高考英语复习-词汇和语法精练详解 1
  1. After a long walk, they pass over the mountain. A. could be able to B.can C. would D.were able to

  2. In this factory, suggestions often have to wait for months before they are fully . A.admitted B..acknowledged C.absorbed D.considered

  3. I found her sitting in the corner, reading newspaper, with in her eyes. A. a, tear B. a piece of, tears C. a, tears D. a piece of, tear

  4.In fact, one cause that leads to the problem. A. cattle is B. cattle are C. cattles are D. the cattles are

  5.The boy slipped out of the room and headed for the swimming pool without his parents' . A. command B. conviction C. consent D. compromise

  6. He often dreams of going. A. aboard B. abroad C. board D.abandon

  7. Our research has focused on a drug which is so as to be able to change brain chemistry. A. powerful B. influential C. monstrous D. vigorous

  8.Now that he has publicly he was wrong, he is sharing the child-raising and household tasks with Pat. A.announced B. admitted C. declared D.allowed

  9.. The lost car of the Lees was found in the woods off the highway. A. vanished B. abandoned C. scattered D. rejected

  10. We already have pencils, but we need two pens. A. dozen of, doze B. dozens of, dozens C. dozens of, dozen D. dozens of, dozen of

  11. Henry's news report covering the conference was so that nothing had been omitted. A.understanding B.comprehensible C.comprehensive D.understandable

  12. She was afraid that unless the train speeded up she would lose her to Scotland.
A. ticket
B. place
C. seat
D. connection

  13. The ship was in a storm off Jamaica. A. drowned B. sunk C. wrecked D. submitted

  14. No one has been able to trace the author of the poem. A. still B. yet C. already D. just

  15. She’s asked me to build the church. A. how long it was taken C. how much time did it take B. how long it had taken D. how much time it was taken

  16. You are devoted herself to her research and it earned her a good reputation in her field. A. strongly B.extremely C. entirely D. freely

  17. More than one-third of the Chinese in the United States live in California, in San Francisco. A. previously B. predominantly C practically D. permanently

  18. The new secretary has written a remarkably report only in a few pages but with all the details. A. concise B. clear C. precise D. elaborate

  19. He’d arrived20 minutesearlyI can have time for a cup of tea. A. as soon as B. as a result C. in case D. so that

  20. The managing director took the for the accident, althoughit was not really his fault. A. guilt B. charge C. blame D. accusation

  21. What has made Mary so? Losing her new bicycle. A. worrying B. troublesome C. upset D. hurried

  22. Theof Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and People’s from across the globe. A. theme B. purpose C. task D. brand

  23. The worker agreed to the strike if the company would satisfy their demands. A. call for B. call forth C. call off D. call up

  24. I could just see a car in the distance, but I couldn't what color it was. A. look out B. make out C. get across D. take after

  25. He has impressed his employers considerably and he is soon to be promoted. A. eventually B. yet C. finally D. accordingly

  26. It was a great for him to be pleasant to people he didn't like. A. attempt B. trouble C. power D. effort

  27. The firemen managed to the fire in time. A. extinguish B. prevent C. suppress D. ruin

  28. What is most obvious in this book are all those details of daily living which make Mrs. Richard common. A. nothing but B. anything but C. above all D.rather than

  29. Was it in the factory you worked five years ago you learned the technique? A. that; where B. where; when C. where; where D. where; that

  30. ??? run fast should take part in the 400-meter race tomorrow. A. Anyone who B. Those who C. No matter who D. Whoever

  31. Although the causes of cancer, we do not yet have any practical way to prevent it. A. are being uncovered B. have been uncovering C. are uncovering D. have uncovered
  32. The car was completely and the driver seriously injured. A. broken off B. taken off C. written off D. picked up

  33. On this happy occasion, I'd like to say that we are much obliged to you for your kind cooperation. A. even so B. ever so C. as yet D. so far

  34. His new appointment takes from the beginning of next month. A. place B. effect C. post D. office、

  35. The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and him of speeding. A. charged B. accused C. blamed D. deprived

  36. He was deep in thought with his eyes on the ceiling. A. fixed B. fixing C. fix D. to be fixing

  37. This is the piano on which the composer created some of his greatest works. A. actual B. genuine C. real D. original

  38. My camera can be to take pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions. A. treated B. adopted C. adjusted D. remedied

  39. According to the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, wisdom comes from the of maturity. A. fulfillment B. achievement C. establishment D. accomplishment

  40. The number of tickets will be determined by the size of the stadium. A. adaptable B. acceptable C. advisable D. available

  41.. Too many hotels have been built and this has prices, making holidays cheaper. A. cut short B. cut out C. cut off D. cut down

  42. He is a very honest official and never any gifts from the people who sought his help. A. accepted B. received C. took up D. excepted

  43. Anne acts in an unfriendly way. I think she is than unfriendly. A. shyer B. shy C. more shy rather D. more shy

  44. The Department is also deeply in various improvement schemes. A. connected B. included C. involved D. implied
45 Greg should have left the party an hour ago. yes, I keep telling him to go, he stays any way. A. because B.but C. instead D. however

  46. The boy had a escape when he ran across the road in front of the bus. A. close B. short C. narrow D. fine

  47. That kind of computer is far too expensive. I’ll buy one, . A. thought B. so C. either D. took

  48. The finance minister has not been so since he raised taxes to such a high level. A. popular B. well-known C. favorable D. preferable

  49. It is wrong for someone in such a high in the government to behave too badly in public. A. situation B. position C. employment D. profession。

  50.. He looked rather untidy as there were two buttons from his coat. A. loosing B. losing C. off D. missing

  1.【解析】 D. 关键是走了很长的路,表示一段过程不容易
  2.【解析】D. considered 考虑; admit 承认; absorb 吸收。acknowledge 承认, 供认;
  3.【解析】C。newspaper 和 tear 均为可数名词,它们不仅可以连用不定冠词、可以用复 数,而且还可以连用数词。
  4.【解析】B cattle(牲畜,牛)为集合名词,尽管它不带复数词尾-s,却永远表示复数意义, 若用作主语,谓语要用复数
  5.【解析】C. consent 同意, 赞成, 答应。conviction 深信, 确信。compromise 妥协, 折 中。 command 命令, 指令; 掌握, 运用能力。
  6.【解析】B 出国之意。
  7.【解析】A. powerfu 强有力的。在这里四个形容词中, 只有 powerful (有效力的) 可与表 示药物的名词搭配。influential 有影响的, 有势力的, monstrous 异常大的, vigorous 精力 旺盛的,
  8.【解析】B 依据前半句意思应该是既然他已经当众承认他错了,所以选 B
  9.【解析】B. abandoned 放弃, 抛弃;暗指某人对其所抛弃的人或物将会发生什么事情不感 兴趣, 如把撞坏的汽车抛弃在路旁。vanishvi.消失, 绝迹在地球上绝迹。scatter 驱使, 使分 散;撒, 到处放; reject (=refuse to accept) 拒绝接受;
  10.【解析】C。当它与具体数字连用时,既不加复数词尾-s,也不后接介词 of
  11.【解析】 C. comprehensive 完全的无所不包的; comprehensible 能懂的, 可以理解的; understandable 可以理解的, 主要用来指人的行为。understanding 用来指人时, 表示"善 于理解别人或别人问题的 (人)
  12【解析】D. lose one's connection to 误了到......地方去的 (汽车、火车、轮船的) 联运; The train was late and I missed my connection.
  13.【解析】C. wrecked[注释] wreck vt. 撞坏, 毁坏; sink vt. 下沉, 沉没, 该动词也可作及 物动词用, 意为“使下沉”, 但按本题句意看, 用被动语态不妥。 drown 溺死, 淹死: submit
  1) (=put oneself under the control of another) 提交, 呈送 (to) :
  2) (=put forward for option, discussion, decision ect.) 提出 (供评论、 讨论决定等)
  3) (=surrender (to) , give in) 屈服,投降:

  14.【解析】B. yet 常用于现在完成时的否定句中, 意为“尚, 还”。
  15.【解析】B 考查宾语从句及 take 的用法。宾语从句中需用陈述语序,故排除 C;花时间 做为“it takes some time to do sth.”,故排除 A.D 选 B.
  16.【解析】C 考查副词词义辨析。strongly 强烈的,猛烈地;extremely 地;entirely 完全地; freely 自由地,自如地。
  17.【解析】B. predominantly (=mostly; mainly) 主要地。 previously (=coming earlier in time or order) 先前, 早先; practically (=really; in a practical way) 实际上。permanently (=going on for a long time) 永久地。本题译文:在美国, 华人中有三分之一居住在加利福 尼亚洲, 其中主要是在旧金山。
  18.【解析】A. concise (=brief; giving much information in few words) 简明扼要的: clear 清楚的。precise (=exact; correctly stated; free form error) 精确的, 明白无误的; elaborate (=worked out with much care; carefully prepared) 精心制作的, 丰盛的: 孤立地看, 似乎 4 个形容词均能修饰 report, 但从句子的逻辑关系看, 后半句中有 only in a few pages but with all the details, 故 concise 是最贴切的选择了。
  19.【解析】D 考查状语从句连接词的用法。
  20.【解析】C. take the blame for 对......承担责任。take charge of 负责管理 (照顾) 。[注 意]charge 前无冠词 the.
  21.【解析】C 考查 形容词做宾补得用法。Make sb. upset
  22.【解析】A 考查名词词义辨析。theme 主题,符合句意。purpose 目的;task 任务; brand 商标,品牌,均不合句意。
  23.【解析】C. 考查短语的辨析。call off 走开,取消,撤销符合句意。call for 需要,要 求,呼吁;call forth 唤起激起;call up 打电话,征召入伍,
  24.【解析】B. make out 分辨,弄明白;look out 当心,小心;get across 将传达给--人;take after 相像
  25【解析】D. accordingly (=for that reason, therefore) 因此, 所以。
  26【解析】D. effort (作可数名词用) (=vigorous attempt) 努力的尝试:
  27.【解析】A. extinguish (=put out) vt. 扑灭 (火焰等) 。Stop the fire 虽然也可以搭配, 但 按本句题意用 extinguish 为最佳。
  28.【解析】B. anything but.(=far from being) 根本不; nothing but 只不过; above all 最重 要的。rather than 而不是 极端地,极其

  29. 【解析】 D.从整个句子来分析, 本题的主干是 Was it in the factory you worked you learned the technique?这一强调结构,you worked five years ago 是定语从句,限定 the factory。
  30【解析】B A、D 主谓一致上受限制。C 项不能用于名词性从句。
  31【解析】A. 因为句子的主语 the causes of cancer 与谓语 uncover 是被动关系,因此我 们使用被动结构,只有 A 符合这一条件。
  32.【解析】C. write off 报废; break off 停止、折断; take off 起飞、除去、减去; pick up 拾 起、获得、恢复健康、中途搭车等,句意为毁坏、报废。
  33. 解析】 ever so (=very) 非常; even so (=although that is true, nevertheless; still) 即 【 B. 使如此:
  34.【解析】B. effect. [注释]take effect 生效。
  35. 解析】 accuse sb. of... 控告某人犯有......, warn sb. of 警告、 【 B. 告戒某人有......deprive sb. of sth.剥夺某人某事。charge sb. with murder (指控某人犯有杀人罪) 。
  36.【解析】A 考查 with+n.+doing 复合结构。 Fix one’s eyes on 结构中名词和动词之间 为被动关系, 凝视, 为固定短语,故用 fixed。
  37.【解析】A. actual (=existing in fact, not imaginary) 实际使用过的。actual, read, genuine 是同义词, 有时可以互换, 如:an actual (or real) event in history, (历史上的真实 事件) , real (or genuine) banknotes (真钞票), 其反义词是 false (假的) ; original (原来的) , 其反义词是 duplicate (复制的) 。从不同的角度看, 似乎任何一个选择都说得过去, 但按照 题意选 A. actual 最佳, 因为题中强调的不是钢琴的真假, 而是指作曲家“实际使用过的”。 本题译文:这是作曲家创作他的一些杰出作品时实际使用过的那台钢琴。
  38.【解析】C. adjusted.强调, 调节, 使适应; My eyes have not been adjusted to dark yet. (我的眼睛还没有适应黑暗。 本句中 adjust 是不及物动词。must adjust my watch. It's slow. ) I (我必须调一下我的表。它走得慢了。)
  39. 【解析】 B. achievement 取得,



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