句子成分与非谓语动词 专题强化训练

  1. We are invited to a party in our club next Friday. A. to be held B. held C. being held D. holding
  2. For breakfast he only drinks juice from fresh fruit on his own farm. A. grown B. being grown C. to be grown D. to grow
  3. All of them try to use the power of the workstation information in a more effective way. A. presenting B. presented C. being presenting D. to present
  4. twice, the postman refused to deliver our letters unless we chained our dog. A. Being bitten B. Bitten C. Having bitten D. To be bitten
  5. the project in time, the staff were working at weekends. A. Completing B. Having completed C. To have completed D. To complete
  6. by the advances in technology, many farmers have set up wind farms on their land. A. Being encouraged B. Encouraging C. Encouraged D. Having encouraged
  7. Schools across China are expected to hire 50,000 college graduates this year as short-term teachers, almost three times the number hired last year, reduce unemployment pressures. A. help B. to have helped C. to help D. having helped
  8. , the pay isn’t attractive enough, though this job itself is quite interesting. A. Generally speaking B. On the contrary C. In particular D. To be honest
  9. The children all turned the famous actress as she entered the classroom. A. looked at B. to look at C. to looking at D. look at
  10. Now that we’ve discussed our problem, are people happy with the decision ? A. taking B. take C. taken D. to take
  11. They use computers to keep the traffic smoothly. A. being run B. run C. to run D. running
  12. not to miss the flight at 15:20, the manager set out for the airport in a hurry. A. Reminding B. Reminded C. To remind D. Having reminded
  13. In April, 2009, President Hu inspected the warships in Qingdao, the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PLA Navy. A. marking B. marked C. having marked D. being marked
  14. and short of breath, Andy and Ruby were the first to reach the top of Mount Tai. A. To be tired B. Tired C. Tiring D. Being tired
  15. There is a great deal of evidence that music activities engage different parts of the brain. A. indicate B. indicating C. to indicate D. to be indicating
  16. When we visited my old family home, memory came back. A. flooding B. to flood C. flood D. flooded
  17. , you need to give all you have and try your best. A. Being a winner B. To be a winner C. Be a winner D. Having been a winner
  18. The play next month aims mainly to reflect the local culture. A. produced B. being produced C. to be produced D. having been produced
  19. A small plane crashed into a hillside five miles east of the city, all four people on board. A. killed B. killing C. kills D. to kill
  20. With the government’s aid, those by the earthquake have moved to the new settlements. A. affect B. affecting C. affected D. were affected
  21. Bill suggested a meeting on what to do for the Shanghai Expo during the vacation. A. having held B. to hold C. holding D. hold

  22. David threatened his neighbor to the police if the damages were not paid. A. to be reported B. reporting C. to report D. having reported
  23. Every evening after dinner, if not from work, I will spend some time walking my dog. A. being tired B. tiring C. tired D. to be tired
  24. At the age of 29, Dave was a worker, in a small apartment near Boston and what to do about his future. A. living, wondering B. lived, wondering C. lived, wondered D. living, wondered
  25. Nowadays people sometimes separate their waste to make it easier for it . A. reusing B. reused C. reuses D. to be reused
  26. Michael’s new house is like a huge palace, with his old one. A. comparing B. compares C. to compare D. compared
  27. With the world changing fast, we have something new with all by ourselves every day. A. deal B. dealt C. to deal D. dealing
  28. He told us whether a picnic was still under discussion. A. to have B. having C. have D. had
  29. Ladies and gentlemen, please remain until the plane has come to a complete stop. A. seated B. seating C. to seat D. seat
  30. many times, he finally understood it. A. Told B. Telling C. Having told D. Having been told
  31. the right kind of training, these teenage soccer players may one day grow into international stars. A. Giving B. Having given C. To give D. Given
  32. The government plans to bring in new laws parents to take more responsibility for the education of their children. A. forced B. forcing C. to be forced D. having forced
  33. I still remember to the Famen Temple and what I saw there. A. to take B. to be taken C. taking D. being taken
  34. Lucy’s new job paid twice as much as she had made in the restaurant. A. working B. work C. to work D. worked
  35. He was busy writing a story, only once in a while to smoke a cigarette. A. to stop B. stopping C. to have stopped D. having stopped
  36. The director had her assistant some hot dogs for the meeting. A. picked up B. picks up C. pick up D. picking up
  37. I like getting up very early in summer. The morning air is so good . A. to be breathed B. to breathe C. breathing D. being breathing
  38. that she was going off to sleep, I asked if she’d like that little doll on her bed. A. Seeing B. To see C. See D. Seen
  39. Did the book give the information you needed? Yes. But it, I had to read the entire book. A. to find B. find C. to be finding D. finding
  40. It is worth considering what makes “convenience” foods so popular, and better ones of your own. A. introduces B. to introduce C. introducing D. introduced
  41. their hats into the air, the fans of the winning team let out loud shouts of victory. A. To throw B. Thrown C. Throwing D. Being thrown
  42. My sister, an inexperienced rider, was found sitting on the bicycle to balance it. A. having tried B. trying C. to try D. tried
  43. Something as simple as some cold water may clear your mind and relieve pressure. A. to drink B. drinking C. to be drinking D. drunk
  44. in the queue for half an hour, the old man suddenly realized he had left the check in the car. A. Waiting B. To wait C. Having waited D. To have waited

  45. The trees in the storm have been moved off the road. A. being blown down B. blown down C. blowing down D. to blow down
  46. We finished the run in less than half the time . A. allowing B. to allow C. allowed D. allows
  47. in the fields on a March afternoon, he could feel the warmth of spring. A. To walk B. Walking C. Walked D. Having walked
  48. It is one of the funniest things on the Internet so far this year. A. finding B. being found C. to find D. found
  49. They are quiet, aren’t they? Yes. They are accustomed at meals. A. to talk B. to not talk C. to talking D. to not talking
  50. Please remain until the plane has come to a complete stop. A. to seat B. to be seated C. seating D. seated
  51. The country has already sent up three unmanned spacecraft, the most recent at the end of last March. A. has been launched B. having been launched C. being launched D. to be launched
  52. You can’t imagine what difficulty we had home in the snowstorm. A. walked B. walk C. to walk D. walking
  53. The last one pays the meal. Agreed! A. arrived B. arrives C. to arrive D. arriving
  54. At the beginning of class, the noise of desks could be heard outside the classroom. A. opened and closed B. to be opened and closed C. being opened and closed D. to open and close
  55. The glass doors have taken the place of the wooden ones at the entrance, in the natural light during the day. A. to let B. letting C. let D. having let
  56. The children went home from the grammar school, their lessons for the day. A. finishing B. finished C. had finished D. were finished
  57. Jenny hopes that Mr Smith will suggested a good way to have her written English in a short period. A. improved B. improving C. to improve D. improve
  58. Come on, please give me some ideas about the project. Sorry. With so much work __my mind, I almost break down. A. filled B. filling C. to fill D. being filled
  59. The children talked so loudly at dinner table that I had to struggle . A. to be heard B. to have heard C. hearing D. being heard
  60. As the light turned green, I stood for a moment, not , and asked myself what I was going to do. A. moved B. moving C. to move D. being moved
  61. My parents have always made me about myself, even when I was
  12. A. feeling well B. feeling good C. feel well D. feel good
  62. Peter received a letter just now his grammar would come to see him soon. A. said B. says C. saying D. to say
  63. Police are now searching for a woman who is reported to since the flood hit the area last Friday. A. have been missing B. have got lost C. be missing D. get lost
  64. I can’t stand with Jane in the same office. She just refuses talking while she works. A. working, stopping B. to work, stopping C. working, to stop D. to work, to stop
  65. After he became conscious, he remembered and on the head with a rod. A. to attack, hit B. to be attacked, to be hit C. attacking, be hit D.
having been attacked, hit
  66. for the breakdown of the school computer system, Alice was in low spirits. A. Blaming B. Blamed C. To blame D. To be blamed
  67. with so much trouble, we failed to complete the task on time. A. Faced B. Face C. Facing D. To face
  68. Don’t sit there nothing. Come and help me with the table. A. do B. to do C. doing D. and doing
  69. When different cultures, we often pay only attention to the differences without noticing the many similarities. A. compared B. being compared C. comparing D. having compared
  70. It remains whether Jim’ll be fit enough to play in the finals. A. seen B. to be seen C. seeing D. to see
  71. Mr Green stood up in defense of the 16-year-old boy, saying that he was not the one . A. blamed B. blaming C. to blame D. to be blamed
  72. with a difficult situation , Arnold decided to ask his boss for advice. A. To face B. Having faced C. Faced D. Facing
  73. The storm left, a lot of damage to this area. A. caused B. to have caused C. to cause D. having caused
  74. While watching TV, . A. the doorbell rang B. the doorbell rings C. we heard the doorbell ring D. we heard the doorbell rings
  75. It’s necessary to be prepared for a job interview. the answer ready will be of great help. A. To have had B. Having had C. Have D. Having
  76. I don’t want like I’m speaking ill of anybody, but the manager’s plan is unfair. A. to sound B. to be sounded C. sounding D. to have sounded
  77. into use in April 2000, the hotline was meant for residents reporting water and heating supply breakdowns. A. Put B. Putting C. Having put D. Being put
  78. What should I do with the passage? the main idea of each paragraph. A. Finding out B. Found out C. Find out D. To find out 2010 年高考题
  1. Mrs. White showed her students some old maps from the library. A. to borrow B. To be borrowed C. borrowed D. borrowing
  2. With Father’s Day around the corner, I have taken some money out of the bank presents for my dad. A. buy B. to buy C. buying D. to have bought
  3. I have a lot of readings before the end of this term. A. completing B. to complete C. completed D. being completed
  4. The living room is clean and tidy, with a dining table already for a meal to be cooked. A. laid B. laying C. to lay D. being laid
  5. It rained heavily in the south, serious flooding in several provinces. A. caused B. having caused C. causing D. to cause
  6. I had great difficulty the suitable food on the menu in that restaurant. A. find B. found C. to find D. finding
  7. Lucy has a great sense of humour and always keeps her colleagues with her stories. A. amused B. amusing C. to amuse D. to be amused
  8. the city centre, we saw a stone statue of about 10 metres in height. A. Approaching B. Approached C. To approach D. To be approached
  9. That is the only way we can imagine the overuse of water in students’ bathrooms. A. reducing B. to reduce C. reduced D. reduce

  10. at my classmates’ faces, I read the same excitement in their eyes. A. Looking B. Look C. To look D. Looked
  11. I’m calling to enquire about the position in yesterday’s China Daily. A. advertised B. to be advertised C. advertising D. having advertised
  12. The retired man donated most of his savings to the school damaged by the earthquake in Yushu, the students to return to their classrooms. A. enabling B. having enabled C. to enable D. to have enabled
  13. from the top of the tower, the south foot of the mountain is a sea of trees. A. Seen B. Seeing C. Having seen D. To see
  14. His first book next month is based on a true story. A. published B. to be published C. to publish D. being published
  15. The lady walked around the shops, an eye out for bargains. A. keep B. kept C. keeping D. to keep
  16. There were many talented actors out there just waiting . A. to discover B. to be discovered C. discovered D. being discovered
  17. Lots of rescue workers were working around the clock, supplies to Yushu, Qinghai Province after the earthquake. A. sending B. to send C. having sent D. to have sent
  18. In April, thousands of holidaymakers remained abro



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   英语句子成分只是英语语法中的一小部分,而且平时的考试也不会考,试卷上不会考你什么是宾语,什么是状 语,这个单词是作什么成分,但是它是学英语的基础或者说是你学习其他语法的工具(比如学定语从句 ,非谓语 动词等等).学会它最直接的作用是对阅读和写英语句子有帮助,有很多人单词都知道,但是,读句子的时候,就是 不知道哪些单词和哪些单词是组合在一起的;写句子的时候,就是不知道该把把哪个单词放在前,哪个单词放在 后.句子成分就是帮你来分析单词和单词的关系,让你能比较容易地看懂句子和写出符合英语表达的英语 ...


   英语句子与汉语句子一样,都是由单词按照一定的规则所组成的.不同的词类在 句中所起的作用是不同的.因此,只有搞清不同词类在句中可充当哪些成分,才 能正确分析,理解句子的含义,并能准确地遣词造句,逐渐达到流利地说出地道 的英语. 【问】什么是句子成分?英语句子包含哪些成分? 什么是句子成分?英语句子包含哪些成分? 【答】组成句子的各个部分叫做句子成分.它包括:主语,谓语,宾语,定 语,状语,表语和宾语补足语等. 【问】各成分在句中的作用如何?分别由哪些词及短语充当? 各成分在句中的作用如何?分别 ...


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