ic “ Memory of Childhood”, you will dial . A.6551-4787 B.6848-5462 C.8315-6170 D.6606-9999
  50.Which statement is right according to the passage ? A.Li Guangxi , Yao Hong and Ma Mei stand for the same generation of CNO vocalists . B. “Rigoletto” is a famous piece on the theme of the moon . C. “Lofty Mountain and Flowing River” is a traditional Chinese music . D.Zhou Yaokun will play solos and Fan Weiqing will collaborate with the folk music orchestra.
  51. “Madame Butterfly” is . A.a Chinese opera B.a Western opera C.a piece of music D.a song
  52.In which column of a newspaper will the article be published ? A.Entertainment B.People . C.Culture . D.Sports . D Penguins are among Nature’ most endearing (可爱的) creatures and , for a bird that is not able to s
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fly , the penguin has had a very successful career . It has become adapted to life at sea , coming ashore only to breed . Penguins like to live in large numbers . The first men to see penguins found it difficult to classify them , although their interest was only as food . Were they animals or birds ? In fact , the penguin is a swimming and diving bird which lost the power of flight early in its evolution . On land , penguin sits upright on large webbed (有蹼的)feet and walk across the ice , but it swims excellently , its rigid (僵硬的) wings being changed for swimming . Well known among the smaller species of penguin is the black-footed penguin . The larger species are the king penguin and the emperor penguin . The penguin population is so large that there is no immediate danger of the bird becoming extinct . On the other hand , the poisonous chemical things of the civilized world’s industries reach even the faraway Antarctic Ocean and worsen the wildlife of Antarctica’s coastal areas ; they do harm to the whales and the seals as well as the penguins . To the humans observer , penguins always seem to be in party mood . Indeed , it is difficult to be solemn (庄严的) about them ; their gesture and behaviour are representation of man . A zoologist , however , sees them as ideal field laboratory subjects , living as they do in an environment in which relatively few other creatures live .
  53.In the very early days people . A.were only interested to classify penguins B.regarded penguins nothing but as part of their food C.found it easy to classify penguins D.did their best to find food for penguins
  54.The penguin is . A.an animal that can swim in water B.an animal that can walk on land C.a bird that cannot fly D.a bird that can both swim and walk but cannot fly
  55.Penguins . A.like to live separately B.are becoming extinct in the near future C.enjoy a collective life D.find it difficult to seek food
  56.People find it to see penguins because they look like man in some way . A.ideal B.fun C.dull D.flat E In 1826, a Frenchman named Niepce needed pictures for his business . But he was not a good artist . So he invented a very simple cameras . He put it in a window of his house and took a picture of his yard .That was the first photograph . The next important date in the history of photography was 18
  37. That year , Daguerre , another French , took a picture of his studio . He used a new kind of camera and a different process . In his pictures , you could see everything very clearly , even the smallest details . This kind of photograph was called a daguerreotype . Soon , other people began to use Daguerre’s process . Travelers brought back daguerreotypes from all around the world . People photographed famous buildings , cities and mountains. In about 1840, the process was improved . Then photographers could take pictures of people and moving things. The process was not simple. The photographers had to carry lots of films and processing equipment . But this did not stop the photographers , especially in the United States . After 1840s daguerreotype artists were popular in most cities .
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Mathew Brady was a well-known American photographer . He took many pictures of famous people . The pictures were unusual because they were very life-like and full of personality . Brady was also the first person to take pictures of war . His 1862 Civil War pictures showed dead soldiers and ruined cities . They made the war seem more real and more terrible . In the 1880s ,new inventions began to change photography . Photographers cold buy films readymade in rolls . So they did not have to make the film themselves . Also , they did not have to process the film immediately . They could bring it back to their studios and develop it later meaning that they did not have to carry lots of equipment . And finally , the invention of the small handheld camera made photography less expensive . With the small camera , anyone could be a photographer . People began to use cameras just for fun . They took pictures of their families , friends and favorite places . They called these pictures “snapshot”. Photographs became very popular in newspapers in the 1890s . Soon magazines and books also used documentary photographs . These pictures showed true events and people .They were much more real than drawing . Photography also turned into a form of art by the end of the 20th century . Some photographs were not just copies of the real world . They showed ideas and feelings , like other art forms .
  57.The passage is mainly about . A.the invention of cameras B.a kind of new art-photography C.the development of photography D.the important dates in the history of photography
  58.The first pictures of a war were taken by . A.a French photographer in the 1840s . B.an Americans photographer in the 1860s C.a German reporter in the 1880s D.a French artist in the 1890s
  59.Photography can also be an art form because artists can . A.take anything they like B.keep a record of real life C.take photos of the famous D.show ideas and feeling in pictures
  60.According to the passage , which of the followings shows the correct order ? . a. Photographs became popular in newspapers . b. Photographers carried processing equipment while taking pictures . c. The invention of small handheld cameras made photography easier . d. Daguerre invented a kind of photograph called daguerreotype . e. Brady took pictures of famous people . A.e, a, d, b, c B.d, b, e, c, a C.b, e, c, a ,d D.d, c, e, a , b 第Ⅱ卷(共 50 分) 第三部分:写作(共两节,满分 50 分) 根据题意完成下列各句中空白处所缺单词,单词的首字母或意思已给出。 第一节:单词拼写(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分)
  61.The ice is too thin to b your weight .
  62.He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for a his authority .
  63.What she said sounded convincing , but I s it to be a lie .
  64.Prices continue to show a t to increase .
  65. Many students try to find (临时的) jobs during their holidays in order to accumulate
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some working experience .
  66.The two countries were in a state of war as a result of the frontier i .
  67.Much new evidence has come to l in recent years .
  68.She spoke at great l about the living conditions of the poor in her area .
  69.He told me not to buy that expensive garment , but I bought it a .
  70.We should let animals live in their natural s instead of at a zoo .
  71.It is unacceptable to say that popularity is the only c of a good novel .
  72.It was c of you to turn down the radio while I was asleep .
  73.Ted’s aunt was cutting the grass ,and m his uncle was planting roses .
  74. wanted to go to Greece , and my wife wanted to go to Spain . So we I (折衷) Italy . on
  75.The plot of the novel relies too much on (巧合)to be realistic . 第二节 短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) Mrs Smith was unable to fall sleeping at night and
  76. was very tired during the day to do anything ,even the
  77. simple things that she used to enjoy doing . She had
  78. headaches more often, it prevented her from reading or
  79. watched TV. The more she thought about her conditions ,
  80. the more worse she felt . At last she went to see her doctor ,
  81. whom she had known for years . The doctor listened to his
  82. heart and said , “There is nothing serious wrong with you ,
  83. and I accept the fact you don’t feel well . Now I’ll
  84. give you some pills that help . Come tomorrow
  85. morning and tell me how you feel.” 第三节 书面表达(满分 25 分) 假若一个澳大利亚教育参观团要到你校, 他们想了解中国教育的基本情况, 请根据以下图表 和所给提示,用英语写一篇短文,为来客做介绍。

  1.参考词汇:compulsory education 义务教育 junior middle school 初中
  2.短文须包括以下要点:50%的学生能进入大学学习;在高校,部分费用由家庭承担;中 国教育尽管成就巨大,但仍然满足不了社会的需求。
  3.注意: (
  1)词数:120 左右。 (
  2)短文的题目、开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 Education in China Today Education in China today has been developing rapidly .
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Though great changes have taken place in the education system of China , it still can’t meet the needs of the society . 英语答案 单选:1?5 CBBBB 6?10 BDDAA 11?15 BABBC 16?20 ABACB 完型:21?25 BCCAB 26?30 DCBAB 31?35 DBCCD 36?40 ABCDC 阅读:41?44 ADDA 45?48 CADD 49?52 BCBA53?56 BDCB 57?60 CBDB 单词:
  61. bear
  62. abusing
  63. suspected
  64. tendency
  66. incident (incidents)
  67. light
  68. length
  69. anyway/ anyhow
  70. surroundings
  71. criterion
  72. considerate
  73. meanwhile
  74. compromised
  75. coincidence 改错:
  76. sleeping ?asleep
  77. very?too
  79. it?which
  80. watched?watching
  81. 去 more
  82. his?her
  83. serious?seriously
  84. and? but
  85. help 前加 will 写作: Education in China Today Education in China today has been developing rapidly . Most children start school by the age of seven. They spend five or six years in a primary school and three or four years in a junior middle school , which are compulsory education . The students don’t need to take exams before they enter a junior middle school . After graduation , some study in a professional school for two or three years before work. Most of them attend a senior middle school for three years . Students have to pass a series of examinations before entering a university . Now about 50% of the students can go to university . The university life lasts four or five years . After they graduate , they can go and find jobs . Though great changes have taken place in the education system of China , it still can’t meet the needs of the society .
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   [教育资源网 http://www.edu5.net] 百万教学资源,完全免费,无须注册,天天更新! 高考英语名校试题汇编 7 英 语 试 卷 2006.1 本试卷分为第Ⅰ卷(选择题)和第Ⅱ卷(非选择题)两部分.共 150 分,考试时间 120 分钟. 第 I 卷(共 100 分) 第一部分:英语知识运用(共 50 分) 第一节 语法和词汇知识(共 20 题,每小题 1 分) 从每题所给的 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1.I have had a great ...


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   有一个非常特殊的老师远-reaching彻底改变了我的生活 秋天,1959年,上课的第一天在学校的雪佛兰卡车几乎追崇贝是关于开始。“谁”,我问一个高级”,是我夫人麦克纳马拉,十年级英语老师吗?”,他只是说了一些关于我__31处于__32__Soon,我明白了他的意思。麦克纳马拉有花纹的夫人33that她重复了一遍又一遍。我们会有一个for_34__文学阅读的任务。第二天,当我们来到课堂上,会有两或三个主题,在黑板上35作业阅读。在我们were36__to以写一篇关于一个的题材。第二天,她就会3 ...


   一天下午,我的儿子亚当问我,“大家都是一样的,即使它们不同颜色的?” 我想了一会,然后我说:“我将解释,_21_你可以等到我们要尽快做出22在食品杂货店。我有东西给你看。”23 在杂货店,我们24有些apples-red,绿色和黄色ones.Back家里告诉亚当,“是时候到25你的问题。“我把一只 苹果在table.Then各26我看着亚当,他有一个27岁的样子。 人就像apples.They进来全部28个颜色,形状和sizes.On 29,一些苹果看起来美味不得30和其他的人。“当我说的是, ...


   彼得和保罗早已得到许可来自父母营在田地里接近自己的农场。不过,由于喜欢冒险的男孩,他们知道它会更36出现…倒没什么,躺在树林里营在大河那边。37岁的男孩兴奋地与他们的帐篷和食物全国。 他们沉重的38个全国携带,兄弟俩沿着河边散步的时候,几乎没有注意到的距离或太阳打了下来。他们急切要达到自己的39之前到吃午饭的时候了。他们进了树林、凉爽,神出鬼没开始寻找一种合适的露营地点。皮特想40接近这条河在树林边的41保罗,他长大了,坚持要他们。42营远,彼得跟着他的兄弟陷入更深的43个出现…倒没什么。“这 ...


   詹姆斯再次摇了摇他的钱盒。没事!他仔细__36__的硬币就躺在床上了。24.52美元是他一切所有的。这辆自行车他想要的是至少90美元!地球上的__37__他会得到这些__38__的钱吗? 他知道,他的朋友都有自行车。这是__39__整天与人,当你是唯一一个没有轮子。他想到了他所能做的一切。没有__40__问他的父母,因为他知道他们没有钱__41__。 只有一个办法让钱,他们的意见是__42__它。他去找一份工作。__43__谁会雇佣他,而他能做些什么呢?他决定要求先生粘土通常是谁给了建议,在大 ...


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   Unit 4 Let’s learn English ! 教学目标与要求 一、学习目标 1. 掌握字母 Q~V 的读音与书写。理解动词 look, listen, read , write 的含义。 2. 学习班级日常生活交际用语,熟练表达表示问候、指令、告别等用语。 3. 熟悉特殊疑问句形式及其答语。 二、能力目标 1. 从本单元开始,不断培养英语阅读的能力。本单元都是对话式课文,主要是在 听说的基础上培养英语朗读的能力。 2. 初步(口、笔头)运用本单元所列日常交际用语进行交际的能力。 ...


   活动过程:以巩固单词“apple”为例。学生甲:apple。学生乙:a。学生甲:p。学生乙:p。 学生甲:l。学生乙:e。学生甲继续报其他单词。以一生回答不出来为失败,扣一分。另一 方则获胜。 几种小学英语课堂单词巩固游戏 山东省诸城市西郊学校 孙金刚 “学于游”是孔子所追求的最高镜界,在课堂上进行简单、活泼的单词巩 固游戏是复习单词的有效方法。但游戏要经过精心设计和选择,让学生 乐于玩,又能产生比较好的效果。 在小学英语的课堂教学中我借鉴和设计了一些单词巩固游戏, 有效地激 发了小学生学习 ...


   英语培训三 Dialogue S: Excuse me. Could you tell me how to get to the nearest department store? 不好意思,你能告诉我怎么去最近的百货公司吗? L: Of course! Are you going to take the subway or walk there? 没问题,你想乘地铁还是走路去? S: How long will it take to walk? 走路大概有多久的时间呢? L: About ...


   小学集体备课录 年级: 三年级 备课教师 课题:At the zoo 上课时间: 上课教师: 节次: 修改意见 Unit6 At the zoo 【课题】Unit 1 第一课时 【课型】新授 【教学目标】 1 本部分主要学习使用 Look at… It has… It’s so 的 句型介绍动物的特征。 2.Let’s practise. 【教材分析】 本节课主要是听说认读动物单词。由于设计了 是否喜欢动物的表达法,为了能让学生更好地用英 语表达自己的喜好,可以把动物的词汇教学安排在 第一颗 ...


   2011 考研英语作文预测篇 考研英语《写作 160 篇》是第一本话题类的考研英语作文书,已经连续五年命中 写作题目,目前也是考研英语写作中最好的一本书,几乎人手一本的考研英语写 作必看宝书。 下面是《写作 160 篇》相关的预测话题范文,希望能给大家的考研英语写作有些 帮助。 考研话题预测 1:志愿活动 Part I Writing (30 minutes) Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a s ...