高一教材复习清单(一) Units 1-2 教材复习清单(
Editor :Yanchuang
知识梳理 Ⅰ.网络构建 单词: 单词: honest *loyal wise smart argue fond match *saw rope movie *cast survive deserted hunt share lie adventure *closet pronounce repeat majority total equal organization government tourism *communicate exchange service signal tidy stand*independent ,compare 词组重点短语
  10.对……好奇 或多或少 喜欢 对……好奇
  19.了解 猎取 尽管 了解
  12.不受拘束 就想在家里一 不受拘束,就想在家里一
  20.母语 上网 不受拘束 母语
  4.同甘共苦 描述 同甘共苦 样
  13.大量 许多 大量,许多
  22.在做……上有困难 在做…… 关心 大量 在做……上有困难
  14.和……交流 和……交流
  23.与……保持联系 与……保持联系
  6.与……发展友谊 与……发展友谊
  7.忠于 书面英语 大部分人 忠于
  16.以……告终 总共 对……开玩笑 以……告终
  9.把……当作……对待 当作……
  26.掌握英语 把……当作……对待 使……有别于 掌握英语 Ⅱ.重点精讲 重点精讲 ● 重点单词
  1.share 用法归纳: 用作名词时,主要义项为:一份;股份 ;用作动词时,主要搭配有: 用法归纳: 用作名词时, 用作动词时, 用作动词时 )(among/between sb.)分给;分配;分派 (
  2)share sth.(with sb.) (
  1)share sth.(out)( ) ( )( ) ) ( ) 和别人分享;和别人合用;分给别人 (
  3)share in sth.分摊;共同承担 )
  2.compare 用法归纳 *compare(v.)的主要义项有:比较;相比 ( )的主要义项有:比较; (
  1)compare A with B 把 A 与 B 相比较(指同类事物的具体比较)。 相比较(指同类事物的具体比较) ,which is better? 把约翰和亨利两人的答案比较一下,哪个更好? (
  2) compare A to B 把 A 比作 B Shakespeare. 莎士比亚把世界比作一个舞台。 (
  3)compared to/with 与……比起来(常用作状语,可位于句首或句末) 比起来( 用作状语,可位于句首或句末) ,she was indeed lucky. 和许多人比起来,她是幸运的。 (
  4) compare with.比得上;能与……比美;(常与情态动词 can 连用, 主要用于否定句或疑问句) This house our previous one. 这房子比不上我们以前的。 ● 重点短语
  1.come about(某事)发生(=happen) (某事)发生( ) I don’t know . 我不知道这事是怎样发生的。
  2.more or less 大约;差不多,几乎 大约;差不多, more or less 是一个固定结构,or 不可换成 and。more or less 可以修饰数词,意为“大约”;还 可修饰动词、分词、形容词,意为“或多或少,差不多,几乎”。通常放在系动词、助动词或 情态动词之后,或放在动词之前,也可置于句末。
  3.more than 超过;很;非常;不仅 . 用法归纳 超过; 非常; “more than+数词+名词”等于“over+数词+名词”,意为“超过”。more than 用于修饰形容词、名 词或动词时,要看作习语,意思是“不仅、很、非常”。 (
  1)no more than (
  2)more A than B . 与其说她聪明不如说她勤奋。
  4.more and more 越来越 越来越…… 相关归纳 “the+比较级...,the+比较级...”相当于汉语的“越……,(就)越……”。该结构表示两个变 ,(就
届高三英语一轮复习 高一英语 英语( 射阳县盘湾中学 2007 届高三英语一轮复习 高一英语(上)
化按比例同时递增/减。前一个“the+比较级...”结构为从属分句,后一个“the+比较级...”结构 为主句。主句为一般将来时态时,从句(前一个“the+比较级...”结构)要用一般现在时。 . 你读得越多,就收获越大。 you start, the the work will be finished.你开始得越早,工作就完成得越快 , he becomes. 题越难,他越感兴趣。 ● 必背句型
  1.so 或 neither(nor)引导的(倒装)句型 ( )引导的(倒装) 教材原句 (
  1)Rock music is OK,and . 摇滚乐很好,滑雪也不错。 (
  2)I don’t enjoy singing,. 我不喜欢唱歌,也不喜欢计算机。 特别提示 系动词(情态动词或助动词) 与前句不同的)
  1.“so+系动词(情态动词或助动词)+(与前句不同的)主语”表示前句中的肯定情况也适用 于另一人或物。so 代替上文中的动作或概念,表示“也是这样,也是如此”。注意:两句中应 使用同类助动词且应时态一致。
  2.“neither/nor+系动词(情态动词或助动词)+(与前句相同的)主语”表示连续的否定。 系动词(情态动词或助动词) 与前句相同的) 补充例句 (
  1)She can speak French and . 她会讲法语,她的丈夫也会。 (
  2)I don’t know where he has gone,. 我不知道他去哪里了,我也不关心。 (
  1)?I have never been to America. ?. 从未去过。 特别提示 “neither/nor+系动词(情态动词或助动词)+(与前句不同的)主语”表示前句中的否定情况也 适用于另一人或物;由于 neither/nor 是否定词,所以不能再使用 not。 (2004 年江苏卷,
  21)I will never know what was on his mind at the time,nor will anyone else. 我将永远不会知道当时他心里是怎么想的,其他人也不会知道。 (
  2)?Tom likes playing basketball but he can’t play well. 汤姆喜欢打篮球,但他打得不好。 ?So it is with me. =I like playing basketball,too,but I can’t play well,either.) ( 我的情况与他相同。 特别提示 前句表述的某人或某物情况复杂,无法使用 so 或 neither(nor)引导的倒装句型表达另一人 或物情况相同,则用 It is/was the same with sb. //So it is /was with sb. ?He is an honest worker and works hard. 他是一位诚实的工人,而且工作很卖力。 ?. 你也是这样的。 (
  3)?She can speak French.她会讲法语。 ?. 她确实会讲法语。 与前句相同的) 特别提示 “So+(与前句相同的)主语+助动词”表示赞同,so 译为“确实”,主谓不倒装。 ● 疑难突破
  1.match,suit,fit , , (
  1)His clothes don’t his age. (
  2)Does the time you? (
  3)The new coat her well.It is neither too big nor too small. (
  4)Which day you,Saturday or Sunday?
  2.alone,lonely , (
  1)He feels though he has two brothers. (
  2)The old man lives in a house in the forest . (
  3)When he woke up,he found himself in the room. (
  4)Though he is at home,he doesn’t feel,for he has many things to do. (
  5)The baby can’t walk,let run.
射阳县盘湾中学 2007 届高三英语组 2
届高三英语一轮复习 高一英语 英语( 射阳县盘湾中学 2007 届高三英语一轮复习 高一英语(上)

  6)Leave the machine .It’s dangerous.
  3.although,though , (
  1) they tried hard,they didn’t finish the work on time. (
  2)They didn’t stop to have a rest they were tired. (
  3)He speaks English as he were an Englishman. (
  4)Even he didn’t tell me anything about it,I know the whole thing. (
  5)Child he is,he knows a lot about computers. (
  6)He said he would help me with my English; he didn’t,.
  4.besides,except,except for,except that , , , (
  1)We all succeeded Tom,so he is also glad. (
  2)We all succeeded Tom,so he is very sad. (
  3)He is a good man,hot temper. (
  4)Your article is quite good there are several spelling mistakes. (
  5)Your article is quite good several spelling mistakes. 典例剖析 (2005 年春季北京, The Internet has brought big changes in the way we work.
  29) 【例
  1】 】 A. about B. out C. back D. up 【例
  2】(2004 年全国卷Ⅰ,
  26)?How about eight o’clock outside the cinema? 】 ?That me fine. A. fits B. meets C. satisfies D. suits
  27) Mr. White at 8:30 for the meeting, he didn’t show up. but 【例
  3】 (2004 年全国卷Ⅲ, 】 A. should have arrived B. should arrive C. should have had arrived D. should be arriving (2004 年全国卷Ⅲ, ?I would never come to this restaurant again.The food is terrible!
  32) 【例
  4】 】 ?. A. Nor am I B. Neither would I C. Same with me D. So do I
  35) do every single bit of housework my husband Bob just I 【例
  5】(2004 年全国卷Ⅲ, 】 does the dishes now and then. A. since B. while C. when D. as (2004 年春季上海, I’m going to the supermarket this afternoon. Do you have anything
  35) 【例
  6】 】 ? A. to be buying B .to buy C. for buying D. bought 【例
  7】 ?David has made great progress recently. 】 ? and . A. So he has;so you have B. So he has;so have you C. So has he;so have you D. So has he;so you have 【例
  8】 (2002 年高考上海,
  32)?You forgot your purse when you went out. 】 ?Good heavens,. A. so did I B. so I did C.I did so D.I so did 巩固练习: I. 单选: 单选:
  1.?Where was it the road accident happened yesterday? ?In front of the market. A.when B.that C.which D.how
  2.Can you tell me how the accident ? A.come on B.come about C.come out D.come in
  3.?I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. ?Never mind. I here only a few minutes. A.came B.come C.was D.have been
  4.We aren’t going, for the simple that we can’t afford it. A.Reason B.cause C.Fact D.result
  5.One way to understand thousands of new words is to gain good knowledge of basic word formation. A./ B.the C.a D.one
射阳县盘湾中学 2007 届高三英语组 3
届高三英语一轮复习 高一英语 英语( 射阳县盘湾中学 2007 届高三英语一轮复习 高一英语(上)

  6.Where was you met with the famous scientist? A.it that B.it C.the place D.there
  7.She is a very kind woman, loyal her friends, intelligent and amusing. A.to B.at C.for D.in
  8.In the film the famous actor a policeman who is loyal to his duty. A.grows B.enjoys C.works D.plays
  9.We were to New York last month. We talked a lot all the way. A.on the same flight B.in the same flight C.on the same flying D.in the same flying
  10.Football, or soccer in Britain, is the most popular sport in the world. A.called B.it is called C.what is called D.something calls II. 汉译英:? 汉译英:
  1. 李平既不喜欢唱歌,也不喜欢计算机。
  2. 我一直都上网。
  3. 他一直都这么忙,以致于很少有时间和朋友们在一起。?
  4. 这次坠机,他幸免于难,并登上了一个荒无人烟的小岛。 ?
  5. 在这个荒岛上,最大的挑战就是,没有朋友如何生存下来。 III. 范文背诵: 范文背诵 背诵: 高三阶段学习比较紧张,正确的学习方法尤为重要。下表显示了两位同学不同的学习方法,请简 述并发表你的观点,字数在 100-120 字间。文章开头已给出。
学习方法 白天 晚上 李华 上课专心听讲, 尽可能经常向老 师请教疑难问题。 王海 上课打瞌睡,漏掉了 许多要点。 你的观点
花较少的时间完成作业, 早点休 花 较 多 时 间 完 成 作 息,上课经常保持旺盛的精力。 业,熬夜学习,导致 注意力无法集中。
参考词汇: 参考词汇:①attentively 专心 ②energetic 精力旺盛 ③concentrate on 集中注意力于 ④effectively 有效地 One possible version: Li Hua and Wand Hai are two students of Senior Three. Both of them work hard but they have different learning methods. Li Hua listens to her teachers attentively, trying to catch everything that the teachers say in class. Besides, she often consults her teachers as often as possible if she has some problems. Because of this, she spends less time doing her homework, so it is certain that she can go to bed earlier and she always keeps energetic in the day. However, Wang Hai has quite a different way of learning. He likes to sit up late at night doing his homework, so he often feels sleepy in class. As a result, he misses lots of key points and it is usually takes him more time to finish his homework, which makes it difficult for him to concentrate on what he is doing. In my opinion, Li Hua learns more effectively in class and has more free time to to enjoy herself. So I prefer her learning method.
射阳县盘湾中学 2007 届高三英语组 4
届高三英语一轮复习 高一



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   英语写作专题训练??过渡词 一. 教学内容: 英语写作专题训练??过渡词 众所周知,要写出清晰流畅的文章,需要把文章中各部分巧妙地连接在一起。这样可使文章自然而别致,并能层层展开主题句,完整地表达中心思想。而过渡词(Transitional Words)是连接这些部分的纽带。 ??? 过渡词是一种关系指引词,一般由副词或起副词作用的短语承担。此外,代词、连词、上下文的近义词等也可作过渡词。过渡词能使文章启、承、转、合,融会贯通,连成一体。 一、过渡词的分类 1. 根据意思和作用的不同,过渡词可 ...