说明文(事物、地点、图表及其他) 说明文(事物、地点、图表及其他) 介绍人物 议论文 记叙文
说明文(事物、地点、图表及其他) 一。 说明文(事物、地点、图表及其他)
My motherlandChina is a great country a long with history and rich culture. It in the east of Asia, 9,600,000 square with an area of lies kilometers and
  1.3 billion. Beijing is (with) a population of her capital. There are many beautiful mountains and rivers, rich nature resources in China. The Changjiang as well as River, as we all know, is among the longest rivers in the world, and Great Wall is one of the seven wonders on the earth. The Chinese people are a hard-working and brave people. Their hardwork and wisdom have brought great changes in China in the past 20 years.
Our School Campus
Our school has a nice campus. Facing the school gate, there is a red office building with a large glass entrance. To the east of it is an old classroom building, and to the west is a new one, modern and well-equipped. Inside this new building, there are lecture halls, language labs and bright classrooms. Behind these buildings is a large sports ground, which consists of a running track, a football field, two volleyball courts and four basketball courts. Around the sports ground, there are a lot of trees.
地点: 地点:空间顺序

  5. (at )the school gate classroom building laboratory building in) (in) the library on) (on) the sports ground

basketball courts dining hall school clinic offices(教导处 教导处) administration offices(教导处) a tennis court swimming pool
表方位( 名词) 表方位(介词 +名词)

  1. on the left of/ on the right of of/

near/ between/across/ near/ between/across/ of/ in the middle of/in the center of behind/ behind/in the back of of在前面 在前面/ of在前部 in front of在前面/in the front of在前部

  6. next to…
in\ east\west\north\
  7. in\to the east\west\north\south of…
  8. at the foot of the hill
表位于某处(主语+动词) 表位于某处(主语+动词)
lie in/on , be located in , stand /
  1. cover an area of …
  2. have an area of about…square kilometers
  3. be almost equal to sth.
  4. on the coast of…
  5. in the part of…
  6. make up组成 组成
  7. have a total land area of…
  8.Be made up of…(consist of)
  9.be set up\be built

  10.be covered with…
  11. contain 包含
  12.in the early 1980s
  13. be started sth.目的在于
  14. aim to do sth.目的在于
  15.on its left stands
  16.make sure
  17.great changes have taken place
Beautiful sentences

  1. New Zealand is an island that lies off the eastern coast of Australia.
  2. It is made up of two large islands.
  3. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the north and east.
  4. It is about the same size as the Philippines.
  5. It has a population of about
  3.8 million people, of which about fourteen percent are Maori.
  6. They make up about six percent of the total population.
  7. It has a mild/dry/hot/cold/cool climate.

  8.It has a history of 5000 years .
  9.It is a developing country with a history/population of 5000 years.

  7. Let me introduce…to you be born be …meters in height be …pounds in weight work as in one’s spare time graduate from

  9. in one’s childhood
  10. be fond of
  11. be interested in
  12. like geography ( maths, English…) best,
  13. at the age of of负责
  14. be in charge of负责
  15. from then on

  1. be busy with sth.\be busy doing sth.
  2. be careless about sth.
  3. be used to doing sth. (习惯于做某事 习惯于做某事) 习惯于做某事
  4. make sb. angry
  5. get on well with sb.
  6. with one’s help
  7. be strict with sb. (对某人要求严格) 对某人要求严格) 对某人要求严格
  8. Be strict in sth

  8.make (在方面取得进步 在方面取得进步)
  8.make progress in (在方面取得进步)
  9. fail in (被当作 被当作)
  10. be regarded as (被当作)
  11. be good at=do well in
  12. be poor at=be weak in sth.\
  13. succeed in sth.\doing sth.
  14. learn…by heart
Beautiful sentences
写人经典句型翻译: 写人经典句型翻译:
1 她12岁。 岁
She is a girl of twelve years old.
2 她细高条,长着大眼睛,卷头发。 她细高条,长着大眼睛,卷头发。 3 她善良,乐于助人,总是愿意帮助别人解决困难。 她善良,乐于助人,总是愿意帮助别人解决困难。
She is tall and slim with big eyes and curly hair. Being kind and helpful, she always enjoys helping others out.
4 业余时间她喜欢听音乐读小说。 业余时间她喜欢听音乐读小说。
In her spare time, she spends much time listening to music and reading novels.
5 她与任何人都能相处的很好,无论到哪都很受欢迎。 她与任何人都能相处的很好,无论到哪都很受欢迎。
She gets on well with almost anyone and is always welcome wherever she goes.
表达人物兴趣和爱好的常用表达: 表达人物兴趣和爱好的常用表达: (一句多译) 一句多译)
他非常喜欢音乐。 他非常喜欢音乐。
He likes/ loves music very much. He enjoys listening to music. He is interested in music. 他不喜欢音乐。 他不喜欢音乐。 He is fond of music. He is crazy about music. He doesn’t like music. 他擅长音乐。 他擅长音乐。 He hates music. He is good at music. He is tired of music. He has a gift for music. He lost interest in music. He was born a singer.
他不仅是我们的老师也是我们的朋友, 我们尊重他爱戴他。
He is not only our teacher but also our friend. We all respect and love him.
He has set a very good example for us all to follow.
I feel proud to have such a friend.
My father is such a person: kind-hearted and hard-working. I love my father.
描写人物外貌和性格特征的常用词语: 描写人物外貌和性格特征的常用词语:
good-looking pretty beautiful ugly hard-working diligent lazy bad-temperedeasy-going patient warm-heartedhard-hearted absent-mindedundivided dependent independent clever smart bright intelligent wise humorous serious attractive ordinary talkative silent naughty quite
描写人物外貌和性格特征的常用词语: 描写人物外貌和性格特征的常用词语:
confident 自信的 有想象力的 imaginative brave 勇敢的 shy 害羞的 determined 有决心的 strict 严格的 精力旺盛的 energetic 有良好教育的educated active passive generous mean friendly rude polite impolite
三.议论文 议论文
Hiking Spring outing Education/go to college Study abroad approaches to study Parents’ care and help Social practice Traffic Health eating Invention( computer/mobile phone /internet) Festivals

  1.We had a heated discussion about whether senior 3 students should have a spring outing.
  2.60% of the students are against / for the idea of-
  3.40% think / believe/ be afraid that--
  4.Two thirds of the students agree / disagree to this idea.
  5.The other 20%/the rest have never thought about it or don’t care a bit.
  6.In my opinion/as for me, I have the idea that…
四.记叙文 记叙文
记叙文六要素: 时间,地点,事件,原因,结果,人物
Please follow the steps
Setting the scene(Main idea): ( When; where; who; what; why… Development ( the time line): When we got there; then; meanwhile; after that; at last Conclusion: feeling
Saturday, April 17 Rainy I had an unforgettable experience today. This morning, I was on my way to deliver letters gathering I noticed dark clouds in the when sky. , I took off my jacket and Immediately Before long covered the letters with it. , it started to rain. When I came to a new address and handed a in letter to a little girl a raincoat, I was wet through. saying anything, I hurriedly Without Suddenly continued my journey. I heard the girl shouting behind,“Wait a minute, Uncle!” I stopped and turned round. , To my surprise the girl ran up and handed me her own raincoat, , “Take this to keep off the rain.” saying Looking at the raincoat, I felt warm at heart.

  1. 今天早晨,我正要去送信,突然乌云密布, 今天早晨,我正要去送信,突然乌云密布,
不一会,下起了大雨。 不一会,下起了大雨。
  2. 我们正在上英语课,突然有人敲门。 我们正在上英语课,突然有人敲门。
  3. 我正要出门,突然电话铃响了。 我正要出门,突然电话铃响了。
范文2 范文2 One day, we were having an English class when suddenly there was a knock on the door. Our teacher went out and soon returned with a smile on her face. She told us that a group of American students were visiting our school and They would like to chat with us in English. We were very glad to have this opportunity to practise our English. Soon Pleasant conversations began.
At first Early in the morning This morning On day The other day Soon After a while Before long Several minutes later, Then After some time,
Finally In the end At last
And But however Immediately At once
be doing when--be about to do when--suddenly see/ notice sb doing--hear sb doing
How to express one’s thanks:

  1.The mother was so thankful that she did not say anything.
  2.He gave/ expressed his hearty thanks to us and left.
  3.He thanked her.
How to end the passage:
  1.Looking at the raincoat, I felt warm at heart.
  2.Though it took us some time to help him, we were happy anyway.
  3.I felt very happy today because I’ve done a good deed.
  4.With a smile I answered “ I am a League member.”
  5.I was so sorry that I couldn’t play the match. But I was lucky.
  6.And also happy that I had so many friends to help me when I was in trouble.
  7.Now, I understand what labour means. I think it is really a successful experience.
  2: :
Early in the morning, I went to Xiangshan Park for sightseeing with my parents. Of
course we took a lot of pictures.
However, I was quite disappointed to find some bad behaviour.Some people littered anywhere as they liked. Some even climbed up the trees and picked flowers. Although there were some signs warning people not to touch the lawn, still some people enjoyed themselves there.
I hope that such bad behaviour will soon be got rid of and everybody will protect the environment.
下面六幅图描述了你在星期天下午足球赛中发生的事, 下面六幅图描述了你在星期天下午足球赛中发生的事, 请根据图画写一篇英语日记。 请根据图画写一篇英语日记。
  3: 范文 : Sunday
This afternoon we had a football match. How happy we were! Suddenly I fell over when I was running toward the ball. I hurt so badly that I could hardly stand up. Some of my
classmates came up and helped me onto a bike. They took me to the nearest hospital. The doctor in the hospital examined me and said that there was nothing serious. After being given some medicine, I was allowed to be supported home. I was so sorry that I couldn't play the match. But I was lucky and also happy that I had so many friends to help me when I was in trouble.
范文4 范文
Yesterday I went to the Friendship Store. I saw a
I was doing some shopping when I happened to see that a foreigner was trying to buy some clothes.
foreigner buying clothes. He spoke English. The shop assistant couldn’t understand him. I translated
Seeing this I went up to them and He tried what he could to make himself understood. at all But
for them. They said thanks to me. I think the shop
what the foreign guest said into Chinese
assistant should know foreign language.
or how they could work in such a big store without knowing any foreign language.
I like English. I listen to English broadcast. I read
I am very interested in English In my spare time, I keep on listening to Besides five
English materials. I practise my spoken English. I
every day And often
won the English competition this year and published
first place at in our school I often have my articles published in the English column of the school paper.
articles. I will work harder.
to improve my English
必背的关联词60 必背的关联词 个
what’s more ’ besides in addition Furthermore meanwhile not only but also--as well as to begin with / First of all/ First / Second/Third
however on the other hand on the contrary
as a result therefore thus otherwise
in a word in short in brief in conclusion in other words generally speaking
for this reason for this purpose so that in order to in case
in fact as a matter of fact to tell the truth last but not least above all the most important without any doubt believe it or not Only in this way
in my



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