41. All foreign visitors are requested to with the regulations in this area. A. agree B. comply C. consent D. conform [答案]B. comply. [注释]comply with(=act in accordance with a demand, order, rule, etc.)遵守:People who refuse to comply with the law will be punished.(拒绝遵守法律者将受到惩 罚。)conform(to)使一致,符合;conform to rules 符合规则;conform to the customs of society(遵从社会习俗);consent to 同意,赞同;consent to a plan(赞同计划)。 1
  42. Thomas Edison considered genius to be one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. A. composed of B. constituted in C. consisted of D. comprised in [答案]A. composed of. [注释]be composed of 由......组成。Consist of 由......组成,是不及物动词,不能用 被动语态,故不合题意。 1
  43. Although Lucy was slimming, she found cream cakes quite . A. irregular B. inevitable C. incredible D. irresistible [答案] D. irresistible [注释]irresistible 不可抵抗的, 诱人的,
  1)I had a irresistible desire to run away,
  2)I can't refuse this offer; it is irresistible. Irregular 不规律的, 不合规则的:
  1)the trains from here are irregular.(这里发的火 车是不规律的。)
  2)These procedures are highly irregular.(这些程序是非常不合规矩 的。) incredible 不可避免的,不可信的:
  1)Old superstitions are incredible to educated people.(旧的迷信对受过教育的人来说是不可信的。)
  2)His story of rescuing six drowning men is incredible.(他说他救了 6 个溺水者,这是难以置信的。) inevitable 不可避免的:
  1)Traffic delays are inevitable at a holiday weekend.(假 日周末交通耽搁是难免的。)
  2)Pain is Inevitable when one breaks a bone.(骨折是疼 痛是难避免的。) 本题译文:虽然露西正在减轻体重,但她觉得奶油蛋糕是诱人的。 1
  44. In order to the rising production costs, the subscription rates have been increased. A. add up to B. look up to C. cut short D. keep up with [答案]D. keep up with. [注释] keep up with 跟上。 参阅。 注释。 88 Add up to 参阅.2 注释; cut short 详见.38;look up to(=admire, respect)赞美,尊敬:We look up to the old workers as our teacher. (我们把这位老工人尊为我们的老师。)本题中 rates 意为“价格,费用”。 本题译文:为了跟上生产成本的上升,预定费已提高。
  45. Your essay is quite good: just it with a few illustrations and quotations. A. put .. up B. touch .. up C. cut .. out D. write .. off [答案]B. touch up. [注释] touch up(=improve or perfect by small additional strokes or alterations) 润色,修饰:
  1)The last part of the article needs to be touched up.(这篇文章的最 后一部分需要润色。)
  2)He touched up the picture by strengthening and shadows.(他 把画修饰了一下,使光明部分和阴暗部分的对比度更鲜明。) put up 留宿;cut out 删掉;write off 报销,勾消。 本题译文:你的文章很好;只要用些例证和引语修饰一下。 1
  46. I hope my teacher will take my recent illness into when judging my examination. A. regard B. account C. thought D. observation [答案]B. account. [注释] take sth. into account(=consider)考虑到:We must take local conditions into accoutn. 1
  47. There are three basic ways of language to writing, and all known graphic systems use one or a combination of these. A. committing B. attaching C. comparing D. relating [答案]A. committing. [注释] commit...to 托付,交付:
  1)He was committed to the care of his aunt.(他被 托付给他的姨妈照管。)
  2)I have already committed the rules to memory.(我早已记住 这些规则了。) commit sth. to writing(把......写下来)。 1
  48. Roses are quite flowers in English gardens. A. ordinary B. common C. usual D. general
[答案]B. common. [注释]common(=usual and ordinary; happening of found often and in many places) 普通的;常见的;常常发生的;到处可见的:a common experience(普通的经历);a common tree(常见的树木)。This bird is common throughout Europe.(这种鸟在欧洲很常见。)They can treat most of the common diseases.(他们能治疗大多数常见病。) usual(=done, found, used or existing most of the time) 经常的,通常的,惯例的, 习以为常的;强调时间习惯方面,例如:This is the usual state of the house.(这房子 里平常就是这种样子。) ordinary 正常的,普通的,正常的;an ordinary day(平凡的一天),ordinary people(普 通人), a piece of ordinary dance music(一首普通的舞曲)。
General 普通的。它与 common 比较,语气稍强,含有很少例外的意外。 可见本题中用 common 是最佳的选择。 1
  49. American women were the right to vote until 1920 after many years of hard struggle. A. ignored B. refused C. neglected D. denied [答案]D. denied. [注释] deny
  1)否认:A. He didn't deny the facts. B. They couldn't deny that it was a serious blow to them. C. He denied having ever there.(他否认 曾到过那里。)
  2)(=say 'no' to a request; refuse to give sth. asked for or needed) 不给予;Lots of people were denied the right to vote.(许多人被剥夺了选举权。)He denies his wife nothing.(他对他的妻子有求必应。) 1
  50. On turning the corner, we saw the road steeply. A. departing B. decreasing C. descending D. depressing [答案]C. descending. [注释] descend(=come or go down)走下来;传下来:
  1)He descended from the top of the mountain.
  2)Are men descended from apes?(人是不是猿的后代?) depress 压抑,使沮丧。Depart 出发,起程。 1
  51. We can't one to change the habits of a lifetime in a short time. A. hope B. wait C. expect D. imagine [答案]C. expert. [注释]expert 期望,盼望,表示认为有很大的客观可能性,例如:I expert the work to be finished by Friday.(我期望这项工作能在星期五前做完。)wait for ... to do sth. 等待、等待......做......,强调“等”这一动词的本身,如:The audience are waiting eagerly for the performance to begin.(观众正等着演出开始。 )本题如改为这样: waited I for him to arrive in time for dinner, but he didn't come.(我等他来赶上晚餐,但他 没有来。)则句子使是对的。由此可见,expect 是表示“期待”,而 wait for 是表示“等 待”,词义完全不同。 注意 hope 后不能接 sb. to do sth.。imagine being on the moon.
  3)I'm sorry, but I can't imagine anyone doing research like that.(很遗憾,我不能想象人家那样做实验。) 本题译文:我们不能期望一个人在这样短的时间内改变一辈子养成的习惯。 1
  52. It was necessary to the factory building as the company was doing more and more business. A. extend B. increase C. lengthen D. magnify [答案]A. extend. [注释]本题中 extend 意为“扩大”。lengthen 拉长,延长。magnify 放大。 Spread vi. 传 播;vt.展开;He spread butter on the toast.(他在烤面包上涂上奶油。)
  53. I asked the tailor to make a small to my trousers because they were too long. A. change B. variation C. revision D. alteration [答案]D alteration. [注释]alteration 修正,更改,尤指部分的改变。Change 改变,变化,可指表面的、本质 的、 内在的变化。 Revision 修订、 修正, 常指文章、 词典、 剧本等的修改、 订正。 Variation(形 式、位置、条件的)变化、改变、变动:We need some variation in our daily routine.(我 们的例行公事需要作些变动。) 1
  54. Because of the strong sun Mrs. William's new dining room curtains from dark blue to gray within a year. A. faded B. fainted C. paled D. diminished [答案]A. faded. [注释]fade vt/vi 褪色。 Faint 晕到, 变得虚弱: fainted from hunger. Diminish vt./vi. He 减少:
  1)His illness diminished his strength.
  2)The campers' food supply diminished as the days wore on.(随着日子的缓缓消逝,野营者的食品供应日益减少。)pale 变苍白。 1
  55. Jack is good, kind, hard-working and intelligent. , I can't speak too highly of him. A. As a result B. By the way C. On the whole D. In a word [答案]D. In a word. [注释]in a word(=in short)总之,简言之。 本题是测试“过度词”, 考生务必根据上下文的逻辑关系来选择适当的过渡词, 使句子的意 思前后连贯。 1
  56. Evidence obtained from observation and experiment is often used to a scientific theory. A. confirm B. confine C. conform D. conceive [答案]A. confirm. [注释] confirm(=support; make certain; give proof of)证实,确实:
  1)Please confirm your telephone message in writing.(请把你电话中所说的话再用文字复述一篇。)
  2)The king confirmed that the election would be on June 20th.(国王确认,这次选择将于六 月二十日举行。) confine...to 把......限制于:Please confine your remarks to the subject we are talking about.(请把你的话限止于我们正在谈论的题目。)conform (to)使一致,符合,遵 守。Conceive
  1)想到,想出:He very quickly conceived a new plan.[注意]conceive of 想象:They could not conceive of the possibility of failure.(他们不能想象失败的可 能。) 1
  57. Political parties often differ in their views on various concerning their
own countries. A. ways B. measures
C. issues
D. patterns
[答案]c. issues. [注释]issue 此处意为“重大问题”。measure 措施,虽然填入本题也说得过去,但不够贴 切。pattern 模式,图案,图样。与题意不符,不能入选。way 方法,方式。 1
  58. his knowledge of the mountainous country, John Smith was appointed as our guide. A. In spite of B. On account of C. Regardless of D. Instead of [答案]B. On account of [注释]on account of(=because of)由于,因为。regardless of(=without worrying about) 不顾;Regardless of danger, he climbed the tower. 1
  59. The lawyer was expected to some proposals after reading all those documents. A. come up with B. put up with C. look up to D. keep up with [答案]A. come up with. [注释]come up with 提出。参阅Ⅲ,
  33。注释。Put up with 忍受;keep up with 跟上, 与......保持一致;look up to 尊敬。 1
  60. While typing, Helen has a habit of stopping to give her long and flowing hair a smooth. A. occasionally B. simultaneously C. eventually D. directly [答案]A. occasionally. [注释]occasionally 偶尔。参阅 IV。137 注释。Simultaniously 同时地; directly 直接



   21. The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and him of speeding. A. charged B. accused C. blamed D. deprived [答案] B. accused. [ 注 释 ]accuse sb. of... 控 告 某 人 犯 有 ......, warn sb. of 警 告 、 告 戒 某 人 有......deprive sb. of sth.剥夺某人某事。charge s ...


   高考英语单项选择题详解及答案 高考英语单项选择题详解及答案 详解 1. In this factory, suggestions often have to wait for months before they are fully . A. admitted B. acknowledged C. absorbed D. considered [答案] D. considered [注释] considered 考虑; admit 承认; absorb 吸收。 [注意]acknowledge ...


   61. It isn't quite that he will be present at the meeting. A. sure B. right C. exact D. certain [答案] D. certain. [注释]I am sure that +从句。He is sure to come. = He is certain to come. 但在 it 作形式主语, that 引导主语从句时, 主句中表语只能用 certain, 不能用 sure. 62. Many new ...


   121. "Who is responsible for sending out misinformation?" "Most of the fault lies the administration." A. in B. to C. on D. with [答案]D. with. [注释]lie with 应由....... (承担责任)(作出决定等) ; 得靠...... 1)The responsibility lies with the dri ...


   41. The Department is also deeply in various improvement schemes. A. connected B. included C. involved D. implied [答案] C. involved. [注释]be involved in 参与。Be included in 包括在......中。 42. Keys should never be hidden around the house since thieves know ...


   81. I'm afraid this painting is not by Picasso. It's only a copy and so it's . A. priceless B. invaluable C. unworthy D. worthless [答案] D. worthless. [注释] worthless 无价值的, 无用的。Priceless 无价的, 贵重的, 无法估价的:a priceless treasure 无价之宝。Invaluable 无法估价的, 非常宝 ...


   361. At first Bob was puzzled by Virginia s waving, but then it his mind that she was trying to tell him something. A. crossed B. passed C. occurred D. opened [答案] A. crossed. [注释]cross one's mind 想起:1)A sudden thought crossed my mind. 2)It never c ...


   261. His test results are not very . He does well one week and badly the next. A. invariable B. consequent C. continuous D. consistent [答案]D. consistent. [注释]consistent 1)始终如一,前后一致:He is not consistent in his statements.(他 的话并不前后一致。) 2)与......一致:Th ...


   高考英语(单项选择题)题库 1 21. Unfortunately, when I dropped in, Doctor Li for Beijing to join in the fight again SARS, so we only had time for a few words. A. just left C. is just leaving B. has just left D. was just leaving 22.He hasn't come yet.What do you ...


   第一部分 1. I won’t think of him because of his shortcomings. He is a good boy after all. A. much B. little C. any less D. any more 2. Which share is meant for me? You can take half. They are exactly the same. A. this B. any C. each D. either 3. This b ...


练习 英 语 的100个公共标识100个有趣句子

   Jsshaimenshi cen miao song 英语练习 英才从这里开始 练习 英 语 的 100 个公共标识 100 个有趣句子 学习是件苦差事,自己不努力,资料再好也白搭。不过还是希望这些标识及有趣的句子能给 你的学习带去些许的乐趣。 1、Business Hours 营业时间 2、Office Hours 办公时间 3、Entrance 入口 4、Exit 出口 5、Push 推 6、Pull 拉 7、Shut 此路不通 8、On 打开 ( 放) 9、Off 关 10、 10、O ...


   推荐!!备考2010年英语四级五绝招:想不考高分都难 本以为,四级考试和毕业证及学位脱钩后,大家都可以松口气了。哪料想,仍然有众多招聘单位,在大学生求职时仍然要求看四级成绩单,而成绩单上的各个题型的分数详细列出,于是,面对严峻的就业形势,四级带给很多同学的压力不仅没有减轻,反而更大了。 前一日,偶遇一小师弟,为考四级苦苦挣扎数年,屡败屡战,屡战屡败,信心丧失殆尽,爱情事业双双歉收,于是就动了恻隐之心,遂将自己考四级、教四级的秘诀和盘托出,以普渡四级苦海中的芸芸众生,助他们早日修成正果,进 ...


   1. Why I study English?我为什么学习英语 或者 我为什么学习英语?或者 我为什么学习英语 或者:Why do students like learning English?(为什么学生喜欢学习英语?) 为什么学生喜欢学习英语? 为什么学生喜欢学习英语 Why do I study English? / (Why do students like learning English?) Firstly, English is very useful. English is ...


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   书利华教育网 www.shulihua.net 精心打造一流新课 标资料 最新英语高考单项选择题专项练习 单项选择题( ) 单项选择题(1) 21.? Don't put the waste on the ground, young man. ? Oh, I'm sorry. I the dustbin there. A. hadn't seen B. didn't see C. can't see D. wasn't seeing 22.? Why are you late again, ...