1.越来越多的人开始意识到教育不能随着毕业而结束 越来越多的人开始意识到教育不能随着毕业而结束 An increasing number of people are beginning to realize that education is not complete with graduation.
  2.说到教育,大部分人认为其是一个终生的学习. 说到教育, 说到教育 大部分人认为其是一个终生的学习. When it comes to education, the majority of people believe that education is a lifetime study.
  3.没有人能否认这一事实:教育是人生最重要的一方面. 没有人能否认这一事实: 没有人能否认这一事实 教育是人生最重要的一方面. No one can deny the fact that a person's education is the most important aspect of his life.
  4.现在,人们普遍认为没有一所大学能够在毕业时候教给学生所有的知识. 现在, 现在 人们普遍认为没有一所大学能够在毕业时候教给学生所有的知识. Now, it is generally accepted that no college or university can educate its students by the time they graduation.
  5.尽管许多人认为随着经济的高速发展,用自行车的人数会减少,自行车可能会消亡,然而 尽管许多人认为随着经济的高速发展, 尽管许多人认为随着经济的高速发展 用自行车的人数会减少,自行车可能会消亡, 这几年我收集的一些信息让我相信自行车仍会继续在现代社会发挥极其重要作用. 这几年我收集的一些信息让我相信自行车仍会继续在现代社会发挥极其重要作用. Although many people claim that, along with the rapidly economic development, the number of people who use bicycle is decreasing and bicycle is bound to die out. The information I've collected over the recent years leads me to believe that bicycle will continue to play extremely important roles in modern society.
  6.使用自行车有助于人们身体健康 并极大缓解了交通阻塞 使用自行车有助于人们身体健康,并极大缓解了交通阻塞 使用自行车有助于人们身体健康 Using bicycle contributes greatly to people's physical fitness as well as easing traffic jams.
  7.考虑到这些严重的状况,我们比以往任何时候更需要象自行车这样的环保型交通工具. 考虑到这些严重的状况, 考虑到这些严重的状况 我们比以往任何时候更需要象自行车这样的环保型交通工具. In view of such serious situation, environmental tools of transportation like bicycle are more important than any time before.
  8.尽管自行车有许多明显的优点,但它也存在它的问题. 尽管自行车有许多明显的优点, 尽管自行车有许多明显的优点 但它也存在它的问题. Despite many obvious advantages of bicycle, it is not without its problem.
  9.在速度和舒适度方面,自行车是无法和汽车,火车这样的交通工具相比. 在速度和舒适度方面, 在速度和舒适度方面 自行车是无法和汽车,火车这样的交通工具相比. Bicycle can't be compared with other means of transportation like car and train for speed and comfort.
  10.即使最优秀的毕业生,要想成为一个博学的人也要不断地学习. 即使最优秀的毕业生, 即使最优秀的毕业生 要想成为一个博学的人也要不断地学习. Even the best possible graduate needs to continue learning before she or he becomes an educated person.
  11.一份适当的业余工作并不会占用学生太多的时间,事实上,把全部的时间都用到学习上 一份适当的业余工作并不会占用学生太多的时间, 一份适当的业余工作并不会占用学生太多的时间 事实上, 并不健康,正如那句老话,只学习,不玩耍, 并不健康,正如那句老话,只学习,不玩耍,聪明的孩子会变傻 A proper part-time job doesn't occupy students' too much time. In fact, it is unhealthy for them to spend all of time on their study. As an old saying goes: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  12.任何政府忽视这一点都将付出巨大的代价 任何政府忽视这一点都将付出巨大的代价 Any government which is blind to this point may pay a heavy price.
  13.许多市民抱怨城市的公交车太少,以至于他们要花很长时间等公交车,而车上可能已满 许多市民抱怨城市的公交车太少, 许多市民抱怨城市的公交车太少 以至于他们要花很长时间等公交车, 载乘客. 载乘客. Many city residents complain that there is so few buses in their city that they have to spend much more time waiting for a bus, which is usually crowded with a large number of passengers.
  14.无可否认,空气污染是一个极其严重的问题,城市当局应该采取有利措施来解决它. 无可否认, 无可否认 空气污染是一个极其严重的问题,城市当局应该采取有利措施来解决它.
There is no denying the fact that air pollution is an extremely serious problems: the city authorities should take strong measures to deal with it.
  15.一项调查显示妇女欢迎退休 一项调查显示妇女欢迎退休 An investigation shows that female workers tend to have a favorable attitude toward retirement.
  16.大部分学生相信业余工作会使他们有更多机会发展人际交往能力,而这对他们未来找工 大部分学生相信业余工作会使他们有更多机会发展人际交往能力, 大部分学生相信业余工作会使他们有更多机会发展人际交往能力 作是很有好处的. 作是很有好处的. The majority of students believe that part-time job will provide them with more opportunities to develop their interpersonal skills, which may put them in a favorable position in the future job markets.
  17.无可争辩现在有成千上万的人仍过着挨饿受冻的痛苦生活. 无可争辩现在有成千上万的人仍过着挨饿受冻的痛苦生活. 无可争辩现在有成千上万的人仍过着挨饿受冻的痛苦生活 It is disputable that there are millions of people who still have a miserable life and have to face the dangers of starvation and exposure.
  18.尽管这一观点被广泛接受,很少有证据表明教育能在任何地点,任何年龄进行. 尽管这一观点被广泛接受, 尽管这一观点被广泛接受 很少有证据表明教育能在任何地点,任何年龄进行. Although this view is widely held, there is little evidence that education can be obtained at any age and at any place.
  19.人们把会使用计算机和人生成功相提并论. 人们把会使用计算机和人生成功相提并论 人们把会使用计算机和人生成功相提并论. People equate success in life with the ability of operating computer.
  20.这一观点正受到越来越多的人的质疑 这一观点正受到越来越多的人的质疑. 这一观点正受到越来越多的人的质疑 This view is now being questioned by more and more people
  21.一个地方的人口越多,对水,交通和垃圾处理的需求就越大. 一个地方的人口越多, 一个地方的人口越多 对水,交通和垃圾处理的需求就越大. The greater the population there is in a locality, the greater the need there is for water, transportation and refuse disposal.
  22.每当我听说体育运动能够在国家之间建立友好的感情,说世界各地的普通人只要能在足 每当我听说体育运动能够在国家之间建立友好的感情, 每当我听说体育运动能够在国家之间建立友好的感情 球场或板球场上相遇就会没兴趣在战场上相遇的话,我都感到诧异. 球场或板球场上相遇就会没兴趣在战场上相遇的话,我都感到诧异. I am always amazed when I heard people saying that sport creates goodwill between the nations, and that if only the common peoples of the world could meet one another at football or cricket, they would have no inclination to meet on the battlefield.
  23.随着改革开放政策的贯彻执行,数以万计的外国游客涌入中国,他们渴望参观这个有着 随着改革开放政策的贯彻执行, 随着改革开放政策的贯彻执行 数以万计的外国游客涌入中国, 5000 多年灿烂文化的神秘国度 With the opening and reform policy being carried out thousands of visitors are crowding into China. They were eager to see this old mysterious land with a splendid culture of more than 5000 years.
  24.旅游业给中国带来很多好处.首先,它使中国人了解外界,并有助于促进友谊和理解, 旅游业给中国带来很多好处. 旅游业给中国带来很多好处 首先,它使中国人了解外界,并有助于促进友谊和理解, 其次在经济上也有利于中国,因为中国现代化建设需要大量外汇. 其次在经济上也有利于中国,因为中国现代化建设需要大量外汇. Tourism brings China lots of benefits. First, it enables the Chinese people to know more about the outside world and promotes friendship and understanding. Second, it is financially beneficial to China, which needs a lot of foreign currencies for its modernization program.
  25.旅游业也引起许多问题,例如,它增加了我国本来就效率不高的运输系统的负担. 旅游业也引起许多问题, 系统的负担. 旅游业也引起许多问题 例如,它增加了我国本来就效率不高的运输系统的负担 Tourism, however, gives rise to a number of problems. For instance, it becomes a burden to inefficient transportation system.
  26.此外,中国人民的生活水平还没有高到足以使普通人有钱支付长途旅行的费用 此外, 此外 Besides, the living standard of the average Chinese is still not high enough to be able to afford the many different sorts of expenses during long distance travels.

  27.至于我,我相信,随着我国经济的发展,这些问题必将逐步解决. 至于我,我相信,随着我国经济的发展,这些问题必将逐步解决. 至于我 As for me, with the development of our national economy, all these problems will certainly be solved step by step.
  28.我们期望有个更加光明的未来 我们期望有个更加光明的未来 A much better and brighter future awaits us.
  29.每当机遇降临伴之而来的是成功的希望,但机遇不能自行实现成功 每当机遇降临伴之而来的是成功的希望, 每当机遇降临伴之而来的是成功的希望 When an opportunity comes, it brings a promise but never realizes it on its own.
  30.假如你要取得成就或实现雄心壮志,你必须努力工作,艰苦奋斗,准备好条件,否则, 假如你要取得成就或实现雄心壮志, 假如你要取得成就或实现雄心壮志 你必须努力工作,艰苦奋斗,准备好条件,否则, 机遇来临你却无法利用. 机遇来临你却无法利用. If you want to achieve sth. or intend to fulfill one of your ambitions, you must work hard, make efforts and get prepared. Otherwise, you will take no advantage of opportunities when they come to visit you.
  31.成功者与失败者的区别在于处理机遇的态度, 成功者与失败者的区别在于处理机遇的态度, 成功者做好充分准备迎接机遇的适时来临, 成功者与失败者的区别在于处理机遇的态度 成功者做好充分准备迎接机遇的适时来临, 而失败者工作懒散,眼看机遇悄然而过. 而失败者工作懒散,眼看机遇悄然而过. The difference between a man who succeeds and one who does not lies only in the way each treats opportunities. The successful person always makes adequate preparations to meet opportunities as they duly arrive. The unsuccessful person, on the other hand, works little and just waits to see them pass by.
  32.我的观点是,在我们的社会里,人人都有许多机遇,但是只有那些做好充分准备并且高 我的观点是, 我的观点是 在我们的社会里,人人都有许多机遇, 度称职的人才能利用机遇达到目的 In my opinion, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone in our society, but only those who are prepared adequately and qualified highly can make use of them to achieve purpose.
  33.毫无疑问,需求的增长导致了价格的上涨. 毫无疑问, 毫无疑问 需求的增长导致了价格的上涨. There is no doubt that the increase in demand caused the rise in prices.
  34.从上面我所提到的,我们可以清楚的看到电视暴力对青少年的影响是极其深远的. 从上面我所提到的, 从上面我所提到的 我们可以清楚的看到电视暴力对青少年的影响是极其深远的. From what I have mentioned above, we can see clearly that violence on TV has great influence on youngster's behavior. '
  35.人民生活状况改善的原因有两点:首先,我们一直在贯彻执行改革开放政策,其次,国 人民生活状况改善的原因有两点 人民生活状况改善的原因有两点:首先,我们一直在贯彻执行改革开放政策,其次, 民经济正快速发展,而且, 民经济正快速发展,而且,出生率已得到控制 There are two reasons for the improvement in people's living conditions. In the first place, ' we have been carrying out the reform and opening-up policy. There has been a rapid expansion of our national economy. Furthermore, the birth rate has been put under control.
  36.我对解决这个问题的建议如下,首先,迫在眉睫的是建立自然保护区,其次,有些濒临 我对解决这个问题的建议如下, 我对解决这个问题的建议如下 首先,迫在眉睫的是建立自然保护区,其次, 灭绝


高考英语作文万能句子 常用句型

   有没有什么高考英语作文万金油句子? 有没有什么高考英语作文万金油句子? 模版 1 Some people believe (argue, recognize, think) that 观点 1. But other people take an opposite side. They firmly believe that 观点 2. As for me, I agree to the former/latter idea. There are a dozen of reasons behi ...


   1, 2,英文常用语排行榜 3, 4, 主旨: 手机发明者之一 施敏的良心告白 施敏,是非常厉害的人物,之前在贝尔实验室研究,几年前才回到国内,是大哥大四个发明人 之一,写过一本半导体组件物理,发行量大概已有一两百万本,被论文引用的次数约两万多次(据 说是世界第一),这样说只是想传达一位学术界上很有地位的学者的看法而已。 今天 Seminar 时他再三的强调,关于手机的危险性,他引用美国目前研究的数据,人类如处在 2mG(毫高斯),就会有不好的影响,当场示范,只使用可在 10~200Hz(赫 ...


   1. I wasn't born yesterday.(我又不是三岁小孩) 2. How do I address you?(我怎么称呼你) 3. She turns me off.(她使我厌烦。 ) 4. So far so good.(目前为止,一切都好。 ) 5. Be my guest.(请便、别客气) 6. That was a close call.(太危险了/千钧一发) 7. Far from it.(一点也不。 ) 8. It's a pain in the neck[麻烦的 ...


   商务英语必须脱口而出 白忙了! The answer is zero! 白忙了! 已成定局了! The dice is cast! 已成定局了! 一如既往! The same as usual! 一如既往! 隔墙有耳! The walls have ears! 隔墙有耳! 你又来了! There you go again! 你又来了! 没有时间了! Time is running out! 没有时间了! 最好马上就走! We better get going! 最好马上就走! 回头再说吧! ...


   God works. 上帝的安排. Not so bad. 不错. No way! 不可能! Don't flatter me. 过奖了. Hope so. 希望如此. Go down to business. 言归正传. I'm not going. 我不去了. Does it serve your purpose? 对你有用吗? I don't care. 我不在乎. None of my business. 不关我事. It doesn't work. 不管用. Your are we ...


   1. How are you doing?(你好吗?)   2. I''m doing great.(我过得很好。)   3. What''s up?(出什么事了/你在忙些什么/怎么了?)   4. Nothing special.(没什么特别的。)   5. Hi. Long time no see.(嗨,好久不见了。)   6. So far so good.(到目前为止,一切都好。)   7. Things couldn''t be better.(一切顺利。)   8. How ab ...


   选校网 www.xuanxiao.com 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库 高中英语常用词组归纳+ 高中英语常用词组归纳+作文中常用的词组 及短句 共享给为高考奋战的朋友们.一起努力,为了心中大学. 共享给为高考奋战的朋友们.一起努力,为了心中大学. 素 VQE 2010.01.28 ??维生 ??维生 高中英语常用词组归纳 All(a.,pron.&n.) all by oneself 独立,单独 above all 首先,特别是,最重要的是 aft ...


   英语常用句型 2008-10-17 00:01 初学英语的人常常感到在掌握一些英语单词和基本语法后, 初学英语的人常常感到在掌握一些英语单词和基本语法后,在英语说和写方面还是很难表达自 己,笔者认为其中一个原因是没有掌握一些英语句型,只有掌握了一些句型才能比较正确、完 笔者认为其中一个原因是没有掌握一些英语句型,只有掌握了一些句型才能比较正确、 整地表达自己。下面是笔者收集的一些常用句型。 整地表达自己。下面是笔者收集的一些常用句型。 1. 否定句型 1) 一般否定句 I don't kno ...


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   Asking for Instructions * Could you tell me how to (do) …? * Could you give me a few pointers? * Excuse me, could you show me how to (do)…? * What do I do first? * And then? * And next? * And third? * What’s next? * What do I do next? Giving Instruc ...



   求职英语大汇总 求职宝典--说明教育程度 求职宝典--说明教育程度 Stating Your Education -- 1、Useful Courses for English-teaching include: Psychology, teaching methodology,phonetics, rhetoric, grammar, composition. 对英语教学有用的课程包括:心理学、教学方法论、语音学、修辞学、语法、写作。 2、Specialized courses perta ...


   英语介词速记口诀 早,午,晚要用 in,at 黎明,午夜,点与分. 年,月,年月,季节,周,阳光,灯,影,衣,帽 in. 将来时态 in ... 以后,小处 at 大处 in. 有形 with 无形 by,语言,单位,材料 in. 特征,方面与方式,心情成语惯用 in. 2楼 介词 at 和 to 表方向,攻 击,位置,恶,善分. 日子,日期,年月日,星 期加上早,午,晚, 收音,农场,值日 on,关 于,基础,靠,著论. 3楼 特定时日和"一……就",on 后常接动 ...


   2009 年 GCT 入学资格考试英语运用能力测试试题 (50 题,每题 2 分,满分 100 分) Part One Directions: There are ten incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Mark your answe ...


   姓名 班级 分数 一,找出句子中错误的部分.将序号写在题前的括号内.并将正确的答案 找出句子中错误的部分.将序号写在题前的括号内. 写在横线上. % 写在横线上.(10%) ( )1.The scores is two to four . A ( B C D )2.Nancy's friend live in a small city . A B C him a day . C D D ( )3.I want to meet A B ( )4.How many peoples are t ...


   高考基础语法复习 构词法 在英语中,词的构成法主要有三种 在英语中 词的构成法主要有三种: 词的构成法主要有三种 合成,转化, 合成,转化,派生 一,合成 由两个或更多的词合成一个词,有的用连词符号" 由两个或更多的词合成一个词,有的用连词符号"-" 连接,有的直接连写在一起, 连接,有的直接连写在一起,还有的由分开的两个 词构成. 词构成. 1.合成名词 合成名词 名词+名词 名词 名词 cowboy newspaper 名词+ing handwriting ...