? 表层进 first, firstly second, secondly third, thirdly also and besides further still last next too finally to begin with to start with what's more and then equally important in addition in the first place furthermore last but not the least besides moreover
表举例 for example to illustrate after all for instance as an illustration
表解释 as a matter of fact in this case in other words frankly speaking namely
表总结 in summary in brief to conclude indeed in other words it is true namely that is thus altogether finally in a word in conclusion in fact in short of course specially in all to summarize as has been said in other words in simpler terms 1
in particular on the whole therefore
that is to put it differently
表强调 of course above all emphasis certainly indeed most important in fact
表让步 still in spite of even so concession granted of course nevertheless all the same after all naturally
表比较 in comparison similarly however in the same way likewise equally likewise
表转折 by contrast at the same time in contrast notwithstanding on the other hand regardless though despite the fact that even though however instead 2 although but nevertheless on the contrary otherwise still yet even so for all that in spite of
表时间 after a while again and then at last at that time besides eventually formerly furthermore in the first place last meanwhile next presently shortly since soon subsequently thereafter until when afterward also as long as at length before earlier finally further in addition in the past lately moreover now second simultaneously so far still then too until now
? 段首句 对立观点命题形式的首句 单一观点式 (agree , disagree) ? 中间句 对立观点式 首次提出观点 进一步论述 单一观点式 agree 首次提出观点 进一步论述 disagree 首次提出观点 进一步论述 选择观点式 首次提出观点 进一步论述 ? 结尾句
段首句: 段首句 (一)对立观点命题形式的首句: 对立观点命题形式的首句:
  1.Many people do not doubt that A is superior to B , while others think quite differently on the issue of . Personally, I stand on the side of A .
  2.Some people say A , other people argue B . In a word , . But I cannot agree this point of view for many reasons.
  3.There are different views concerning this topic . Some people like to CHOOSE A , some prefer to CHOOSE B . Personally , I prefer B . I think B has more advantages.
  4.From my point of view , it is more advisable to CHOOSE A than to CHOOSE B .
  5.Despite the fact that most people prefer A , I would like to choose B because the following reasons .
  6.In general , I prefer to .
  7.As far as I am concerned , I would like to prefer .
  8.When it comes to , most people tend to believe A . But others consider B as .
  9.When asked about , the vast majority of people would support that A . But others regard B as .
  10. At the risk of address the issue too direct , I prefer A because I think that .
  11. When asked about , many people give their opinions that , but other people 4
may see differently .
  12. When faced with , quite a few would claim that , but others , in contrast , deem as .
  13. When inquired about , the vast majority of people would like to , but other people , who hold an opposite view , consider as .
  14. When is mentioned , most people believe that , but other people would rather think as .
  15. While many people may stick to me idea that , I would like to prefer .
(二)单一观点式 A . Agree
  1.One of the greatest writers once said that . Now , it still has its significant realistic value .
  2.I would follow the reasoning that .
  3.Many people advocate that . They claim that . My opinion is the same as theirs in the following reasons .
  4.I totally agree with the statement that . The reasons are presented below .
  5.After pondering this question on many occasions , I finally reached the conclusion that is something worthy to do and I cannot skip it .
  6.my arguments for point are listed as follows.
  7.I agree with the above statement because .
  8.Nowhere in the world has the issue of been so much debated like in our society .
  9.I agree with the statement that without reservation because .
  10. Thinking logically , I can only say that the title statement is valid because .
  11. I fully support the statement above because I am very sure that .
  12. Some may hold the opinion that AAA . But others have a negative attitude . As far as I am concerned , I agree that .
  13. Many one have the idea that AAA . However , many others disagree with this argument . But both side of the problem whether are supported by good reasons .
  14. Recently , it has been much debated over the problem of AAA . Those who object to AAA announce that . But those who favor AAA utter a sonorous voice that .
  15. Recently , there is vehement discussion on the issue of . Those who criticize argue that . They claim that . But people who firmly advocate , on the other hand , argue that .
  16. There is a much-debated problem today about . Those who object to argue that . They are very sure about . But people who prefer , on the other hand , claim that .
B . Disagree
  1.Until recently , was viewed as . But people are taking a fresh look at it .
  2.Recently , we often hear about . But is it ?
  3.These days , it is often heard about . But is this really the truth ?
  4.I feel such an attitude is negative , and that it can bring .
  5.Some people argue as if it is a general truth that . But to be frank , I cannot agree with them for the flowing reasons .
  6.Despite the fact that many people believe that , I doubt whether the argument can bear much analysis .
  7.Although some people hold the opinion that , I wonder whether the argument could bear close examination .
  8.In the nationwide , discussion , many people argue that . But I can say nothing but .
  9.Advocates of AAA proclaim that , but I .
  10. Until recently , was regarded as . But .
  11. Some people think that , but I disagree with this opinion for numerous reasons , as presented below .
  12. Now , it is increasingly mentioned that . Such people think . But I can only cast doubt on whether .
  13. Now , it is widely believed that . These people think . But I wonder if .
  14. I cannot totally the idea that . Because , in my point of view , I believe .
  15. As a matter of fact , I support that , but I cannot agree with the title statement .
  16. Nowadays , it is widely held that . People of this kind think .But I doubt whether .
结尾句: 结尾句
  1.Taking into account of all these factors , we may reach the conclusion that .
  2.All reliable evidences point to one saying , that is .
  3.For the reasons presented above , I strongly commit to the notion that .
  4.While it is true that , I think that .
  5.Given the factors I have just outlined , I can only say that .
  6.This is not to say that . But in terms of , it is .
  7.Therefore , it is easy to draw the conclusion that .
  8.Recognizing the fact that should drive us to conclude that .
  9.To put all into a nutshell , I .
  10. In a word , I support the statement that it is better to because .



   " 表层进 first, firstly second, secondly third, thirdly also and besides further still last next too finally to begin with to start with what's more and then equally important in addition in the first place furthermore last but not the least besides ...


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