高考英语能力测试基础训练6 动词

  1. The taxi driver often reminds passengers to their belongings when they leave the car.
A.keep    B.catch    C.hold    D.take

  2. Papermaking began in China and from here it to North Africa and Europe.
A.spread B.grew C.carried D.developed

  3. Project Hope aims at helping the poor children in remote areas to education.
A.accept B.keep C.assist D.receive

  4. My brother worked all summer vacation,saving money to his hobby of photography.
A.seek B.search C.hunt D.pursue

  5. By 19
  09,Picasso had himself as a painter of great talent in Paris.
A.made B.recognized C.admitted D.established

  6.?When shall we start?
?Let’s it 8:
  30.Is that all right?
A.set B.meet C.make D.take

  7.?Mummy,can I put the peaches in the cupboard?
?No,dear.They don’t well.Put them in the fridge instead.
A.keep B.fit C.get D.last

  8. Mary finally Bruce as her life-long companion.
A.received B.accepted C.made D.honored

  9.( Go and join in the party. it to me to do the washing-up.
A.Get B.Remain C.Leave D.Send w.w.w.k.s.

  10. Be careful when you cross this very busy street.If not,you may run over by a car.
A.have B.get C.become D.turn

  11. Quite a few people used to believe that disaster if a mirror was broken.
A.was sure of striking B.was sure of having struck
C.was sure to be struck D.was sure to strike

  12.The four-year-old boy began to cry when he the cup on the floor.
A.fell B.dropped C.lost D.broke

  13.At that moment the water in the river to a dangerous point.
A.raised B.increased C.added D.rose

  14.?The car,traveling at 60 miles an hour,just the man and ran into an office window.
?What a narrow escape! w.w.w.k.s.
A.killed B.failed C.missed D.injured

  15.The captain an apology to the passengers for delay caused by bad weather.
A.made B.said C.put D.passed

  16.I love to go to the seaside in summer.It good to lie in the sun or swim in the cool air.
A.does B.feels C.gets D.makes

  17.It is well-known that Thomas Edison the electric lamp.
A.invented B.discovered C.found D.developed

  18.Most of the passengers were quickly removed from the aircraft.
A.harmed B.injured C.damaged D.hurt

  19.They friends since they met in Shanghai.
A.have made B.have become
C.have turned D.have been

  20.His father died and him a lot of money.
A.gave B.sent C.left D.offered

  21.I asked her to me a few minutes so that I could go over all the problems.
A.spend B.save C.share D.spare

  22.The terrible noise from the man’s room simply me mad.
A.drove B.put C.caused D.turned

  23.I learned to the bicycle as a small boy.
A.drive B.ride C.operate D.run w.w.w.k.s.

  24.If no one the phone at home,ring me at work.
A.returns B.answers C.replies D.receives

  25.All the leading newspapers the trade talks between China and the United States.
A.printed B.announced C.published D.reported

  26.You are your time trying to persuade him; he’ll never join us.
A.losing B.spending C.wasting D.missing

  27.We each other the best luck in the examination.
A.wished B.hoped C.expected D.wanted

  28.?What did you think of his speech?
?She for one hour but didn’t much.
A.spoke; say B.spoke; speak
C.said; speak D.said; say

  29.May I you to write me a receipt?
A.worry B.trouble C.disturb D.annoy

  30.He to all his friends that he was getting married.
A.told B.spoke C.replied D.announced

  31.We are your request and will shortly reply to it.
A.thinking B.realizing C.considering D.noticing

  32.Unless the workers’ demands are soon,there will be a strike.
A.given B.met C.permitted D.answered

  33.It’s so long since I saw him that I almost failed to him.
A.recognize B.receive C.accept D.know

  34.Mr.Williams was taken away by the police because he had something to with the robbery of the bank yesterday.
A.deal B.make C.do D.get

  35.Rose has asleep.Don’t wake him up.
A.felt B.gone C.turned D.fallen

  36.The most important purpose of lecture is to .
A.speak B.talk C.tell D.inform

  37.I used to at this hotel when I had been in this town.
A.remain B.stay C.rest D.live w.w.w.k.s.

  38.I won’t listen to anything against my friend behind his back.
A.said B.spoken C.talked D.asked

  39.When you buy your fast food,you should your turn.
A.find B.keep C.wait D.make

  40.A timely snow a good harvest next year.
A.expects B.hopes C.promises D.wishes

  41.On the long journey,Jackie a most interesting guide.We all had a wonderful time.
A.proved B.practiced C.behaved D.conducted

  42.Always acting in a strange way,Einstein must have to people around to be mad.
A.shown B.imagined C.thought D.appeared

  43.The seller would sell the sweater for nine dollars,but the customer eight dollars.
A.charged B.offered C.asked D.sold

  44.In salad bars the waiter does not bring you salad.You have to yourself,usually to as much as you want.
A.bring B.serve C.help D.supply

  45.Mr.Smith me to come.But he hasn’t appeared yet.
A.allowed B.agreed C.expecte d D.promised

  46.?Where does Mr.Black come from?
?I’m not sure,but his English Australia.
A.sounds B.listens C.seems D.suggests

  47.Don’t pile up all the facts.They should be well .
A.organized B.made C.done D.arranged

  48.The man into a bad habit of smoking when he was quite young.
A.came B.formed C.got D.made

  49.The best reporters were sent to the war.
A.deliver B.cover C.hand D.publish

  50.?I’m afraid no one will agree with you.
?I don’t think it . w.w.w.k.s.
A.minds B.matters C.works D.troubles

  51.The new suit interested me much but the seller too much for it.
A.paid B.offered C.charged D.sold

  52.I know that Bob is not much of a football player,but when it to maths,he is among the top three in the class.
A.refers B.goes C.concerns D.comes

  53.It is so difficult for people to understand his action; you can never his thoughts.
A.study B.learn C.read D.master

  54.After moving into the town,my wife did some washing for the rich so that we had just enough to our expenses.
A.satisfy B.serve C.support D.cover

  55.However,at times this balance in nature is ,resulting in a number of possibly unforeseen effects.
A.troubled B.disturbed C.puzzled D.mixed

  56.My parents me to go to the theatre with my classmates but I didn’t.
A.suggested  B.persuaded C.advised D.expected

  57.Nick is looking for another job because he feels that nothing he does his boss.
A.serves B.satisfies C.promises D.supports

  58.All the rooms are with electric lights.
A.supplied B.given C.offered D.burnt

  59. him and then try to copy what it does.
A.Mind B.Glance at C.Stare at D.Watch

  60.Experts say walking is one of the best ways for a person to healthy.
A.feel B.stay C.fall D.change

  61.?Do you think the Bulls will beat the Stars?
?Yes.The Bulls have Michael Jordan,so I them to win.
A.hope B.expect C.prefer D.want

  62.I’ve visited a lot of different places and stayed in a lot of different hotels,and none else this one. w.w.w.k.s.
A.matches B.takes C.wins D.makes

  1~5 DADDD 6~10 CABCB

  11~15 DBDCA 16~20 BABDC

  21~25 DABBD 26~30 CAABD

  31~35 CBACD 36~40 BBACC

  41~45 ADBCD 46~50 DACBB

  51~55 CDCAB 5 6~60 CBADB

  61~62 CA

  1.take 在这里是“带走”的意思。w.w.w.k.s.

  2.spread 在这里是“传到”的意思。

  3.receive education“接受教育”。







  11.be sure to “一定、必定”,strike“(突然)发生”。



  14.miss “错过、没射中”。


  19.have been表示动作的延续,have made属短暂性动作。


  22.drive somebody mad “使(某人)发疯”。


  32.meet one’s demand “满足某人的要求”。

  34.have sth. to do with“与……有关系”。



  41.prove“证明是”。 w.w.w.k.s.





  53.read“读懂”。 w.w.w.k.s.

  60.stay healthy“保持健康”。





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