when,while及as考点辨析 when,while及as考点辨析 when, while 及 as 都能引导多种状语从句: 一、 when 常见考点
  1、 “当……时候” 引导时间状语从句。 , When he was a young man, he was fond of hunting. It was already 10:00PM,when I finished the work.
  2、 “正在那时,这时”等于 and at that time,引导时间状语从句。 We were having a meeting when someone broke in. Wewereabouttoleave when it began to rain.
  3、 “既然”等于 since 或 considering that, 引导原因状语从句。 It was foolish of you to take a taxi,when you should easily walk there in five minutes. How can they learn anything when they spend all their spare time watching TV?
  4、 “虽然,然而,可是”引导让步状语从句。 He usually walks when he might ride. They had only three chairs when they need five. 二、 while 常见考点
  1、 “当……时候” 引导时间状语从句(从句动作必须是延续性的) , 。 Please don’t talk so loud while others are working. While I was cleaning the window, my finger was seriously cut.
  2、 “虽然,尽管”相当于 although,引导让步状语从句(常把 while 放在句首) 。 While she is a top student, she has some shortcomings. While the Internet is bridging the distance between people, it may also be breaking some home or will cause other family problems.
  3、 “只要,如果”等于 as long as,引导条件状语从句。 There is hope while there is life. While you study hard, your effort will pay off.
  4、 “而,然而” ,表对比或相反的情况。 He likes pop music,while I am fond of folk music. Kids talk frequently about what they can do,while many adults do the opposite, tending to talk about what they can’t . 三、 as 常见考点
  1、 “一边……一边”或“随着……” ,引导时间状语从句(as 引导的从句内部的动作与 主句内动作同步) 。 John sings as he works. (一边……一边) Jame’s blindness was getting worse as he was getting older.(随着……)
  2、 “因为” 引导原因状语从句。 , As you weren’t there, I left a message. Perhapshe will need some help as he was ill.
  3、 “尽管,即使,虽然” 引导让步状语从句(用于形容词,副词或名词后构成部分倒 装) 。 Young as I am, I already know what career I want to follow. Much as I like you, I couldn’t live with you. Child as Tom is , he has been a success.

  1.(2007 山东,
  29)I really don’t like art, I find his work impressive. A. AsB. SinceC. IfD. While
  2. (2007 北京,
  25) ?? Where is that report ? ?I brought it to you you were in Mr Black’s office yesterday. A. ifB. whenC. becauseD. before
  3. (2007 四川,
  29)I’d like to study law at university my cousin prefers geography. A. thoughB. asC. whileD. for
  4. (2007 重庆,
  34) ,his idea was accepted by all the people at the meeting. A. Strange as might it sound B. As it might sound strange C. As strange it might sound D. Strange as it might sound
  5.(2006 广东,
  26)Jenny was very sad over the loss of the photos she had shot at Canada, this was a memory she especially treasured. A. asB. ifC. whenD. where
  6. (2006 山东,
  31)How can you expect to learn anything you never listen? A. in caseB. even ifC. unlessD. when
  7. (2006 湖南, I had just stepped out of the bathroom and was busily drying myself with
  31) a towel I heard the steps. A. whileB. when C. since D. after
  8. (2006 辽宁, He was about halfway through his meal a familiar voice came to his
  24) ears. A. whyB. whereC. whenD. while
  9.(2006 天津, The cost of living in Glasgow is among the lowest in Britain,the quality
  2) of life is probably one of the highest. A. sinceB. whenC. asD. while
  10. (2005 福建,
  24) ?? Did Jack come back early last night? ? Yes. It was not yet eight o’clock he arrived home. A. beforeB. whenC. thatD. until
  11.(2005 上海, He transplanted the little tree to the garden it was the best time
  34) for it. A. whereB. whenC. thatD. until
  12. (2004 全国 I , I do every single bit of housework, my husband Bob just
  35) does the dishes now and then. A. sinceB. whileC. whenD. as
  13. (2004 全国 ,
  21)Don’t be afraid of asking for help it is needed. A. unlessB. sinceC. althoughD. when
  14. (2004 浙江 ,
  31) modeling business is by no means easy to get into, the good model will always be in demand. A. WhileB. SinceC. AsD. If
  15. (2004 江苏 ,
  23) I accept that he is not perfect, I do actually like the person A. WhileB. SinceC. BeforeD. Unless The key: 1-5DBCDA6-10DBCDB11-15BBDAA


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