2005 年高考英语单项选择?主谓一致与介词 So/nor 句型与其它句型 年高考英语单项选择?

  35.The country life he was used to greatly since 19
  92. A. change B. has changed C. changing D. have changed
  31. Professor Smith, along with his assistants, on the project day and night to meet the deadline. A. work B. working C. is working D. are working
  21.Nowadays, a large number of women, especially those from the countryside, in the clothing industry. A.is working B.works C.work D.worked BCC

  25. He suddenly saw Sue the room. He pushed his way the crowd of people to get to her. A. across, across B. over, through C. over, into D. across, through
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  10.We hadn’t planned to meet. We met chance. A.of B.in C.for D.by myself .
  3. (全国卷
  22.No one helped me . I did it all A.for B.by C.from D.to
  4. (上海卷)
  25. John became a football coach in Sealion Middle School the beginning of March. A. on B. for C. with D. at
  5. (重庆卷)
  30. ?You know. Bob is a little slow understanding, so… ? So I have to be patient him. A. in ; with DDBDA B. on; with C. in; to D. at; for
So/nor 句型

  34.?Father ,you promised! ?Well, .But it was you who didn’t keep your word first. A.so was I B.so did I C.so I was D.so I did
  35. -Maggie had a wonderful time at the party. - , and so did I. A. So she had B. So had she C. So she did D. So did she
  3. 辽宁卷) (
  32. ?Well. I do think the rabbit is a beautiful, gentle animal which can run very fast. ?. A.So it is B.So is it C.So does it D.So it does
  16.Mary never does any reading in the evening, . A.so does John B.John does too C.John doesn’t too D.nor does John DCA D

  30.He hasn’t slept at all for three days. he is tired out. A.There is no point B.There is no need C.It is no wonder D.It is no way (固定句型+上下文)
  2. (江苏卷)
  33. Don't you think it necessary that he to Miami but to New York? I agree, but the problem is he has refused to. A. will not be sent; that B. not be sent; that C. should not be sent; what D. should not send; what (虚拟语气+引导词)
  3. (江西卷)
  26. friend Martin was very sick with a strange fever; , he could neither eat My nor sleep. A.as a result B.after all C.any way D.otherwise (固定词 组)
  17., the more expensive the camera, the better its quality. A.General speaking B.Speaking general C.Generally speaking D.Speaking generally (固定词组) .
  29.My parents will move back into town in a year or A.later B.after C.so D.about (固定词组)
  29. There was a loud scream from the backstage immediately after the concert ended, ? A. wasn’t there B. was there C. didn’t it D. did it (反义问句)
  7. 上海卷) in the regulations that you should not tell other people the password of (
  38. your e-mail account. A. What is required B. What requires C. It is required D. It requires (it+动词、语态、惯 用法)
  11.?I’m afraid Mr. Wood can’t see you until 4 o’clock. ?Oh, I won’t wait. A.no doubt B.after all C.in that case D.in this way (固定词组)
  9(浙江卷) Maggie has been fortunate to find a job she loves and, , she gets well paid for
  14. it. A.sooner or later B.what’s more C.as a result D.more or less (固定词 组) CBACC ACCB



   2005 年高考英语单项选择?主谓一致与介词 So/nor 句型与其它句型 年高考英语单项选择? 1.(山东卷)35.The country life he was used to greatly since 1992. A. change B. has changed C. changing D. have changed 2.(上海卷)31. Professor Smith, along with his assistants, on the project day and night ...

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