Practice time.单句改错

  1.That the earth turns around the sun known to are all. is
  2.When the meeting will be held haven't been known yet. hasn't
  3.I didn't know that you come. will would
  4.He said that he writing a story. is was
  5.Could you tell me whenhe arrive? will he will
  6.You can begin to see why does English have such strange rules. English has
在复合句中起名词作用的从句叫名词从句 Clauses). ).名词从句的功能相当于 (Noun Clauses).名词从句的功能相当于 名词词组, 它在复合句中能担任主语,宾语, 名词词组, 它在复合句中能担任主语,宾语, 表语,同位语,介词宾语等, 表语,同位语,介词宾语等,因此根据它在 句中不同的语法功能,名词从句又可分别称为 句中不同的语法功能, 主语从句,宾语从句,表语从句和同位语从句. 主语从句,宾语从句,表语从句和同位语从句.
一,名词性从句的语序???陈述语序 名词性从句的语序 陈述语序 他是怎么成功的仍然是个谜. 他是怎么成功的仍然是个谜. How was he successful is still a puzzle. ( F ) How he was successful is still a puzzle. ( T ) 你能告诉我他住在什么地方吗? 你能告诉我他住在什么地方吗? Could you tell me where he lives? ( T ) Could you tell me where does he live? ( F )
  1.that 和what 的选用 that 和 what 都可引导所有的名词从句. 都可引导所有的名词从句. 但是,what除起连接作用外 除起连接作用外, 但是,what除起连接作用外,还在名 词性从句中充当成分, 词性从句中充当成分,可做从句的主 宾语,或表语. 语,宾语,或表语.而that在名词性从 在名词性从 句中不充当任何成分,只起连接作用. 句中不充当任何成分,只起连接作用.
that / what
  1. he wants is a book. That
  2. he wants to go there is obvious. that
  3.The result is we won the game. what
  4.This is we want to know. what
  5.Is he told us true ? what
  6.We should pay attention to the teacher is saying. that
  7. I have no doubt he will come. what
  8. I have no idea he did that afternoon. what what
  9. has made China it is now.
whether 与 if 均为 "是否" 的意思.但在下列情况下, 是否" 的意思.但在下列情况下, whether 不能被 if 所取代: 所取代:
  1.whether 引导主语从句(包括从句在句首的位置 不用 , 引导主语从句(包括从句在句首的位置)不用 不用if, 如: Whether it is true remains a problem. Whether he will come, I am not sure.
  2. 引导表语从句用 引导表语从句用whether,不用 ,如: ,不用if, The question is whether you should accept it.
  3.引导同位语从句用 引导同位语从句用whether,不用 ,如: 引导同位语从句用 ,不用if, The question whether he'll attend the meeting is important.
  4.whether可以引导从句作介词的宾语,而if 则不能,如: 可以引导从句作介词的宾语, 则不能, 可以引导从句作介词的宾语 I'm not interested in whether they'll go or not. It depends on whether we have got enough money.

  2.whether与if的辨用 与 的辨用

  5. whether可以直接跟动词不定式连用,而if 则不 可以直接跟动词不定式连用, 可以直接跟动词不定式连用 能,如: I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. She hasn't decided whether to go or not.
  6.whether or not 连在一起引导宾语从句时不用 连在一起引导宾语从句时不用if I don't know whether it is right or not.
  7. Q if会 起 义时. 义时. 会 Please let me know if you like it. 该句 两个 :"请告诉 你 欢". 果你 whether 可 " 果你 欢,请告诉 ." 请 .
引导动词之后的宾语从句可用if 或者whether 引导动词之后的宾语从句可用 或者
Practice time
if / whether if / whether
  1. I asked her she had a bike. Whether
  2. we will hold a party in the open air tomorrow depends on the weather. whether
  3. We're worried about he is safe. whether /if
  4. I don't know he is well or not.
  5. I don't know or not he is well. whether whether
  6. The question is he should do it.
  7.The doctor can hardly answer the question whether the old man will recover soon. whether
  8. I don't know to go. If
  9. you are not free tomorrow, I'll go without you.

  3.其它连接代词和副词的连用 其它连接代词和副词的连用 主要根据名词性从句中的具体意义,正确的 主要根据名词性从句中的具体意义 正确的 选择who,which,when,where,why, 选择 , , , , , how 等连接词,这些连接词既具有疑问含义, 等连接词,这些连接词既具有疑问含义, 又起连接作用,同时在从句中充当各种成分. 又起连接作用,同时在从句中充当各种成分.
我们何时举行运动会还没有决定. 我们何时举行运动会还没有决定. we shall hold our sports meeting is When not decided. 我不知道昨天谁打破了玻璃. 我不知道昨天谁打破了玻璃. who I don't know broke the glass yesterday. 我不知道他长的什么样子. 我不知道他长的什么样子. what I have no idea he looks like. 这就是我忘记眼镜的地方. 这就是我忘记眼镜的地方. where This is I left my glasses.

  4. that不能省略的情况 不能省略的情况
that引导名词性从句时在从句中不做任何成分,也 引导名词性从句时在从句中不做任何成分, 引导名词性从句时在从句中不做任何成分 没有具体的意义. 没有具体的意义.其他连接词在引导从句时都做相 应的成分并有具体的意思. 应的成分并有具体的意思.
  1.)主语从句,表语从句,同位语从句中用that但不能省 主语从句,表语从句,同位语从句中用 主语从句 但不能省 略.
That they are good at English is known to us all. The problem is that we don't have enough money She expressed the hope that they would co me to China one day.

  2).It 做形式宾语的宾语从句: I don't think it necessary that you should read English loudly.
  3).并列宾语从句中,从第二个宾语从句开始都不可省略 He told me (that) his father had died and that he had to make a living alone.
  4).当that宾语从句中状语部分位与从句前部时, Tell him that if he comes tomorrow,please call me.
  5).当that 前有插入语时 Tom didn't know,I'm sure,that his sister was going to Japan.

  6).当that作介词宾语时,that不可省掉. The reason lies in that she works harder than the others do.
that/ (that) (that)
  1.I don't think she is coming. that
  2.It is a pity he has made such a mistake. that
  3.The reason is he is careless . that
  4.The news our team won the match inspired us. that
  5.I don't think it necessary you should read English aloud. (that)
  6.He told me his father had died that and he had to make a living alone.

  6.whatever/whoever 的功用: Whatever/whoever可引导主语,宾语,表语从句,并 在从句中做主语,宾语,表语.这种用法中, whatever/whoever 不含疑问意义. Whatever=anything that; whoever=anyone who
  1. Whoever breaks the law is to be punished. Anyone who breaks the law is to be punished.
  2. They will do whatever he wants them to do. anything that They will do he wants them to do.
疑问词的区别: 疑问词 + ever和no matter + 疑问词的区别 和 ①疑问词 + ever可引导名词性从句,在主从句中要充 当一定的成分. Whoever breaks the rule must be punished. You can choose whatever you like in the shop. ②疑问词 + ever还可引导让步状语从句.如: Whoever breaks the rule, he must be punished, Whatever you do, you must do it well. ③no matter + 疑问词只能引导让步状语从句. No matter what you do, you must do it well. No matter who breaks the rule, he must be puni shed. No matter+疑问词可换成疑问词+ever

  1. 如果主句时态是现在时或将来时 从句谓语 如果主句时态是现在时或将来时,从句谓语 可根据句意需要而选用任一种时态. 可根据句意需要而选用任一种时态 a .他相信他的梦想总有一天会实现的 他相信他的梦想总有一天会实现的. 他相信他的梦想总有一天会实现的 his dream will come true some He believes . day b .请告诉我你昨天这个时候在干什么 请告诉我你昨天这个时候在干什么. 请告诉我你昨天这个时候在干什么 what you were doing at this Please tell me .time yesterday

  2. 如果主句谓语是过去时 从句谓语动词一般用过去的 如果主句谓语是过去时,从句谓语动词一般用过去的 某种时态,但从句表达的是客观事实,真理, 但从句表达的是客观事实 某种时态 但从句表达的是客观事实,真理,自然规 律等时,从句谓语通常用一般现在时. 律等时,从句谓语通常用一般现在时. 他告诉我他正在为考试做准备. 他告诉我他正在为考试做准备. he was preparing for the examination He told me . 他说他已离开家乡十年了. 他说他已离开家乡十年了. He had been away from his He told me . hometown for ten years 老师告诉我们光是沿直线运行的. 老师告诉我们光是沿直线运行的. light travels in a straight The teacher tell us line.

  1.同位语从句的格式:n.+ 连接词 + 从句 同位语从句的格式: 同位语从句的格式
  2.能接同位语从句的名词有:fact,idea, 能接同位语从句的名词有: 能接同位语从句的名词有 , news, information, order, belief, suggestion, advice等 等
  3.连接词通常是 连接词通常是that,也可根据含义选用 连接词通常是 也可根据含义选用 whether, what, when, where 等来引导同位 语从句. 语从句.
that/ whether / where/ how
  1. I have no idea he comes from.
  2. He can't answer the question he how got the money. that
  3.He gave us many suggestions we should get up earlier and take more exercise. that
  4.I have no doubt he will win. whether
  5. I have some doubt he will win.

  4)同位语从句和定语从句的区别 )
  1.定语从句是先行词的修饰语,它不涉及先行词的 定语从句是先行词的修饰语, 定语从句是先行词的修饰语 具体内容.定语从句中that不但起连接作用,而且 不但起连接作用, 具体内容.定语从句中 不但起连接作用 在定语从句中充当一个句子成分, 在定语从句中充当一个句子成分,充当从句的宾语成分 时可省略. 时可省略.
  2.同位语从句对中心词的内容作进一步的解释和说明, 同位语从句对中心词的内容作进一步的解释和说明, 同位语从句对中心词的内容作进一步的解释和说明 表明中心词的具体内容.引导同位语从句的that 表明中心词的具体内容.引导同位语从句的 在同位语从句中不做任何成分,只起连接作用 只起连接作用,无具体 在同位语从句中不做任何成分 只起连接作用 无具体 含义,且不可省略 含义 且不可省略.
同位语从句/定语从句 同位语从句 定语从句
  1.We expressed the hope that they had expressed. 定
  2. We expressed the hope that they would come to China again. 同
  1.The information has been announced that more middle school graduates will be admitted into university. 同
  2.The information that he revealed at the meeting is of great value. 定
的用法: 形式主语) 四.It 的用法: (形式主语)
It' possible/important/necessary/clear… that……
很可能/重要的是 必要的是 很清楚… 很可能 重要的是…/必要的是 很清楚 重要的是 必要的是…/很清楚
It's said/ reported… that..据说 据报道 据说/据报道 据说 据报道… It's been announced/declared that..已经通知 宣 已经通知/宣 已经通知 布… It seems/appears/happens.. that…显然,明显, 显然, 显然 明显, 碰巧.. 碰巧 It's no wonder that…并不奇怪 无疑 并不奇怪/无疑 并不奇怪 无疑… It's a pity/a fact /a common knowledge (众所周知) 众所周知) 众所周知 / a common saying….(俗话说) (俗话说)
It 做形式主语: (A)It is clear/certain/likely/true/surprising that… (B)It is a pity/shame/good idea/no wonder that ... (C)It is said/reported/ believed/known/thought/s uggested that … (D)It seems/happens that. It happened that I went out last night. It is said that China will win in the World Cup
It is important/necessary/natural/strange that….+(should)+v It is a pity/a shame/suggested/insisted/ordered.. 在suggestion,proposal,plan,idea,order,decision 的表语从句中 (should)+v 宾语从句中的虚拟: Wish that….. 表示坚持,建议,命令,要求的从句
It is time that Would rather
几个固定句式: 几个固定句式: 强调部分+ ① 强调句 It is/was +强调部分+that…….(如 强调部分 如 果强调部分是疑问词) 果强调部分是疑问词 Who is it that spoke first? When



   Practice time.单句改错 1.That the earth turns around the sun known to are all. is 2.When the meeting will be held haven't been known yet. hasn't 3.I didn't know that you come. will would 4.He said that he writing a story. is was 5.Could you tell me whe ...


   高中英语名词性从句讲 高中英语名词性从句讲座 英语名词性从句 在复合句中起名词作用的从句叫做名词性从句。它包括主语从句、宾语从句、表语从句和同位语从句。 在复合句中起名词作用的从句叫做名词性从句。它包括主语从句、宾语从句、表语从句和同位语从句。 一.★★★名词性从句的句子结构 名词性从句的句子结构 1. 主语从句: 主语 句子主语从句 + 谓语 + (宾语、直宾+宾语、宾语+宾补) 主语 句子主语从句 + 系动词、半系半动(taste\sound\feel\smell\look) + 表语 ...


   名词性从句 在句子中起名词作用的句子叫名词从句。 名词从句的功能相当于名词 词组, 它在复合句中能担任主语、 宾语、 表语、 同位语、 介词宾语等, 因此根据它在句中不同的语法功能,名词从句又可分别称为主语从 句、宾语从句、表语从句和同位语从句。 17.1 引导名词性从句的连接词 引导名词性从句的连接词可分为三类: 连接词: that, whether ,if (不充当从句的任何成分) 连接代词: what, whatever, who, whoever, whom, whose, whic ...


   名词性从句专项讲义 名词性从句的基本概念 在复合句中起名词作用的从句叫名词性 从句,包括作主语从句、表语从句、宾 语从句和同位语从句。 主语从句 用来作主语的句子叫做主语从句。如: 1.When he was born is unknown. 他 生于何时还不知道。 2.Whether he will be able to come is a question. 他是否来还是问题。 在主语从句中须注意: 在主语从句中须注意: 1.为避免头重脚轻,使句子平衡,常用it作形式主语, 而将主语从句 ...


   学科: 学科:英语 教师: 教师 杨卫华 课程内容: 课程内容:高二英语 名词性从句讲解 知识要点: 知识要点 名次性从句巩固理解 基本内容讲解: 基本内容讲解 名词从句(the Noun Clause)的分类 名词从句 的分类 在句子中起名词作用的从句叫做名词从句(或名词性从句) ,它包括主语从句、宾语从句、 表语从句和同位语从句。 1.2 名词从句的引导词 1.连词 that, whether (or not), if。 2.连接代词 who, what, whose, which 等。 ...

高一英语 名词性从句

   语法复习三:名词性从句 语法复习三: 名词性从句相当于名词,可分别作主句的主语,表语,宾语和同位语.因此,名词性从句厅分为主语从句, 名词性从句相当于名词,可分别作主句的主语,表语,宾语和同位语.因此,名词性从句厅分为主语从句, 表语从句,宾语从句和同位从句. 表语从句,宾语从句和同位从句. (一)引导名词性从句的连接词 1,连接代词:who, whose, whom, what, which.有词义,在从句中担任成分,如主语,表语,宾语,或定 ,连接代词: .有词义,在从句中担任成分,如主 ...


   名词性从句 名词性从句相当于名词,可分别作主句的主语、表语、宾语和 同位语。因此,名词性从句可分为主语从句、表语从句、宾语从句 和同位从句。 一、引导名词性从句的连接词 1. 连接代词:who, whose, whom, what, which.有词义,在从句中 担任成分,如主语、表语、宾语、或定语等。 2. 连接副词:when, where, why, how.有词义,在从句中担任成分, 作状语。 3. 连接词:that, whether, if, as if.that 无词义,在从句中不 ...


   高二英语名词性从句知识精讲 人教版 一. 本周教学内容: 第五单元语法:名词性从句 1. 名词性从句 2. 同位语从句 3. 同位语从句与定语从句的辨析 4. what; whatever; whoever; where 引导的名词性从句 5. it 作为形式主语的句型 二. 知识总结与归纳: (一)名词性从句的结构:名词性从句起名词作用在句中做主语,表语,宾语和同位语构 成:主语从句;表语从句;宾语从句和同位语从句.引导名词性从句的连词有三类:that; whether; wh-疑问词. ...


   高中英语语法讲解--名词性从句 知识总结与归纳: (一)名词性从句的结构:名词性从句起名词作用在句中做主语,表语,宾语和 同位语构成:主语从句;表语从句;宾语从句和同位语从句.引导名词性从句的 连词有三类:that;whether; wh-疑问词. 例句: 1.The result of this French influence was that the English language ended up with many French words such as table, anim ...


   选校网 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库 高考二轮复习英语学 英语学案 2010 高考二轮复习英语学案 专题九 名词性从句 【典例精析】 典例精析】 1.(2007 山东,22 )Could I speak to is in charge of International Sales ,please ? A. anyone B. someone C. whoever D. no matter who 【解析】C."i ...



   初二英语下学期期末 初二英语下学期期末试卷 初二英语下学期期末试卷 听力部分 20 分 听句子,选出适当的答语 选出适当的答语: 一,听句子 选出适当的答语 (10 分) 1, A. Don't say that. 2, A. Yes, she is a teacher. B. It doesn't matter. C. That's right. B. I think so. She is one of the most popular teachers in our school. C. ...


   优秀学生英语 、 优秀学生英语 A、B 级经验交流会 一、活动主旨: 活动主旨: 级考试时所有在校大学生缩共同关心的问题。 全国大学英语 AB 级考试时所有在校大学生缩共同关心的问题。 在考试之前举行优秀学生 级经验交流会旨在为大一新生提供良好的英语学习方法及备考方案 让同学们熟悉 为大一新生提供良好的英语学习方法及备考方案, 英语 AB 级经验交流会旨在为大一新生提供良好的英语学习方法及备考方案, 考试流程,并对今年的考试趋势有所了解,同时树立榜样传授经验,交流学习, 考试流程,并对今年的 ...


   第一册 MOUDLE 1 hello (hi) 你好 I am (I’m) 我是 goodbye(bye-bye) 再见 good morning 早上好 How are you? 你好吗 fine(身体)很好 thank you 谢谢 and 和 MODULE 2 too 也 boy 男孩 girl 女孩 Ms 女士 good afternoon 下午好 Mr 先生 what 什麽 your 你的 name 名字 MODULE 3 a 一个 panda 熊猫 now 现在 it is(it ...


   同位语从句 一,在复合句中用作同位语的从句叫同位语从句.它一般跟在某些名词后面,用 以说明该名词表示的具体内容.如: I heard the news that our team had won.我听到了我们队获胜的消息. I had no idea that you were here.我不知道你在这里. 二,可以跟同位语从句的名词通常有 news,idea,fact,promise,question, , , , , , doubt, thought, hope, message, su ...


   亿库教育网 百万教学资源免费下载 2005 初三选择题专练 1. I’m sorry I’m __ your way. A, on B, in C, at D, for 2. The girl __ the skirt must be a dancer. A, in B, on C, with D, of 3. It’s time class. Let’s go. A, to B, with C, in D, for 4. Your idea sounds ...