s, cut their risk of cancer and heart disease and feel better.
66 The text is mainly about.
A. the price of cigarettes B. the rate of teen smoking
C. the effect of tobacco tax increase D. the differences in tobacco tax rate
67 What does the author think is a surprise?
A. Teen smokers are price sensitive.
B. Some states still keep the tobacco tax low.
C. Tobacco taxes improve public health.
D. Tobacco industry fiercely fights the tax rise.

  68. The underlined word "deter" in Paragraph 3 most probably means .
A. discourage B. remove C. benefit D. free

  69. Rogers’ attitude towards the low-income smokers might be that of .
A. tolerance B. unconcern C. doubt D. sympathy

  70. What can we learn from the last paragraph?
A. The new tax will be beneficial in the long run.
B. Low-income Americans are more likely to fall ill.
C. Future generations will be hooked on smoking.
D. Adults will depend more on their families.
An increase in students applying to study economics at university is being attributed to (归因于)the global economic crisis awakening a public thirst for knowledge about how the financial system works.
Applications for degree courses beginning this autumn were up by 15% this January, according to UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. A spokesman for the Royal Economic Society said applications to do economics at A-level were also up.
Professor John Beath, the president of the society and a leading lecturer at St Andrews University, said his first-year lectureswhich are open to students from all departmentswere drawing crowds of 400, rather than the usual 2
“There are a large number of students who are not economics majors, who would like to learn something about it. One of the things I have done this year is to relate my teaching to contemporary events in a way that one hasn’t traditionally done.” He said.
University applications rose 7% last year, but there were rises above average in several subjects. Nursing saw a 15% jump, with people’s renewed interest in careers in the pubic sector(部门), which are seen as more secure in economic crisis.
A recent study showed almost two thirds of parents believed schools should do more to teach pupils about financial matters, and almost half said their children had asked them what was going on, although a minority of parents felt they did not understand it themselves well enough to explain.
Zack Hocking, the head of Child Trust Funds, said: “It’s possible that one good thing to arise from the downturn will be a generation that’s financially wiser and better equipped to manage their money through times of economic uncertainty.”

  71. Professor John Beath’s lectures are .
A. given in a traditional way B. connected with the present situation
C. open to both students and their parents D. warmly received by economics

  72. Careers in the public sector are more attractive because of their .
A. greater stability B. higher pay C. fewer applications D. better reputation

  73. In the opinion of most parents, .
A. economics should be the focus of school teaching
B. more students should be admitted to universities
C. the teaching of financial matters should be strengthened.
D. children should solve financial problems themselves

  74. According to Hocking, the global economic crisis might make the youngsters
A. wiser in money management
B. have access to better equipment
C. confident about their future careers
D. get jobs in Child Trust Funds

  75. What’s the main idea of the text?
A. Universities have received more applications.
B. Economics is attracting an increasing number of students
C. College students benefit a lot from economic uncertainty
D. Parents are concerned with children’s subject selection.
第四部分 书面表达(共两节,满分45分)
第一节 阅读表达(共5小题;每小题3分,满分15分)

  1」Hello. It’s one of the first words we learn as babies, yet it’s one of the last ones we think to use as adults. That’s unfortunate, because saying hello is more than just saying hello it is recognition of another’s worth. How might the world change ? how might we change if we mastered this word? To find out, I spent one month saying hello to every person I met. Here’s what I’ve learned.

  2」It can boost (促进) productivity. In one of the few studies ever done on this subject, Allan Allday, an assistant professor of special education at Oklahoma State University, had middle school teachers greet their students individually each morning. This exchange of greetings raised the kids’ productivity. School went from impersonal to personal, and that resulted in more class participation and better grades.

  3」 Environments influence friendliness. One study found that people in the city were kiss likely to one hands with a stranger than those in the countryside. And, researchers say, pleasant environments generally encourage more smiles and hellos than unpleasant one. My experience was similar. Whatever the reason, my urban hellos were answered far less often than my rural one Similarly, people in vacation spots, like the Jersey Shore, were far friendlier than those hurrying to work downtown.

  4」It’s a form of universal health insurance. It’s impossible to say hello without smiling. And smiling has been shown to lower blood pressure, relieve stress and boost happiness. Apparently, a smile creates a similar effect in the recipient (接受者)。

  5」So maybe we can make the world a better place by . After a month of doing it. I feel lighter and more connected and I have a better sense of well-being.

  76. What does the author say about the adults according to Paragraph 1? (within 8 words)

  77. Which sentence in the text is the closest in meaning to the following one?
Teachers and students got friendlier so that the students became more active in learning and scored higher in tests.

  78. Fill in the blank in Paragraph 5 with proper words. (within 5 words)

  79. List three effects of smiling on health according to the text. (within 8 words)
① ② ③

  80. Translate the underlined sentence in Paragraph 3 Chinese.

假设你是李华,曾在美国学习半年,现已回国。你想联系你的美国老师Mr. Smith,但没有其联系方式。请根据以下要点给你的美国同学Tom 写一封信:


  2.询问Mr. Smith的近况并索要其联系方式;


第一部分 听力
1-5 C B A C A 6-10 C B A C B 11-15 C B B C C 16-20 A C A B B
第二部分 英语知识运用
第一节 语法和词汇知识
21-25 D A B B C 26-30 A C A D D 31-35 C D C B B
第二节 完形填空
36-40 A B B D C 41-45 C D A D B 46-50 A A C D B
51-55 D B A C B
第三部分 阅读理解
56-60 B C B A D 61-65 C D A B A 66-70 C B A D A
71-75 B A C A B
第四部分 书面表达

  76. Adults are not willing to say hello.

  77. School went from impersonal to personal, and that resulted in more class participation and better grades.

  78. saying hello to each other / greeting each other / saying hello

  79. ① lowering blood pressure ② relieving stress ③ boosting happiness

  80. 不管出于什么原因,我在城里打招呼得到的回应比在乡村少得多。



   这次旅行到那个城市是大开眼界,对每个人来说都快要结束了,所有的年轻人们在我们的小组开始反思它的意思。我们__21the第一个晚上我们已经抵达。我们都进了市场的城市22__the年轻人能体验它的能量。但是我们真正看到了简单的__23__我们所有人- - - -破旧的房子,孩子们在破烂,人们乞求钱走回家时,24…下一个低的桥,我们遇到25无家可归的人,追求家庭有点干燥的土地上睡觉的商人一夜。我们不得不跨过尸体,如同我们发现我们的方式穿越了黑暗。 (贫困)是贫困的__27__比任何我所能想像的年轻的 ...


   一位年轻小伙子即将要大学,逐渐从很多个月他坏了36个漂亮的跑车在经销商的展厅,和37他父亲很可能38它,就告诉爸爸这个才是他最想要的。 他在一天的早上定级父亲将他叫到自己的书房,告诉他,有39他这么出色的儿子。他递过儿子一个用漂亮的礼物盒。四十岁,但略感失望,年轻的男人发现41这个盒子里,一个可爱的书,42岁,他提出了他的声音,他的父亲和说。“43你所有的钱都给我一本书吗?”,冲出屋子44这本书在书房里 他没有接触(联系)他父亲一整年45有一天他看到,在严格的一位老人,他长得像他的父亲。46他 ...


   大部分人都认为他们没有丰富的想象力。他们是__50__。每个人都有想象,但我们中的大部分人,一旦我们已经长大成人,忘记如何__51__它。创造力并不总是__52__与伟大的艺术作品或观点。人们在工作和闲暇的时间__53__比较有创意的方式来解决问题。也许你会有一个要达成的目标,是一项棘手的问题要答复或只是想扩展你的思维!这里有三个技术来帮助你。 该技术是指以建立人际关系__54__思想和试图找到它们之间的联系。首先,想想这个问题你必须解决或者这份工作你需要做的事。然后找一个图像、文字、思想或物 ...


   在花了周末客场与我的成年儿子,我留下了深刻的印象,他慷慨的心的时候,我送给他这封信。 亲爱的儿子, 我想要感谢你对我的教导很 36 节课由伟大的例子在生活中你 37 岁。我们正在吃饭的时候, 在那个咖啡馆里的人邦迪汉堡有 38 他没有足够的钱来支付其费用,没有任何 39 个,你走过去 把 40 2 美元,交在他手里。 当我们离开的时候,你扔了一枚硬币 41 分上人行道,说:“有些孩子像,42 岁的 43 会非常愉快 的。 ” 上周,一名年轻男子 44 我的线在加油站没有钱来支付他 45 岁的 ...


   即使这只是十月,我的学生都已悄悄地利谈论有关圣诞节的计划。随着日子一天天的每个人都变得更__36__,等待最后学校的钟。在它的_37everyone将参加他们的外套,然后回家,每个人除了大卫 大卫是一个小男孩破蔽的衣服。我经常_38what的家庭生活对大卫,又有什么样的母亲能寄给她的儿子上学穿得很__39__为寒冷的冬季,不穿外套、靴子、手套。但大卫__40__定做。我还记得他总是__41a微笑并愿意提供帮助。他总是__42__after学校整顿的椅子和拖地板。我们从来没有谈了很多。He__4 ...


   阿尔弗雷德?诺贝尔成为一个百万富翁的方法,并改变了矿山企业、建筑施工企业和战争,就像刚才提到的发明者炸药(炸药)。1888年4月12日,艾尔弗雷德的哥哥路德维希死于心脏病。一个主要的法国报纸对他和他的兄弟_21_刊登的一篇文章中_22_阿尔弗雷德?诺贝尔的死。”商人死就死了。”这篇文章读博士。”阿尔弗雷德 诺贝尔奖,他们成为_23_通过寻找一种方法来杀死更多的人比以往快,昨天去世了。“诺贝尔是_24_找出这倒不是他已经去世了,但是,当他的时间到了,他会被认为只有当一个人从中受益的_25_和毁灭 ...


   “那有什么用,妈妈,强尼说:“。"我不擅长跳舞。” “你必须继续努力下去。今晚将36,亲爱的。试着弯时的那个漂亮的Lisette。” 约翰尼37岁。每个星期六晚上都曾经是最好的一周。他与他的父母去了38在俱乐部,在那里他的英雄,Alcide手风琴、播放手风琴()乐队。但最近一切都改变了。现在,约翰尼正在为39岁年龄的增大,他与一个女孩跳舞! 40约翰尼和他的父母来到俱乐部,音乐已经开始了。约翰尼起床Lisette 41接近他。“我可以和你跳这支舞吗?”强尼问道。”“没关系”,说Lis ...


   孩子的位置是在美国的家庭和社会不再是过去的样子了。 36 个家庭在北美殖民地(殖民时 在 期的)主要是关心生存和 37,它的经济繁荣。因此,孩子们在 38 他们的生产率(而言),并且他们 生产能力角色的制片人都还挺早的。39 他们完成了这一作用,他们的职位在家庭是一个附属 的屈从()。 这 40,受到了社会各界的位置的小孩的家庭和社会中变得越来越重要时,在复杂的科技社会 41 个美国已成为,每个 42 必须履行一定数量的个人和职业 43 名,并在接触到许多其他会员。 如有必要,44 岁的孩子 ...


   商务英语翻译 一:选择题 选择题(20 分,共 10 小题)主要考课文里面的例句,给出英文的句子,从四个中文选项中选择最佳 选择题 的答案(感觉不太难,只要认真看书一两遍应该无问题) 二:商务词汇英译中 商务词汇英译中(20 分,共 20 小题)考一些有关商务的词汇(感觉有些课本里面有,有些课本里面 商务词汇英译中 没有) 三:改错题 改错题(20 分,共 10 小题)给出一个英文句子,然后给一个错误的中文翻译,要求改正错误(感觉 改错题 也是从书里的例句抽出来的,不过这题考得细致一些) 四 ...


   www.TopSage.com 2006 年 5 月人事部三级笔译真题 第一部分 英译汉 大家网 1 / 21 Freed by warming, waters once locked beneath ice are gnawing at coastal settlements around the Arctic Circle. In Bykovsky, a village of 457 on Russia's northeast coast, the shoreline is collap ...



   Book 2 Unit 3-Ex Section A III. 1. mutual 2. illusion 3. canceled 4. overlooked 5. proceeded 6. resolve 7. prejudice 8. compromise 9. confirm 10. subsequently IV. 1. have nothing to do with 2. taking care of 3. met with 4. on the surface 5. work ou ...


   学英语简单吗?肯定会有许多学生说: 难死了 难死了”。 学英语简单吗?肯定会有许多学生说:“难死了 。 为什么有好多学生对英语的学习都感到头疼呢?答案只有一个: 不得法 不得法。 为什么有好多学生对英语的学习都感到头疼呢?答案只有一个:“不得法。” 英 语与汉语一样都是一种语言,为什么你说汉语会如此流利? 语与汉语一样都是一种语言,为什么你说汉语会如此流利?那是因为你置身于 一个汉语环境中,如果你在伦敦呆上半年,保准说起英语来会非常流利。 一个汉语环境中,如果你在伦敦呆上半年,保准说起英语来 ...

英语演讲 主题 :葡萄酒

   W I N E The main part of wine (75~150g/L) Fructose(果糖)(75~150g/L) Tartaric acid(酒石酸) (2~10g/L) amino acid(氨基酸) (0.2~2.5g/L) Five carbon candy , ammonia ion , pectin , proteide , vitamin of a small amount(少量的五碳 糖,氨离子,果胶,蛋白质,维 生素) Glucose (葡萄糖) Just ...


   For Youths in US, a Jump in Media Use A survey finds that children and teens are doing even more multi-tasking, and that heavy users are more likely to do poorly in school. Transcript of radio broadcast: 28 January 2010 This is the VOA Special Engl ...


   高中英语语法 学习提纲 时态 一、词类、句子成分和构词法: 1、词类:英语词类分十种: 、词类:英语词类分十种: 名词、形容词、代词、数词、冠词、动词、副词、介词、连词、感叹词。 。 1、名词 名词(n.): 表示人、事物、地点或抽象概念的名称。如:boy, morning, bag, ball, class, 名词 orange. 2、代词 代词(pron.): 主要用来代替名词。如:who, she, you, it . 代词 3、形容词 形容词(adj..):表示人或事物的性质或特征。 ...