1. When I took his temperature, it was two degrees above . A. averageB. ordinary C. regularD. normal
  2. When I worked as the general manager of the firm, I sometimes hadto visit London on business. A. opportunityB. possibility C. occasionD. chance
  3. The most importantof his speech was that we should all work whole-heartedly for the people. A. elementB. spot C. senseD. point
  4. It has always been theof our firm to encourage workers to take part in social activities. A. planB. campaign C. procedureD. policy
  5. I remember her face but I cannot where I met her. A. recallB. remind C. rememberD. remark
  6. The open university was started in order to help those whohaving a university education when they were young. A. stoppedB. failed C. missedD. ceased
  7. We won't know whether it will be successful. We won't know whether there will be good . A. endsB. results C. effectsD. causes
  8. At first Bob was puzzled by Virginia's waving, but then ithis mind that she was trying to tell him something. A. crossedB. passed C. occurredD. opened
  9. Before the final examination, many students have shownof tension. Some have trouble in sleeping while others have lost their appetite. A. anxietyB. marks C. signsD. remarks
  10. The old man got into theof storing money under the bed. A. traditionB. habit C. useD. custom
  11. I caught aof the car before it disappeared around the bend. A. glanceB. glimpse C. glareD. stare
  12. I'llhim off this time but next time he'll be punished. A. leaveB. letC. putD. set
  13. ?Who on earth could it be?
?It wasother than Peter. A. noneB. nothing C. notD. nobody
  14. In theof proof, the police could not take action against the man. A.lackB.shortage C.absenceD.failure
  15. Does this car give you goodfor your money ? A. valueB. price C. worthD. cost
  16. As they haven't had a child of their own,they're going toa little girl. A. acceptB. receive C. adaptD. adopt
  17. After careful research, it was decided that the spaceship should reenter the Earth' s . A. surfaceB. air C. environmentD. atmosphere
  18. He had a talent for music and was conductor of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra at the age of
  30. A. assignedB. appointed C. namedD. honored
  19. After many years' waiting, Chinese people realized their dream to hold the Olympic Games. A. constantlyB. eventually C. lastlyD. generally
  20. Such noble deeds of the doctors and nurses can't be onlywith money. A. rewardedB. awarded C. praisedD. valued
  21. Shanghai is so full of ; it seems as if things never stop. A. strengthB. spirit C. forceD. energy
  22. When we finally arrived, a lady gave us a introduction to the university. A. clearB. brief C. mainD. abstract
  23. If you build a house with good , it will last long. A. foundationB. floor C. basisD. ground
  24. Although I had read the book assigned by the professor several times, it didn't make anyto me. A. meaningB. importance C. senseD. significance
  25. As civilization , more and more people have realized the importance of preserving rare animals from extinction. A. stretchesB. spreads C.extendsD. expands
  26. In this factory, suggestions often have to wait for months before they are
fully . A. admittedB. acknowledged C. absorbedD. considered
  27. He has impressed his employers considerably andhe is soon to be promoted. A. eventuallyB. yet C. finallyD. accordingly
  28. His new appointment takesfrom the beginning of next month. A. placeB. effect C. postD. office
  29. The policeman stopped him when he was driving home andhim of speeding. A. chargedB. accused C. blamedD. deprived
  30. The number of ticketswill be determined by the size of the stadium. A. adaptableB. acceptable C. advisableD. available
  31. He was notto the club because he wasn't a member. A. allowedB. admitted C. permittedD. approved
  32. We are interested in the weather because itus so directly? what we wear,what we do, and even how we feel. A. benefitsB. guides C. affectsD. effects
  33. A university is an educational institution whichdegrees and carries out research. A. rewardsB. awards C. grantsD. presents.
  34. The boy had aescape when he ran across the road in front of the bus. A. closeB. short C. narrowD. fine
  35. It is wrong for someone in such a high in the government to behave too badly in public. A. situationB. position C. employmentD. profession
  36. How can we get this language point to the students? A. downB. round C. acrossD. into
  37. Lawyers often make higherfor their work than they should. A. billsB. charges C. pricesD. costs
  38. It isn't quitethat he will be present at the meeting. A. sureB. right C. exactD. certain
  39. My brother likes eating very much but he isn't veryabout the food he eats. A. specialB. peculiar
C. particularD. unusual
  40. Roses are quiteflowers in English gardens. A. ordinaryB. common C. usualD. general
  41. Is there aflight to Beijing, the capital of China, at your airport? A. commonB. regular C. usualD. normal
  42. Don't be worried; I'll go home as early asthis evening. A. commonB. normal C. usualD. regular
  43. Don't you think 500 dollars a month can't cover all our living ? A. billsB. prices C. chargesD. expenses
  44. This is my life goal and I'll try to realize it at any . A. priceB. cost C. chargeD. expense
  45. It is said that the final score of the basketball match was 95-
  96. Our team was onlybeaten. A. slightlyB. lightly C. nearlyD. narrowly
  46. Don't blame yourself too much. Everyone has hisand weaknesses. A. powersB. forces C. energiesD. strengths
  47. Themusic on the radio reminded the little girl of her sweet childhood. A. similarB. familiar C. particularD. curious
  48. What a terrible ! Everything in the room is in disorder. A. lookB. scenery C. viewD. sight
  49. The young man climbed to the top of the tree to have a goodof the football match. A. sightB. scene C. sceneryD. view
  50. Don't you know that a dark cloud is a of rain? A. sceneryB. sight C. signD. scene
  51. The young woman is beautiful and her beauty isdescription. A. overB. beyond C. aboveD. past
  52. You needn't take a bus to get to the station. It isa walk distance from here. A. withinB. belowC. underD. inside
  53. The couple are of the same ; they both want to send their daughter to school. A. spiritB. heartC. mindD. soul

  54. Something wonderful must have happened to him because he is in hightoday. A. mindB. heartC. soulD. spirits
  55. Don't you think that you should learn how to deal with difficult ? A. situationsB. conditions C. positionsD. locations
  56. We must do what we can to raise people's living . A. positionsB. locations C. conditionsD. situations
  57. He felt he had done a good deed, but his teacher didn' praise him;he scolded t him. A. howeverB. therefore C. indeedD. instead
  58. Everyone thinks this problem is easy, but I just can't work it out. A. anywayB. however C. insteadD. somehow
  59. I myself is also very busy, butI'll try to help you. A. somehowB. instead C. otherwiseD. anyway
  60. Before you take the medicine, read the on the bottle. A. descriptionsB. instructions C. introductionsD. explanations
  61. Don' do your homework while watching TV; you shoulda good study habit. t A. growB. raise C. developD. increase
  62. The news that Liu Xiang dropped out of the competition of the 110m hurdles a heated argument all over the country. A. liftedB. raised C. heldD. increased
  63. Mary, would you like to offer me a good to the study of physics? A. meansB. method C. wayD. approach
  64. She is a famous actress, but none of my classmates haveheard about her. A. justB. everC. evenD. just
  65. The old womanher furniture and found her camera missing. A. examinedB. tested C. inspectedD. checked
  66. When we have decided the date and address of the meeting, we will you of it. A. remindB. inform C. rememberD. memorize
  67. I don'tof your staying up too late every night to learn your subjects. A. agreeB. support C. approveD. praise
  68. It is well-known that applesa lot of sugar. A. includeB. keep
C. containD. hold
  69. Don't buy this skirt because it doesn't your shirt. A. fitB. match C. agreeD. obey
  70. His wife pointed out his mistake in a public place; as a result, he felt very . A. embarrassedB. ashamed C. shamefulD. disappointed
  71. He is my classmate, but I didn't him at yesterday's party. A. knowB. recognize C. realizeD. understand
  72. It is not what one says but what one does that really . A. performsB. acts C. doesD. counts
  73. My repeated explanationhim of my honesty and he agreed to help me. A. convincedB. reminded C. informedD. told
  74. If it isto you, I would like to treat you to some mutton this evening. A. easyB. ready C. availableD. convenient
  75. The little girl studies very hard, so her passing the exam is only aof time. A. questionB. problem C. thingD. matter
  76. Much workto be done, so I can't go out to play with you. A. leavesB. delays C. remainsD. removes
  77. In my opinion, only by working hard can youyour goal. A. achieveB. acquire C. finishD. conclude
  78. ?Were you made to work hard everyday? ?No, Ito do so. A. hadB. chose C. enjoyedD. offered
  79. I will buy this kind of car because it is environmentally . A. friendlyB. kind C. gentleD. close
  80. He is still a child, so he is not to for this traffic accident. A. scoldB. blame C. criticizeD. punish
  81. It is getting dark and the little girl is to get home before dark. A. gladB. anxious C. worriedD. upset
  82. You are always cold to others, so you should change yourto them. A. ideaB. opinion
C. thoughtD. attitude
  83. I don't know whether you canme a few minutes to have a word with me. A. spareB. giveC. lendD. draw
  84. To tell you the truth, I have forgot how many peoplethat traffic accident. A. livedB. passed C. survivedD. remained
  85. Theof your products is not so good, so you should try to improve them. A. quantityB. quality C. numberD. amount
  86. Whenever I visit the West Lake, I can't help beingby its beauty. A. hitB. beaten C. knockedD. struck
  87. ?What do you think of my composition? ?, it needs improving. A. PersonallyB. Generally C. ActuallyD. Unfortunately
  88. This problem is really very important, so it can't be . A. droppedB. missed C. ignoredD. removed
  89. If weather , I will go to visit that mountain village next week. A. promisesB. allows C. permitsD. agrees
  90. As we all know, the biggest star in the red flagthe Communist Party of China. A. representsB. reflects C. indicatesD. presents
  91. Last month, his brother wasto be manager of a large company from a common worker, which surprised everyone. A. liftedB. raised C. increasedD. promoted
  92. ?Have you decided to sell your old houseto buy a large one? ?No, I onlyto do so. A. tendB. determine C. chooseD. intend
  93. You can't see this film because it is not for children. A. tendedB. intended C. attendedD. attempted
  94. Though he didn't want to, but he was actuallyin a murder. A. lostB. absorbed C. buriedD. involved
  95. As we all know, a postman's work is to letters and parcels. A. spreadB. pass C. deliverD. cast
  96. This is an interesting lesson, which itself upon my mind. A. hitB. impressed
C. struckD. beat
  97. Don't be absent-minded again; you should your attention on what the teacher is teaching. A. focusB. throwC. castD. pull
  98.her parents' strong objection, the young girl went to work in the country. A. Because ofB. Thanks to C. Regardless ofD. Due to
  99. When the new teacher gave the first lesson, he found the happyin the classroom. A. situationB. condition C. tasteD. atmosphere 1
  00.about his health as well as safety,I wrote a letter to him. A. ClearB. Careful C. ConcernedD. Curious
  1. D.normal 正常的;ordinary 普通的;average 平均的;regular 有规律的,定期的.
  2. C. occasion 作可数名词时,意为"时机" ,作不可数名词时,意为"必要;需要" , 本题中 occasion 意为 "必要" 从句语法结构上看, . 本句中用 opportunity (难得的)机会, chance (偶然的)机会均可,但其前面均无冠词且为单数,所以不对,故应用 occasion.
  3. D. point 要点; 论点, 主旨: don' see your point. 我不明白你的意思. said nothing I t He to the point. 他说的不切题.
  4. D.policy(尤指政党,政府,大企业,商行等的)政策,方针.campaign(政治或竞选 的)运动; (军事的)行动,procedure 做事的手续,程序,plan 计划,均不合题意.
  5. A.recall 想起,回忆起;remind sb. of ... 使……想起.
  6. C.miss doing sth. 没有做某事.
  7. B.result 意为"



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