81. She once again went through her composition carefully to all spelling mistakes from it. A. withdraw B. abandon C. diminish D. eliminate [答案]D. eliminate. [注释]eliminate(=get rid of, do away with)消除,排除,淘汰:
  1) Can the government eliminate poverty?(政府能否消除贫困?)
  2)eliminate slang words form an essay(从 文章中去掉俚语词)。 2
  82. When the little child caught sight of the young woman in white he started brawling immediately. A. dressed B. wearing C. worn D. putting on [答案]A. dressed. [注释]be dressed in 穿这......衣服。Wear 意为“穿着”是及物动词,语法结构上与本 题不符。Put on 穿上,强调的动作。 2
  83. Some areas, their severe weather conditions, are hardly populated. A. due to B. but for C. in spite of D. with relation to [答案]A. due to. [注释]due to 由于。有些语言专家认为 due to 引导的短语,在句中只能作表语,如:
  1)His absence was due to the storm.
  2)The delay was due to heavy traffic.
  3)This accident was due to his carelessness.但现代英语里 due to 引导的短语可以作状语用, He failed 如: due to carelessness. Due to heavy traffic, he was late for an hour or so. 2
  84. Many university courses are not really to the needs of students or their future employers. A. associated B. relative C. geared D. sufficient [答案]C. geared. [注释]be geared to 与......相连接的,与......搭配得上的。Be relative to 与...... 有关的: This is not relative to the accident.(这和这次事故无关。 )本题意指 courses(课 程)是否与 needs(需要)挂得上钩,而不是一般得有点关系,故应选 geared. 2
  85. If we can our present difficulties, then everything should be all right. A. get off B. come across C. come over D. get over [答案]D. get over. [注释]get over (difficulties)克服(困难)。 2
  86. Be careful how you that jug, it will break very easily. A. pour B. operate C. handle D. employ [答案]C. handle. [注释]handle 意为“用手拿......”:Wash your hands before you handle my books.
  87. We suddenly saw the bus about to leave and had to run to catch it. A. hardly B. awkwardly C. hard D. strongly [答案]C hard. [注释]run hard 意为“使劲跑”,句中 hard 是副词。Hardly“几乎不“,是否定副词,与 本题不符。 2
  88. He hated the war so much that he decided to leave the army . A. for long B. once in a while C. for good D. once upon a time [答案] C. for good. [注释] for good (=permanently)永久地:He says he's leaving the country for good. for long 长久地。按本题题意,用 for long 不妥。once upon a time 从前。 once in a while 偶尔。 2
  89. This year the farmers were just able to gather in the before the fine weather came to an end. A. collection B. harvest C. flower D. plant [答案] B. harvest. [注释] gather in “收获(庄稼)”: The farmers are gathering in the corn. 2
  90. A successful scientist needs if he wants to make hypothesis (假设) of how processes work and how events take place. A. permission B. penetration C. imagination D. convention [答案] C. imagination. [注释] imagination 想象力;penetration 穿透;permission 允许; convention 惯 例,常规。 2
  91. Tell your brother to come , because it's going to rain in a minute or two. A. indoors B. outdoors C. outward D. inwards [答案] A. indoors [注释] 按句子的逻辑意思应选 indoors adv. 向屋里;在屋里,inwards adv,向 内,向中心,outward 向外。outdoors 是 indoors 的反义词。 本文译文: 叫你兄弟进屋来,因为天马上要下雨了. 2
  92. I can't advise you what to do. You must use your own . A. opinion B. guesswork C. justice D. judgment [答案] D judgement [注释] judgement 判断。guesswork 猜测,justice 正义,公正,ideal 理想。
  93. Because of the poor harvest, wheat prices have in the last six months. A. added B. jumped C. amounted D. developed [答案] B. jumped. [注释] jump (=rise suddenly in price) 指“(价格)暴涨”。 2
  94. There is a 20 minute parking here, so we must get back to the car very quickly. A. freedom B. limit C. allowance D. prohibition [答案] B. limit. [注释] parking limit 意为在停车场“停车的时间限制”。a 20 minutes parking limit (停车时间限制为 20 分钟). 2
  95. The country needs a government. We have had three Prime Ministers in a year. A. stationary B. changeless C. constant D. stable [答案] D. stable. [注释] stable 稳定的。 stationary 静止的, 不变的, 固定的。 changeless 不变 的 , 无变化的。constant 经常不断的。 2
  96. Having said he would mend the clock, he discovered that he had not brought the tools for the job. A. concise B. correct C. right D. precise [答案] C. right. [注释] right 适当的,恰当的:He is the right man to do the job。(他是干这 项 工作的合适人选) concise 简明扼要的,correct 正确的;exact 确切的: exact time 确 切的时间,exact age 确切的年龄,exact weight 确切的重量; exact weight 确切的重 量;exact information 确切的信息;exact cause 确切 的原因;exact meaning 确切的 意思。 2
  97. Radium salts, which have been found to in bones, give rise to cancers of the bone. A. pile up B. build up C. keep up D. pull up [答案] B. build up. [注释] build up(=accumulate) 积累。pile up 堆积。keep up 保持,维持。 pull up 停车。 2
  98. It has been laid down that each student must a composition to the teacher once a week. A. turn in B. give up C. put forward D. bring out
[答案] A. turn in. [注释] turn in(=hand in) 上交。 2
  99. Our house is the most one in the street; it is painted red. A. permanent B. indifferent C. predominant D. prominent [答案] D. prominent. [注释] prominent 突出的;突起的。indifferent 漠不关心的;permanent 永久 的; predominant 占优势的,主要的。 3
  00. I shall take you back to Beijing you are well enough to travel. A. presently B. promptly C. immediately D. shortly [答案] C. immediately [注释] immediately(=directly) 作连词用, 意为“一……就……”, 相当于 as soon as .



   高考英语单项选择题详解及答案 高考英语单项选择题详解及答案 详解 1. In this factory, suggestions often have to wait for months before they are fully . A. admitted B. acknowledged C. absorbed D. considered [答案] D. considered [注释] considered 考虑; admit 承认; absorb 吸收。 [注意]acknowledge ...


   201. What makes the space shuttle is that it takes off like a rocket but lands like an airplane. A. exceptional B. strange C. unique D. rare [答案]C. unique. [注释]unique(=being the only one of its type)同类事物中独一无二的。如:This stamp is unique; all others lik ...


   241. Circus tigers, although they have been tamed, can attack their trainer. A. unexpectedly B. deliberately C. reluctantly D. subsequently [答案]A. unexpectedly. [注释]unexpectedly 出乎意料地。例如:He unexpectedly failed to get the job.(他出 乎意料没有得到这件工作。)又如:We ...


   361. At first Bob was puzzled by Virginia s waving, but then it his mind that she was trying to tell him something. A. crossed B. passed C. occurred D. opened [答案] A. crossed. [注释]cross one's mind 想起:1)A sudden thought crossed my mind. 2)It never c ...


   41. The Department is also deeply in various improvement schemes. A. connected B. included C. involved D. implied [答案] C. involved. [注释]be involved in 参与。Be included in 包括在......中。 42. Keys should never be hidden around the house since thieves know ...


   81. I'm afraid this painting is not by Picasso. It's only a copy and so it's . A. priceless B. invaluable C. unworthy D. worthless [答案] D. worthless. [注释] worthless 无价值的, 无用的。Priceless 无价的, 贵重的, 无法估价的:a priceless treasure 无价之宝。Invaluable 无法估价的, 非常宝 ...


   高考英语词汇例题题及详解 高考英语词汇例题题及详解 例题 1. In this factory, suggestions often have to wait for months before they are fully . A. admitted B. acknowledged C. absorbed D. considered [答案] D. considered [注释] considered 考虑; admit 承认; absorb 吸收。 [注意]acknowledge 1) ...


   高考英语(单项选择题)题库 1 21. Unfortunately, when I dropped in, Doctor Li for Beijing to join in the fight again SARS, so we only had time for a few words. A. just left C. is just leaving B. has just left D. was just leaving 22.He hasn't come yet.What do you ...


   嘉兴英语教学网 www.jxenglish.com 收集整理 欢迎使用 单项选择题 1 21. Apples are usually sold by weight and eggs are sometimes sold by dozen. A. the; the B. /;a C. /; the D. the; a 22.Although punctual himself, the professor was quite used late for his lecture. A. to ha ...


   .-She didn't come to schoolyesterday,did she? -,though she was not feeling very well. A.No,she didn't B.Yes,she didn't C.No,she did D.Yes,she did 2.Few of them hurt themselves in the accident last night? A.don't they B.didn't they C.did they D.do t ...



   2007 江西听力原题 听下面 10 段对话,每段对话后有一小题。听完每段对话后,你都有 10 秒钟的时间回答有关 小题和阅读下一小题,每段对话读两遍。 (每小题 1 分) 1.What is the boy going to buy ? A.Some juice. B.Some oranges. C.Some apples. 2.When did Gary start his new job? A.In March. B.In April. C.In Mary. 3.Who has bro ...


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高一英语《Unit 3 Under the sea》人教版教案

   Unit 3 Under the sea Ⅰ. 单元教学目标 技能目标 Skill Goals ▲Retell a story and make it into a play ▲Read a story and describe the relationship between animals and humans ▲Review the Passive Voice (2) (including the -ing form) ▲Write a paragraph to complain po ...


   高一英语下册的高考题 高一英语下册的高考题 下册 1.Johnny,you play with the knife,you hurt yourself.(NMET 96) A.won’t;can’t B.mustn’t;may C.shouldn’t; must D.can’t;shouldn’t 2.Peter come with us tonight,but he isn’t very sure yet.(NMET 93) A.must B.may C.can D.will 3.She ...