21. "Who is responsible for sending out misinformation?" "Most of the fault lies the administration." A. in B. to C. on D. with [答案]D. with. [注释]lie with 应由....... (承担责任)(作出决定等) ; 得靠......
  1)The responsibility lies with the driver.(责任应由这个司机承担。)
  2)It lies with you to accept or reject he the proposal.(接受还是拒绝这项建议由你决定。) lie in 在于:
  1)The difficulty lies in their great poverty.(困难在于他们非常贫困。)
  2)the solution lies in social and political reform.(解决方法在于社会政治改革。) 1
  22. People who live in a small village are bound to see a good of each other. A. sum B. quantity C. deal D. amount [答案]C. deal. [注释]see a good deal of each other 经常见面。 1
  23. Maria missed the first train so as to travel on the same one as John. A. deliberately B. intensively C. decisively D. objectively [答案]A. deliberately. [注释]deliberately(=on purpose, intentionally)故意地;存心地。 1
  24. They always kept on good with their next-door neighbors for the children's sake. A. friendship B. relations C. intentions D. terms [答案]D. terms. [注释]keep (be) on good terms with 与......和睦相处。 1
  25. Do you think a wife should her habits and tastes to those of her husband? A. comply B. confirm C. consent D. conform [答案]D. conform. [注释]conform vi 遵守,符号:All the students must conform to the rules.(全体学 生必须遵守规章。)conform sth. to sth. else(vt)使符合:He conformed the plans to the new specifications.(他使这些集合符合新规范。) comply with 遵守;confirm 使坚 定,确认,证实;consent (to)同意,赞同。 1
  26. He was afraid that the branch might bend over and break, and he would be sent to the ground. A. crashing B. throwing C. rushing D. dropping [答案]A. crashing. [注释]crash(to the ground)猛跌(到地上)。Crash n. 常指飞机等的“失事”,如:He was killed in an aircraft crash.(他在飞机失事中丧生。)
本句中用 falling 不妥,fall 指“落下,掉下”,本身并不强调落下的速度,而 crash 使 “猛跌”,故本题用 crashing 最佳。 1
  27. High interest rates people from borrowing money. A. discourage B. decrease C. disturb D. disgust [答案]A. discourage [注释]discourage sb. from doing sth.使认为某事不值得做: Tht wet weather discouraged people from going to the sports meeting.(下雨天使人觉得不值得去看运动会。) 1
  28. Despite their good service, most inns are less costly than hotels of standards. A. equivalent B. uniform C. alike D. likely [答案]A. equivalent. [注释]equivalent 相等的,相当的:He exchanged his pounds for the equivalent amount of dollars. uniform 相同的,一样的。Likely adj.很可能的,有希望的。Alike(表语形容 词)相同的,相象的。 1
  29. The two things are the same in outward form but different . A. in addition B. in brief C. in common D. in essence [答案]D. in essence. [注释]in essence 本质上;in addition 此外;in brief 简短地,简言之;in common 共同。 1
  30. it is a good thing I did not get the post I had applied for, though I must admit that I was disappointed at the time. A. By the way B. In a way C. In the way D. In no way [答案]B. In a way. [注释]in a way(-to some extent)在某种程度上;in no way 决不;by the way 顺便提一 下;in the way 碍事。此题不能选 by the way,因为 by the way 做插入语其后应加逗号。 本题译文:我没有得到我申请得工作在某种程度上说是件好事,尽管我承认当时我很失望。 1
  31. inviting guests and not treating them properly! A. Strangely B. Fantastically C. Surprisingly D. Fancy [答案]D. Fancy. [注释]fancy doing 没想到.......竟然:
  1)Fancy your him!(没想到你竟然认识他!)
  2)Fancy spending the day in here!(没想到竟在这里过了一天!) 本题译文:没想到邀请了客人竟没有好好招待! 1
  32. With sufficient scientific information a manned trip to Mars should be . A. obtainable B. potential C. considerable D. feasible
[答案]D. feasible. [注释]feasible(=that can be done)可行的,可做到的:
  1)Your plan sounds quite feasible.(你的计划听起来很可行。
  2)It's not feasible to make the trip in one day.(一 ) 天内要进行这次旅行是做不到的。) obtainable 可得到的;considerable 相当的,可观的;potential 潜在的,可能的。 1
  33. The generation makes it difficult for parents to understand their children's opinions. A. division B. gap C. separation D. interval [答案]B. gap. [注释]generation gap 代沟。 division 分, 划分; separation 分开; interval 间隔, 间隙;幕间或工间) ( 休息。 intervals at 不时,时时 1
  34. If the boy had the dog alone it wouldn't have bitten him. A. set B. left C. had D. put [答案]B. left. [注释]leave sb./sth. alone 不惹,不管,不碰:Leave the box alone.(别碰那个盒子。) 1
  35. They were so far away that I couldn't their faces clearly. A. see through B. make up C. see off D. make out [答案]D. make out. [注释]make out(=identify and see with effort or difficulty)辨认出。 see through 参阅Ⅲ,151,注释:此处 see through 还可表示“看穿......(=understand the real meaning of or reason for; realize the falseness of)”:
  1)The teacher saw through the boy's story of having to help at home. (=The teacher knew his story was not true; it was just an excuse.)
  2) He can't fool her. She sees him through every time. see off 送行;make up 构成,组成,拼凑;弥补,赔偿;化装,编造:
  1)编造:John made up the joke about the talking dog.
  2)弥补:Bob must make up the work he missed.
  3) 凑足: We need one more to make up the dozen.
  4)化装: The actors were making up when we arrived.
  5)构成:Nine players make up a team. 1
  36. Achieving a high degree of proficiency in English as a foreign language is not a mysterious without scientific basis. A. process B. practice C. procedure D. program [答案]A. process. [注释]process(=connected series of actions, or series of operations) 过程:By what process is cloth made form wool?(经过什么过程羊毛织成呢料?)practice(=the doing of something of, performance or repeated exercise, etc.)实习,练习;开业: She is doing her practice at the piano.(她在练习弹钢琴。)procedure(=the regular order of doing things)程序: usual procedure at a meeting(开会的通常程序)。 the Program(=plan of what
is to be done or list of items or events)课程,计划,大纲:What is the program for tomorrow ?(明天上什么课?) 1
  37. I must go now. , if you want that book I'll bring it next time. A. Incidentally B. Accidentally C. Occasionally D. Subsequently [答案]A. Incidentally. [注释]incidentally(=by the way)附带地,顺便:Fred said, incidentally, that he had no dinner.(顺便提一下,福来德那时说,他还没吃晚饭。)accidentally(=by chance)偶然 地:I met with an old friend of mine accidentally last week.(上星期我偶然碰到一 位老朋友。)occasionally (=from time to time, not regularly)不时地,偶尔:We get visitors here occasionally.(我们偶尔在此接游客。)subsequently(=afterwards, later) At first we thought we would go; but subsequently we learned we were needed at home.(起初,我们想离开;但随后我们得知家里需要我们。) 1
  38. A completely new situation is likely to when the school leaving age is raised to
  16. A. arouse B. rise C. arise D. abide [答案]C. arise. [注释]arise(=come into being, appear, happen)产生,发生:Difficulties will arise as we do the work.(我们做这项工作时将会发生困难。) arouse 唤起,激起,唤醒;rise 上升;abide (by)遵守。 本题译文:当中学毕业年龄上升到 16 岁时,很可能产生完全新的情况。 1
  39. The illness from which Mary is suffering has now been as hepatitis (肝 炎). A. diagnosed B. determined C. deduced D. discovered [答案]A. diagnosed. [注释]diagnose...as 把......诊断为......。 本题译文:玛丽的病现已诊断为肝炎。 1
  40. These continual in temperature make it impossible to decide what to wear. A. alterations B. vibrations C. waves D. fluctuations [答案]D. fluctuations. [注释]fluctuations 波动;waves 波浪;alterations(部分) 改变,变更;vibrations(物理学上)振动。



   21. The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and him of speeding. A. charged B. accused C. blamed D. deprived [答案] B. accused. [ 注 释 ]accuse sb. of... 控 告 某 人 犯 有 ......, warn sb. of 警 告 、 告 戒 某 人 有......deprive sb. of sth.剥夺某人某事。charge s ...


   101. Professor Smith and Professor Brown will in giving the class lectures. A. exchange B. alter C. shift D. alternate [答案]D. alternate. [注释]alternate vt./vi. 轮流, 交替发生或出现: Wet days alternate with fine days.(晴 雨天交替更迭。)The weather today will alternat ...


   61. It isn't quite that he will be present at the meeting. A. sure B. right C. exact D. certain [答案] D. certain. [注释]I am sure that +从句。He is sure to come. = He is certain to come. 但在 it 作形式主语, that 引导主语从句时, 主句中表语只能用 certain, 不能用 sure. 62. Many new ...


   141. All foreign visitors are requested to with the regulations in this area. A. agree B. comply C. consent D. conform [答案]B. comply. [注释]comply with(=act in accordance with a demand, order, rule, etc.)遵守:People who refuse to comply with the law wi ...


   41. The Department is also deeply in various improvement schemes. A. connected B. included C. involved D. implied [答案] C. involved. [注释]be involved in 参与。Be included in 包括在......中。 42. Keys should never be hidden around the house since thieves know ...


   381. Though he did not say so directly, the inspector the man was guilty. A. declared B. implied C. disclosed D. said [答案] B. implied. [注释]imply 暗示,含有......的意思:Silence sometimes implies consent.(沉默有时 暗示同意。) 382. At first it seemed that the building ...


   高考英语词汇例题题及详解 高考英语词汇例题题及详解 例题 1. In this factory, suggestions often have to wait for months before they are fully . A. admitted B. acknowledged C. absorbed D. considered [答案] D. considered [注释] considered 考虑; admit 承认; absorb 吸收。 [注意]acknowledge 1) ...


   新概念英语第二册第一单元课后练习答案 Lesson 1 Key to Summary writing The writer went to the theatre last week. He did not enjoy the play. A young man and a young woman were sitting behind him. They were talking loudly. The writer could not hear the actors. He turned ...


   Welcome to my class! The golden age is before us , not behind us . Mark Twain , American writer 学 英 语 如 高 山 流 水 居 高 临 下 高三英语单项选择题讲练 汪建华 江苏省海安曲塘中学 单项填空这个考项集中考查 以下三个方面: 以下三个方面: 1. 英语语法知识及其应用; 英语语法知识及其应用; 2. 对近义词或习惯用语的辨析; 对近义词或习惯用语的辨析; 3. 日常交际用语在具体语言情 ...


   班级 姓名 学号 ( ) 1. This coat is only 80 yuan, I’ll them. A. with ( ) 2. B. take C. have A: What can I do you? B: I’d like to buy a pair of shoes. A. for B. to C. with ( ) 3. I’d like buy the toy mouse. A. in B. to C. at ( ) 4. A: Whose are those sport ...



   2010 年 11 月 6 日北京地区学位英语考试 B 卷真题 Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following passage: Breastfeeding(母乳喂养) for a month or longer appears to reduce a woman’s risk of getting diabetes(糖尿病) later in life, according to a new study. The breastfeeding and ...


   小学三年级英语上学期期末试题 一、listen and number (听录音,记顺序)12 分 (一)听录音,找图画,记顺序 5、 ( ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ) ( ) 6、 ( ) ( ) (二)听录音,找单词,记顺序 cat ( window ) ( ) nine ( ) seven ( ) six ( bird ) ( ) 7、 ( ) ( ) 8、 ( ) ( ) (二)听录音,选句子,作标记(请在你听到的句子前的括号内打“√” 。 二、listen and ti ...


   英语语言文学复习方法3位09级研究生总结 英语文学专业复习方法 ??本文由湖南大学09级英语文学研究生郭欣提供,表示感谢! 一、参考书目 专业课的参考书目可以直接上网搜索,关于日语的参考书湖大给出的是1999版的,但是在市面上很难买到,后来听说湖大英语专业本科生用的已经是新版了,考试完我觉得试题也是新版上的内容,所以大家放心买新版的就可以了。9月份会出2010年的参考书目,到时候还是应该再看一下的。因为09年英语的参考书目变了很多,以前文学专业卷里还有语言学,09年就不再考语言学了,至于10年 ...


   1. Typical of the grassland dwellers of the continent is the American antelope, or pronghorn. 1.美洲羚羊,或称叉角羚,是该大陆典型的草原动物。 美洲羚羊, 美洲羚羊 或称叉角羚,是该大陆典型的草原动物。 2. Of the millions who saw Haley’s comet in 1986, how many people will live long enough to see it ...


   第一节 1. W: What do you think we need to buy for our new kitchen? M: We’ve got a fridge and a dinner table already, we needs some chairs. 2. M: I like to stay two nights, please. W: Do you want full board or half board? M: What’s the difference? W: Fu ...