高考英语复习?词汇和语法精练详解 4
  1. It is often saidteachers havevery easy life A. /; / B. /; a C. the; / D. the; a
  2. To tell youtruth, it seems to me that you are not being treated withrespect due to a King. A./; / B. the; the C. /; the D. the; /
  3.?I had a good holiday at my uncle’s. ?. A. Oh, I’m glad to hear that. B. Oh,that’s very nice of you. C. My pleasure D. I’m glad to see you
  4. It’s justamong countries to host the Olympics as to win an Olympic medal. A. much as a competition B. as a much competition C. a competition as much D. as much a competition
  5. We werehappy to know the manned spaceship Shenzhou landed on the earth successfully. A. more than B. other than C. rather than D. less than
  6. Both look very strong and fast,one runner speeds ahead and wins the race. A. Therefore B. And C. But D. While
  7. Careful study shows that the best athletes win,they think then can win. A.mostly, because B. almost; as C. partly; for D.nearly; since
  8. The lady said she would buy a gift for her daughter with the.,after she bought some vegetables A. 20 dollars remained B.20 dollars left C. left 20 dollars D.remaining 20 dollars
  9. He hasn’t slept at all for three days.he is tired out. A. It is no wonder B. There is no need C. There is no point D. It is no way
  10. I’m worn out,,the bike doesn’t work well,I can’t go further. A. apart from; so B. except for; because C. beside; because D. besides; so
  11. is known to u all, America is a developed countrythe first world. A. As; belonging B. which; belongec C. as; belonging to D. which; belonged to
  12. ? Did you visit the Big Ben in London? ?No, we it, but we spent too much time shopping. A. could visit B. could have visited C. must ahave visited it D. can have visited
  13. Mary passed the driving test,surprised everyone in the office A. which B. what C. this D. it
  14. He wanted to pass the exam and styed up very late, thiscreates further problems. A. in turn B. in case C . in doubt D. in short
  15. Treatto tea to help you relax at the end of the woek. A. on; a B. oneself; the C. you; / D. yourself; a
  16. the watchand see if something is wrong with it. A. Take; apart B. Take; out C. Put; apart D. Put; out
  17. They peasants did what theythe crops, but failed. A. could save B. could saving C. could to save D. could saved

  18. , tears came down. A. Hearing the bad news B. Heard the bad news C. when to hear the bad news D. When he heard the bad news
  19. The rainy seasonfor six months and water gets in among the stones. A. stays B. remains C. continues D. lasts
  20. As I walkedthe countryyards, I noticed how the peasants devoted hours to cleaning it A. across B. down C.through D. along
  21. “Where are we now?”few minutes one of the students asked me the same question. A. A B.Each B.Another D.Every
  22. I wonderwill become my daughter. As well as endless homework, she also bears other leading loads such as revision and recitation. A. which B. what C. that D.it
  23.?We heard that he had gone abroad. ?. A. So did he B. So he did C. Neither did he D. Nor did he
  24. ? You failed again in the maths exam yesterday. ?Don’t tell Dad about it; if he knows that, I’mdead. A. as well as B. as much as C.as good as D. as many as
  25. The orangesnice ,butbadly this year. A. are tasted; aren’t sold B.taste;sell C. are tasted; sell D. taste; are sold
  26. Thereto be a wasteland and now stands a building. A. used B. seems C. was D.appeared
  27. Are you going to attend the meetingnext Saturday? A.holding B. held C. which will hold D. to be held
  28. You canthis English programmethe air easily with your short-wave radio. A. pick out; over B. pick up; on C. choose; through D. choose; by
  29. The host countryvast facilities,a stadium,swimming pools and living quarters A. offers ;containing B. gives; included C. awards; contained D. provides; including
  30. Most people who have AIDS manage toonly a few years after they get the disease. A.live B.survive C. continue D.go on
  31. the English examination I would have gone to the concert last Sunday. A. In spite of B. But for C. Because of D. As for
  32. It was difficult to guess what her to the news would be. A. impression B. comment C. reaction D. opinion
  33. Our attitude toward our teachers should be , but not slavish or superstitious. A. respectable B. respected C. respective D. respectful
  34. We could see that he was trying to his own responsibility for the delay, instead of accepting his fault. A. run over B. smooth over C. pass off D. turn down

  35.. Glemp's heroic flight into space entitled him a place in history A. for B. with C. to D. of
  36. He's drink and never does a stroke of work. A. gone to B. taken to C. taken up D. gone for
  37. "Who is responsible for sending out misinformation?" "Most of the fault lies the administration." A. in B. to C. on D. with
  38. People who live in a small village are bound to see a good of each other. A. sum B. quantity C. deal D. amount
  39. Maria missed the first train so as to travel on the same one as John. A. deliberately B. intensively C. decisively D. objectively
  40. They always kept on good with their next-door neighbors for the children's sake A. friendship B. relations C. intentions D. terms
  41. Do you think a wife should her habits and tastes to those of her husband? A. comply B. confirm C. consent D. conform
  42.. He was afraid that the branch might bend over and break, and he would be sent to the ground. A. crashing B. throwing C. falling D. dropping
  43. High interest rates people from borrowing money. A. discourage B. decrease C. disturb D. disgust
  44. Despite their good service, most inns are less costly than hotels of standards. A. equivalent B. equal C. alike D. likely
  45. The two things are the same in outward form but different . A. in addition B. in brief C. in common D. in essence
  46. it is a good thing I did not get the post I had applied for, though I must admit that I was disappointed at the time. A. By the way B. In a way C. In the way D. In no way
  47. inviting guests and not treating them properly! A. Strangely B. Fantastically C. Surprisingly D. Fancy
  48. With sufficient scientific information a manned trip to Mars should be A. obtainable B. potential C. considerable D. feasible
  49. The generation makes it difficult for parents to understand their children's opinions. A. division B. gap C. separation D . interval
  50. If the boy had the dog alone it wouldn't have bitten him. A. set B. left C. had D. put
  1. 【解析】B 前一个空复数名词前的泛指为零冠词,后一个空为泛指概念的单数意思是人 生、生活
  2. 【解析】B 第一个空为固定短语中的冠词;第二个空为不可数名词的特指。
  3. 【解析】A 考查交际用语。依据前面的意思,答语应该是“我很高兴听到这个”。B 项答复 对方的帮助;C 为“别客气,不用谢”, D 为见面时用语。

  4. 【解析】D 考查比较的表达方式。as+adj./adv.原形+as 表示同级的比较。其中名词 a competition 要放在 much 之后表示程度。
  5. 【解析】A 考查副词短语。 More than+adj.表示“非常,很”的意思,此处是很高兴;other than 意思是“不同于。除了”;rather than 意思是“胜过,而不是”;less than 少于,决不。
  6. 【解析】C 考查连词辨析。按照 both 和 one 的关系此处应该是转折。
  7. 【解析】A 考查副词词义辨析和连词的词义辨析。依据句意前果后因,前面的空应是大 多数为佳。
  8. 【解析】D 考查 leave 与 remain 在 with 结构中的辨析。语义和词义用 remaining 20 dollars
  9.【解析】A 考查短语的辨析。No wonder 难怪;B,C 我对没用;D 为不可能,决不。
  10.【解析】D 考查副词、介词和连词的用法。Besides 可用作副词,表示“而且,此外”, 起补充说明作用,其他三项均为介词。而前面是原因,因此选 D 。句意为:我精疲力尽, 此外,自行车也坏了,因此我不能往前走了
  11.【解析】C 考查 as 与 which 的辨析和 belong 短语的用法。
  12.【解析】B 考查情态动词的用法。依据句意原本能够事实并非如此,用 could have done 形式。
  13.【解析】A 考查非限制性定语从句中关系代词的辨析。which 指代前面的整个句子 what 不用于定语从句;如果用 C,D 时前面必须用连词,否则就是定语从句。
  14.【解析】A 考查介词短语的辨析。In turn 轮流,反过来,依据句意是反过来的意思。In case 假使,以防万一;in doubt 不确定,拿不准;in short 总之,简言之。
  15. 解析】 考查词的习惯用法。 【 D Treat oneself to sth. 用某物款待自己; tea=acup of tea a
  16.【解析】A. 考查固定短语的用法。Takeapart,意思是“把拆开”。依据语义选择。
  17. 解析】 考查句子结构。 【 C 从句 what they could (do) 作动词 did 的宾语, 不定式 to save the crops 作全句的目的状语。防止误选 A.
  18.【解析】D 考查的非谓语动词形式。前后主语保持一致,因此选 D
  19.【解析】D 考查动词词义辨析。此处是持续不是继续
  20.【解析】C 考查介词和动词的搭配。through 从空间里穿过;across 从物体的表面过去。
  21. 【解析】D 考查不定代词的用法。every few minutes 每几分钟。Each 后接单 数名词;another few minutes 意为“再有几分钟”,与语境不符;a few minutes 不能做时间 状语。
  22.【解析】B 考查宾语从句连接词的用法。突破点必须依据语义。句意是“我不知道女儿将 来会怎样,除了没完没了的作业,她还要承受其他的像复习和背诵这样的主要负担”。
  23.【解析】B 考查倒装句的特殊用法。同一主语表示的是附和和肯定。句式为 so+主语+ 系动词/助动词/情态动词句型。
  24.【解析】C 考查 asas 短语的辨析。As good as 意思是“和?一样”“几乎,等于”。句 意为别告诉爸爸,如果他知道了,我肯定死定(像死了一样) 。
  25. 解析】 考查语态。 【 B Taste 为系动词无被动语态, sell 为不及物动词, 意思是“卖起来”。
  26.【解析】A 考查 there be 句型。依据语义前后对比。
  27.【解析】D 考查不定式作定语的用法。
  28.【解析】B 考查动词和介词的辨析。题意为用你的短波收音机,你可以再广播上或无线 电上接收节目。pick up “接收节目”on the air“在广播上”。
  29.【解析】D 考查动词词义辨析。 Provide 提供;offer(主动)给予;give 送给;award 授予;contain 全部包括;include 部分包括。
  30.【解析】B 考查动词词义辨析。Survive 幸存;live 住,生活;continue 继续;go on
  31.【解析】 B.考查虚拟语气的用法。 but for(=without, except for)若非,要不是
  32.【解析】C. 考查名词词义辨析。 reaction(to)对......的反应,依据语义选择。
  33. 解析】 D. 考查 respect 的变化辨析。 respectable 值得尊敬的,品行端正的。 【 respectful 有礼貌的,表示尊敬的。respective 各个的。respected 尊敬的。Respecting prep.关于,说 到。
  34. 解析】 B. 考查动词短语的区分。 smooth over 使平息, 【 使恢复正常的, 掩饰; over run 溢出;pass off 事件发生; turn down 拒绝,关小
  35.【解析】C. 考查介词和动词的搭配。 entitle sb. to sth 给予权利。
  36.【解析】B. 考查动词短语的辨析。take to 养成(某种习惯) 。本题意思是他已经成了酒 徒,从来没有干过一件工作。
  37.【解析】 D. 考查介词和动词的搭配。lie with 应由.......(承担责任)(作出决定等)得 ; 靠...... )lie in 在于
  38.【解析】 C. 考查名词与动词的搭配。see a good deal of each other 经常见面。
  39.【解析】 A.考查副词词义辨析。 deliberately(=on purpose, intentionally)故意地;存 心地。Intensively 深入细致地 decisively 果断,明确;objectively 客观地。
  40.【解析】 D. 考查名词和动词的搭配。keep(be)on good terms with 与......和睦相处。
  41.【解析】D. 考查动词词义辨析。conform vi 遵守,符号 conform sth. to sth. else(vt) 使符合; comply with 遵守;confirm 使坚定,确认,证实;consent(to)同意,赞同
  42.【解析】A. 考查动词词义辨析。.crash(to the ground)猛跌(到地上) 。Crash n. 常 指飞机等的“失事”,本句中用 falling 不妥,fall 指“落下,掉下”,本身并不强调落下的速度, 而 crash 使“猛跌”,故本题用 crashing 最佳。
  43.【解析】A. 考查同字母动词词义辨析。discourage sb. from doing sth.使认为某事不值 得做;decrease 减少;disturb 打扰;disgust 使厌烦。
  44. 解析】 考查形容词词义辨析.equivalent



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