
  39. Can we change the channel? 能换个频道吗? 5
  40. I want to see the weather. 我想看天气 预报. Appointments 约会 5
  41. I'd like to make an appointment with Mrs. Green. 我想约个时间见格林女士. 5
  42. She's free on Friday and Saturday. 她周五和周六有空. 5
  43. Sorry, can I see her before Friday? 对不起,我能周五之前见她吗? 5
  44. Let me see. She has 30 minutes Tuesday afternoon. 让我查查,她周二下午有 30 分钟. 5
  45. At what time? 什么时间? 5
  46. From 4 to 4:
  30. 四点到四点半. 5
  47. All right. 好吧. 5
  48. So you'll come then. Please phone in if you can't make it. 那么你就那时来,如果来不 了,请打电话给我. 5
  49. I have an interview this afternoon. 我今天下午有面试. 5
  50. I can come any time except Sunday. 除星期天外我都能来. 5
  51. You can reach me at 66098
  23. 你打电话 6609823 就能找到我. 5
  52. He phoned to cancel the meeting. 他打电话来取消会议. 5
  53. Please call me before you come. 你来之前请打电话.
  54. Please make an appointment with my secretary.请跟我秘书定个见面时间. 5
  55. I have to change my appointment from Monday to Thursday. 我不得不把约会从周一改到周四. courtesies Introductions and courtesies 介绍和礼节
  76. What's your name? 你叫什么名字?
  77. My name is Jones. 我姓琼斯.
  78. What's your first name? 你的名字叫什么?
  79. My first name is Bill. 我的名字叫比尔.
  80. How do you spell your last name? 你的姓怎么拼法?
  81. Jones. J-O-N-E-S. 琼斯,J-O-N-E-S.
  82. What's your friend's name? 你的朋友叫什么名字?
  83. His name is John Smith. 他叫约 翰,史密斯.
  84. John and I are old friends. 我和约翰是老朋友了.
  85. Are you John's brother? 你是约翰的兄弟吗?
  86. No, I'm not. 不,我不是.
  87. This is Mr. Jones. 这是琼斯先生.
  88. How do you do? 你好!
  89. Mrs.Jones,this is Mr. John Smith. 琼斯夫人,这是约翰,史密斯先生.
  90. Very please to meet you. 见到您很高兴. Seeing A Doctor 看医生 5
  56. What's your trouble? 你有什么不舒服? 5
  57. How long have you had it? 你得这病多久了? 5
  58. I should say you've caught a cold. 我看你感冒了. 5
  59. You need an injection. 你需 要打针. 5
  60. Is it serious? 我的病严重吗? 5
  61. Do I need to be hospitalized? 我需要住院吗? 5
  62. Have you seen the doctor? 你看过医生了吗? 5
  63. What did the doctor say? 医生怎么说? 5
  64. Jack is up and about now. 杰克病后复原了. 5
  65. The doctor says that I should take quinine. 医生说我应该服用奎宁. 5
  66. What sort of medicine do you take? 你吃的是什么药? 5
  67. The doctor says that I should not eat anything oily. 医生说我不能吃油腻的东西.
  68. I had a shot of penicillin. 我打了一针青霉素. 5
  69. You have to be operated on. 你 得做手术. 5
  70. He gave me a chest X-ray and took my blood pressure. 他给我做了 X 光胸透并量了血压. Days and months of the calendar 年历的周日和月份
  91. What day is today? 今天是星期几?
  92. Today is Monday. 今天是星期一.
  93. What day was yesterday? 昨天是星期几?
  94. Yesterday was Sunday. 昨天是星期日.
  95. What day is tomorrow? 明天是星期几?
  96. What month is this? 现在是几月份?
  97. This is January. 现在是一月份.
  98. Last month was December,wasn't it ? 上个月是十二月,对不对?
  99. Yes,it was. 是,是 十二月份. 1
  00. What month is next month? 下个月是几月份? 1
  01. I was in the hospital for several weeks. 我在医院里住了几个星期了. 1
  02. Where were you on Tuesday? 星期二你在哪里? 1
  03. You were here in February,weren't you? 二月份你曾在这里,对不对? 1
  04. No,I wasn't . 不,我没有在这里. 1
  05. Your friend was here a week ago,wasn't he? 一个星期前,你的朋友曾在这里,是不是? VAbout Visits 关于拜访 About 1
  51. Hello. Can I see Mr. Green? 你好,我能见格林先生吗? 1
  52. Do you have an appointment? 你有预约吗?1
  53. Sorry, I don't. 对不起,我没有. 1
  54. Yes. At 3 pm. 是的,约的是下午 3 点. 1
  55. Sorry, Mr. Green can't see you now. 对不起,格林先生现在不能见您. 1
  56. He's on the phone. 他在打电话. 1
  57. Would you wait here for a minute? 您能在这里等一下吗? 1
  58. Would you like something to drink? 您想喝点什么吗? 1
  59. Tea, please. 我喝点茶吧.
  60. Mr. Green, Mr. Smith is here. 格林先生,史密斯先生在这里. 1
  61. You may go in now. 您可以进去了. 1
  62. Nice to see you, my old friend. 真高兴见到你,我的老朋友. 1
  63. How have you been these years? 这些年你怎么样? 1
  64. You've changed little. 你一点也没变. 1
  65. Do you still remember that Christmas? 你仍记得那个圣诞节吗? Talking about objects 谈论事物 1
  06. Do you have a book? 你有一本书吗? 1
  07. Yes,I do. 是的,我有. 1
  08. You have a radio,don't you? 你有一台收音机,对吗? 1
  09. No,I don't . 不,我没有. 1
  10. I don't have a phonograph,either. 我也没有留声机. 1
  11. Dees this radio belong to you? 这台收音机是你的吗? 1
  12. Yes,I think it does. 是的, 我认为它是我的. 1
  13. How many sisters and brothers do you have? 你有几个姊妹和兄弟? 1
  14. Don't you have my hat? 你没拿我的帽子吧? 1
  15. Yes,I have both your hat and your coat. 不,你的帽子和大衣都在我这里. 1
  16. Does John have a yellow pencil? 约翰有一支黄铅笔吗? 1
  17. Yes,he does. 是的,他有. 1
  18. He has a radio,doesn't he? 他有一台收音机,对不对? 1
  19. No,he doesn't have one. 不, 他没有. 1
  20. He already has a phonograph,but he doesn't have a radio yet. 他已经有一架留声机, 但是他还没有收音机. Talking About The Past 谈论过去 2
  56. I used to take a walk in the early morning. 我过去常一大早出去散步. 2
  57. He used to live in my neighborhood. 他曾与我是邻居. 2
  58. Did you use to go fishing with friends? 过去你常和朋友钓鱼吗?
  59. We have known each other for 6 years. 我们认识有六年了. 2
  60. It has been a long time since last came here. 自从我上次来这里已经有很长时间了. 2
  61. Have you seen Mr. Smith recently? 最近你见过史密斯先生吗? 2
  62. They've been working on this project since last year. 他们从去年开始一直都在做这个 项目. 2
  63. I've been watching TV all night. 我看了一整晚的电视. 2
  64. The movie began as soon as we got there. 我们一到那儿电影就开始了. 2
  65. When I arrived at the station, the train had already left. 我到车站时,火车已经开了. 2
  66. The late arrival of the ship had messed up all our plans. 船到晚了,把我们的计划全 打乱了. 2
  67. I had thought he knew the time of the meeting. 我原以为他知道开会时间. 2
  68. They had excepted me to go with them. 他们原本希望我和他们一起去. 2
  69. That was the third time that I had visited the place. 那是我第三次参观那地方了. 2
  70. After I had finished my paper, I put it in the drawer. 我写完论文,就把它放在抽屉了. Talking Talking With Friends 与朋友聊天 2
  41. Hi, Joe, is it really you? 乔,你好,真是你吗? 2
  42. Hi, Ann. Nice to see you again. 安,你好.真高兴再次见到你. 2
  43. It's been a whole year since I last saw you. 我整整一年没见你了. 2
  44. Yes, but you look as pretty now, as you did then. 但你看起来还是那么漂亮. 2
  45. Oh, thank you. How have you been these days? 欧,谢谢.这段时间你好吗? 2
  46. Not too bad. 不太糟. 2
  47. But you sound so sad. 但听起来你很悲伤. 2
  48. Yes, I lost my pet cat yesterday. 是啊,昨天我的宠物猫丢了.2
  49. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. 听到这消息我很遗憾.
  50. That's all right. 没事儿. 2
  51. Have you seen Kate lately? 最近你看见凯特了吗?2
  52. No, I have no contact with her. 没 有.我和她没有一点儿联系. 2
  53. I heard she got married last week. 我听说她上星期结婚了. 2
  54. Oh, how nice. Sorry, I've got to go now. 那真好.对不起,我必须得走了. 2
  55. So do I. See you later. Keep in touch. 我也是,再见.记得联系哦. Talking about yesterday's activities 谈论昨天的活动 2
  26. When did you get up yesterday morning? 你昨天早上几点起床?2
  27. At about seven. 七点 左右. 2
  28. I heard the clock, but I didn't get up until
  9. 我听见闹钟了,但我捱到九点才起. 2
  29. I woke up seven and got up right away. 我七点醒了,然后马上起床了. 2
  30. I hurried to my office. 我匆忙赶到办公室. 2
  31. I had my breakfast on the way. 我在路上吃的早饭. 2
  32. I was just on time. 我刚好赶上. 2
  33. I was 10 minutes late. 我迟到了五分钟. 2
  34. I had lunch with a friend of mine. 我和我的一个朋友一块吃了午饭. 2
  35. I finished my work at 6 p.m. 下午 6 点我下班了. 2
  36. I stayed and did some extra work. 我留下加了一会儿班. 2
  37. The TV programs were really boring, so I went to bed very early. 电视节目很无聊,所 以我早早睡了. 2
  38. I read a magazine in bed. 我躺在床上看杂志. 2
  39. I didn't sleep well. 我没睡好. 2
  40. I slept soundly all night. 我整夜睡的很熟. Talking about daily activities 谈论日常活动 2
  11. When do you get up everyday? 每天你几点起床?2
  12. I usually get up at 8 o'clock. 我 通常 8 点起床.
  13. Where do you have your lunch? 你在哪儿吃午饭?2
  14. I have my lunch in a snack bar nearby. 我在附近一家快餐店吃午饭. 2
  15. What did you have for lunch? 你中午吃些什么?2
  16. I had a hamburger and a fried chicken leg. 我吃一个汉堡包,一个炸鸡腿. 2
  17. What time do you start work? 你什么时候开始工作?2
  18. I start work at 8 o'clock. 我 八点开始工作. 2
  19. What do you do at work? 你上班干些什么?2
  20. I answer telephones and do some typing. 我接电话和打字. 2
  21. What time do you finish your work? 你什么时候下班?2
  22. At 6 o'clock sharp. 6 点. 2
  23. What do you do in your spare time? 闲暇时,你干些什么?2


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   Unit 1 Where is your pen pal from? 单元知识讲解 一.短语: 短语: 1 .be from = come from 来自于2. live in 居住在--3. on weekends 在周末 4 .write to sb = write a letter to sb 给某人写信;写信给某人 5 .in the world 在世界上 in China 在中国 6.pen pal 笔友 14 years old 14 岁 favorite subject 最喜欢 ...


   EXPRESSIONS: 1. Names of small stationery objects: pins, clips, staples (订书钉 ), paper, envelopes, pens, ball-point pens, pencils, rulers, paper fasteners (装订散页纸张的夹子 ), punch (打孔机), adhesive tape (透明或不透明的胶带 ), rubbers / erasers, pencil sharpeners, gl ...


   dye vt.&vi.染,染色 n.染料,染色 dustbin n.垃圾箱 duke n.公爵,(欧洲公国的)君主 due a.应支付的,正当的,预定应到的(to),由于 ducat *n.过去曾在欧洲的许多国家通用的金币名 drunk a.醉酒的;(喻)陶醉的 n.酗酒者,醉汉 drug v.掺麻醉药/毒药于(食物、饮料等);用药麻醉 drill n.钻头,钻床;操练,演习 v.钻(孔);操练 drier *n.吹风机 drawer n.拖曳者 drag n.拖,拉 v.拖;缓慢地移 ...


   Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation ? I Teaching aims To talk about future plan II Target language 1. What are you doing for vacation ? I ‘m going to my cousin’s house. 2. What is she doing for vacation ? She’s going camping. 3. What are they do ...