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In 1986, the Chinese government introduced a law stating that by the year Which states 2000 every Chinese child would have nine years of compulsory education.
that must be done because of a law or a rule
introduced A. To present (someone) by name to another B. To bring in C. To present formally D. To bring…into use/practice Eg. The government has introduced a ban on the advertising of cigarettes. Allow me to ~ my best friendTom.

  2.It is reported that 99% of… said/hoped/believed/ announced/found/thought/ considered/decided/ suggested/well-known+that
Sb/sth is said/hoped/believed…to do… to have published He is said
a new book.

  3. In China, as in other countries, the government realizes that the future welfare of its citizens is closely linked to education. welfare : happiness
Prosperity. Financial or other aid provided, especially by the government

  4.These countries are now trying to get every child into school….
sb to do 比较make/let/have sb do make/let/have sth done/doing sb into sth ready
eg. a.The teacher got usroom.(clean) to ~ cleaned b. You’d better get the room at once. moving c. Please get all the things(move) d.The poor family can’t get their daughter school. into ~ed e.You should get your bicycle (repair).

  5.To begin with: first of all, firstly, in the first place at first To begin with he had no money, but later he became quite rich. To begin with, we must consider the health of the staff .
不定式为固定短语作状语, 不定式为固定短语作状语,充当插入 类似结构还有: 语。类似结构还有: To tell the truth 实话说 To be honest To be frank
to be exact
老实说 坦白说
to make matters worse

  6. In areas where agriculture plays an important role, people do not attach importance to education, and parents are sceptical of anything that takes children away from their work on farm.
attach…to… connect sth with sth To fasten or join Do you attach any importance to what he said? They attached no significance to the threat. Please attach a label to each piece of luggage.

  7.drop out (of)(从活动、竞赛中 退出 辍学 从活动、 退出; 从活动 竞赛中)退出 eg.He had to drop out (of school) because of poverty. Badly hurt, he had to drop out of the football match.
Drop phrases: a,drop in on sb/at some place b, drop off打盹;减少 (下降) c,drop back/behind 落后.~ behind sb
eg. Traffic accidents has dropped off. I dropped off and missed the end of the film. drop behind Study hard, or you’ll others.

  8.In some cultures …because the custom is to educate boys rather than girls.
比较:I would do…rather than do I would rather do… than do I prefer to do…rather than do other than 不同于;除了 or rather 更确切地说
In that case, there is nothing you can B do wait.(2001全国) A. more than B. other than C. rather than D. better than C Rather than on a crowed bus, he always prefers a bicycle. A. ride; ride C. ride; to ride B. riding; ride D. to ride; riding

  9.How people are distributed (vt.) can also affect…distribution (n.)分布 发/配 分布/发 配 分布
~sth to sb ~sth among sb among eg. 1The money was distributedthe students from poor areas.这些钱是在来自穷困 地区的学生们中间分配的。 2The government decided to distribute the to money the poor students.政府决定把这笔 钱分发给这些穷学生。

  10. In China most citizens live in the eastern areas and this results in large class sizes.
contributes to, lead to 导致,引起, 导致,引起,
The accident resulted in his death. Our efforts resulted in success. result from 因…出现,产生 引 出现, 出现 产生,引 起 (be caused by) His injuries results from a fall. arise from / out of 名短 :as a result (of)

  11.The population is so spread out that…
so/such… +that So that no fish can live in it. A. the lake is shallow B. shallow the lake is C. shallow is the lake the lake shallow He is so clever that we all like him.(替换) So clever is he that we all like him.

  12.Corporations and private citizens donate (vt.) money…donation (n.)
sth (to sb) to sb/sp (sth) make a donation to
eg. They donate to the Red Cross every year. He has donated to our school many rare books. The company donated a large sum of money to a cancer research. They made a generous donation to charity.
To solve this, Australia uses “distance learning” methods, where the students have lessons by two-way radio and mail.
In many developing countries there is not enough money available to provide classrooms… for all the children. The money can be used or obtained to supply all the children with classrooms,desks… .
The USA found that it is not easy to make sure that every student receives the same quality of teaching. In these countries, where some people do not even have fresh water or basic health care, reaching the target of “Education for All” will be a huge task, despite help from the international community.
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