2011届高考英语二轮书面表达提 届高考英语二轮书面表达提 高、升格及分类训练
By Ms Sun
一、 快速升格你的作文

( 例如: 此外” 例如: “此外”:what’s more → In addition, furthermore )
“同样地” in the same way→( likewise, similarly, equally, in comparison 同样地” ) 同样地 “然而”however→( in contrast, on the other hand, on the contrary 然而” 然而 )
“因为”because of→( due to, owing to, on account of, thanks to, as a result of 因为” ) 因为 “虽然”though/although→( despite the fact that, in spite of the fact that 虽然” 虽然 “总之” in a word/in short/all in 总之” 总之 all→(
in brief, in summary, to sum up, to
) summarize, to conclude ) )
“现今”today/now→( nowadays, currently 现今” 现今 “应该”should→( be supposed to 应该” 应该 (
“有时候”sometimes→ occasionally 有时候” 有时候 又如: 又如: be interested in→ be crazy about/be absorbed in very good→
perfectly good
most of...→... the majority of...
be made up of→ consist of as/so long as→ on condition that try one’s best to do...→spare no effort to do... grow fast→ grow rapidly / grow amazingly fast 再如: 再如: Suddenly I had an idea that someone had broken into my house. → An idea occurred to me that someone had broken into my house Thank you very much for you help.→
We appreciate your help very much.
Plenty of memory work is undoubtedly helpful to English study.
Plenty of memory work will undoubtedly contribute to English study.

  2.用短语代替单词 用短语代替单词 例如: 例如: As a result, the plan was/
turned out to be
a failure. music.
She went to Austria to study/ /for the purpose of studying
Because the weather was good/, Thanks to the good weather, our journey was comfortable. She can’t correctly pronounce/ has trouble pronouncing the word.

  1.改变语态 改变语态 People suggest that the conference be put off.(一般 一般) 一般
It is suggested that the conference be put off. (高级 高级) 高级

  2.使用不定式 使用不定式 He is so kind that he can help me.(一般 一般) 一般
He is so kind as to help me.(高级 高级) 高级

  3.使用过去分词 使用过去分词 She walked out of the lab and many students followed her.(一般 一般) 一般
Followed by many students, she walked out of the lab.(高级 高级) 高级

  4.使用V-ing形式 使用V ing 使用 ing形式 When he arrives, please give me an e-mail.(一般 一般) 一般
On arriving/his arrival, please give me an e-mail

  5.使用名词性从句 使用名词性从句 It disappointed everybody that he didn’t turn up.(一般 一般) 一般
The fact that he didn’t turn up disappointed everybody.(高级 高级) 高级

  6.使用定语从句 使用定语从句 The girl is spoken highly of. Her composition was well written.(一般 一般) 一般
The girl whose composition was well written is spoken highly of.(高级 高级) 高级

  7.使用强调句、倒装句、感叹句 使用强调句、倒装句、 使用强调句 一般) ①Regular radio broadcasts began in 19
  20.(一般 一般
It was not until 1920 that regular radio broadcasts began. (高级 高级) 高级
一般) ②Though I’m weak, I will make the effort. (一般 一般
Weak as I am, I’ll make the effort. (高级 高级) 高级
一般) ③We were glad to see the crops and vegetables growing well. (一般 一般
How glad we were to see the crops and vegetables growing well! (高级 高级) 高级

  1.不用说早睡早起是值得的。 .不用说早睡早起是值得的。 It goes without saying that it pays to keep early hours.
  2.我深信预防胜于治疗。 .我深信预防胜于治疗。 I am greatly convinced that prevention is better than cure.
  3.在各种运动中,我尤其喜欢慢跑。 .在各种运动中,我尤其喜欢慢跑。 Among various kinds of sports, I am fond of jogging in particular.
  4.时间最珍贵是很容易证明的。 .时间最珍贵是很容易证明的。 It can be easily proved that nothing is more precious than time.
  5.就我所知,下列方法对我帮助很大。 .就我所知,下列方法对我帮助很大。 As far as my knowledge is concerned, the following ways are of great help to me.

  6.毫无疑问,近视在我国的年轻人中是一个严重的问题。 .毫无疑问,近视在我国的年轻人中是一个严重的问题。 There is no doubt that near-sightedness is a serious problem among the youth of our country.
  7.根据我个人经验,微笑已带给我许多好处。 .根据我个人经验,微笑已带给我许多好处。 According to my personal experience, smile has done me a lot of good.
  8.在我的求学过程中,我忘不了学习英文所遇到的大困难。 .在我的求学过程中,我忘不了学习英文所遇到的大困难。 In the course of my schooling. I will never forget the great difficulty I encountered in learning English.
  9.随着台湾经济的快速发展,许多社会问题产生了。 .随着台湾经济的快速发展,许多社会问题产生了。 With the rapid development of Taiwan’s economy, large quantities of social problems have come out.

  10.在这信息的年代,计算机扮演非常重要的角色。 .在这信息的年代,计算机扮演非常重要的角色。 In this age of information and communication, the computer plays an extremely important role.
  11.世上没有什么比到快餐店吃汉堡更令我高兴的。 .世上没有什么比到快餐店吃汉堡更令我高兴的。 Nothing in the world can delight me so much as having hamburgers in fast-food restaurants.
  12.我们保持公共场所清洁是应当的。 .我们保持公共场所清洁是应当的。 It is proper that we are supposed to keep the public places clean.
  13.每当我想到我家附近那一条清澈的小溪,我就忍不住感到悲伤。 .每当我想到我家附近那一条清澈的小溪,我就忍不住感到悲伤。 Whenever I think of the clean brook near my home, I cannot but feel sad.

  14.一般相信阅读增加我们的知识、扩大我们的心胸。 .一般相信阅读增加我们的知识、扩大我们的心胸。 It is generally believed (that) reading increases our knowledge and broadens our mind.
  15.青少年犯罪的主要理由是社会环境日益败坏。 .青少年犯罪的主要理由是社会环境日益败坏。 The main reason why the teenagers commit crimes is that social environment is becoming worse.
  16.俗话说得好:诚实为上策。 .俗话说得好:诚实为上策。 As an old saying goes, “Honesty is the best policy.”
  17.人们学外语有三个理由。 .人们学外语有三个理由。 People learn a foreign language for three major reasons.
  18.为了维护健康,我们每天至少可做三件事。 .为了维护健康,我们每天至少可做三件事。 In order to keep healthy, there are at least three things we can do every day.

  19.相反,多数学生似乎还是对课外活动感兴趣的 。 .相反, On the contrary, a majority of students, it seems, are still keen on after-class activities..
  20.政府应严格执法,另一方面,大众也应该培养减少污染的好习惯。 .政府应严格执法,另一方面,大众也应该培养减少污染的好习惯。 The government should enforce laws strictly. On the other hand, the public also should develop the good habit of reducing pollution.
  21.换言之,我会尽最大的努力完成我的目标。 .换言之,我会尽最大的努力完成我的目标。 To put it differently, I will spare no effort to attain (gain, live up to) my goal.
  22.从此之后,我已发现微笑是日常生活中避免冲突的最好办法。 .从此之后,我已发现微笑是日常生活中避免冲突的最好办法。 Ever since then, I have found smile is the best way to avoid any possible conflicts in our daily lives.

  23.更严重的是,我们不珍惜野生动物。 .更严重的是,我们不珍惜野生动物。 What is more serious is that we do not cherish the wildlife.
  24.做这些简单之事,我们一定可以快乐出门平安回家。 .做这些简单之事,我们一定可以快乐出门平安回家。 By doing these simple things, we surely can go out of the door happily and come back home safe every day.
  25.唯有通力合作,我们才能期望台湾不久有新的面貌。 .唯有通力合作,我们才能期望台湾不久有新的面貌。 Only with combined efforts can we expect Taiwan to take a new face in due course.
  26.最后,但并非最不重要,教育上的缺失是助长青少年犯罪的原因。 .最后,但并非最不重要,教育上的缺失是助长青少年犯罪的原因。 Last but no least, the shortcoming in education is the cause contributing to the crime of youngsters

  27.总而言之,好国民应该遵守交通规则。 .总而言之,好国民应该遵守交通规则。 In conclusion, a good citizen should abide by traffic regulations.
  28.因此,我们能下个结论,那就是世上自由最珍贵。 .因此,我们能下个结论,那就是世上自由最珍贵。 We can, therefore, come to the conclusion that nothing is so precious as freedom in the world.
  29.如果我们能做到如上所述,毫无疑问,我们就能精通英语。 .如果我们能做到如上所述,毫无疑问,我们就能精通英语。 If we can do as mentioned above, there can be no doubt that we can master English.
  30.目前根据一项调查,中国学生半数以上患有近视,位居世界第一。 . 根据一项调查,中国学生半数以上患有近视,位居世界第一。
Currently, according to a survey, more than half of Chinese school
children are short-sighted, ranking first in the world.

  31.中国在世界上人口最多,占到了20%,其次是印度,占到 .中国在世界上人口最多,占到了 ,其次是印度,占到17%。 。 China has the largest population of the world, which accounts for about 20%, followed by India, making up about 17%.



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