1. vary guarantee object can’t help doing be opposed to change assure oppose insure resist can’t resist doing alter 当他说他不能帮忙解决问题时我禁不住哭了: 当他说他不能帮忙解决问题时我禁不住哭了: When he said he can’t help to solve the problem, I can’t help crying.
  2. approve frail fancy take after have an influence on agree weak imagine look alike have an effect on 他父亲永远不会同意她和你结婚。 同意她和你结婚 他父亲永远不会同意她和你结婚。 Her father will never approve of her marriage to you. Her father will never agree to her marriage to you. Spicy food does not agree with me.
  3. research into the accident evolve a style full extent search for the lost boy be involved in trouble extend arms dawn expend energy dusk
  4. out of question out of the question as a consequence= in consequence in consequence of Since all of the things operate well and the doctor can operate the machine ,we can operate on the patient now.

  1. The plain girl in plain clothes explained the sentence in plain language .
  2. The man fixing his eyes on me fixed a time for fixing my motorcycle.
  3. The typist who types very well bought some different types of typewriters.
  4. In order to have a nice meal, I order my boyfriend to order some delicious dishes for me.
  5. The fire-fighter who fired at wild animals was fired by the fire-station.
  6. The key figure holding a key position can’t find the key to this question.
  13.树荫 树荫 shake 震动 shame 羞愧 shape 形状 剃,刮v. shave 刮 剃须刀,修面的人 剃须刀 修面的人 shaver
  14.分享 分享 鲨鱼 锋利的 使锋利v. 使锋利 卷笔刀n. 卷笔刀
  15.强壮的 强壮的 力量 加强 share shark sharp sharpen sharpener strong strength strengthen

  16.旁边 旁边 人行道 岔路 斜向一边地
  17.叹息 叹息v. 叹息 视力n. 视力 观光n. 观光 签字v. 签字 签名n. 签名 信号 唱歌v. 唱歌 单一的 下沉v. 下沉 歌曲
side sidewalk sideway sideways
sigh sight sightseeing sign signature signal sing single sink song
“貌”似而“神” 似而“
  8. is known to all that the earth goes around the sun. is known to all is that the earth goes around the sun. A
A. What B. It C. As D. Which
I was told that there were about 50 foreign students Chinese in the school, most were from Germany. D A. study; of whom B. study; of them C. studying; of them D. studying; of whom
The owner of the cinema needed to make a lot of improvements and employ more people to keep it running, meant spending tens of thousands of pounds. A. who B. that C. as D. which
We often provide our children with toys, footballs or basketballs, that all children like these things. A. thinking B. think C. to think D. thought
Five people won the “ China’s Green Figure” award, a title to ordinary people for their contributions to environmental protection. A. being given B. is given C. given D. was given
把握语段, 把握语段,做好完形填空题
对语篇整体意义的把握 对语篇整体意义的把握 是做好完形填空题的前提, 是做好完形填空题的前提, ?语段是文章结构的基本单位。 语段是文章结构的基本单位。 语段是文章结构的基本单位 ?语段构成的方式有:解说式 语段构成的方式有: 语段构成的方式有 转折式 总分式 因果式 递进式
4 因果式语段
(2002年B篇) What else? Well-it also has to be
  64. People don’t 年 篇 语段之间以因果关系构成, 语段之间以因果关系构成,分为前因后果和前果后 want to read以because, because of, owing to, on 因关系。 因关系。 about ordinary, everyday life. Because of this, many stories 65 thanks to以及 account of, some kind of conflictthus, therefore, one 以及so, or danger. This is as 以及 reason why so much news seems to be 66 news. a result, consequently等连接词语衔接。 等连接词语衔接。 等连接词语衔接
  64. A. tragic
  65. A. quote
  66. A. good B. dramatic C. professional D. sensitive B. neglect C. increase D. involve B. bad C. exciting D. informative
答案B、 、 答案 、D、B
连接语为: 析:连接语为:Because of this 和This is one reason why。 。
5 递进式语段
(2001年A篇)Leave the interviewer a bad impression, and 年 篇 often he will assume you have a lot of other unsatisfactory characters. Worse, he or she may not take the time to give you a second
  60. A. job B. thought C. chance D. question 为连接性词语。 析:worse为连接性词语。 为连接性词语 答案 C
各层次之间逐步深入、层层深入,由表及里、 各层次之间逐步深入、层层深入,由表及里、由现象 到本质,层层推进地展开说明和论证。连接语有even, 到本质,层层推进地展开说明和论证。连接语有 what’s more, besides, in addition, furthermore, moreover, further, additionally等。 等
How To Get The Main Idea? 如何做主旨大意题? 如何做主旨大意题
Passage B(NMET20
Reading to dogs is an unusual way to help children improve their literacy skills(读写能力). With their shining brown eyes, wagging tails, and unconditional love, dogs can provide the nonjudgmental listeners needed for a beginning reader to gain confidence (自信心), according to Intermountain Therapy Animals (ITA) in Salt Lake City. The group says it is the first program in the country to use dogs to help develop literacy in children, with the introduction of Reading Education Assistance Dogs (READ). The Salt Lake City Public Library is sold on the idea. “Literacy specialists admit that children who read below the level of their fellow pupils are often afraid of reading aloud in a group, often have lower self-respect, and regard reading as a headache,” said Lisa Myron, manager of the children’s department. Last November the two groups started “ Dog Day Afternoon” in the children’s department of the main library. About 25 children attended each of the four Saturday-afternoon classes, reading for half an hour. Those who Example of success of the received attended threeandthe four classes program a “pawgraphed” book at the last class.The program was so successful that the library plans to repeat it in April, according to Dana Thumpowsky, public relations manager.
  59. What is mainly discussed in the text?
A. Children’s reading difficulties. B. Advantages of raising dogs. C. Service in a public library. D. A special reading program.
Paragraph ideas
Passage idea
翻译含有各种从句的句子 1 定语从句
We were most impressed by the fact that even those patients who were not told of their serious ill were quite aware of its potential outcome.
给我们留下极深印象的是:即使那些没有被告知 给我们留下极深印象的是:即使那些没有被告知 严重病情的病人 也非常清楚其疾病的潜在后果。 病人, 严重病情的病人,也非常清楚其疾病的潜在后果。
? ? ?
状语从句 省略部分成分的句子 含有非谓语动词的句子 含有被动语态的句子
? ? ? ? ? ? ? 先理解后表达 表达时尽量直译,但意译更能体现水平 1 增词法。根据需要增加一些词语,如名词等。 2 减词法。根据汉语习惯,删去一些词。 3 肯否表达法。原文为肯定句,已成汉语时为增强修 饰效果,可以译为否定句。反之亦然。 4 变换法。名词译成动词或动词译成名词等。 5 分合法。一个长句可分成若干部分来译,或者把原 文的几个简单句用一个句子表达出来。 6 省略法。两种语言由于存在差异,表达时不可能总 是对等,经常可以省略一些词和句子成份,如英语 中的冠词汉语里没有,一是可以省略
1 词的指代关系要搞清楚。 ? 2 汉语知识的应用,如修辞等。 ? 3 部分否定和否定重点。部分否定,如not all;否 定重点,如I don’t teach because I have knowledge.(我并非因为有知识才去教书)。否定 重点为because,而不是teach。 ? 4 虚拟语气。这种语法现象有时并非只表示字面 意思,它经常有感情色彩,译时要注意。 ? 5 要认真地通读全文,根据上下文来确定词义、 句意,切不可断章取义,望文生义。 ? 6核对原文。既要核对译文是否准确、通顺,还要 注意关键词的采分点。同时不要忘记全文结构的 表达,因为这部分也在评分要求中。

  1)抓住图表中的极端点。如:最大 抓住图表中的极端点。 抓住图表中的极端点 或最小、最多或最少、 或最小、最多或最少、最好和最 差。
  2)要看出总的规律、趋势,抓住特 要看出总的规律、趋势, 要看出总的规律 征。
  3)图表往往提供大量数据,描述时 图表往往提供大量数据, 图表往往提供大量数据 必须选择重点 必须选择重点
04年北京卷 04年北京卷 某学校对中学生课余活动进行了调查,结果如下。 某学校对中学生课余活动进行了调查,结果如下。请根 据图表1提供的信息描述学生每天的课余活动, 据图表1提供的信息描述学生每天的课余活动,并针对图 中任何一个数据中反映的情况写出你的一个看法。 表2中任何一个数据中反映的情况写出你的一个看法。词 数不少于60
  60。 数不少于
每 天 所 用 时 间 (分 钟 )
100 90 80 70 60 0 0 30 0 10 0 1 30 3 6 93
听 1
每 天 所 用 时 间 (分 钟 )
100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 12 做家务 体育锻炼 用电脑 听音乐 看电视 25 30 34 46

the daily average amount of time different after-class activities
According to the chart, … It can be seen from the chart that … We can see from the chart that… The chart shows …

  1.The Chart shows the daily average amount of time
the students spend on different after-class activities.
每 天 所 用 时 间 (分 钟 )
100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 12 做家务 体育锻炼 用电脑 听音乐 看电视 25 30 34 46

  1. The students put 93 minutes into their homework. 93 作业 minutes.
  2. watching TV takes up 4646 看电视 they put in about
  3. 听音乐用电脑the same amount of time listening30 34 to
music and working on the computer, 34 minutes and 30 minutes each.

25 minutes is spent on sports 25 体育锻炼 12 minutes goes into housework. 12 做家务
做家务, 做家务, 5%
体育锻炼, 用电脑, 体育锻炼, 用电脑, 10% 13%
听音乐, 听音乐, 14%
Little time for sports: : 10% of the time is taken up with sports activities Suggestion: : we should encourage the students to do more exercise after class
做作业, 做作业, 39% 看电视, 看电视, 19%
The Chart shows the daily average amount of time the students spend on different after-class activities. On Chart 1 The students put most of their time 93 minutes into their homework. And next in line is watching TV ,which takes up 46 minutes. They put in about the same amount of time listening to music and working on the computer, 34 minutes and 30 minutes each. while 25 minutes is spent on sports. only 12 minutes goes into housework. As is shown on Chart 2, only 10% of the time is taken up with sports activities. I think we should encourage the students to do more exercise after class. Only in this way, can they be healthier and more energetic. Why?
观察图表 找关键词, 找关键词,句 描写图表 分析原因 总结



   考前第 3 天 词汇句型天天记 重点单词 drift drip durable duration dusk leather leisure loose loosen vi.漂,漂流 n.滴 adj.耐用的,持久的 n.持续,持续期间 n.黄昏,薄暮 n.皮革 n.闲暇;悠闲 adj.松的,宽松的 v.解开,放松 legislation n.法律,法规;立法 earnest earthquake echo elaborate elastic elbow electron volcano vol ...

2011高考英语二轮复习 第三篇 语用专题第三节 作文分类训练课件

   第三节 作文分类训练 说明文 1 词的短文。 以《读书的方法》为题用英语写一篇不少于120词的短文。内容包括: 读书的方法》为题用英语写一篇不少于 词的短文 内容包括: 读书的成功与否与读书方法的正确与否关系甚大;给读者的几点建议。 读书的成功与否与读书方法的正确与否关系甚大;给读者的几点建议。 (1) 所读书籍难度要适中,偏难、偏易均不宜。如果发现一本书太难 所读书籍难度要适中,偏难、偏易均不宜。 读,不妨先放在一边一段时间,换一本容易些的读。 不妨先放在一边一段时间,换一本容易些的读。 ...


   高考英语二轮复习策略与重点 高三英语复习进入高三后半学期,尤其是进入第二轮复习后,相应地要调整战略,完善 和充实自己,就要做到以下几点: 1.有切实可行的计划 高考临近,应当保持冷静,请求老师帮助和指导,并根据自己的实际情况制定出切实可 行的复习计划,做到按部就班,有条不紊,循序渐进。 2.降低难度,抓基本题 练一般题,不练难题、怪题。高考前许多考生搜集各种模拟题,反复演练。但要注意: 无论做哪个地区的题,都要结合自己的实际,不要盲目地去做。水平在 120 分以下的考生, 不要花过多的时间去 ...


   学习如钻探石油,钻得愈深,愈能找到知识的精髓。 2010 中考英语二轮复习语法专项(五) 英语二轮复习语法专项 二轮复习语法专项( ( 续前 ) 九、连接词 1、连词的含义:连接词与词、短语与短语、或引导从句的词叫连接词。 2、连词的分类:连词分为并列连接词和从属连接词两种。 1、 并列连接词连接并列的词、 短语、 从句或句子。 常见的并列连接词有: and(和),but(但 是),or(或者,否则),nor(也不), so(所以), however(然而,无论如何),for(因为),sti ...


   高三英语二轮复习专项系列训练(六) 假如你是李华。你将代表学校参加国际中学生论坛,就你所在城市的教育状况发表演讲。 请根据以下两幅图表,介绍你市高中学生构成情况及毕业去向的选择,并针对两幅图表中的 任何一个数据所反映的情况发表你自己的看法。 (A possible version) A recent survey shows what the students of our school like to do in their spare time. From the pie chat, w ...


   学年度第二学期教学计划 东营一中 2010~2011 学年度第二学期教学计划 高三英语组 高三英语组 高三英语教学进入第二学期后,针对 2011 年山东省自己命题的特点,首 先要充分领会《考试大纲》精神,反复研究《山东省考试说明》的基础上,使 学生真正能够在头脑中构架起较为完整的知识系统,使知识系统化、条理化、 科学化。通过专项训练提高学生的能力。 一、强化边缘词汇的记忆,培养动词词汇活用能力 众所周知,学好英语要先过词汇关。从学生平时的阅读以及写作中可以看 出,部分学生,特别是中间部分学生 ...


   年高考英语复习要点讲解: 2010 年高考英语复习要点讲解: 写给 2010 届安徽考生 缪运霖 I.听力 听力(≈20min.) 听力 今年的听力还会延续去年的风格,语速不会比 2009 年快,题目设置的难度不比 2009 大,即陷阱不会多,比平 时的可能更清晰. 听力测试涉及的内容有:获取对话具体信息;把握对话主旨;领会对话的观点,态度及意图;推测背景,地点 及对话者关系等. 在做听力的过程中,要注意:保持良好的心理精神状态;拿到试题后立即进入状态,不可想着与本场考试无关, 甚至于听力无 ...


   小升初小学英语语法复习要点归纳 一、名词复数规则 1.一般情况下,直接加-s,如:book-books, bag-bags, cat-cats, bed-beds 2. s. x. sh. ch 结尾, 以 加-es, bus-buses, box-boxes, brush-brushes, watch-watches 如: 3 . 以 “ 辅 音 字 母 +y” 结 尾 , 变 y 为 i, 再 加 -es , 如 : family-families, strawberry-strawbe ...


   新目标英语七年级上期末复习要点 1. 26个字母,大小写,读音,音标,缩略词,前面冠词搭配 1). ABC, a.m., p.m, CD(Compact Disk致密光碟), VCD, CEO(Chief Executive Officer首席执行官,是美国人在20世纪60年代进行公司治理结构改革创新时的产物), ET(Eastern time 外星人), B(Rhythm&Blues,一般译作"节奏怨曲), B H(骠悍), m, km, mm, g, kg, WTO ...


   学习如钻探石油,钻得愈深,愈能找到知识的精髓。 2010 中考英语二轮复习语法专项(一) 英语二轮复习语法专项 二轮复习语法专项( 一、词类、句子成分和构词法: 1、词类:英语词类分十种: 名词、形容词、代词、数词、冠词、动词、副词、介词、连词、感叹词。 1、 名词(n.): 表示人、 事物、 地点或抽象概念的名称。 boy, morning, bag, ball, class, 如: orange. 2、代词(pron.): 主要用来代替名词。如:who, she, you, it . 3 ...



   初 中 英 语 词 汇 表 第 1 页 共 26 页 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 人的 53 54 55 56 57 58 前) 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 thirteen num 十三 fourteen num 十四 fifteen num 十五 hello interj 喂(问候或唤起注意) please interj 请 ca ...


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   涂装常用英语 Primer 底漆 The second coat 第二道漆 The middle coat 中间漆 The finish coat 面漆 Protective coat 防护涂料 Anti-rush paint 防护漆 Shot-blasting 喷丸除锈 Sand-blasting 除砂 De-rusting 除砂 Roller coat 滚涂 Spray 喷涂 Coat with brush 刷涂 Grind with sand paper 用砂纸磨 Spray dust ...


   private a.私人的 conversation n.谈话 theatre n.剧场,戏院 seat n.座位 play n.戏;v.玩,游戏 loudly ad.大声地 angry a.生气的 angrily ad.生气地 attention n.注意 bear v.容忍 business n.事;商业,生意 rudely ad.无礼地,粗鲁地 until prep.直到 outside ad.外面 ring v.(铃,电话等)响 aunt n.姑母,姨母 repeat v./n.重复 ...