英语短文改错( ) 英语短文改错(
  3) 短文改错
(一) When I walked into the classroom, the teacher was handing in the tests. I was feeling very nervous. I had studied at all at the weekend as I had thought it would be easy test. I went through the test for many times but I could only answer three out from the twenty questions. I did not want to fail the exam. Then, I put my book under my desk, opening it and started looking for the answer. The teacher wasn't looking at me, but I copied something. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder! The teacher caught me cheating. I don't know what to say. Luckily, the teacher did not punish for cheating but instead gave me a second chance.
(二) I have a good friend who’s name is Liu Mei. She is our monitor and one of the excellent students in our class. Clever as she is, but she words very hard. We have a lot on common and have a lot to talk .One evening she told me that something happened when her parents was out. She was doing her homeworks one Sunday morning when she smelt something burning. She stopped look out of the window and find a cloud of smoke coming out of her neighbor’s house . She called 119 immediate. Ten minutes later, the firemen came and put out fire. Her neighbor was very thankful for her help.
(三) I often dream of a teacher, I dream of standing on the platform in the classroom and give lessons to lovely boys and girls . I teach them, play with them, but watch them growing up. I am always young when I was staying with them. I know there is not easy to be a teacher. You have to learn in order to teach. Without enough knowledges, you can never learn well .What is more , you have to be friends with your pupils and take good care of him. Only in this way can you be good teacher and win respect from them. Though I am a student now, I will work as very hard to make my dream come true.
(四) It is a pleasure for me to write this letter to tell how much I enjoyed my stay in your whole family last week. This was my first visit to a English family. At first, I was worried about my poor English. And when I saw your wife and children waiting for me with warm smile of welcome on their faces.
I immediately knew that everything would be all right. There are many more happy memories of the week that I will keep them with me forever. I particularly enjoyed driving through the countryside with you and saw the changing colors of the leaves on the trees. I also like the fishing trip. It was such much fun.
(五) I still remember my middle school life in Tianjin yet. I was then in a school for students from Tibet. As we were all left home at early age, we met lots of problems in our daily life. We had to do the washing, cleaning and shopping by us. However, we seldom felt lonely or helplessly. We enjoyed our happy life. At weekends, we would play basketball, swimming in the pool, or go for a picnic. We were living in a big family. We treat each other as brothers and sisters. If any one of you had any difficulty in our life and study, the other would help him out. It has been five years when we graduated, but those memories are as sweet as ever before.
(六) During the summer of 2001, I started read books in English, mostly stories. I would learn a lot of new words from these books, but I had terribly problems memorizing them. I had to look up to the same word many times, for which was quite troublesome. I realized I do need a way to remember all this vocabulary. It was a great achievement for myself. I started writing down words from books that I read. I would come back from school, and then sit for an hour and two. I wrote down new words and added it to my collection. By the end of last year, my collection has grown to 3,000 words.
(七) This is a story told by my father: “When I was boy, the most exciting thing was when to celebrate the Spring Festival. My grandma was the best cooker in the world but could make the most delicious dishes. One time, I just couldn’t wait for the Spring Festival dinner. As I was about take a piece from a cooked duck, I saw Grandma in the kitchen looking at me. Shake her head, she said, ‘It isn't a good time to do that, dear.’ At once I apologize and controlled me at my best till the dinner started. You know, that was a dinner we had waited for several month.”
There are advantage for students to work while study at school. One of them was that they can earn money. For the most part, students working to earn money for their own use. Earning their own money allow them to spend on anything as if they please. They would have to ask their parents for money or for permission to do things by the money. Some students may also to save up for our college or future use.
(九) Dear Mr. Brown , I am writing to thank you with your kind help. Before you came to teach us, I had not interest in English. My pronunciation was terribly. I could only speak a few words. But one and a half year later. I now think English fun to learn. I got a lot of from your encouraging words. I will always remember what you said, “If you try to ,you can be No. 1!” I hope you’ve had pleasant journey home and will come to China again sometimes in the future. I will write again and send you the photos we take together. Yours sincerely, Li Min
(十) Dear friends, It is real a good chance to have met all of you here. We have spent several precious weekend in learning in the English Club. Although we have been member for a short period of time, we have made a great progress. That is because we are all very much active and the activities are not only enjoyable and also helpful, Besides, the foreign teachers here work hard and try his best to make the activities lively and interested. I am very pleased to say that all of us greatly improved our spoken English so far. I am looking forward to see all of you again in the near future! Thank you.
专练 3 答案 (
  1)第一行:in 改为 out )
第二行:had 后加 not 第三行:easy 前加 an;去掉 for
第四行:from 改为 of 第五行:opening 改为 opened; answer 改为 answers 第六行:but 改为 so 第七行:don’t 改为 didn’t 第八行:punish 后加 me

  2)第一行:who’s 改为 whose . )
第二行:去 but 第三行:on 改为 in ;talk 后加 about
第四行:was 改为 were;homeworks 改为 homework 第五行:stopped 后加 to 第六行:find 改为 found 第七行:immediate 改为 immediately 第八行:去掉 the

  3)第一行:dream 后加 being/becoming 第二行:give 改为 giving;but 改为 and )
第三行:was 改为 am ;there 改为 it 第四行:knowledges 改为 knowledge/learning 第五行:learn 改为 teach 第六行:him 改为 them;be 后加 a 第七行:去掉 as

  4)第一行:me 改为 you )
第二行:in 改为 with;a 改为 an 第三行:But/Yet
第四行:smile 改为 smiles 第五行:去 more 第六行:去掉 them 第七行:saw 改为 seeing 第八行:like 改为 liked;such 改为 so

  5)第一行:去 yet. )
第二行:去 were;early 前加 an
第三行:us 改为 ourselves 第四行;helpless 第五行:swimming 改为 swim 第六行:treat 改为 treated;you 改为 us 第七行:other 改为 others;when 改为 since

  6)第一行:read 改为 reading,或前加 to )
第二行:terribly 改为 terrible .
第三行:去掉 to;去掉 for 第四行:do 改为 did 第五行:myself 改为 me;books 前加 the 第六行:and 改为 or 第七行:it 改为 them 第八行:has 改为 had

  7)第一行:boy 前加 a . )
第二行:去掉 when;cooker 改为 cook
第三行:but 改为 and; 第四行:wait 后加 for;take 前加 to 第五行:Shake 改为 Shaking 第六行:apologize 改为 apologized;me 改为 myself 第八行:month 改为 months

  8)第一行:advantage 改为 advantages;study 改为 studying )
第三行:working 改为 work 第四行:allow 改为 allows;去掉 if 第五行:would 后加 not 第六行:by 改为 with;去掉 to 第七行:our 改为 their
第二行:was 改为 is
  9)第一行:with 改为 for
第二行:not 改为 no;terribly 改为 terrible
第三行:year 改为 years;English 后加 is 第四行:去掉 of 第五行:去掉 to;pleasant 前加 a 第六行:sometimes 改为 sometime 第七行:take 改为 took
  10)第一行:real 改为 really
第二行:weekend 改为 weekends
第三行:member 改为 members;去掉第二个 a 第四行:去掉 much 第五行:and 改为 but;his 改为 their 第六行:interested 改为 interesting 第七行:greatly 前加 have;see 改为 seeing



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