2009 高考英语复习 交际用语专项训练

  1. ?We really enjoy ourselves at the party. Thanks again,Mr. and Mrs. White. ?. Just drop in whenever you feel like it. A. Our great honour C. Nice you are here. B. Nice having you here D. With pleasure lots of things to do.

  2. ?I’m afraid I can’t go to your party, I have ?! A. What a pity Mind yourself B. With pleasure
C. No problem

  3. ?Was it two months ago you luckily got an opportunity to spend your holidays in Spain? ?. John was the lucky dog. A. when, Not I B. when, Not really C. that, Not me D. that, Yes

  4. ?I don’t feel like going out. Why don’t we just stay home and watch TV instead? ? You promised to take me out for dinner and to the theatre on my birthday. A. Great! all.
  5. ?I’m going to travel to America. Would you consider telling me about your experiences there? B. Why me? C. Come on! D. Not at
?. Let’s discuss it over dinner. A. That’s all right just depends
  6. ?Excuse me, have you got a light? ? . I don’t smoke. B.Never mind . C.I’m afraid not . B. By all means C. Go ahead D. It
A.Don’t mention it . D.Thanks a lot .

  7. ?Would you be able to go to the party ? ? . B.I’m afraid not . D.I believe not .
A.I don’t expect . C.I don’t think so .
  8. ?I really don’t know how to thank you enough . ? .
A.No problem . C.Not at all .
B.Think nothing of it . D.It doesn’t matter .

  9. ?I really like the MP3 disc you lent me last week. ? . A.I’m glad you like it . C.Don’t mention it . B.That’s all right . D.I hope you like it .

  10. ?Be quick, please. I have to be there by 9:00 ? , but I’ll try my best. A.That’s all right . D.It’s impossible .
  11. ?I really thought I’d win the game. ?Oh, well, , Bill. A.you are right . C.best wishes .
  12. -Could I make it 14th July? -. A.You can manage it . C.Not a bit of it . B.That’s fine with me . D.Go ahead with it . B.better luck next time . D.it’s out of question . B.No problem . C.I can’t promise .

  13.-Cliff, I lost your bike at school. I suppose I should pay for it. - -Oh, . It was an old bike anyway. A.Forget it . B.Take it easy C.OK D.Don’t say so. . . .

  14. ?Jack called to say that he would not accept the job . ?I had talked him into taking it up many times . refuses . A.I’ll come to his help . B.I can’t help it . since he still
C.I’ll talk it over with him .
D.I’ll phone him up .

  15. ?Do you think David will fail in the maths exam again? ?. A.No, I don’t believe it . C.I expect not . B.I hope not . D.I don’t suppose it .

  16. A: Honey ,the basketball game is about to start .And could you bring me a bowl of ice cream? And …uh…a slice of pizza. B: ?
A: No , that’s all for now. A.What did you say . C.Could I help . B.Anything else . D.What can I do for you .

  17.?I must be off now , or it will be too late to see Tom . ? ? A.So what . ? Do you really want to see that dull boy ? B.For him . C.Why so . D.For what .

  18. A: I prefer western food .It’s a kind of healthy food. B: ?But western food is said to be high in sugar and fat . B.How do you know that . D.Who told you that .
A.Is that right . C.Do you really think so .

  19. ?Hi, Jack! I’m glad I came across you here.
, Alice? B.How about another cup of tea . D.What can I do for you .
A.Who is that speaking . C.Why? What’s up .

  20. If our parents would listen more to us, they would understand us better. . They just expect us to listen. A. I believe not can’t agree more B. No problem C. Good idea D. I
【答案与解析】 答案与解析】
  1. B 本题的语意环境为:在晚会结束离开时,向东道主告别。Nice having here.为分 本题的语意环境为:在晚会结束离开时, 向东道主告别。 为分 别时用语。 别时用语。故选 B。 。
  2. A 因为事情太多,不能赴约去参加晚会,当然令对方感到遗憾。 因为事情太多,不能赴约去参加晚会,当然令对方感到遗憾。故选 A。 。
  3. C 第一句为强调句型, 第一句为强调句型,应用 that;在日常交际用语中,常用人称代词的宾格代替主 ;在日常交际用语中, 格,如:-Who can run the new machine??Me. 故选 C。 :- ? 。
  4. C come on 用于祈使句,以鼓励某人某事或用以轻责某人。故选 C。 用于祈使句,以鼓励某人某事或用以轻责某人。 。
  5. B
由答语可知,他非常乐意谈论他在美国的经历。by all means : of 由答语可知, 他非常乐意谈论他在美国的经历。 course.certainly,当然可以。故选 B。 ,当然可以。 。
  6. C 当你没有别人要向你借的东西时,应委婉地表示出来。 当你没有别人要向你借的东西时,应委婉地表示出来。I’m afraid not 是客套用 语。故选 C。 。
  7. B 你不能接受邀请去参加晚会,应婉言谢绝。 你不能接受邀请去参加晚会,应婉言谢绝。故选 B。 受邀请去参加晚会 。
  8. B think nothing of it: used as a polite response to apologies, thanks, etc,用作回应道 : 用作回应道 感谢等的客气话。 歉.感谢等的客气话。故选 B。 感谢等的客气话 。
  9. A I’m glad you like it .见到你很喜欢我借给你的 MP
  3,当然很高兴。故选 A。 。 见到你很喜欢我借给你的 ,当然很高兴。
  10. C 可知我会尽力的,但不一定能保证你按时到那儿。 由 but 可知我会尽力的,但不一定能保证你按时到那儿。故选 C。 。
  11. B better luck next time:对下次表示良好的祝愿。故选 B。 :对下次表示良好的祝愿。 。
  12. B ?七月十四日行吗??那天正合适。故选 B。 七月十四日行吗? 那天正合适。 。
  13. A 别人把你的东西弄丢了,表示歉意,你在此进行劝慰。 别人把你的东西弄丢了,表示歉意,你在此进行劝慰。故选 A。 。

  14. B 我曾经多次劝说他接受那份工作,但既然他依然拒绝,那我又怎能阻止他呢? 我曾经多次劝说他接受那份工作,但既然他依然拒绝,那我又怎能阻止他呢? can’t help:不能防止 避免。故选 B。 避免。 :不能防止.避免 。
  15. B 为了避免重复回答类似的问题可用, 为了避免重复回答类似的问题可用,Yes, I hope so. No, I hope not 类似的动词还 有:believe.think.expect.suppose.be afraid 等。故选 B。 。
  16. B 本题的语意环境为:在看比赛前,夫妇俩正商讨所要带的东西。 本题的语意环境为:在看比赛前,夫妇俩正商讨所要带的东西。Anything else? 所要带的东西 ? 还要别的吗? 还要别的吗?故选 B。 。
  17. A so what: used to admit that sth is true, but to question whether it is important 用 以承认某事实,进而对其重要性提出质疑, 以承认某事实,进而对其重要性提出质疑,难道你真得想去见那个令人厌的男 孩?故选 A。 。
  18. C 答话人对前者的观点提出质疑, 答话人对前者的观点提出质疑,并提出自己的观点。Do you really think so?你真 并提出自己的观点。 你真 得这样认为吗? 得这样认为吗?故选 C。 。
  19. C Who is that speaking :打电话用语;How about another cup of tea:用以提出建 打电话用语; : 议;Why, what’s up:表示惊讶,并进一步询问怎么了;What can I do for you: :表示惊讶,并进一步询问怎么了; : 餐馆,商店用语。 餐馆,商店用语。故选 C。 。
  20. D
本题考查考生对日常交际用语的掌握情况。根据句意可知,第二个人完全同意 本题考查考生对日常交际用语的掌握情况。根据句意可知, 前者的观点。 的意思是“我完全同意” 前者的观点。I can’t agree more 的意思是“我完全同意”。<, /B>



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