第二节:写作(满分 30 分)
阅读下面的文字,用英语写一篇 120?150 词的短文。
Recently I learned from the newspaper that normal universities belonging to the Education Department would recruit some students free. As a return, the students must serve as a primary school teacher for at least ten years in his(or her) hometown. I feel that is a good news for me and I will contact the universities to get enrolled.
First of all, as a farmer’s child, my father’s living condition is not so good. I can hardly afford the high tuition of regular universities. I’m so happy to get this chance to become a college student and continue my study.
Secondly, serving a teacher is my dream since I was a child. I was brought up in a mountain village. Many of my little friends got poor education and they had to get to work as a teenager. If I become a teacher, I’ll devote myself to giving them better education.
Lastly, out country is in great need of teachers, especially in rural areas. After I graduate, I will return to my hometown and serve as a good teacher.
Ⅳ 写作(共两节,满分40分)
第一节 基础写作(共1小题,满分15分)








Last week , we did a survey among 2,600 students on the “ who is your idol “ The survey shows that half of the girls choose film and TV stars as idols , while 48% of the boys figure sports stars . As the data shows, “parents” ranks the second for the girls , but the for the boys. However , the percentage of the boys choosing “great figures” is the same as that of the girls. As for myself, Thomas Edison is my idol because his inventions have greatly changed our life.
第二节 读写任务(共l小题,满分25分)
Dear Ari,
As you sleep in my arms, I'm amazed at how light you feel. I stare at your tiny body, so fragile that a sudden wind could lift you up into the air. I love this feeling of protecting you and dreaming of all I have in store for you.
I intend to bring you up to be brave and successful in an often difficult society. That's why your mommy and I have named you Ari, which means "lion". It's our hope that you will grow strong and eagerly grasp every opportunity to do well for yourself and others.
Before you came into the world, we had spent months imagining what you'd be like. Would you be a boy or a girl? Would you look like Mommy, Daddy or your elder brothers? Anyway, we would find out soon.
Finally your mother's labor came. And several hours later, we met the first time. I held you high up in the air. I then was able to cut your umbilical cord (脐带) and put you in your mother's arms. She still had enough energy to radiate the love while she pressed you to her face.
And here we are tonight. As I hold you close, you sleep so peacefully. I press my ear to your chest and hear your strength. I am listening to the first beats of a lion's heart. Welcome to the world, Ari.



  1.作文中可使用自己的亲身经历或虚构的故事,也可以参照阅读材料的内容但不得直接 引用原文中的句子;

Dear Daddy,
Tonight is your 50th birthday, and I haven’t really got the chance to say all of my thanks I want to tell you. I read your letter you wrote to me when I was born 18 years ago. You gave me the name “Ari” and hoped I would be brave and responsible to the sociality. I was so moved by your deepest love to me. And I love you too Daddy.
When I was a primary school student, you always encouraged me to do well in school and each evening I was asked to present at least one new thing I had learnt that day. You told me that I could be whatever I wanted to be, as long as I got good grades and continued my education. When I met some difficulties, you inspired me to face it bravely and solve it by my own brightness and effort.
Thanks for supporting me over the last 18 years of my life. Thanks for all the advice and knowledge over the years. Thanks for showing me, that even you, are not perfect. Thank dad, I wish you a healthy body and a happy life.



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