held D. holding

  23. I felt so bad all day yesterday that I decided this morning I couldn’t face day like that.
A. other B. another C. the other D. others

  24. Whenever I met her, was fairly often, she greeted me with a sweet smile.
A. who B. which C. when D. that

  25. The number of foreign students attending Chinese universities rising steadily since19
A. is B. are C. has been D. have been

  26. Do you have enough to all your daily expenses?
Oh yes, enough and to spare.
A. cover B. spend C. fill D. offer

  27. So sudden that the enemy had no time to escape.
A. did the attack B. the attack did C. was the attack D. the attack was

  28. The little girl who got lost decided to remain she was and wait for her mother.
A. where B. what C. how D. who

  29. He says that my new car is a of money.
Don’t you think those words are just sour grapes?
A. lack B. load C. question D. waste

  30. Poor Steve! I could hardly recognize him just now!
, He has changed so much.
A. Never mind B. No problem C. Not at all D. Me neither

  31. Amy joined a painting group but didn’t seem to , so she left.
A. show off B. go up C. fit in D. come over

  32. Shall we have our picnic tomorrow?
it doesn’t min.
A. Until B. While C. Once D. If

  33. It saves time in the kitchen to have things you use a lot easy reach.
A. near B. upon C. within D. around

  34. I was out of town at the time, so I don’t know exactly how it .
A. was happening B. happened C. happens D. has happened

  35. Mary and I see each other ,but not as often as we used to.
A. sooner or later B. once in a while C. in the end D. more or less
第二节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题
Even though it was only October, my students were already whispering about Christmas plans. With each passing day everyone became more __36__, waiting for the final school bell. Upon its _37everyone would run for their coats and go home, everyone except David
David was a small boy in ragged clothes. I had often _38what kind of home life David had, and what kind of mother could send her son to school dressed so __39__ for the cold winter months, without a coat, boots, or gloves. But something made David __40__. I can still remember he was always __41a smile and willing to help. He always __42__after school to straighten chairs and mop the floor. We never talked much. He__43just simply smile and ask what else he could do, then thank me for letting him stay and slowly__44home
Weeks passed and the __45over the coming Christmas grew into restlessness until the last day of__46__before the holiday break. I smiled in 47 __as the last of them hurried out the door. Turning around I saw David 48standing by my desk.
“I have something for you ”he said and 49from behind his back a small box .__50it to me, he said anxiously, “Open it ”I took the box from him ,thanked him and slowly unwrapped it. I lifted the lid and to my __51__saw nothing. I looked at David‘s smiling face add back into the box and said,“The box is nice ,David ,but it’s__52__”
“Oh no it isn’t”said David.“It’s full of love. My mum told me before she died that love was something you couldn’t see or touch unless you know it’s there.”
Tears filled my eyes 53Iooked at the proud dirty face that I had rarely given54to. After that Christmas, David and I became good friends and I never forgot the meaning 55the little empty box set on my desk

  36. A. anxious B. courageous C. serious D. cautious

  37. A. warning B. ringing C. calling D. yelling

  37. A. scolded B. wondered C. realized D. learned

  39. A. modestly B. naturally C. inaccurately D. inappropriately

  40. A. popular B. upset C. special D. funny

  41. A. expressing B. delivering C. wearing D. sharing

  42. A. practised B. wandered C. studied D. stayed

  43. A. would B. should C. might D. could

  44. A. aim at B. turn to C. put off D. head for

  45. A. argument B. excitement C. movement D. judgment

  46. A. school B. year C. education D. program

  47. A. relief B. return C. vain D. control

  48. A. weakly B. sadly C. quietly D. helplessly

  49. A. searched B. found C. raised D. pulled

  50. A. Holding B. Handing C. Sending D. Leaving

  51. A. delight B. expectation C. appreciation D. surprise

  52. A. cheap B. empty C. useless D. improper

  53. A. as B. until C. because D. though

  54. A. advice B. support C. attention D. command

  55. A. from B. behind C. over D. towards
第三部分 阅读理解(共20小题:每小题2分,满分40分)
A year ago August, Dave Fuss lost his job driving a truck for a small company in west Michigan. His wife, Gerrie, was still working in the local school cafeteria, but work for Dave was scarce, and the price of everything was rising. The Fusses were at risk of joining the millions of Americans who have lost their homes in recent years. Then Dave and Gerrie received a timely gift??$
  00,a legacy (遗产) from their neighbors Ish and Arlene Hatch, who died in an accident . “It really made a difference when we were going under financially.” says Dave.
But the Fusses weren’t the only folks in Alto and the neighboring town of Lowell to receive unexpected legacy from the Hatches. Dozens of other families were touched by the Hatches’ generosity. In some cases, it was a few thousand dollars; in other, it was more than $100,0
It surprised nearly everyone that the Hatches had so much money , more than $3 million?they were am elderly couple who lived in an old house on what was left of the family farm .
Children of the Great Depression, Ish and Arlene were known for their habit of saving. They thrived own (喜欢) comparison shopping and would routinely go from store to store, checking prices before making a new purchase .
Through the years, the Hatches paid for local children to attend summer camp when their parents couldn’t afford it. “Ish and Arlene never asked if you needed anything,” says their friend Sand Van Weelden, “They could see things they could do to make you happier, and they would do them.
Even more extraordinary was that the Hatches had their farmland distributed. It was the Hatches’ wish that their legacy??a legacy of kindness as much as one of dollars and cent ??should enrich the whole community (社区) and last for generations to come.
Neighbors helping neighbors ??that was Ish and Arlene Hatch’s story .

  56. According to the text, the Fusses
A. were employed by a truck company B. were in financial difficulty
C. worked in a school cafeteria D. lost their home

  57. Which of the following is true of the Hatches?
A .They had their children during the Great Depression.
B. They left the family farm to live in an old house.
C. They gave away their possessions to their neighbors.
D. They helped their neighbors to find jobs.

  58. Why would the Hatches routinely go from store to store?
A. They decided to open a store
B. They wanted to save money
C. They couldn’t afford expensive things
D. They wanted to buy gifts for local kids
59 According to Sandy Van Weelden, the Hatches were
A. understanding B. optimistic C. childlike D. curious
60 What can we learn from the text?
A. The community of Alto was poor.
B. The summer camp was attractive to the parents.
C. Sandy Van Weelden got a legacy form the Hatches.
D. The Hatches would like the neighbors to follow their example.

“In only six days I lost seven pounds of weight .”
“Two full inches in the first three days!”
These are the kinds of statements used in magazine, newspaper, radio and television ads, promising new shapes and new looks to those who buy the medicine or the device of such products say they can shape the legs, slim the face, smooth wrinkles, or in some other way to beauty or desirability.
Often such products are nothing more than money-making things for their promoter. The results they produce are questionable, and some are dangerous to health.
To understand how these products can be legally promoted to the public, it is necessary to understand something of the laws covering their regulation. If the product is a drug, FDA(Food Drug Administration)can require proof (证明)under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act that it is safe and effective before it is put on the market. But if the product is a device, FDA has no authority to require premarketing proof of safety or effectiveness. If a product already on the market is a danger to health, FDA can request the producer or distributor to remove it from the market voluntarily, or it can take legal action ,including seizure (查封) of the product.
One notable case a few years ago involved an electrical device called the Relaxacisor, had been sold for reducing the waistline. The Relaxacisor produced electrical shocks to the body through contact pads. FDA took legal action against the distributor to stop the sale of the device on the grounds that it was dangerous to health and life.
Obviously, most of the devices on the market have never been the subject of court proceedings (法律诉讼), and new devices appear continually, Before buying, it is up to the consumer to judge the safety or effectiveness of such items.

  61.It can be inferred that ads mentioned in the text are .
A. objective B. costly C. unreliable D. illegal

  62.Which of the following is true according to the text?
A. The court is in charge of removing dangerous product.
B. New products are more likely to be questionable.
C. The production of a device must be approved by FDA.
D. The promoters usually just care about profits.

  63..FDA can ask for the proof of safety and effectiveness of a product .
A. if it is a drug
B. if it is a device
C. if its consumers make complaints
D. if its distributors challenge FDA’s authority

  64.The Relaxacisor is mentioned as.
A. a product which was designed to produce electricity
B. a product whose distributor was involved in a legal case
C. a successful advertisement of a beauty product
D. an example of a quality beauty product

  65. The author intends to
A. make consumers aware of the promoters’ false promises
B. show the weakness of the law on product safety
C. give advice on how to keep young and beautiful
D. introduce the organization of FDA
Few laws are so effective that you can see results just days after they take effect. But in the nine days since the federal cigarette tax more than doubledto $
  1.01 per packsmokers have jammed telephone “quit lines” across the country seeking to kick the habit.
This is not a surprise to public health advocates. They’ve studied the effect of state tax increases for years, finding that smokers, especially teens, are price sensitive. Nor is it a shock to the industry, which fiercely fights every tax increase.
The only wonder is that so many states insist on closing their ears to the message. Tobacco taxes improve public health, they raise money and most particularly, they deter people from taking up the habit as teens, which is when nearly all smokers are addicted. Yet the rate of taxation varies widely.
In Manhattan, for instance, which has the highest tax in the nation; a pack of Marlboro Light Kings cost $
  10.06 at one drugstore Wednesday. In Charleston, S.C., where the 7-bent-a-pack tax is the lowest in the nation. The price was $
The influence is obvious.
In New York, high school smoking hit a new low in the latest surveys
  13.8%, far below the national average. By comparison, 26% of high school students smoke in Kentucky, Other low-tax states have similarly depressing teen-smoking records.
Hal Rogers, Representative from Kentucky, like those who are against high tobacco taxes, argues that the burden of the tax falls on low-income Americans “who choose to smoke.”
That’s true. But there is more reason in keeping future generations of low-income workers from getting hooked in the first place. As for today’s adults, if the new tax drives them to quit, they will have more to spend on their familie



   一位年轻小伙子即将要大学,逐渐从很多个月他坏了36个漂亮的跑车在经销商的展厅,和37他父亲很可能38它,就告诉爸爸这个才是他最想要的。 他在一天的早上定级父亲将他叫到自己的书房,告诉他,有39他这么出色的儿子。他递过儿子一个用漂亮的礼物盒。四十岁,但略感失望,年轻的男人发现41这个盒子里,一个可爱的书,42岁,他提出了他的声音,他的父亲和说。“43你所有的钱都给我一本书吗?”,冲出屋子44这本书在书房里 他没有接触(联系)他父亲一整年45有一天他看到,在严格的一位老人,他长得像他的父亲。46他 ...


   人们经常生病是因为我。36,他们几乎不能怪我,这很大程度上是自己的37岁。一个疲倦的人可能会得到38,特别是当他走到拥挤的地方和被污染的空气。39岁的突然转变是另一个因素。在炎热的夏季,人们打开空调刚刚回家。他们会轻易感冒。 我的最新受害者是一个精力充沛的学生。放学后,他仍然踢足球努力了两个小时。尽管40。他仍然去看电影了。然后,他回到家洗了冷水澡立即。 我抓住这个大好机会到41他。他的反应,试图42岁的我,但我已经43深进他的喉咙。他不停地打喷嚏(打喷嚏)和他的鼻子都是跑着去。44他穿上了一 ...


   有一个非常特殊的老师远-reaching彻底改变了我的生活 秋天,1959年,上课的第一天在学校的雪佛兰卡车几乎追崇贝是关于开始。“谁”,我问一个高级”,是我夫人麦克纳马拉,十年级英语老师吗?”,他只是说了一些关于我__31处于__32__Soon,我明白了他的意思。麦克纳马拉有花纹的夫人33that她重复了一遍又一遍。我们会有一个for_34__文学阅读的任务。第二天,当我们来到课堂上,会有两或三个主题,在黑板上35作业阅读。在我们were36__to以写一篇关于一个的题材。第二天,她就会3 ...


   高中毕业要求任意改变在我的社区。作为一个结果,所有的学生都必须36 60个小时的服务学习,37人、必不领受了一份毕业证书。服务学习是学术的学习,也帮助社区。38服务学习包括清理受污染的河流,工作在汤的厨房,或辅导学生。39服务的经验,学生们必须保持一种期刊(日志),然后写一个40关于他们学到的知识。 支持者声称有许多41服务学习的。或许最重要的是,学生被迫认为42他们自己的利益,成为中的43他人的需要。学生也能学习技能,44岁的真实工作责任,解决问题的能力,以及作为团队的一部分。45,学生可以 ...


   彼得和保罗早已得到许可来自父母营在田地里接近自己的农场。不过,由于喜欢冒险的男孩,他们知道它会更36出现…倒没什么,躺在树林里营在大河那边。37岁的男孩兴奋地与他们的帐篷和食物全国。 他们沉重的38个全国携带,兄弟俩沿着河边散步的时候,几乎没有注意到的距离或太阳打了下来。他们急切要达到自己的39之前到吃午饭的时候了。他们进了树林、凉爽,神出鬼没开始寻找一种合适的露营地点。皮特想40接近这条河在树林边的41保罗,他长大了,坚持要他们。42营远,彼得跟着他的兄弟陷入更深的43个出现…倒没什么。“这 ...


   我记得第一次注意到十字路口的防守时,他向我招手,我开车我的儿子去学校。他16我是个难题??所有这一切都是因为他向我招手像有人17看到一个亲密的朋友。一个大的,18岁的微笑陪伴其波。在接下来的几天我试图19他的脸去查看,如果我认识他。我没有。也许他已经20我为他人。在我满足自己21,他和我都是不相识的;我们也被相互问候热忱每天早上就象老朋友一样亲切。 后来有一天,那个22日是解决。当我23学校他站在路中央24他停车标志。我是在生活在四个汽车。25孩子们已达到安全的人行道上,他垂下签署并让车子26 ...


   阿尔弗雷德?诺贝尔成为一个百万富翁的方法,并改变了矿山企业、建筑施工企业和战争,就像刚才提到的发明者炸药(炸药)。1888年4月12日,艾尔弗雷德的哥哥路德维希死于心脏病。一个主要的法国报纸对他和他的兄弟_21_刊登的一篇文章中_22_阿尔弗雷德?诺贝尔的死。”商人死就死了。”这篇文章读博士。”阿尔弗雷德 诺贝尔奖,他们成为_23_通过寻找一种方法来杀死更多的人比以往快,昨天去世了。“诺贝尔是_24_找出这倒不是他已经去世了,但是,当他的时间到了,他会被认为只有当一个人从中受益的_25_和毁灭 ...


   “那有什么用,妈妈,强尼说:“。"我不擅长跳舞。” “你必须继续努力下去。今晚将36,亲爱的。试着弯时的那个漂亮的Lisette。” 约翰尼37岁。每个星期六晚上都曾经是最好的一周。他与他的父母去了38在俱乐部,在那里他的英雄,Alcide手风琴、播放手风琴()乐队。但最近一切都改变了。现在,约翰尼正在为39岁年龄的增大,他与一个女孩跳舞! 40约翰尼和他的父母来到俱乐部,音乐已经开始了。约翰尼起床Lisette 41接近他。“我可以和你跳这支舞吗?”强尼问道。”“没关系”,说Lis ...


   孩子的位置是在美国的家庭和社会不再是过去的样子了。 36 个家庭在北美殖民地(殖民时 在 期的)主要是关心生存和 37,它的经济繁荣。因此,孩子们在 38 他们的生产率(而言),并且他们 生产能力角色的制片人都还挺早的。39 他们完成了这一作用,他们的职位在家庭是一个附属 的屈从()。 这 40,受到了社会各界的位置的小孩的家庭和社会中变得越来越重要时,在复杂的科技社会 41 个美国已成为,每个 42 必须履行一定数量的个人和职业 43 名,并在接触到许多其他会员。 如有必要,44 岁的孩子 ...


   商务英语翻译 一:选择题 选择题(20 分,共 10 小题)主要考课文里面的例句,给出英文的句子,从四个中文选项中选择最佳 选择题 的答案(感觉不太难,只要认真看书一两遍应该无问题) 二:商务词汇英译中 商务词汇英译中(20 分,共 20 小题)考一些有关商务的词汇(感觉有些课本里面有,有些课本里面 商务词汇英译中 没有) 三:改错题 改错题(20 分,共 10 小题)给出一个英文句子,然后给一个错误的中文翻译,要求改正错误(感觉 改错题 也是从书里的例句抽出来的,不过这题考得细致一些) 四 ...


2011年高考英语Units 1~3

   阳光家教网 www.ygjj.com 高考英语学习资料 选修 10 Units 1~3 能力演练 一、语法填空 The world 1 (run) out of oil and energy experts believe that there could be serious shortages in ten years time.Not only is each individual using more oil than ever before,as the standard of l ...


   浅谈初中英语阅读 在初中英语教学中,阅读教学已经占主导地位. 阅读是指 通过看文字材料理解其内容的过程,而学生阅读能力的提高能为 听、 说和写能力的发展打好基础。 学生的语言知识能否得到巩固、 语言技能能否得到培养、学习积极性能否得到保持下去、英语学 习的积极性及兴趣能否得到稳定,很大程度跟学生的阅读有密切 的联系。 一、 通过阅读巩固已学词汇、甚至扩大词汇量 由于现行教材的词汇量大,学生一节课所学的那十个、八个或二 十多个生词, 即使当堂课能很好地记住, 也不等于长时间能记住。 德国心理学 ...


   Steve Shladover outlines the benefits to be gained from vehicles that could drive themselves and discusses how this could be achieved. 斯蒂夫?施多弗阐述了能自动运行的车辆的诸多裨益,并详细论述了如何将其变为现实。 Intelligent Vehicles Steve Shladover 1 Even when cars were still ...


   2008 文都英语网络课堂 徐绽词汇笔记 第一讲 励志内容 第二讲 理性地看待源远流长的英语词汇学的 长河,会发现所有的词汇不是孤立存在的。 任何一种语言都是表达思想的载体, 在其发 展演变的过程中都是有规律可循的。 最早说英语的为公元五世纪的日耳曼 人 的 一 支 , 盎 格 鲁 . 萨 克 孙 人 <Anglo-saxon>, 当时只有五六万的词汇量, 这个阶段为 Old English<古英语>, 不成型, 只是 Anglo-saxon 本族语言。 公元十一世纪 ...


   四年级 1,This is my computer. 这是我的电脑. 2,That is your computer.那是你的电脑. 3,Is this a teacher's desk? 这是一张讲台吗? Yes, it is.是的,它是. 4,What time is it? 现在几点? It's two o'clock.. 两点钟. 5,It's 9:45. It's time for math class.该上数学课了. 6,Is this your T-shirt? 这是你的 衫吗 ...