高考英语写作常用句型 高考英语写作常用句型
一. 文章开头句型
  1. 对立法
  1)When it comes to……, some people think/believe that…….Others argue/claim that the opposite/reverse is true. There is probably some truth in both arguments/statements, but……
  2)To the general public/To most people/To the popular mind/In most people’s opinion,…….But despite/in spite of/for all……, I believe/One should…
  3)These days we often hear about……. They claim/argue/say that……. But has/is it ? Close examination/analysis/scrutiny doesn’t bear out the claim/argument.
  4) We are often shown/told these days that…….But is this really the case?
  2. 现象法
  1) In recent/the past 5 years, many cities/nations/people have been faced with/plagued with/troubled with/experienced/witnessed/undergone the/a(n) serious problem of/acute shortage of/alarming increase in…….
  2) Now in many big cities/countries/colleges, an overwhelming majority of/a significant proportion of/a sizable percentage of the public/college population/people ……. What accounts for/explains/lies behind the phenomenon/problem ? 3 ) With the rapid/marked/amazing development of/improvement of/expansion of/increase in/growth in/decline in …… With the general/growing/common recognition of/ realization of/acknowledgement of/ commitment to /devotion to/dedication to/interest in/concern over/enthusiasm for…… With …… playing an increasingly big role in/attaching much important to ……,more and more……
  1) It is about/high time we exploded/shattered/freed ourselves from the myth/ illusion/fiction about ……
  2) Perhaps/Maybe we should/it is time to rethink/reexamine/have a fresh look at the idea/value/attitude/wisdom/desirability that…
  1) It is a traditional way/custom/practice to …….But now the pendulum has swung to another direction/in the opposite direction/the other way…
  2) In recent years, there is a steady of/subtle of/significant shift of/general to/growing to/healthy tendency to/upward …… According to a poll/study/survey, there is X percent of ……, compared with Y percent last year. Why …?
  1) Should/What ……? Opinions of/Attitudes toward … vary widely/greatly/from person to person .Some think of/regard/view … as…. Others argue/believe/claim……
  2)How do you /What do you/Do you ever think of ……? How do you/What do you /Do you ever see……? Your answer to these questions will differ/ reflect/reveal……but… 二. 文章结尾句型
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  1. 结论性
  1)From what has been discussed above/Taking into account all these factors/judging from all evidence offered , we may safely/reasonably arrive at/come to/reach/draw the conclusion /moral that ……
  2) In conclusion/summary, I would like to say/it seems obvious that…is a question/issue/problem that deserves/worthy of special attention from the public/serious consideration/immediate notice
  2. 后果性
  1) Obviously/Clearly/No doubt, if we can’t change/control/improve the situation / if we ignore/are blind to/fail in the problem ,there id every chance/it is very likely that… will be put in danger/jeopardy. 例:
  3. 号召性
  1)There is no doubt/denying that special/adequate/considerable/immediate/further Attention must be paid/called/devoted to the problem/shortage/development of……
  4. 建议性
  1)While/Although it cannot be solved immediately/is affected by many factors/is simpler to say than to do , still there are ways .The most common/important/popular is ……. Another way/method is ……. Still another one is …
  2) Awareness of/Recognition of/Defining/Presenting the problem is the first step toward/easier than providing the solution.
  5. 方向性
  1) No easy/new/effective/quick/instant method/solution/remedy/recipe Is/can be in sight/at hand/found/guaranteed to solve/resolve/tackle/ attack the problem of …. But the common/general/public recognition of/awareness of/commitment to the necessity/importance/ significance of … might be the first step toward the change of …/ on the right way/in the right direction.
  2) have done …. But we will achieve/accomplish/contribute more if we proceed/continue to … We
  3)We may have a long way/road to go/travel before we reach the final goal/destination . But once we are on the way/road , the chance to reach it is greater.
  6. 意义性
  1) We are now entering/find ourselves now living in a new/changed/altered era/world which requires/calls for ….
  2)Anyway/Anyhow/In any way , whether it does us good or harm/is good or not/is positive or negative/is a blessing or a curse ,it/one thing is certain that it will undoubtedly/unquestionably …. 三. 原因结果句型
  1. 基本原因
  1) There are probably many/several/three/a number of/a variety of reasons for this dramatic/marked/significant/extraordinary increase/decline/ growth/change in …. First ….Second…. Finally…. 2 ) It is no easy/simple job/task/matter to offer/identify/advance the reasons for this phenomenon/tendency/change which involves several/ many complicated factors. For some …. For others….
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3 ) The answer to/explanation for this problem/phenomenon involves many/several complex/complicated/interrelated factors/reasons …. For one thing/Some, …. For another/Others, …. Still another/Still others…
  2. 另一原因
  1)One of the most popular/common/primary/widespread reasons/explanations for/why … is that ….
  2)We may look into every possible reason/cause except the real one . The leading/underlying/root reason/cause for … is …
  3. 后果影响
  1)It will have/exercise/exert/produce/bring about a decisive/profound/far-reaching/ beneficial/ unfavorable /disastrous effect/influence/impact on … 四. 比照对照句型
  1. 对比句型
  1)The advantages derived from/gained in/of A far outweigh/are much greater than/carry more weight than the advantage(benefits) we gain from(in) B/disadvantages(problem) A entails
  2)When the advantages and disadvantages are compared(weighed)/Whether there are more advantages than disadvantages or vice versa/Whatever the arguments for and(or) against it, the most striking finding/conclusion is quite obvious/self-evident
  2. 两者相同
  1)The same (thing) is true of/goes for(with)/happens to/applies to B
  2)A bears some/many/little close/striking/startling resemblance(s) to B. There is/are little/some resemblance(s) between A and B.
  3. 两者不同
  1) and B differ(are different) in several ways/There are some basic(marked) differences between A A and B. Unlike B, A….
  2) A…. But the same cannot be said for/applied to B. 五. 批评驳斥句型
  1. 直接驳斥
  1)They may be right/correct in/about saying(asserting)/the idea/belief that …, but they seem to fail/neglect to mention/take note of/take into account the fact that ….
  2) We have been brought/grown up to believe(be told)/with the idea(myth) that….Yet ….
  3) People tend to cling persistently/tenaciously to the (old) feeling/opinion/idea/illusion /method/ hope that …. Yet….
  2. 批评分析
  1)The great/main problem/trouble with this view/argument is that it is ignorant of/blind to the bare/basic fact …. 2 ) In many cases/On some occasions, public/general dissatisfaction with/disillusionment with/criticism of … is unfair ,for there is much we just take for granted. 六. 细节支持句型 1 举例说明
  1)Such instances(examples)/Instances of the same sort/Numerous other instances might be
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given/quoted/multiplied indefinitely/easily , but this(these) will be sufficient/suffice (to show that …).
  2)I can think of no better illustration of the idea/view than the fact/example/case of ….
  3. 事实证明
  1)Recent/The latest/New/Nationwide studies/surveys/investigations/polls conducted/taken by doctors/in 1990 show/reveal/demonstrate/indicate/prove that…
  2)According to an experiment in which two groups of … are studied . The first group …. The second group …. The result/studies/findings showed/proved that… 七. 承上启下句型
  1. 承上阐述
  1)To understand the truth/point/nature of …,it is important/necessary/essential to examine/ analyze/see ….
  2)To illustrate/prove/show this point, let me/us consider/ask why/look first at/develop my argument ….
  1) Besides/In addition/Apart from this, another/other way(s)/thing(s)/aspect(s)/function(s) is/are ….
  2) Moreover,/In addition,/Furthermore,/Besides,/what’s more,/Worse still
  1)But/And the opposite/reverse is usually/also true/the case.
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