英语考练短文改错专练( ) 英语考练短文改错专练(
  2) 考练短文改错专练
(一) Last week my parents and I took a two-days trip to Emei Mountain in Sichuan. As everyone knows, it’s famous mountain with all kinds of plants and animals. The weather was fine. It was about noon we arrived at the foot of the mountain. The three of them were very excited. As we climbed the mountain, we fed monkeys, visiting temples and told stories. On the way up I was busy taking picture since the scenery was so beautiful. The time passes quickly. Evening came down. We spent the night in a hotel at the top of the mountain. The food was expensive and the service was good. I was so tired that I fell asleep at the moment my head touched the pillow.
(二) Many teachers worry about the effects of television with young people. According to studies, many children spend more time watching television than they spend in school. Because so much viewing, children may not be develop the habit of read and the ability to enjoy themselves. No one worries much about the radio program young people listen to, although radios can be very noise. Teachers also wonder about the effects of television commercials. On one year the average child will see 25,000 television commercials, all planned and written by grown-ups to make children to want things that they don't real need.
(三) I’m the captain of our school team so with my fellow players we’ve won several games. There will an important game next month. But one of the best player in our team told me just then that he wouldn’t play basketball once more. His parents asked him to spend in more time preparing for the college entrance examination. I feel sorry to him. But his parents think go to college is more important than playing sports and college was the only place for a smart boy like his son. So my friend had no choice. He wanted to make their parents happy.
(四) When I first learned to write English, I ran into many difficulties . The main problem was in that I always thought in Chinese and tried to translate anything into English. My teacher advised me to keep my diary. I followed her advice and should put down 100 words or so each day. Soon I began to enjoy talk to myself on paper
as I was learning to express me in simple English .One day I wrote a little story and showed to my teacher .She liked it very much and reads it to the class .All said the story was a good one. Their word were a great encouragement to me.
(五) Dear Ralph, I’m a newcomer here of a small town. I would describe myself as shy and quietly. Before my classmates, it seems always difficult for me to do things as well them. I'm sure they will laugh to me and see me as a fool. So I feel happy every day. Besides, I have few friends. I don't know that they don't like to talk with me. Sometimes, we talked to each other very well in class, but after class we become stranger at once. I am trying to improve the situation since it doesn’t seem to work. Can you tell me about what I should do? Yours, Xiao Wei
(六) On Thursday I will have to decide what I want myself to do over a weekend. I am thinking of making a trip to London, and visit the British Museum and some parks. But I have spent lot my money, so I cannot even go out of town. I may go to a film, or a concert. Yes, a concert can be very excited. You can watch your stars while enjoying your favorite music. So then, a concert cost so much. I may just listen to music, I have some records giving to me as birthday gifts. If I listen to my own records, there are no need to spend money. All right. That’s how I' m going to do.
(七) Dear Susan, I’m very glad to hear about you are coming to visit me the next Friday. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to meet you at the airport although I have classes in the afternoon. You won’t find difficult to get to the city center. The airport bus leaves every 30 minute and will take you rightly to the Friendship Hotel. My class will be over by then or I will pick you up there. I will take you together to a hot-pot restaurant for dinner and we’ll talk with our plan for the weekend over dinner. Having a pleasant trip and see you Friday. Yours, Zhang Ming
(八) You can find all kinds information in just a few minute on the Internet. It’s like going to a huge library without have to walk around to find your books. Recently even though, many people have been discussing the dangers of the Internet. They have been reports in America about people trying to steal person Informations for bad purposes. Finding information on the Net is easily. But not all information are good to society. For example, you can find such information like how to kill people. The problem will become more serious in the future.
(九) Nowadays millions of people of all age take pleasure in a hobby which is both interested and fun. And every year more and more people start a stamp collection of your own and discover an interest which can even last lifetime . Starting your collection of stamps are easy because they are nowhere. Holiday and birthday postcards from relatives and letters from friends can all provide you for stamps from all over the world. So once you’ve started collecting seriously, you will probably want to join in the Stamp Collectors’Club which exist to add more stamps to your collection.
(十) Though a great progress has been made in science these years, there are still many people live in poor conditions. They make their lives by collecting and selling used thing. Their children cannot go to school because they have not enough money to send their children to there. Why you think so many people still suffer from poverty now? The answer lies on the population explosion. A president of a developing country once said; “It is us who are to blame for the poverty because we used to ‘produce’ child without limit.” Although this few words sound simple enough, they have clear pointed out one of the causes of the population explosion.
专练 2 答案 (
  1)第一行:two-days )
改为 two-day 第二行:mountain 前加 a
第三行:noon 后加 when 第四行:them 改为 us 第五行:visiting 改为 visited 第六行:pictures;passed 第七行:去 down 第八行:and 改为 but 第九行:去 at

  2)第一行:with 改为 on )
第二行:many 改为 some
第三行:because of
第四行:删去 be;read 改为 reading 第五行:programs 第六行:noisy 第七行:On 改为 In 第八行:去掉 want 前的 to;real 改为 really
第一行:so 改为 and 第二行:will 后加 be 第三行:player 改为 players;then 改为 now 第四行:once 改为 any;删去 in 第五行:to 改为 for 第六行:go 改为 going; 第七行:was 改为 is 第八行:their 改为 his
第一行:write 后加 in
第二行:去掉第一个 in
第三行:anything 改为 everything
第四行: 改为 a; my 去掉 should 第五行: talk 改为 talking 第六行: 改为 myself me 第七行:showed 后加 it 第八行:reads 改为 read;word 改为 words
第一行:of 改为 from
第二行:quietly 改为 quiet
第三行:well 后加 as;to 改为 at
第四行:happy 改为 unhappy/sad 第五行:that 改为 why;talked 改为 talk 第六行:stranger 改为 strangers 第七行:since 改为 but 第八行:去掉 about
第一行:划掉 myself ;a 改为 the
第二行:visit 改为 visiting
第三行:my 前加 of
第四行:excited 改为 exciting 第六行: cost 改为 costs; giving 改为 given
第五行:So 改为 But 第七行: 改为 is 第八行: are how 改为 what

  7)第一行:去掉 about;去掉 the )
第二行:although 改为 because / as
第三行:find 后加 it 第四行:minute 改为 minutes;rightly 改为 right 第五行:or 改为 and ;去掉 together; 第六行:with 改为 about 第七行:Having 改为 Have

  8)第一行:kinds )
改为 kinds of ;minute 改为 minutes 第二行:have 改为 having
第三行:去掉 even 第四行:They 改为 There ;person 改为 personal 第五行:informations 改为 information;easily 改为 easy 第六行:are 改为 is 第七行:what 改为 how

  9)第一行:age 改为 ages )
第二行:interested 改为 interesting
第三行:your 改为 their;what 改为 which/that 第四行:lifetime 前加 a;are 改为 is 第五行:nowhere 改为 everywhere 第六行:for 改为 with;So 改为 But 第七行:去掉 in 第八行:exist 改为 exists

  10)第一行:去掉 a )
第二行:live 改为 living
第三行:thing 改为 things
第四行:去掉第二个 to 第五行:在 you 前加 do 第六行:on 改为 in 第七行:us 改为 we 第八行:child 改为 children 第九行:tthisthese 第十行:clear 改为 clearly


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