61. At first Bob was puzzled by Virginia s waving, but then it his mind that she was trying to tell him something. A. crossed B. passed C. occurred D. opened [答案] A. crossed. [注释]cross one's mind 想起:
  1)A sudden thought crossed my mind.
  2)It never crossed my mind that he might refuse the request. (我从来没有想到他可能会拒绝这个请求。) 如用 pass 则应加 through, 例如: When Jane did not come home by midnight, many terrible fears passed through Mother's mind. (=Mother thought of many things that might have happened to Jane.) occur 的用法如下:
  1)That view of the case did not occur to me before. (对这个案 件的那种看法以前我没有想到过。)
  2)It occurred to her that she might adopt a homeless child.(她想到,她可以收养一个无家可归的孩子。) 关于“想起”的以上三种表达法考生务必弄懂熟记。 这些词组和句形不仅在词汇测试中经常 遇到,而且在短文写作时也可以使用。 本题译文:起初鲍玻对弗吉尼亚的挥手致意感到迷惑,但后来他想到,她想告诉他某事。 3
  62. His job at the hospital did not pay much, so he found another . A. on the rise B. on the spot C. on the decline D. on the side [答案] D. on the side. [注释]on the side(=in addition to a main thing) 额外;作为兼职:
  1)He ordered a hamburger with onions and French fries on the side. (=He ordered a hamburger with onions and French fries extra.)
  2)He does some house-keeping work on the side.(他 帮人家做些家务活作为兼职。) on the rise(作表语)在上升;on the spot 现场;on the decline (做表语)在下降:The population in the country is on the decline. (这个国家的人口在下降。) 3
  63. The filling station because there were too many others on the street. A. fell through B. went under C. fell out D. went through [答案] B. went under. [注释]go under 破产, 失败。 fall through 也有“失败”之意, 但多半指计划、 想法等“落 空”。 本题译文:这个加油站破产了,因为在这条街上加油站太多了。 3
  64. Air and the sun's rays create much distortion, and whatever tends to their influence is useful to the astronomer. A. exclude B. eliminate C. extinguish D. impose [答案] A. exclude. [注释]exclude 排除。extinguish 扑灭;eliminate 消除。 impose 把......强加给:Don't impose your wishes on us.(不要把你的意思强加给我们。)
  65. The lady who had invited us heard me telling my wife that the dinner was terrible so I was . A. confused B. nervous C. shameful D. embarrassed [答案] D. embarrassed. [注释]be embarrassed 感到窘迫。 3
  66. Animals should not be locked in cages; they should be in their normal . A. environment B. position C. residence D. dwelling [答案] A. environment. [注释]environment(=surroundings, circumstances)环境,environment 作集合名词用时, 只用单数形式: should work hard to improve our environment. (单词, We 不可数)Children need a happy home environment. (单数,可数) 3
  67. I'm sorry but what he thinks is not of the importance to me. A. merest B. lowest C. last D. least [答案] D. least. [注释]least 是 little 的最高级形式。 3
  68. He offered to her a hand as the suitcase was too heavy for her to carry. A. lend B. help C. show D. loan [答案] A. lend. [注释]lend sb. a hand 给某人帮个忙。 3
  69. I have been looking for this book for months, and I have found it. A. at least B. in no time C. at last D. at present [答案] C. at last. [注释]at last (=in the end)最终;at least 至少;in no time 立即,马上;at present 目前。 3
  70. It was the largest experiment we had ever had; it six hours. A. ended B. finished C. prolonged D. lasted [答案] D. lasted. [注释]last vi. (for) 持续。 3
  71. The stuck on the outside of the envelope said "By Air". A. label B. ticket C. signal D. sign [答案] A. label. [注释]label 标签,标记。signal 信号. sign 记号;指示牌:traffic signs (交通版示)。
notice 布告。 3
  72. Psychological studies show that some people are quick-tempered . A. at heart B. on purpose C. in person D. by nature [答案] D. by nature. [注释]by nature 天生, 生来。 person
  1) in 亲自, 亲身: shall be present at the meeting I in person.(我将亲自出席会议。)
  2)身体上,外貌上:In person he was handsome, strong and healthy.(他面目清秀,体格强壮。) at heart
  1)内心里,实质上:His manners are cold, but he is at heart a kind man. (他 的言谈举止有些冷淡, 但实际上他是一个好心肠的人。 考虑的是......: )
  2) When I say don't eat sweets, I have your health at heart.(我叫你别吃果糖,是考虑到你的健康。)on purpose 故意地。 3
  73. She was putting on her watch when the broke and it fell to the ground. A. belt B. strap C. tie D. string [答案] B. strap. [注释]strap(表,手提包的)带。belt 绷带,seatbelt(系于飞机座位上的)安全带。tie 领 带,string 细绳子。 3
  74. Feudal landlords, and imperialists are in no way more than wolves. A. reasonable B. regardless C. ridiculous D. rational [答案] D. rational. [注释]rational 有理性的。 本题译文:封建地主和帝国主义者并不比豺狼更有理性。 3
  75. His name was on the of my tongue, but I just couldn't recall it. A. end B. point C. edge D. tip [答案] D. tip. [注释]be on (or at) the tip of one's tongue 就在嘴边,差点被想起,如:The answer was on the tip of my tongue, but I could't think of it.(我差点就想起那答案来,可就是 想不起来。) be on the point of 正要(去做某事):I was just on the point of going when you came in. 3
  76. The authorities declared that because of the war petrol was and had to be rationed (定量供应). A. inadequate B. rare C. lacked D. scarce [答案] D. scarce. [注释]本题译文:汽油供不应求,因此必须定量配给。 Scarce(=not available in sufficient quantity, not equal to the demand)不充足的, 缺乏的,供不应求的。Inadequate 不适应的,不充分的。lack vt./vi. (=be without ; not
have; have less than enough of) 缺乏;没有;缺少,例如:
  1)He lacks perseverance.(他 缺乏坚定性。)
  2)Money is lacking for the plan.(此计划尚缺钱。)
  3)He is lacking in courage.(他缺乏勇气。)be lacking in 常指缺乏某种品质、特点等。lack 作及物动词时, 一般不用被动语态,故不能选 C. lacked.
  4)They lacked for nothing.(他们什么也不缺。) 有人认为,lack for 是美国英语。 3
  77. How did it that the two men arrived to address the same meeting at the same time. A. fall out B. take place C. get around D. come through [答案] A. fall out. [注释]fall out
  1)吵架, 闹翻。 参阅 III.45,52
  2)结果是。 III.50 注释。 参 本题中 fall out 意为 happen, come about(发生),例如:As it fell out, they were able to sell their old car.(=They didn't know if they could sell their old car, but at last they did sell it.) 本题中 it 是形式主语,that 引导主语从句。一般来说,不宜用 take place 作主语谓语, 故不能入选。 本题译文:事情结果怎么会这样:这两个人来在同一时间同一会议上作演讲? 3
  78. He looked incredulous(不轻信的) on hearing the news. He seemed to think it . A. incompatible B. incredible C. inclusive D. indifferent [答案] B. incredible. [注释]incredible (=that cannot be believed; difficult to believe) 不可相信的,难 以置信的:His story of rescuing six drowning men was incredible. (他抢救 6 个溺水 人的事情是难以置信的。) incompatible(with)不相容的。inclusive 包括的,包含的。 indifferent 冷淡的,不关心的。 3
  79. In my opinion, your work does not what I expected of you. A. catch up with B. add up to C. come up to D. go in for [答案] C. come up to. [注释]come up to 达到,符合:
  1)He tries his best to come up to the expectations of the people.(他努力达到人民对他的期望。)
  2)This piece of work does not come up to the required standard.(这件工作没有达到需要的标准。)catch up with 赶上;add up to 总 计;go in for 从事,致力于,追求,沉溺于。 3
  80. I broke my relationship with John because he always found with me. A. error B. mistake C. fault D. failure [答案] C. fault. [注释]find fault with 挑剔,找......的岔子。例如:
  1)She tries to please him, but he always finds fault. (=He finds something wrong with everything she does.)
  2)They found fault with every box I made. (=They found something wrong or something they
did not like in every box I made.)



   301. The writer was always looking for suitable to use in his next story. A. contents B. articles C. notions D. ideas [答案] D. ideas. [注释] idea(= thought; picture in mind)念头,思想,想法。 302. He gave me some very advice on buying a house. A. precious B. w ...


   361. At first Bob was puzzled by Virginia s waving, but then it his mind that she was trying to tell him something. A. crossed B. passed C. occurred D. opened [答案] A. crossed. [注释]cross one's mind 想起:1)A sudden thought crossed my mind. 2)It never c ...


   341. The shop-assistant was straight with his customers. If an article was of quality, he'd tell them so. A. humble B. minor C. inferior D. awkward [答案]C. inferior. [注释]inferior 比较差的;humble 谦卑的,恭顺的,低下的;awkward 尴尬的,别扭的, 笨手笨脚的;不好用的;minor 细小的:1)This c ...


   281. She once again went through her composition carefully to all spelling mistakes from it. A. withdraw B. abandon C. diminish D. eliminate [答案]D. eliminate. [注释]eliminate(=get rid of, do away with)消除,排除,淘汰:1) Can the government eliminate poverty? ...


   201. What makes the space shuttle is that it takes off like a rocket but lands like an airplane. A. exceptional B. strange C. unique D. rare [答案]C. unique. [注释]unique(=being the only one of its type)同类事物中独一无二的。如:This stamp is unique; all others lik ...


   221. Professor Jordon is well known for his into the habits of the common housefly. A. examination B. introduction C. research D. expression [答案]C. research [注释]research into 对...研究:1)(作动词用)He is researching into the reading problems of young schoo ...


   261. His test results are not very . He does well one week and badly the next. A. invariable B. consequent C. continuous D. consistent [答案]D. consistent. [注释]consistent 1)始终如一,前后一致:He is not consistent in his statements.(他 的话并不前后一致。) 2)与......一致:Th ...


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