● in charge of the shopping center has upset him for quite some time. A. Left B. Being left C. Having left D. To leave 【解析】考查非谓语动词用法。本空在句中做主语,表示 解析】 解析 被动含义,因此选B。 ● On March 14, violent crimes of beating, looting and burning in Lhasa of Tibet broke out, 13 innocent people and with more than 300 . A. killed; injured B. killing; injured C. killed; injuring D. killing; injuring 【解析 解析】考查非谓语动词用法。第一空用kill的现在分词 解析 做状语表示主动含义和补充说明,第二空用过去分词 表示“受伤”。
● Do you know that the first textbooks written for teaching English as a foreign language in the 16th century? A. came up B. came along C. came out D. came about 【解析 解析】考查常见动词短语用法。语境表示第一本教授英 解析 语作为外语的课本“出版,出现”,用come out表示“被 出版,被刊行”。其他短语的含义:Vi. A发生,被提出, B进展,出现,D发生。 ● Write down the key words that you your students to find in the passage. A. make B. expect C. suggest D. hope 【解析 解析】考查常见动词辨析。从搭配看,只有expect能接 解析 带to的不定式做宾补;从含义看,语境表示预料学生可能 会问的问题,因此选B。
● To good relationships with your teachers and classmates, you should learn to be on good terms with them. A. bring up B. add up C. keep up D. take up 【解析 解析】考查常见动词短语。语境表示“保持/维 解析 持”好的人际关系,因此选C。 ● We’d better set off,or it will be dark we know it. A. before B. after C. when D. until 【解析 解析】考查状语从句的连词。语境表示“还不等 解析 我们意识到”,用before引导状语从句表示 “在……之前”。
● Is there any possible way to help them get
rid of such a bad habit? To tell the truth, it’s very hard. But we on this problem trying to improve the situation. A. worked B. had worked C. are working D. had been working __
解析】考查动词时态。语境意义: 【解析】考查动词时态。语境意义:“这个问 题还没解决,我们正在努力解决这个问题” 题还没解决,我们正在努力解决这个问题”, 因此用现在进行时。 因此用现在进行时。对动词时态的考查历来是 高考试卷的重点内容。 高考试卷的重点内容。
● The computer looks old, but it __ just half a year ago. A. has been bought B. will be bought C. is bought D. was bought
考查动词时态。本题容易错选A项。语境有具体过去时间“half 考查动词时态。本题容易错选A 语境有具体过去时间“ ago”,因此buy表示过去的动作,用一般过去时被动语态。 buy表示过去的动作 a year ago ,因此buy表示过去的动作,用一般过去时被动语态。
● “I in the room, watching TV broadcast about the earthquake.” I told the policeman who had driven here to question me. A. was staying B. stay C. stayed D. am staying
【解析 考查动词时态。语境没有提到具体时间,但从语境和和试 解析】考查动词时态 语境没有提到具体时间, 解析 考查动词时态。 题命制形式上看是直接引语,这里表示回答警察的讯问, 题命制形式上看是直接引语,这里表示回答警察的讯问,那么 一定是问在过去某个时候“ 在做什么,因此用过去进行时。 一定是问在过去某个时候“我”在做什么,因此用过去进行时。
● Everyone has periods in their lives everything seems very hard. A. B. where A when C. which D. that 【解析 解析】考查定语从句。本题的关系词引导定语从句修饰 解析 periods,并在从句中做时间状语,因此选A。 ● What impresses me most is he appears in front of others, he wears a sincere and charming smile. A. which B. that C. where D D that whenever 【解析 解析】考查表语从句和状语从句。从语境看,本题需要 解析 两个连接词,一个是表语从句的连词that,此时that只 起连接作用,不在从句中做任何成分,而且一般不省 略;表语从句中还有一个状语从句,表示“无论他在 什么时候出现”,用从属连词whenever。
● Class regulations require is the last to leave the classroom off all the lights. A. who; should turn B. whom; shall turn C. whomever; turns D. whoever; turn 解析:考查名词从句的连词和虚拟语气用法。主语从句中 解析 缺少主语,故用whoever=the person who, require后接 宾语从句,句中动词用(should)do。 ●?Where is Bob? I cannot find him anywhere. ?He have been off long. I heard him make a call just now. A. shouldn’t B. can’t C. mustn’t D. needn’t 解析:考查情态动词与虚拟语气用法。语境表示语气很肯 解析 定的否定判断推测:我刚才还听见他打电话了,因此他 一定没走多远。用can’t have done。
●一Isn't it a surprise that I happened to meet Francis Mathews at the Christmas party last week? 一If my memory serves me correctly, you each other for exactly two years. A. hadn't seen B. haven't seen C. didn't see D. don’t see 【解析 解析】考查动词时态。语境表示在上周见面之前有两年 解析 没见面,因此用过去完成时。【答案】 A 【答案】 ● the city lies the famous beautiful mountain. A. 40 miles southeast of B. To 40 miles southeast of C. Southeast 40 miles to D. To southeast 40 miles of 【解析 解析】考查副词用法。语境表示方位,“城市东南方向 解析 四十公里的地方”,用(to the)+方位词,数量概念放在 介词短语或副词短语的前面。因此A为唯一正确表达。
● If the prediction for the earthquake more accurate, we would have been more prepared and many more lives would have been saved. A. had been B. was C. has been D. were 解析:考查虚拟语气。语境表示假如地震的预测更准确, 解析 我们就能做好准备,很多生命就不会失去了,主句使 用了would have done,因此表示与过去实际情况相反 的假设,状语从句用过去完成时,因此选A。 ●?Who has made a mess in my room? ?Who else it but your naughty son? A. could do B. could have done C. did D. has done 解析:考查情态动词用法。语境表示对过去发生并延续到 解析 现在的情况的推测,用could have done表示不肯定的 语气。
● It is a great for a person to be able to drive when he is seeking a job. A. advantage B. chance C. fun D. importance 【解析 解析】考查名词辨析。语境表示找工作时,如果会开车将是一个 解析 优势,因此选A。 ● the weather, the sports meet will be held on time. A. In favor of B. Regardless of C. Apart from D. Due to 解析】考查介词短语辨析。语境说运动会按期举行,因此这里表 【解析 解析 示“不顾”天气情况,用B表示“不管,不顾”。其他选项的含 义:A赞成,C除了……之外,D由于。 ● ?I just wonder that made Mark Twain so famous a writer. ?Of course his early experiences. A. it was what B. what he did C. how he did D. what it was 【解析 解析】考查强调句的特殊疑问句和语序。从题干的含义看,本题 解析 涉及强调句的特殊疑问句和语序。被强调的成分在原句做主语, 表示物,用what,疑问句在本题做宾语,用陈述句的语序,因 此选D。
● I was told that 10:15 flight would take us to Shanghai in time to reach Fudan University. A. the; / B. the; a C. a; the D. /; the 解析:考查冠词的用法。第一空,用the表示定指,“十点 解析 一刻的航班”,第二空是专有名词,不加冠词。 ● He talked again and again to his friend about careful driving, but just turned a deaf ear to his words. A. another B. other C. others D. the other 解析:考查代词用法。语境涉及两人,他和他的朋友,因 解析 此这里用the other表示“另外那个人”,即他的朋友。 表示两者中的另外一个用the other。表示没有具体所 指的“另外一个”用another,other是形容词,不能单 独使用;others表示没有具体范围限制的“其他的”, 是复数指代。
● Never in my wildest dreams these people are living in such poor condition. A. I could imagine B. could I imagine C. I couldn’t imagine D. couldn’t I imagine 【解析 解析】考查倒装句结构。否定副词never放在句首,主 解析 句要用部分倒装,再者,表示否定含义时,前面已经 有了否定词,句中就用肯定形式,因此本题选B。 ● You shouldn’t have taken pictures before the carved stones. . A. Pardon me B. Yes, I will C. Never mind D. Don’t mention it 【解析 解析】考查交际用语用法。语境表示责怪及回答。从四 解析 个选项看,这里应该表示道歉,选A,表示没听清楚对 方的话。
●?I found my mom not feeling well this morning. I’m afraid she is ill. ?. A. Don’t worry too much B. It’s nothing at all C. I’m sorry to hear that D. Take it easy 【解析 解析】考查交际用语。本题的交际语境是如何表示安慰。对方说 解析 他母亲生病了,此时应该表示安慰,帮对方分担忧虑,选C,而 不是A、D项空泛地让对方别着急,也不是B,没事。 ●?Good morning,Doctor Brown’s office. ?Hello, this is Tom Smith. Could you please tell Doctor Brown I ? My car start. A. was delayed, doesn’t B. will be delayed, won’t C. am delayed, didn’t D. would delay, mustn’t 【解析 解析】考查动词的时态和情态动词用法。从语境看,第一空用一 解析 般将来时表示对将来情况的预测,第二空用won’t/wouldn’t表示 无可奈何的感觉,“偏不,就是不”。
● When I saw mum nod to me, I calmed down and went on with my acting. A. encouragingly B. amazingly C. increasingly D. accordingly 【解析 解析】考查副词辨析。词类的考查异军突起,在高考试 解析 卷中所占比例越来越大。考查的着重点更多是从语境 和词汇的含义去把握和选择,很少考查同义词或近义 词的辨析。语境说妈妈对我点头,我冷静下来,从这 些信息看,本题选A,妈妈用手势语鼓励我。 ● In the time of social reform, people’s state of mind tends to keep with the rapid change of society. A. contact B. progress C. touch D. pace 【解析 解析】考查名词辨析。四个选项的含义:A接触,B进 解析 步,C碰,触摸,D节奏。从动词与介词搭配看,这里 用keep in contact with或keep pace with表示“与…… 并驾齐驱”。
●?What do you think of the blind man? ?I’ve never seen a man with sense of touch. A. the better B. a better C. a good D. the best 解析:考查形容词比较级的用法。本题用“否定词+比较级” 解析 结构表示“没有比……更……的”,比较结构后有名词时, 用不定冠词修饰,表示没有具体限定的“更……的”。 ● The result was far beyond we had expected, brought great joy to every one of us. A. that; which B. than; that C. what; what D. what; which 解析:考查宾语从句和定语从句。第一空用what引导宾语 解析 从句,连词what在从句中做宾语,第二空用which引导非 限制性定语从句,关系代词which指代主句内容。
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