重点单词 考纲单词 splendid, astonish, fetch, meanwhile 新课标单词 convince, cancel, assume, remark, commit, clarify, troop, bachelor, innocent, considerate, stain, adequate, surrounding 重点词组 tell apart, come to light, bring sth. to light, be engaged to, get hold of, over and over again, as a matter of fact, give birth to, similar to 重点句型
  1. Desperate for money, ... he had no choice but to...
  2. There be 句型中的 be 的特点:有各种时态,前也可用情态动词或助动词。 的特点:有各种时态, 前也可用情态动词或助动词。
  3. 独立主格结构
  4. Perhaps she has debts that need to be paid.
一、根据所给汉语及词性,写出英语单词 根据所给汉语及词性 写出英语单词
  1. adj. 壮丽的;辉煌的;极好的 壮丽的;辉煌的;
  2. vt. 使惊讶;使震惊 使惊讶;
  3. vt. (去)拿来;(来)拿去 拿来;( ;(来
  4. n. 获学士学位的人
  5. adj. 考虑周到的;体贴的 考虑周到的;
  6. vt. 使确信;说服 使确信;
  7. vt. 取消;废除 取消;
  8. vt. 假定;设想;假装;承担 假定;设想;假装;
  9. vi. 成群结队而行 n. 大群;军队 大群;
  10. adj. 足够的;充分的 足够的;
选用所给单词或短语的适当形式填空, 二、 选用所给单词或短语的适当形式填空,使句意完整正确 get hold of, tell... apart, over and over again, come to light, as a matter of fact, give birth to, similar to, surrounding, astonish, splendid
  11. On September 11, at 10:00 AM, Mary a beautiful baby girl.
  12. There is no need to tell a lie. The truth will .
  13. Her new car is mine, but hers is more expensive.
  14. Peter and Harry are twin brothers. I cannot them .
  15. This handbag is very beautiful. Well, , it is a fake.
  16. Mary me with her excellent swimming skill.
  17. the rope or you will fall.

  18. I had a holiday in Hawaii and forgot all sadness.
  19. I consider it , and finally decide to go to USA.
  20. Gradually the villages have become parts of this modern city. 三、根据所给汉语意思,完成下列句子 根据所给汉语意思,
  21. You didn't do the work well that day. (你本应该做得更好 你本应该做得更好). 你本应该做得更好
  22. (地上放有一些盒子 which were full of books. 地上放有一些盒子), 地上放有一些盒子
  23. We need one more chair. (请到别的房间取一把 请到别的房间取一把). 请到别的房间取一把
  24. Mrs. Henry doesn't like (我对她女儿的一些评价 我对她女儿的一些评价). 我对她女儿的一些评价
  25. John (使我相信他是诚实的 使我相信他是诚实的). 使我相信他是诚实的
  1. splendid
  2. astonish
  3. fetch
  4. bachelor
  5. considerate
  6. convince
  7. cancel
  8. assume
  9. troop
  10. adequate
  11. gave birth to
  12. come to light
  13. similar to
  14. tell... apart
  15. as a matter of fact
  16. astonished
  17. Get hold of
  18. splendid
  19. over and over again
  20. surrounding
  21. You should have done it better
  22. On the ground lay some boxes
  23. Please fetch one from another room
  24. my remarks about her daughter
  25. convinced me of his honesty
【典型例句】 典型例句】
  1. All guests are astonished by its size and rare beauty. 所有的客人都为它的体积和绝无 仅有的美丽而感到惊讶。 仅有的美丽而感到惊讶。
  2. The stranger astonished us with his strange behavior. 那个陌生人的奇怪行为使我们惊 愕。
  3. I was astonished at his appearing at the party. 我对他在晚会上露面很惊讶。【用法提示】 我对他在晚会上露面很惊讶。 用法提示】
  1. be astonished at / by 被......吓了一跳 吓了一跳
  2. to astonish sb. 使某人惊讶
  3. be astonished to do 受惊吓做 受惊吓做......
  4. what astonishes someone is 令人吃惊的是
【及时训练】 及时训练】 填空。 用astonish, astonishing, astonished, astonishment填空。 填空
  1. It is that he should have done that work so early.
  2. He looked when he learned that the girl had such an talent.
  3. To my , he was robbed of his money on the street in the day time at all.
  4. What me most was that he was severely scolded by the headmaster. Key:
  1. astonishing
  2. astonished, astonishing
  3. astonishment
  4. astonished
【典型例句】 典型例句】
  1. I was convinced that she had taken her own diamond, and that Rosanna had assisted her. 我深信 她把自己的钻石拿走了,而罗莎娜帮助了她。 她把自己的钻石拿走了,而罗莎娜帮助了她。
  2. We finally convinced them of our innocence. 我们终于使他们相信我们是无辜的。 我们终于使他们相信我们是无辜的。
  3. We're convinced that we will win the game. 我们相信我们会赢得比赛。 我们相信我们会赢得比赛。
  4. I think you will help me convince my father to give up the plan. 我相信你能帮助我说服我父亲 放弃那个计划。 放弃那个计划。 【用法提示】 用法提示】
  1. convince sb. of sth. 使某人相信某事
  2. convince sb. to do 说服某人去做

  3. convince sb. that... 劝...... 【及时训练】 及时训练】 根据所给提示,翻译下列的句子。 根据所给提示,翻译下列的句子。
  1. 我们将让学生们认识到广泛阅读的重要性。 (convince) 我们将让学生们认识到广泛阅读的重要性。
  2. 我们不能说服他相信我们。 (convince) 我们不能说服他相信我们。 )
  3. 我们深信这一点,他们会给我们提供帮助的。 (convince + that) 我们深信这一点,他们会给我们提供帮助的。 ) Key:
  1. We will convince the students of the importance of wide reading.
  2. We cannot convince him to believe us.
  3. We are convinced of it that they will offer us some help.
【典型例句】 典型例句】
  1. I assumed her maid had taken Rachel's garment with the paint stain, hidden it and then secretly made a new one in her room during the night. 我曾经设想过:雷切尔的佣人拿 我曾经设想过: 走了那件带有油漆痕迹的衣服,把它藏起来,然后当天晚上在她的房间做了一件新的。 走了那件带有油漆痕迹的衣服,把它藏起来,然后当天晚上在她的房间做了一件新的。
  2. It is assumed that he will be back before 10 o'clock. 据推测,他十点钟之前会回家。 据推测,他十点钟之前会回家。
  3. We assumed him ( to be) an honest student. 我们认为他是一个诚实的学生。 我们认为他是一个诚实的学生。
  4. To assume (that) it rains tomorrow, what shall we do? 假如明天下雨,我们怎么办? 假如明天下雨,我们怎么办
【用法提示】 用法提示】
  1. assume sb. ( to be) ......认为某人是 认为某人是...... 认为某人是
  2. assume that... 假定
  3. it is assumed that-clause 据推测 【及时训练】 及时训练】 根据所给汉语, 完成下列句子。 根据所给汉语,用assume完成下列句子。 完成下列句子
  1. (普遍认为 that stress is caused by too much work. 普遍认为) 普遍认为
  2. (我想 that he had received my telegram. 我想) 我想
  3. (假定这个提议被采纳 when are we going to get the money? 假定这个提议被采纳), 假定这个提议被采纳 Key:
  1. It is generally assumed
  2. I assumed
  3. Assuming that the proposal is accepted
【典型例句】 典型例句】
  1. Franklin had upset Dr Candy with his remarks about doctors. 富兰克林说了一些关于 医生的话弄得坎迪医生很不高兴。 医生的话弄得坎迪医生很不高兴。
  2. The teacher asked the class to remark the author's style of writing. 老师要求学生注意 作者的写作风格。 作者的写作风格。
  3. The editor remarked that the article was well done. 编辑说那篇文章写得好。 编辑说那篇文章写得好。 【用法提示】 用法提示】
  1. remark + that-clause 谈及,注意 谈及,
  2. make a remark on / about 就......发表意见,对......评头论足 发表意见, 发表意见 评头论足

  3. 拓展词语: 拓展词语: remarkable adj. 不平凡的,非凡的,值得注意的 不平凡的,非凡的, 【及时训练】 及时训练】 根据所给汉语,完成下列句子。 根据所给汉语,完成下列句子。
  1. The girl always makes a remark (别人的穿着 别人的穿着). 别人的穿着
  2. But this does not matter, for, (正如他经常所说 one is never too old to 正如他经常所说) 正如他经常所说 learn.
  3. I owe the restoration of my hearing to this (非凡的新技术). 非凡的新技术) Key:
  1. on what others wear
  2. as he often remarks
  3. remarkable new technology
【典型例句】 典型例句】
  1. If you guessed who had committed the crime, then you are a better detective than the famous Sergeant Cuff! 如果你猜到谁犯了罪,那么你是一个比著名的卡夫警官更棒的侦探 如果你猜到谁犯了罪, 了!
  2. It is reported that women commit crimes lower than men. 据报道,女性比男性的犯罪 据报道, 率低。 率低。
  3. I have committed myself, and there is no way to draw back. 我既然自己做了保证,就 我既然自己做了保证, 不会退缩。 不会退缩。 【用法提示】 用法提示】
  1. commit a crime / an error 犯罪 / 犯错
  2. commit sb. to sth. / doing sth. 保证,承诺某人(做)某事 保证,承诺某人(
【及时训练】 及时训练】 根据所给提示翻译下列句子。 根据所给提示翻译下列句子。
  1. 他保证支持他们。 (commit oneself to doing) 他保证支持他们。
  2. 他犯过严重的罪行。 (commit a crime) 他犯过严重的罪行。 ) Key:
  1. He has committed himself to supporting them.
  2. He committed a serious crime.
【典型例句】 典型例句】
  1. Franklin, who is a smoker, is very considerate towards Rachel. 富兰克林抽烟,他对 富兰克林抽烟, 雷切尔很体贴。 雷切尔很体贴。
  2. He is always considerate to old people. 他对老人一向体贴入微。 他对老人一向体贴入微。
  3. It is considerate of you to send every teacher a postcard. 给每位老师寄了一张明信 你想得真周到。 片,你想得真周到。 【用法提示】 用法提示】
  1. be considerate towards sb. 对某人体贴
  2. be considerate of sb. to do 某人考虑得周到,去做 某人考虑得周到,去做......
【比较辨析】 considerable, considerate 比较辨析】 considerable adj. 相当多的, 相当大的, 相当重要的; considerate 体贴的,周到的。 相当多的, 相当大的, 相当重要的; 体贴的,周到的。 【及时训练】 及时训练】 完成下列句子。 用considerate 或 considerable 完成下列句子。
  1. You about the matter.
  2. They have given the plan attention. Key:
  1. are considerate
  2. considerable
【典型例句】 典型例句】
  1. My trousers were stained with paint. 我的裤子沾上了油漆。 我的裤子沾上了油漆。
  2. The star's improper remarks in Wuhan has stained her reputation. 这位明星在武汉的 不当言论败坏了她自己的名声。 不当言论败坏了她自己的名声。
  3. Black ink stains on his shirt can't be washed out easily. 他衬衣上的黑墨水渍不易洗掉。 他衬衣上的黑墨水渍不易洗掉。 【用法提示】 用法提示】
  1. stain + 名词 名词(with / by 名词 被(以)......弄脏 名词) 弄脏
  2. stain one's reputation 毁损名声
  3. stain easily 容易弄脏
  4. brown / yellow etc. stain 褐色 / 黄色斑点
【及时训练】 及时训练】 根据所给汉语, 的适当形式完成下列句子。 根据所给汉语,用 stain 的适当形式完成下列句子。
  1. Spilled coffee has (在新桌布上留下印迹 在新桌布上留下印迹). 在新桌布上留下印迹
  2. He (洗掉了油渍 on his coat. 洗掉了油渍) 洗掉了油渍
  3. (为了不损坏你的名声 you'd better pick up your words carefully. 为了不损坏你的名声), 为了不损坏你的名声 Key:
  1. stained the new tablecloth
  2. washed out the oil stains
  3. In order not to stain your reputation
【典型例句】 典型例句】
  1. In reality, he has nothing to do with the case, he is innocent. 事实上,他和这个案件 事实上, 没有牵联,他是无辜的。 没有牵联,他是无辜的。
  2. You are innocent enough to believe what the fortune teller says. 你够天真的了,竟然相 你够天真的了, 信那个算命先生说的话。 信那个算命先生说的话。
  3. The question they are talking about is innocent. 他们正在谈论的这个问题是无害的。 他们正在谈论的这个问题是无害的。 用法提示】 【用法提示】
  1. an innocent man / child / game 清白的人 / 天真的孩子 / 无害的游戏
  2. (sb.) be innocent 无辜 / 单纯 / 不懂世故

  3. be innocent of the crime / murder 没有犯罪 / 没有犯杀人罪 【及时训练】 及时训练】 根据所给汉语, 完成下列句子。



   重点单词 考纲单词 splendid, astonish, fetch, meanwhile 新课标单词 convince, cancel, assume, remark, commit, clarify, troop, bachelor, innocent, considerate, stain, adequate, surrounding 重点词组 tell apart, come to light, bring sth. to light, be engaged to, get hol ...

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