高考英语经典句型帮你闯过写作和语法关 句型:
  1、as 句型: 引导方式状语从句句型: 按照…… 正如……” ……; (
  1) as 引导方式状语从句句型: 按照……;正如……” “ 例:We do farm work as the old peasant teaches us. As(it is)in your country, we grow wheat in the north and rice in the south. 你们国家一样,我们北方种植小麦,南方种植水稻。 as+形容词/副词原级+( +(a an) 名词+ (
  2) as+形容词/副词原级+(a /an)+名词+as ; 否定式:not as/so as 例:He is as good a player as his sister. 他和他姐姐一样是位优秀的运动员。 如此……以致于…… ……以致于 (
  3) such + n. + as to do 如此……以致于…… 例:She is such a fool as to believe what he said. 她是一个如此的一个笨蛋以致相信了他所说的话。 如此……以致于…… ……以致于 (
  4) so + adj./adv. + as to do sth 如此……以致于…… 例:He was so strong as to carry the heavy box. 他是如此的强壮以致于能提起那重箱子。 as--……之类的 之类的…… 接名词或定语从句) (
  5) such as 象……之类的…… (接名词或定语从句) 例:He wished to be such a man as Lei Feng was. 他希望成为一个像雷锋这样的人。 名词+ ……一样的 一样的…… 接名词或定语从句) (
  6) the same +名词+as 和……一样的…… (接名词或定语从句) 例:He is not the same man as he used to be 他不是从前的那样子了。 (
  7) as 引导非限制性定语从句 例:As is known to us, knowledge is power.众所周知,知识就是力量。 (
  8)引导时间状语从句 引导时间状语从句。 (
  8)引导时间状语从句。与 while 意义相近 例:We get wiser as we get older. 随着我们长大,我们也变得越来越聪明。 引导原因状语从句, (
  9) 引导原因状语从句,与 because 的用法相近 例:As it was getting very late, we soon turned back. 因为越来越迟了,所以我们不久就回来了。 (
  10) 引导让步状语从句 例:Child as he is, he knows much about science. 尽管他是一个小孩,但他对科学了解得很多。 句型:
  2、prefer 句型: (
  1) prefer to do sth 例:I prefer to stay at home. 我宁愿呆在家里。 (
  2) prefer doing sth 例:I prefer playing in defence. 我喜欢打防守。 (
  3) prefer sb to do sth 例:Would you prefer me to stay? 你愿意我留下来吗? ……宁愿 ...而不愿 宁愿… 而不愿. (
  4) prefer to do sth rather than do sth ……宁愿…...而不愿.…". 例句:I prefer to stay at home rather than go out 我宁愿呆在家里而不愿出去. (
  5) prefer doing sth to doing sth 例:I prefer watching football to playing it. 我喜欢看篮球,不喜欢打篮球。 (
  6) prefer sth to sth 例:I prefer tea to coffee. 我要茶不要咖啡。 句型:
  3、when 句型: (
  1) be doing sth when --例:He was still smiling when the door opened and his wife came in. 他正笑着的时候门突然开了,他妻子走了进来。 (
  2) be about to do sth when --例:We were about to start when it began to rain. 我们刚要出发,天就开始下雨了。 / (
  3) had not done sth when / hardly when --例: He had not fallen asleep when the telephone rang. 他刚要入睡电话就响了。 (
  4) had just done when --例:I had just gone to bed after a very hard day when the phone rang. 在劳累了一天之后我刚刚就寝,电话铃就响了。
  4、seem 句型: that (
  1) It +seems + that 从句 例:It seemed that everyone was satisfied. 看来好像每个人都很满意。 (
  2) It seems to sb that --例:It seems to me that she is right. 我看她是对的, (
  3) There seems to be 例:There seems to be a heavy rain. 看上去要有一场大雨。 (
  4) It seems as if 例:It seemed that she couldn't come to class.看样子她不能来上课了。 表示“相差…… 增加了…… 增加到……”句型: ……; ……; ……”句型
  5、表示“相差……;增加了……;增加到……”句型: (
  1) She is taller than I by three inches. 她比我高三英寸 (
  2) There is one year between us. 我们之间相差一岁。 (
  3) She is three years old than I 她比我大三岁。 (
  4) They have increased the price by 50%. 他们把价格上涨了 50%
  6、what 引导的名词性从句 (
  1) what 引导主语从句 例:What surprised me is that everybody seemed to be very indifferent to her. 让我吃惊的是每个人似乎对她都很冷淡. [ indifferent adj.不关心的;冷漠的] (
  2) what 引导宾语从句 例:We can learn what we do not know. 我们能学会我们不懂的东西。 (
  3) what 引导表语从句 例:That is what I want. 那正是我所要的。 (
  4) what 引导同位语从句 例:I have no idea what they are talking about. 我不知道他们正在谈论什么. 句型:
  7、too 句型: too..to sth. (
  1) too..to do sth. . 例:Politics is too important to be left to the politicians. (=Politics is so important that it can't be left to the politicians. ) 政治太重要了,不能由政治家来决定。 (
  2) only too to do sth 例:I shall be only too pleased to get home. 我要回到家里就非常高兴。 (
  3) too + adj + for sth 例:These shoes are much too small for me. 我穿这双鞋太小了。 (
  4) too + adj + a + n. 例:This is too difficult a text for me. 这篇课文对我来说太难了。 +形容词 无论…… ……也不为过 (
  5) can't … too +形容词 无论……也不为过 例:We cannot emphasize the importance of protecting our eyes too much. 我们再怎么强调保护眼睛的重要性也不为过。 句型:
  8、where 句型: (
  1) where 引导的定语从句 例:This is the house where he lived last year. 这就是他去年住过的房子。 (
  2) where 引导的状语从句 例:Where there is a will,there is a way.有志者事竟成。 He left his key where he could find.他将钥匙放在易找到的地方。 I will go where I want to go.我要去我想去的地方。 (
  3) where 引导的表语从句 例:This is where you are wrong. 这正是你错的地方。 注:引导状语从句的 where= 介词+the place where (定语从句) 例:Go where(ver) you are most needed.到最需要你的地方去。
  9、wish 句型 (
  1) wish that sb did sth 希望某人现在做某事 例:I wish I were as strong as you. 我希望和你一样强壮。 (
  2) wish that sb had done sth 希望某人过去做某事 例: I wish you had told me earlier 要是你早点告诉我就好了。 (
  3) wish that sb would/could do sth 希望某人将来做某事 例:I wish you would succeed this time. 我希望你这次会成功。
  10、 句型:
  10、would rather 句型: rather 宁愿做……而不愿做…… ……而不愿做 (
  1) would rather do sth than do sth 宁愿做……而不愿做……
例:She would rather die than turn against his motherland. 她宁可死也不去背叛祖国。 (
  2) would rather have done sth 宁愿过去做过某事 例:I would rather have taken his advice. 我宁愿过去接受他的意见。 (
  3) would rather sb had done sth 宁愿某人过去做过某事 例:I would rather I had passed the examination last week. 我真希望通过上星期的考试 (
  4) would rather sb did sth 宁愿某人现在或将来做某事 例: Who would you rather went with you? 你宁愿谁和你一起去?
  11、 句型:
  11、before 句型: 某人还没来得及…… (
  1) before sb can/ could … 某人还没来得及…… 例:Before I could get in a word ,he had measured me. 我还没来得及插话,他就给我量好了尺寸 +时间 时间+ 还有多长时间…… (
  2) It will be +时间+ before + 还有多长时间…… 例:It will be 4 years before he graduates. 他还有四年时间变毕业了。 ……) (
  3) had done some time before (才……) 例:We had sailed four days and four nights before we saw land. 我们航行了四天四夜才见到陆地。 不到…… ……就 (
  4) had not done before --不到……就…… 例:We hadn’t run a mile before he felt tired. 我们还没走到一英里路就觉得累了。 +一段时间 一段时间+ 不多久就…… (
  5) It was not +一段时间+ before 不多久就…… 例:It wasn’t two years before he left the country. 还没到两年他们离开了那国家。
  12、强调句型: 被强调部分+that(who) . (
  1) It is /was +被强调部分+that(who). . 例:It was I who wrote to my uncle yesterday. 是我昨天给我叔叔写信的。 (
  2) Is/was it + 被强调部分 + that (who) ... 例:Was it your brother that you met in the street? 在街上你遇见的是你兄弟吗? (
  3) Where/who/what/how 等特殊疑问词 + is/was it that ... 例:How is it that you will go to visit her tomorrow? 明天你究竟怎样去看望她? +谓语动词 (强调谓语) 强调谓语) (
  4) do +谓语动词 例:They do know the place well. 他们的确很熟悉那个地方。
  13、用于表示过去未实现的希望和计划的句型 的句型:
  13、用于表示过去未实现的希望和计划的句型: (
  1) should like to/ would like to/ would love to have done sth. 例:You should like to have written to your mother. 你本应当给你母亲写信。 (
  2) was / were going to do sth.(用过去将来时态表示原打算做什么) sth.(用过去将来时态表示原打算做什么) 例:Lucy was going to watch a basketball match. Lucy 原打算看一场篮球比赛。 (
  3) was / were going to have done sth. 表示未完成原来的计划和安排 例:Lily was going to have cleaned her bedroom, but she had no time. Lily 原打算清理她的卧室,但她没时间。 (
  4) expect, intend, hope, mean, plan, promise, suppose, think, want, want, wish .. . 常用过去完成时态,在这些词后接宾语从句或者接不定式的一般形式; 或者用一般过去时态后面接不定式的完成形式表示过去未曾实现的愿望 例:She had supposed him to be very rich. 她原以为他很有钱。 sth.表示过去未曾实现的愿望 表示过去未曾实现的愿望. (
  5) wish that …had done sth.表示过去未曾实现的愿望. 例:I wish he had been here yesterday. 要是他昨天在这儿就好了。 等后接不定式的完成时, (
  6) 情态动词 should ,would, could, might, ought to 等后接不定式的完成时, 表示过去本该做,打算做,想做而未做的事情. 表示过去本该做,打算做,想做而未做的事情. should have done =ought to have done 本应该做而没做 would have done = 本来就会去做某事而没做 could have done = 本可以做某事而没做 might have done 本可以做而没做
例:They ought to have apologized. 他们本该道歉的。
  14、倍数句型: (
  1)倍数 比较级+than. , 倍数+ (
  1)倍数+比较级+than.. . 例:The room is twice larger than that one.这个房间是那个房间的两倍大。 There is 30 times greater chance of being hit by lightening than being attacked by a shark. (
  2)倍数 as+原级+as. , 倍数+ (
  2)倍数+as+原级+as.. . 例:The room is three times as large as that one. 这个房间是那个房间的三倍。 (
  3)倍数 倍数+ height/ of. (
  3)倍数+the size /height/length /weight /width of.. . 例:The room is three times the size of that one. 这个房间是那个房间的 3 倍大。
  15、 It is that 句型 (
  1) It is + 名词 + 从句 It is a fact/an honour that +陈述语气从句 例:It is a fact that the earth moves around the sun. 地球围绕太阳转是事实。 It is a pity/shame/no wonder that + 虚拟语气从句 例:It is a pity that he should not come. 他若不来可真是遗憾。 (
  2) It is + 形容词 + 从句 It is natural/important/necessary/strange that + 虚拟语气从句 例:It is important that enough money be collected to fund the project. 重要的是募集足够的钱,为这个项目提供资金。 It is obvious/apparent/clear that + 陈述语气从句 例:It is clear that she doesn't like the dress at all. 这很清楚她一点儿也不喜欢这条裙子。 (
  3) It + 过去分词 + 从句 It is generally/commonly believed /accepted/thought/held that ... +陈述语气从句 例:It is universally acknowledged that trees are indispensable to us. 全世界都知道树木对我们是不可或缺的。 +虚拟语气从句 It is suggested/ordered/desired/requested/decided that +虚拟语气从句 例句:It is suggested that we should hold a meeting next week. 建议我们下周开上会。
  16、It + 不及物动词 + 从句 (
  1) It seems that 例:It seems that Alice is not coming to the party at all. 看来 Alice 根本就不准备来参加聚会了。 that...……很偶然. ……很偶然 (
  2) It happened that...……很偶然. 例:It happened that I won the football lottery last week. 我上星期偶然中了足彩 (
  3) It occurred to sb that... 例句:It suddenly occurred to me that I knew how to solve that problem. 我突然想起我知道怎样解决那个问题. (
  4) It appears that.... 例: It appears that Tom might change his mind. 看来汤姆会改变主意。



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