1. 单项选择: 单项选择:
  1) As I’m weight, the doctor has warned me to keep off sugar. A. putting B. getting C. gathering D. gaining
  2) There seemed to be a of five years in her job history which she was unwilling to explain. A. opening B. gap C. garlic D. garment
  3) My friend offered to pay my plane fare, which was very of him. A. mean B. general C. generous D. gentle
  4) Be careful when you cross this very busy street. If not, you may run over by a car. A. go B. get C. become D. turn
  5) Do remember to charge the battery 12 hours when you first use it. . A. Made it B. Got it C. Gathered it D. Remembered it
  6) Readers can quite well without knowing the exact meaning of every word. A. get over B. get in C. get along D. get through
  7) The painting in the gallery is a from a well-known artist. A. present B. gift C. genius D. talent
  8) Someone told me that the boy has for painting. A.gifted; gift B.gift; gifted C.gifting; a gift D.gifted; a gift
  9) Don't mention that at the beginning of the story, or it may the shocking ending. A. give away B. give out C. give up D. give off
  10) In the bus I usually at the headline of the newspaper. A. glanced B. glared C. saw D. noticed a glimpse of a man walking slowly past the window.
  11) When I left the hotel, I A. took B. caught C. made D. gave
  12) The traffic lights green and I pulled away. A. came B. grew C. got D. went
  13) Liu Xiang is trying to another world record in 110m Hurdles in the 29th Olympic Games A. go for B.go in for C.go into D.go through
  14) I missed a opportunity, to become a millionaire. A. gold B. handsome C. golden D. generous
  15) Her confidence and soon she was able to go out driving on her own. A. gained B. grew C. greeted D. glared
  16) You know who came yesterday? Yao Ming?. We had a basketball match. . He came and watched the game. A. You guessed it! B. How did you know that? C. Well done! D. That was good news!
  17) He worked as a (an) in a travel agency for many years. A. adviser B. guard C. guide D. conductor
  18) On the wall is a photo of my mother who had black hair, but now she has some white and I realize she has grown old. A. hair; hair B. hairs; hairs C. hairs; hair D. hair; hairs
  19) The husband gave his wife every month in order to please her. A. all half his income B. his half all income C. half his all income D. all his half income
  20) Ignorance and poverty always. A. goes hand in hand B. go by the hand C. go hand in hand D. shake hands

  21) In Iraq, two civilians were for no good reason, and their bodies were there for three days. A. hanged; hung B. hung; hanged C. hanged; hanged D. hung; hung
  22) Why was he fined? He happened to flowers in the park. A. be seen step on B. be seen picking C. be caught to pull D. catch damaging
  23) Everything was all right again., they all went back to work. A. Happily B. Instead C. Generally D. Besides
  24) Don't be hard Jack; after all, he's a child. A. with B. to C. for D. on
  25) I must be getting fat -- I can do my trousers up. A. fairly B. hardly C. nearly D. highly
  26) The doctor asked him not drink so much, otherwise it would his health. A. hurt B. harm C. injure D. wound
  27) We must ensure that tourism develops harmony with the environment. A. for B. at C. on D. in
  28) If anyone happens to drop in while I am out, him or her leave a message. A. have B. get C. ask D. tell
  29) Clouds are gathering. I think we’d better the school in case it starts to rain. A. run out B. head out C. refer to D. head for
  30) She can’t help the house because she’s busy making a cake. A. cleaned B. cleaning C. to clean D. being cleaned
  31) --Would you like another ,Sir? No, thanks. A. helping B. drinking C. chip D. noodle
  32) Tom looked at Jenny, tears his eyes, and shouted out the words in his heart for years. A. filling; having hidden B. filled; hidden C. filling; hidden D. filled; hiding
  33) The Chinese Space Agency has developed the successful Long March rocked series. A. highly B. heavily C. even D. much
  34) The heroic story that he had saved a boy’s life the headlines in the local newspapers. A. got B. filled C. hit D. gained
  35) We cannot the punctual arrival of trains in foggy weather. A. get B. help C. guess D. guarantee
  36) Hearing the news, I couldn't breathe. My body cold. Oh, you should learn to calm at any time. A. changed; keep B. felt; remain C. turned; become D. went; stay
  37) Do you think I could borrow your dictionary? . A. Yes, you may borrow B. Yes, you could C. Yes, help yourself D. Yes, go on
  38) Some people find the idea of relativity difficult to . I can't understand it, either. A. give B. handle C. seize D. grasp
  2. 根据英文释义选用下列单词填空: 根据英文释义选用下列单词填空 选用下列单词填空: gentle gradual generous guarantee garbage grateful gather hardship guidance hesitate
  1) waste material, such as paper, empty containers, and food thrown away [=rubbish]
  2) to get things from different places and put them together in one place

  3) willing to give and share in order to help people or give them pleasure
  4) kind and careful in the way you behave or do things
  5) happening slowly over a long period of time
  6) feeling that you want to thank someone for their kindness
  7) to promise to do something or to promise that something will happen
  8) something that makes your life difficult or unpleasant
  9) pause before saying or doing something because you are nervous or not sure
  10) help and advice that is given to someone about their work, education, or personal life
  3.选用下列词的适当形式填空: 选用下列词的适当形式填空: 选用下列词的适当形式填空 Part gallery gap garage 1 generous gentle gradually garbage gesture gift glory

  1) Nowadays, many children don’t agree with their parents. It’s not surprising. This is what is so called generation .
  2) We parked our car in an underground near the hotel.
  3) Her paintings are being shown at a in London.
  4) Throw any left-over food in the .
  5) It was of her to contribute such a large sum to the Hope Project.
  6) A speaker often makes with his hands or arms to stress something he is saying.
  7) The dog is so that I am not afraid of it.
  8) Mrs. Taylor has an 8-year-old daughter who has a for painting she has won two national prizes.
  9) The soldier's brave deeds brought him honor and .
  10) he gained the child's confidence and got the whole story from her. Part 2 growth greeting hardship goal guidance guilty guarantee grateful habit helpless
  11) You'd better set a before you start the programme.
  12) The innocent young man was sentenced to death. He felt .
  13) The of laid-off workers is becoming a big concern of the whole society.
  14) These refugees are very to the government's timely aid.
  15) "Good morning," I said, but he didn't return the .
  16) When choosing your major, try to get some from your teachers.
  17) I feel about not looking after her well because of my busy work.
  18) Jeff has been in the of taking a walk after dinner.
  19) If you buy this machine, you will get a five-year against mechanical failure.
  20) People have suffered many from the war, and they wish the war ended as soon as possible. Part 3 helicopter goods height generation grand helpful healthy generally history
  21) The baby is generally, but every now and then he does catch a cold.
  22) Two were called in to help people trapped on the island.
  23) The most important thing about cotton in is the part that it played in the Industrial Revolution.
  24) My behaves differently from my father's.
  25) These are in short supply; the price will be high.
  26) speaking, the more expensive the MP3 player is, the better it is.
  27) You can get a view of the mountains from the peak of Mount Tai.

  28) His makes him stand out in the crowd.
  29) A walkman is for you to learn English.
  4.选用下列动词的适当形式填空: 选用下列动词的适当形式填空: 选用下列动词的适当形式填空 Part 1
gain glance gather hang happen help hide hit grow
  1) He is not easy to get along with, but the friendship of his, once , will last forever.
  2) As the storm drew nearer, black clouds were over the sky.
  3) The man at his watch and told us the time.
  4) all over the hills and around the lake are wild flowers of different colors.
  5) The picture on the wall is painted by my nephew.
  6) At the bad news, she tried to her feelings and managed to hold back her tears.
  7) He hasn't come yet. What do you consider has to him?
  8) If you are feeling so tired, perhaps a little sleep would . (浙江
  9) In the summer of 2007, the city of Chongqing was badly by a drought.
  10) The guilty man was for murder. Part 2 gain hire grasp guess handle hesitate harm hate govern graduate harvest guarantee
  11) He the old man firmly by the arm when they crossed the road.
  12) I knew by her smile that she had what I was thinking.
  13) The price of jewelry is largely by quality.
  14) They have the delivery of the computer within two days.
  15) He's not a very good teacherhe doesn't know how to children.
  16) I to trouble you, but I have nobody else to turn to.
  17) When he has to make a decision, he always for a long time.
  18)The college 50 students from the science department last year.
  19) We must the corn before the storm comes.
  20)We an advertising company for help to sell our product.
  5.选用下列短语及词组的适当形式填空: 选用下列短语及词组的适当形式填空: 选用下列短语及词组的适当形式填空 Part 1 get along get in get down to get away get …across get through get in touch with get on get out of get over get together come in handy
  1) A sense of humor enabled him to well with others.
  2) For such a serious accident he was lucky to with a fine.
  3) The final examination is coming up soon. It's time for us to our studies.
  4) We have to the wheat as soon as possible because a storm is on the way.
  5) Did you find the missing couple in the mountain yesterday? No, but we have been trying to with them ever since.
  6) Many gifted students poorly in school because they found school unchallenging and as a result lost interest.
  7) Barbara tried to think of a good excuse to going to the meeting. She hated it very much.
  8)It was not a serious illness, and she soon it.
  9)We're going to with some friends for a picnic. Would you like to join us?
  10)The boss said we had only three days to finish the work. Don’t worry. We have already two thirds of it.
  11) He found it difficult to his Chinese humour to an English audience.
  12) Please don’t throw away your text books and note books when you finish learning. They may one day.
give away give in give way give out give off give up half and half
  13) At the sad news, Sue tried to smile, but her voice her .
  14) The floor was so rotten that it almost under its weight.
  15) Although I disagreed, I had to to dad he's usually right anyway.
  16) By the end of 2008 all the factories in the city will be forbidden to heavy smoke.
  17) He was so kind that he was always ready to money and clothes to those in the flooded areas.
  18) I don’t do well in math and you do no better than me; we are .
  19) What shall we use for power when all the oil in the world has ?
  20) I argued with him for more than half an hour, but I had to in the end. Part 3 go ahead go about go on go with go over go off go in for in general go without go through for good go out go by hardly…when
  21) had he entered the office he realized that he had forgotten his report.
  22) , the northerners are fond of dumplings while the southerners prefer rice.
  23) I want to learn German but I don't know the best way to it.
  24) He opened the window to see what was outside.
  25) I wonder if I could possibly use your car for tonight? Sure, . I'm not using it anyhow.
  26) As the weeks , the days for the examination drew near.
  27) I don't rock ' n' roll. It's much too noisy for my taste.
  28) The terrorists have planned to plant a bomb on the plane in Tokyo, set to when it arrived in Washington.
  29) Nobody noticed the thief slip into the house because the lights happened to .
  30) If you had your test paper careful



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