61. At first Bob was puzzled by Virginia s waving, but then it his mind that she was trying to tell him something. A. crossed B. passed C. occurred D. opened [答案] A. crossed. [注释]cross one's mind 想起:
  1)A sudden thought crossed my mind.
  2)It never crossed my mind that he might refuse the request. (我从来没有想到他可能会拒绝这个请求。) 如用 pass 则应加 through, 例如: When Jane did not come home by midnight, many terrible fears passed through Mother's mind. (=Mother thought of many things that might have happened to Jane.) occur 的用法如下:
  1)That view of the case did not occur to me before. (对这个案 件的那种看法以前我没有想到过。)
  2)It occurred to her that she might adopt a homeless child.(她想到,她可以收养一个无家可归的孩子。) 关于“想起”的以上三种表达法考生务必弄懂熟记。 这些词组和句形不仅在词汇测试中经常 遇到,而且在短文写作时也可以使用。 本题译文:起初鲍玻对弗吉尼亚的挥手致意感到迷惑,但后来他想到,她想告诉他某事。 3
  62. His job at the hospital did not pay much, so he found another . A. on the rise B. on the spot C. on the decline D. on the side [答案] D. on the side. [注释]on the side(=in addition to a main thing) 额外;作为兼职:
  1)He ordered a hamburger with onions and French fries on the side. (=He ordered a hamburger with onions and French fries extra.)
  2)He does some house-keeping work on the side.(他 帮人家做些家务活作为兼职。) on the rise(作表语)在上升;on the spot 现场;on the decline (做表语)在下降:The population in the country is on the decline. (这个国家的人口在下降。) 3
  63. The filling station because there were too many others on the street. A. fell through B. went under C. fell out D. went through [答案] B. went under. [注释]go under 破产, 失败。 fall through 也有“失败”之意, 但多半指计划、 想法等“落 空”。 本题译文:这个加油站破产了,因为在这条街上加油站太多了。 3
  64. Air and the sun's rays create much distortion, and whatever tends to their influence is useful to the astronomer. A. exclude B. eliminate C. extinguish D. impose [答案] A. exclude. [注释]exclude 排除。extinguish 扑灭;eliminate 消除。 impose 把......强加给:Don't impose your wishes on us.(不要把你的意思强加给我们。)
  65. The lady who had invited us heard me telling my wife that the dinner was terrible so I was . A. confused B. nervous C. shameful D. embarrassed [答案] D. embarrassed. [注释]be embarrassed 感到窘迫。 3
  66. Animals should not be locked in cages; they should be in their normal . A. environment B. position C. residence D. dwelling [答案] A. environment. [注释]environment(=surroundings, circumstances)环境,environment 作集合名词用时, 只用单数形式: should work hard to improve our environment. (单词, We 不可数)Children need a happy home environment. (单数,可数) 3
  67. I'm sorry but what he thinks is not of the importance to me. A. merest B. lowest C. last D. least [答案] D. least. [注释]least 是 little 的最高级形式。 3
  68. He offered to her a hand as the suitcase was too heavy for her to carry. A. lend B. help C. show D. loan [答案] A. lend. [注释]lend sb. a hand 给某人帮个忙。 3
  69. I have been looking for this book for months, and I have found it. A. at least B. in no time C. at last D. at present [答案] C. at last. [注释]at last (=in the end)最终;at least 至少;in no time 立即,马上;at present 目前。 3
  70. It was the largest experiment we had ever had; it six hours. A. ended B. finished C. prolonged D. lasted [答案] D. lasted. [注释]last vi. (for) 持续。 3
  71. The stuck on the outside of the envelope said "By Air". A. label B. ticket C. signal D. sign [答案] A. label. [注释]label 标签,标记。signal 信号. sign 记号;指示牌:traffic signs (交通版示)。
notice 布告。 3
  72. Psychological studies show that some people are quick-tempered . A. at heart B. on purpose C. in person D. by nature [答案] D. by nature. [注释]by nature 天生, 生来。 person
  1) in 亲自, 亲身: shall be present at the meeting I in person.(我将亲自出席会议。)
  2)身体上,外貌上:In person he was handsome, strong and healthy.(他面目清秀,体格强壮。) at heart
  1)内心里,实质上:His manners are cold, but he is at heart a kind man. (他 的言谈举止有些冷淡, 但实际上他是一个好心肠的人。 考虑的是......: )
  2) When I say don't eat sweets, I have your health at heart.(我叫你别吃果糖,是考虑到你的健康。)on purpose 故意地。 3
  73. She was putting on her watch when the broke and it fell to the ground. A. belt B. strap C. tie D. string [答案] B. strap. [注释]strap(表,手提包的)带。belt 绷带,seatbelt(系于飞机座位上的)安全带。tie 领 带,string 细绳子。 3
  74. Feudal landlords, and imperialists are in no way more than wolves. A. reasonable B. regardless C. ridiculous D. rational [答案] D. rational. [注释]rational 有理性的。 本题译文:封建地主和帝国主义者并不比豺狼更有理性。 3
  75. His name was on the of my tongue, but I just couldn't recall it. A. end B. point C. edge D. tip [答案] D. tip. [注释]be on (or at) the tip of one's tongue 就在嘴边,差点被想起,如:The answer was on the tip of my tongue, but I could't think of it.(我差点就想起那答案来,可就是 想不起来。) be on the point of 正要(去做某事):I was just on the point of going when you came in. 3
  76. The authorities declared that because of the war petrol was and had to be rationed (定量供应). A. inadequate B. rare C. lacked D. scarce [答案] D. scarce. [注释]本题译文:汽油供不应求,因此必须定量配给。 Scarce(=not available in sufficient quantity, not equal to the demand)不充足的, 缺乏的,供不应求的。Inadequate 不适应的,不充分的。lack vt./vi. (=be without ; not
have; have less than enough of) 缺乏;没有;缺少,例如:
  1)He lacks perseverance.(他 缺乏坚定性。)
  2)Money is lacking for the plan.(此计划尚缺钱。)
  3)He is lacking in courage.(他缺乏勇气。)be lacking in 常指缺乏某种品质、特点等。lack 作及物动词时, 一般不用被动语态,故不能选 C. lacked.
  4)They lacked for nothing.(他们什么也不缺。) 有人认为,lack for 是美国英语。 3
  77. How did it that the two men arrived to address the same meeting at the same time. A. fall out B. take place C. get around D. come through [答案] A. fall out. [注释]fall out
  1)吵架, 闹翻。 参阅 III.45,52
  2)结果是。 III.50 注释。 参 本题中 fall out 意为 happen, come about(发生),例如:As it fell out, they were able to sell their old car.(=They didn't know if they could sell their old car, but at last they did sell it.) 本题中 it 是形式主语,that 引导主语从句。一般来说,不宜用 take place 作主语谓语, 故不能入选。 本题译文:事情结果怎么会这样:这两个人来在同一时间同一会议上作演讲? 3
  78. He looked incredulous(不轻信的) on hearing the news. He seemed to think it . A. incompatible B. incredible C. inclusive D. indifferent [答案] B. incredible. [注释]incredible (=that cannot be believed; difficult to believe) 不可相信的,难 以置信的:His story of rescuing six drowning men was incredible. (他抢救 6 个溺水 人的事情是难以置信的。) incompatible(with)不相容的。inclusive 包括的,包含的。 indifferent 冷淡的,不关心的。 3
  79. In my opinion, your work does not what I expected of you. A. catch up with B. add up to C. come up to D. go in for [答案] C. come up to. [注释]come up to 达到,符合:
  1)He tries his best to come up to the expectations of the people.(他努力达到人民对他的期望。)
  2)This piece of work does not come up to the required standard.(这件工作没有达到需要的标准。)catch up with 赶上;add up to 总 计;go in for 从事,致力于,追求,沉溺于。 3
  80. I broke my relationship with John because he always found with me. A. error B. mistake C. fault D. failure [答案] C. fault. [注释]find fault with 挑剔,找......的岔子。例如:
  1)She tries to please him, but he always finds fault. (=He finds something wrong with everything she does.)
  2)They found fault with every box I made. (=They found something wrong or something they
did not like in every box I made.)



   301. The writer was always looking for suitable to use in his next story. A. contents B. articles C. notions D. ideas [答案] D. ideas. [注释] idea(= thought; picture in mind)念头,思想,想法。 302. He gave me some very advice on buying a house. A. precious B. w ...


   361. At first Bob was puzzled by Virginia s waving, but then it his mind that she was trying to tell him something. A. crossed B. passed C. occurred D. opened [答案] A. crossed. [注释]cross one's mind 想起:1)A sudden thought crossed my mind. 2)It never c ...


   341. The shop-assistant was straight with his customers. If an article was of quality, he'd tell them so. A. humble B. minor C. inferior D. awkward [答案]C. inferior. [注释]inferior 比较差的;humble 谦卑的,恭顺的,低下的;awkward 尴尬的,别扭的, 笨手笨脚的;不好用的;minor 细小的:1)This c ...


   201. What makes the space shuttle is that it takes off like a rocket but lands like an airplane. A. exceptional B. strange C. unique D. rare [答案]C. unique. [注释]unique(=being the only one of its type)同类事物中独一无二的。如:This stamp is unique; all others lik ...


   261. His test results are not very . He does well one week and badly the next. A. invariable B. consequent C. continuous D. consistent [答案]D. consistent. [注释]consistent 1)始终如一,前后一致:He is not consistent in his statements.(他 的话并不前后一致。) 2)与......一致:Th ...


   121. "Who is responsible for sending out misinformation?" "Most of the fault lies the administration." A. in B. to C. on D. with [答案]D. with. [注释]lie with 应由....... (承担责任)(作出决定等) ; 得靠...... 1)The responsibility lies with the dri ...


   41. The Department is also deeply in various improvement schemes. A. connected B. included C. involved D. implied [答案] C. involved. [注释]be involved in 参与。Be included in 包括在......中。 42. Keys should never be hidden around the house since thieves know ...


   81. I'm afraid this painting is not by Picasso. It's only a copy and so it's . A. priceless B. invaluable C. unworthy D. worthless [答案] D. worthless. [注释] worthless 无价值的, 无用的。Priceless 无价的, 贵重的, 无法估价的:a priceless treasure 无价之宝。Invaluable 无法估价的, 非常宝 ...


   新概念英语第二册第一单元课后练习答案 Lesson 1 Key to Summary writing The writer went to the theatre last week. He did not enjoy the play. A young man and a young woman were sitting behind him. They were talking loudly. The writer could not hear the actors. He turned ...


   班级 姓名 学号 ( ) 1. This coat is only 80 yuan, I’ll them. A. with ( ) 2. B. take C. have A: What can I do you? B: I’d like to buy a pair of shoes. A. for B. to C. with ( ) 3. I’d like buy the toy mouse. A. in B. to C. at ( ) 4. A: Whose are those sport ...



   因为经常面试人,每次面试完后一般也都会相互间评论下被面试人,所以多少有点个人心 得。闲也闲着,给各位找工作的小DD/MM一点体会吧。 因为我基本是技术层面的,所以更关注技术,但基本素质也在注意着。 首先大家要明白一个道理:大多数工作是大多数人都合适的,面试的短暂时间是不可能真 正完全地反映一个人的。所以,临时反应的一点点,就可能决定你的命运。 1.做好准备: A)简历,一份简单清晰的简历,让我一下子就能看到你的年龄,籍贯,专业,工作经历 等,就让人感觉好了很多。 简历做的花哨不需要,但是做的不 ...


   芜湖一中 2010 年高一自主招生考试 英 语 试 卷 题号 Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ Ⅳ 总分 提示:请将Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅲ大题的答案填写在每大题相应的答题卡内。 Ⅰ.单项选择(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 请认真阅读下面各题,从题中所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的 最佳选项。 题号 选项 题号 选项 1.As an athlete(运动员), Liu Xiang is success. We are all proud him. A./:of B.a;of C./; ...


   1.我的世界不允许你的消失,不管结局是否完美. No matter the ending is perfect or not, you cannot disappear from my world. 2.爱情是一个精心设计的谎言 Love is a carefully designed lie. 3.承诺常常很像蝴蝶,美丽的飞盘旋然后不见 Promises are often like the butterfly, which disappear after beautiful hover. ...


   What are you trying to say?(你到底想说什么?) Don't be silly.(别胡闹了。) How strong are your glasses?(你近视多少度?) Just because.(没有别的原因。) It isn't the way I hoped it would be.(这不是我所盼望的。) You will never guess.(你永远猜不到。) No one could do anything about it.(众人对此束手无措。) ...


   英语四六级写作 30 个最经典的替换词 1.individuals,characters, folks 替换 people ,persons 2: positive, favorable, rosy (美好的),promising (有希望的),perfect, pleasurable , excellent, outstanding, superior 替换 good 3:dreadful, unfavorable, poor, adverse, ill (有害的)替换 bad 如果 ba ...