2005 年高考英语单项选择?主谓一致与介词 So/nor 句型与其它句型 年高考英语单项选择?

  35.The country life he was used to greatly since 19
  92. A. change B. has changed C. changing D. have changed
  31. Professor Smith, along with his assistants, on the project day and night to meet the deadline. A. work B. working C. is working D. are working
  21.Nowadays, a large number of women, especially those from the countryside, in the clothing industry. A.is working B.works C.work D.worked BCC

  25. He suddenly saw Sue the room. He pushed his way the crowd of people to get to her. A. across, across B. over, through C. over, into D. across, through
  2. (全国卷
  10.We hadn’t planned to meet. We met chance. A.of B.in C.for D.by myself .
  3. (全国卷
  22.No one helped me . I did it all A.for B.by C.from D.to
  4. (上海卷)
  25. John became a football coach in Sealion Middle School the beginning of March. A. on B. for C. with D. at
  5. (重庆卷)
  30. ?You know. Bob is a little slow understanding, so… ? So I have to be patient him. A. in ; with DDBDA B. on; with C. in; to D. at; for
So/nor 句型

  34.?Father ,you promised! ?Well, .But it was you who didn’t keep your word first. A.so was I B.so did I C.so I was D.so I did
  35. -Maggie had a wonderful time at the party. - , and so did I. A. So she had B. So had she C. So she did D. So did she
  3. 辽宁卷) (
  32. ?Well. I do think the rabbit is a beautiful, gentle animal which can run very fast. ?. A.So it is B.So is it C.So does it D.So it does
  16.Mary never does any reading in the evening, . A.so does John B.John does too C.John doesn’t too D.nor does John DCA D

  30.He hasn’t slept at all for three days. he is tired out. A.There is no point B.There is no need C.It is no wonder D.It is no way (固定句型+上下文)
  2. (江苏卷)
  33. Don't you think it necessary that he to Miami but to New York? I agree, but the problem is he has refused to. A. will not be sent; that B. not be sent; that C. should not be sent; what D. should not send; what (虚拟语气+引导词)
  3. (江西卷)
  26. friend Martin was very sick with a strange fever; , he could neither eat My nor sleep. A.as a result B.after all C.any way D.otherwise (固定词 组)
  17., the more expensive the camera, the better its quality. A.General speaking B.Speaking general C.Generally speaking D.Speaking generally (固定词组) .
  29.My parents will move back into town in a year or A.later B.after C.so D.about (固定词组)
  29. There was a loud scream from the backstage immediately after the concert ended, ? A. wasn’t there B. was there C. didn’t it D. did it (反义问句)
  7. 上海卷) in the regulations that you should not tell other people the password of (
  38. your e-mail account. A. What is required B. What requires C. It is required D. It requires (it+动词、语态、惯 用法)
  11.?I’m afraid Mr. Wood can’t see you until 4 o’clock. ?Oh, I won’t wait. A.no doubt B.after all C.in that case D.in this way (固定词组)
  9(浙江卷) Maggie has been fortunate to find a job she loves and, , she gets well paid for
  14. it. A.sooner or later B.what’s more C.as a result D.more or less (固定词 组) CBACC ACCB



   2005 年高考英语单项选择?主谓一致与介词 So/nor 句型与其它句型 年高考英语单项选择? 1.(山东卷)35.The country life he was used to greatly since 1992. A. change B. has changed C. changing D. have changed 2.(上海卷)31. Professor Smith, along with his assistants, on the project day and night ...


   雨竹林高考 5 年高考 3 年模拟专题专练 2010 年高考必备资料 www.yuzhulin.com 数词与主谓一致 第一部分 近年高考题荟萃 2009 年高考题 1.(09 山东 25) The number of foreign students attending Chinese universities rising steadily since1990. A. is B. are C. has been D. have been 答案 C 解析 本题考查主谓一致和时态,主语是 t ...


   年中考英语试题分类汇编( 专题一 " 2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)专题一 "单项选择 考点一、 考点一、名词 (2010 湖南省娄底市 6. 1)?It’s said that you have moved into a new house. ?Yeah, and we need to buy some in the mall nearby. A. food B.furniture C. hamburger  (2010.四川省内江市 26. 1)?Well,you ...


   三年高考英语试题单项选择分类汇总??介词和数词 2006 年组 1.There were a lot of people standing at the door and the small girl couldn't get (06 全 国卷Ⅱ) A. between B. through C. across D. beyond 2.?When do we need to pay the balance? (06 北京卷) ?September 30. A. In B. By 3.She ...

CET4-英语四级句型与语法总结资料(PPT课件) - 主谓一致

   主谓一致 Agreement of Subject and Verb 在There be 句型中 There is no smoke without fire. There seems to be little time left. There, here 结构中,如果主语有好几个,谓语动词 与最邻近的主语一致. There was a TV set, a portrait and several albums on the shelf. Here are a few envelops, a ...


   主谓一致( Subject主谓一致 ( Subject - Verb Concord ) 主谓一致的问题看上去似乎很简单,其实使用起来却不是那么容易,有时候甚至很复杂。这是 主谓一致 因为在不同情况下,处理这一问题所依据的原则各不相同,就其在现代语法中的基本原则而言,主 谓之间的一致关系由以下三个原则的支配: 语法一致原则 (grammatical concord) 意义一致原 则 (notional concord) 就近原则 (principle of proximity) 一 、 语法 ...


   初三英语单项选择 初三英语单项选择 ( A ).1-I don’t know to do with this letter. May I give it to our teacher? -I don’t think so. You’d better not do it like this. A.what B.where C.how D.why ( C ).2-Could you tell me which room he ? -Sorry, I don’t know, either. You ...


   人教版高中英语总复习 主 谓 语 一 致 讲课教师 郑士国 主谓一致? 主谓一致 由来和基本原则 1 主谓语一致, 主谓一致英语句子的主语和谓语必须在数上一致。虽 主谓语一致,简称主谓一致 主谓一致 然现代英语中,对此已经有了许多突破,但作为规范,主谓一致的原则 还必须遵循。 英语是欧洲语言中词形变化最少的语言,这是因为在其千年的发展历史 中,逐渐摈弃了绝大部分词的性、数、格的变化,已经由综合性语言发 展成了分析性的语言。以变化最多的动词为例,现代英语的动词除了be 之外,变化形式最多不超过 ...


   主谓一致 Step1 定义 1. 语法形式上要一致,即单复数形式与谓语要一致。 2. 意义上要一致,即主语意义上的单复数要与谓语的单复数形式上一致。 eg. I am seventeen. She is sixteen. There is a desk in the room. There are no chairs in it. They have not come yet. Step2. Rules 1. 例句 Shanghai is the biggest city in China. ...


   英语语法-主谓一致帐号: 密码:注册 首页 | 外籍人才库 | 外教推荐 | 招聘指南 | 外教政策 | 网络招聘发布 | 全英文招聘指导 | 留学中国 | 国际教育资源平台 夏令营资源库 | 商务团训 | 英语多媒体 | 翻译服务 | 兼职外教 | 英语夏令营 | 英文网站建设 | 联系我们 | English 最新外教 Audrey LeeUSA MaxCanada Peter N. Cossid Jr.Other ...



   Unit 2 Helping people 单位及作者:北师大附小 陈杨 教学内容及学生情况分析 ◆本课以一个个帮助别人的小故事的形式展开对过去时态的学习,使孩子 们对过去式的变化掌握的更好,也学习到了对过去时态的问和答。 ◆本课的内容较多,涉及的过去式也很多,学生如果在前面的学习中对这 些动词原形掌握的很好,就会较易得接受动词过去式的拼写。但是,将 过去时穿插在现在时态中,教学更要注重两种时态的比较。 ◆学好了本课内容对学习第五单元起到了铺垫的作用。 总体教学目标 1. 语言知识目标: ◆ ...


   1. 使用现在完成时和过去完成时的常用句型: 使用现在完成时和过去完成时的常用句型: (1) since句型:主句用完成时 句型: 句型 从1949年,我婶婶就一直在一家诊所工作. 年 我婶婶就一直在一家诊所工作. My aunt has worked in a clinic since 1949. (2) since when +完成时 完成时 从什么时候你种植了这么多小树的? 从什么时候你种植了这么多小树的? Since when have you planted so many you ...


   2011 年大学英语四六级考试时间预计将于 6 月 18 日(星期六)进行,其中上午 9∶ 00-11∶20 举行四级考试,下午 3∶00-5∶20 举行六级考试。最终考试时间以教育部考 试中心确定为准。 大学英语四级考试流程 8:509:00 试音时间 9:009:10 播放考场指令,发放作文考卷 9:10 取下耳机,开始作文考试 9:35 发放含有快速阅读的试题册(但 9:40 才允许开始做) 9:409:55 做快速阅读 9:5510:00 收答题卡一(即作文和快速阅读) 9:5510 ...


   1.数词变化规律及读法口诀 数词变化规律及读法口诀 两大数词基和序,前表数量后第几.构成先谈基数词,1至12请认真记. 13至19teen 结尾齐,ty 结尾表示几十.若要表达几十几,几十短横1到9. One hundred 一百记,若表几百几十几. 几百 and 几十几,基数规律上述里. 再把序数谈仔细,第一至三独立记.第四至十九结尾 th,第廿到九十有规律. 基数基础 y 变 ieth.第几十几有特例,第几十由基数起,几用序数有道理. 第一百 one hundred.若说第一百几十几. ...


   LESSON SEVEN 名词性从句 导言 掌握名词性从句并不难. 掌握名词性从句并不难.只是在我们过去学过 的三种基本句型中出现名词的位置上,根据需要将 的三种基本句型中出现名词的位置上, 名词扩大成一个句子,并做小小的改动. 名词扩大成一个句子,并做小小的改动.也就是说 在一个主系表或主谓宾句型中再套上一个主系表或 主谓宾的句子而已.并注意中文表达上的区别. 主谓宾的句子而已.并注意中文表达上的区别. ▲ 由连词 that,if,whether 引导的名词性从句 that,if, 主 语 ...