41. The shop-assistant was straight with his customers. If an article was of quality, he'd tell them so. A. humble B. minor C. inferior D. awkward [答案]C. inferior. [注释]inferior 比较差的;humble 谦卑的,恭顺的,低下的;awkward 尴尬的,别扭的, 笨手笨脚的;不好用的;minor 细小的:
  1)This cloth is inferior to that one .(这块 布比那块质量差)
  2)She feels inferior to her elder sister .(她感到比姐姐差的多。)
  3)He is of humble birth.(她出身低微。)
  4)He is very humble towards his superiors.( 他对上司低三下四。)
  5)he felt awkward and uncomfortable.(他感到尴 尬不自在)
  6)He was an awkward carpenter.(他是个笨手笨脚的木匠)
  7)This is a very awkward question. We must ask that of Hery.(这个问题不好对付,我们必须去问问亨 利。 3
  42. If you put too many potatoes in that paper-bag it will . A. fail B. explode C. crack D. burst [答案]D. burst [注释] burst vt./vi.涨破,涨裂。Burst one's clothes(撑破衣服)。 3
  43. One-room schoolhouses can still be found in areas where there are no other schools for many miles. A. disposed B. deserted C. isolated D. abandoned [答案]C. isolated [注释]isolated 孤立的。 Deserted 被遗弃的; 空无一人的; abandoned 丢弃的, abandoned 如; cars(因报废而丢弃的汽车)。Dispose of sth. 处理掉某物:He disposed of his old car . (他把旧的汽车处理掉了。)意为卖掉或扔掉等。 3
  44. I'm afraid you have no but to come along with us. A. possibility B. permission C. choice D. selection [答案]C. choice. [注释]have no choice but 除了...没有别的选择;只能...:I have no choice but to obey.(我只能服从)。 3
  45. I shall never beat John at tennis; we are clearly not in the same . A. set B. band C. group D. class [答案] D. class. [注释]be in the same class 水平相同。 此句中 class,意为“(高低、 优劣的)等级; 类”。 种 3
  46. As soon as Charles had a little from his surprise, his one thought was to get away. A. returned B. absorbed C. dissolved D. recovered
[答案] D. recovered. [注释]recover from 从......恢复过来 3
  47. When I arrived in this country, I had to start learning the language from . A. scratch B. scrap C. snatch D. scrape [答案] A. scratch. [注释]start from scratch (=from the beginning, from nothing) 从头开始,白手起家; John brought the radio from scratch. (=John bought the parts and put them together himself.) 3
  48. The thieves him in the park, took his wallet and escaped. A. held .. back B. held .. up C. held .. on D. held .. out 答案] B. held ... up. [注释]hold up sb. 拦劫。hold up, hold on, hold out 的用法请参阅 III.82,83 注释. 3
  49. Japan has to employ an increasing number of overseas workers because there is no easy solution to its labor . A. decline B. rarity C. vacancy D. shortage [答案] D. shortage. [注释]labour shortage 劳动力短缺。Decline 下降。rarity 稀少。vacancy 空缺,未占 用. 3
  50. The two dogs started to fight, so we tried to them. A. split B. separate C. tear D. divide [答案] B. separate. [注释]separate 意指将结合的东西“分开,拆散”,divide 指把整体“分成”几个部 分, split(沿一条线-)裂开,tear 撕开,distinguish“区分,区别,辨别”。 3
  51. The rapidly growing birth rate brings about a lot of environment problems, which the government is supposed to take . A. significantly B. severely C. earnestly D. seriously [答案] D. seriously. [注释]take...seriously 是习惯搭配,意为“重视,认真对待” 3
  52. Carl wanted to play a joke on Bob but gave himself by laughing. A. away B. in C. out D. up [答案] A. away. [注释]give away 暴露,泄露。参阅 III.
  53. The government is and will take the necessary steps to maintain security and stability. A. on the alert B. out of control C. on guard D. in vain [答案] A. on the alert. [注释]on the alert (=alert; watchful; careful) 警惕,小心:Drivers must be on the alert for traffic signals. (=Drivers must be especially careful to see signals when driving a car.) (司机必须密切注视交通信号。) out of control 失去控制;on guard 站岗;in vain 徒劳,无效。 3
  54. Many people complain of the rapid of modern life. A. rate B. pace C. speed D. growth [答案] B. pace. [注释]pace 走或跑的速度;发展或进步速度。 3
  55. She has lost her handbag with the sum of $150 in it. A. extraordinary B. important C. considerable D. valuable [答案] C.considerable. [注释]considerable 相当可观的。[注意]considerate 考虑周到的,体谅的,体贴的:
  1) She is considerate to others. (她能体谅别人。)
  2)That was very considerate of you. (你真体谅别人。) 3
  56. Russia's withdrawal of its experts from China did not strangle (压垮) the Chinese people; it stirred up their enthusiasm for greater exertions. A. on the other hand B. on the contrary C. to the contrary D. in consequence [答案] B. on the contrary. [注释]on the contrary 相反地:--Have you nearly done?--On the contrary, I have only just begun. Monday unless you write me to the contrary. (我星期一将来,除非你写 信告诉我有相反地情况。) 3
  57. As he had no friends and relatives in the town, the traveler tried to find a somewhere. A. log B. lodge C. landing D. lodging
[答案] D. lodging. [注释]log 圆木,lodge 门房,传达室,lodging 住所,landing 登陆;降落。
  58. Because the children keep interrupting her whenever she reads a book, she is always her place.
A. loosing
B. missing
C. losing
D. looking for
[答案] C. Losing. [注释]lose one's place 意为读书时“找不到读到哪儿”。类似的习语有:lose heart(灰 心,泄气),lose one's heart to sb. (爱上某人),lose one's head(惊慌失措),lose one's hold on(or over)(失去对......的控制),lose one's temper(发脾气),lose one's tongue (紧张得不知说什么好),lose one's way (迷路),lose sight of(看不见了),lose one's never(失去勇气)。 3
  59. The manager said that they had an plan if the plan they had submitted was not accepted. A. alternate B. alternative C. absolute D. appreciable 答案] B. alternative. [注释]alternative 可提供选择的,两者挑一的:alternate 交替的:
  1)There was no alternative route open to her. (在她面前没有另外可供选择的路线。)
  2)French and English are not alternative courses; but may be taken in the same year.(语法和英 语并不是交替开设的课程;而可以在同一年里选修。) 3
  60. Jim isn't , but he did badly in the final exams last semester. A. gloomy B. dull C. awkward D. tedious [答案] B. dull. [注释]dull (=slow in understanding) 迟钝的。



   301. The writer was always looking for suitable to use in his next story. A. contents B. articles C. notions D. ideas [答案] D. ideas. [注释] idea(= thought; picture in mind)念头,思想,想法。 302. He gave me some very advice on buying a house. A. precious B. w ...


   高考英语单项选择题详解及答案 高考英语单项选择题详解及答案 详解 1. In this factory, suggestions often have to wait for months before they are fully . A. admitted B. acknowledged C. absorbed D. considered [答案] D. considered [注释] considered 考虑; admit 承认; absorb 吸收。 [注意]acknowledge ...


   181. He has left his book here on , so that you can read it. A. purpose B. intention C. aim D. meaning [答案]A. purpose. [注释]on purpose 是介词习语,意为“故意地”。如用 intention,则应说 by intention 故意地。 182. The him with A. by C. at magician picked several persons fro ...


   221. Professor Jordon is well known for his into the habits of the common housefly. A. examination B. introduction C. research D. expression [答案]C. research [注释]research into 对...研究:1)(作动词用)He is researching into the reading problems of young schoo ...


   41. The Department is also deeply in various improvement schemes. A. connected B. included C. involved D. implied [答案] C. involved. [注释]be involved in 参与。Be included in 包括在......中。 42. Keys should never be hidden around the house since thieves know ...


   81. I'm afraid this painting is not by Picasso. It's only a copy and so it's . A. priceless B. invaluable C. unworthy D. worthless [答案] D. worthless. [注释] worthless 无价值的, 无用的。Priceless 无价的, 贵重的, 无法估价的:a priceless treasure 无价之宝。Invaluable 无法估价的, 非常宝 ...


   新概念英语第二册第一单元课后练习答案 Lesson 1 Key to Summary writing The writer went to the theatre last week. He did not enjoy the play. A young man and a young woman were sitting behind him. They were talking loudly. The writer could not hear the actors. He turned ...


   第一部分 1. I won’t think of him because of his shortcomings. He is a good boy after all. A. much B. little C. any less D. any more 2. Which share is meant for me? You can take half. They are exactly the same. A. this B. any C. each D. either 3. This b ...


   班级 姓名 学号 ( ) 1. This coat is only 80 yuan, I’ll them. A. with ( ) 2. B. take C. have A: What can I do you? B: I’d like to buy a pair of shoes. A. for B. to C. with ( ) 3. I’d like buy the toy mouse. A. in B. to C. at ( ) 4. A: Whose are those sport ...


   嘉兴英语教学网 www.jxenglish.com 收集整理 欢迎使用 单项选择题 1 21. Apples are usually sold by weight and eggs are sometimes sold by dozen. A. the; the B. /;a C. /; the D. the; a 22.Although punctual himself, the professor was quite used late for his lecture. A. to ha ...



   400 句专业词汇 a demand bill 见票即付的汇票,即期汇票 a guide to international direct dialing 国际直拨电话指南 a laser printer 激光打印机 abbreviations (used in the dictionary) 缩写,缩写词 accounts payable 应付帐 accounts receivable 应收账 acknowledgement of order 确认订单 actual stuff 现货 adv ...


   基于课标的有效教学设计 太原市教研科研中心 王红丽 2011年 (2011年3月) 思考: 思考: 怎样对待教材的文本? 怎样进行教学设计? 怎样对待教材的文本? 怎样对待教材的文本? 1、认识课程 *课程性质 英语课程学习,既是……,又是…… 英语课程的任务是:…… *基本理念 面向全体学生,注重素质教育 整体设计目标,体现灵活开放 突出学生主体,尊重个体差异 采用活动途径,倡导体验参与 注重过程评价,促进学生发展 开发课程资源,拓展学用渠道 《英语课程标准》性质 英语课程标准》 英语课程 ...


   第二章 §2.1 文献的定义 科技英语文献检索 文献是用文字、图形、符号、声频、视频等技术手段记录人类知识的一种载体。文献不仅 包括各种图书和期刊,而且包括会议文献、科技报告、专利文献、学位论文、科技档案等各种类型 的出版物,甚至包括用声音、图象以及其他手段记录知识的全部现代出版物。 §2.2 文献的特点 1.文献数量大,增长速度快 随着科学技术和社会生活的飞速发展,人类知识总量在迅速猛增。作为存贮、传播知识的载体 文献,随着知识量的增加其数量也在激增,而且增长速度很快。据统计,目前全世界每 ...


   小升初英语单词辨音四招拿满分 2011-01-05 09:44:21 [来源] 互联网 [作者] 佚名 字号 161412 单词辨音题让很多家长和孩子都头疼,因此和大家来分享一些心得体会。 首先,我们用四种方法来学习 21 个辅音字母(包含字母 y)的音素(在单词中的发音) 及其他 8 个辅音音素。 方法一: 方法一: 掐头法学语音 任何一个辅音字母的名称音都是由两个或两个以上的音素构成的。 掐头法即去掉第一个 音,余下的辅音音素就是这个字母在单词中的读音。用这种音素分解的方法,慢速读下面的 ...

一年级英语上册Unit 3课件

   镇江实验学校 戴天扬 This is Wang Bing. This is Nancy. This is Miss Li. teacher 小朋友,请用刚学的句型 小朋友, “This is …”将你的好 将你的好 朋友介绍给大家认识吧。 朋友介绍给大家认识吧。 This is my dad. daddy This is my mum. mummy 小朋友,大胆地来扮演 小朋友, Helen吧 Helen吧,用刚学的句型 daddy.”和 “This is my daddy.”和 “This ...