1. 开头万能公式一:名人名言 a proberb says, “ you are only young once.” (适用于已记住的名言) it goes without saying that we cannot be young forever. (适用于自编名言) 更多经典句型:as everyone knows, no one can deny that…
  3. 开头万能公式三:比较正统的语法句子 让老师产生一种你英语学得很好的错觉 这样高分 作文更不是问题 As time goes by,.....随着时间的流逝 There is no doubt that...毫无疑问... As far as I'm concerned, I think....就我而言,我认为... It is said that...据说... Two heads are better than one.三个臭皮匠,顶个诸葛亮。 It is ...that...强调句 It is important for sb to do sth. there be 句型 Compared with A, B is more ...与 A 相比,B 更... in my opinion 在我看来 It is high time that we did sth.是我们做..的时候了。 Only in this way, can wei solve this problem properly.只有这样我们才能妥善解决这个问题。 sth is so...that...如此..以至于.. not only ...,but also...不仅...而且... To be honest To tell the truth 老实说来 too..to 太..以至于不能.. On one hand,..on the other hand,..一方面..另一方面... 英语的名言警句,
  6.Slow and steady wins the race. 稳扎稳打无往而不胜。
  8.Experience is the mother of wisdom. 实践出真知。
  10.Beauty without virtue is a rose without fragrance.无德之美犹如没有香味的玫瑰,徒有其表。
  11.More hasty,less speed. 欲速则不达。
  12.Its never too old to learn. 活到老,学到老。
  13.All that glitters is not gold. 闪光的未必都是金子。
  14.A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.千里之行始于足下。
  15.Look before you leap. 三思而后行。
  16.Rome was not built in a day. 伟业非一日之功。
  18.well begun,half done. 好的开始等于成功的一半。
  21.Facts speak plainer than words. 事实胜于雄辩。
  25.A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难见真情。
  26.live not to eat,but eat to live. 活着不是为了吃饭,吃饭为了活着。
  27.Action speaks louder than words. 行动胜过语言。
  28.East or west,home is the best. 金窝银窝不如自家草窝。
  30.Beauty will buy no beef. 漂亮不能当饭吃。
  34.An idle youth,a needy age. 少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。

  35.As the tree,so the fruit. 种瓜得瓜,种豆得豆。
  36.To live is to learn,to learnistobetterlive.活着为了学习,学习为了更好的活着
  1. It is essential that we should keep the public places clean 最起码,我们应该保持公共场合的卫生。
  2. Nothing is more important than to receive education。 没有什么比接受知识的洗礼更重要。
  3. The harder you work, the more progress you will make。 努力越多,进步越多。
  4. What an important thing it is to keep our promise! 信守诺言是一件多么重要的事情啊!
  5. For more information, please contact the Student Union。 若想要获取更多的信息,请与学生会联络。
  6. You can’t imagine how pleased we are。 你无法想象我们有多么高兴。
  7. I was deeply impressed by his story。 我被他的故事深深的打动了。
  8. I was delighted to learn that you have been admitted by Beijing University。 我很高兴得知你已经被北京大学录取的消息。
  9.We are burdened with heavy homework every day and always mentally exhausted。 我们每日为作业劳累,精神疲惫。
  10. I felt so depressed that I couldn’t concentrate on studies。 无法集中精力去学习,让我沮丧不已。
  11. Feeling reasonable, I decided to adopt his advice。 因为感觉到他的建议比较合理,我决定予以采纳。
  12. It turned out that he misunderstood me。 结果证明,他当时误会了我。
  13. I believe that doing all these small things will improve our environment and help make our world a better place to live in。 我坚信做这些小事将会改善我们的环境,让我们的世界变得更加适合居住。
  14. Protecting our eyesight is not only a personal concern but also a public one。 保护视力不仅是个人的事情,更是值得公众关注的。
  15. Learning to lead an independent life will be a necessity。
  16. We can make some pocket money to meet our daily needs and thus develop a sense of independence。 我们能赚一些零花钱去满足日常的需求,而且还能使我们学会更加独立。
  17. As a student, I am strongly for the activity because it is very meaningful and helpful。 作为一名学生,我十分赞成这次活动,因为它很有意义,很有帮助。
  18. Of all my teachers, Mr. Zang is the one who impresses me most。 在我所有的老师中,Mr. Zang 是给我留下最深印象的人。
  19. He is such a learned person that we all admire him very much。 他是如此有学问的人,我们都很崇拜他。
  20. All these bad habits will surely do harm to our health。 所有这些坏习惯必将对我们的健康造成威胁。
  21. Thank you very much for all the kindness I got from you during my stay。 很感谢你,在这段时间内给予我的关怀和照顾。
  22. Great changes have taken place in the way of communication in people’s life in recent years。 近些年,在人们生活中,交流方式发生了巨大的改变。
  23. Recently, our classmates have had a heated discussion about whether we should give money to beggars。 最近,我班同学就是否应该给与乞讨者金钱这一问题引发了激烈的讨论。
  24. Upon their arrival, they were warmly welcomed。 他们在到达之后受到了热烈的欢迎。
  25. The problem you are facing is common among teenagers。 你所面对的问题在青少年中是极为普遍的。
  26. I am now writing to make a complaint against the service of your hotel。 我写此信意在投诉贵宾馆的服务。
  27. I wish you a great success/smooth journey/a good luck/ a wonderful time in China。 我希望你在中国取得巨大成功/旅行顺利/好运气/度过好时光。
  28. Your progress showed me all the efforts you’ve made and I’m really proud of you。 你的进取让我看到了你付出的所有努力,我为你感到骄傲。
  29. In my opinion, we should try to develop a habit of doing morning exercises. Only in this way, can we ensure our health。 在我看来,我们应当养成晨练的好习惯,只有这样才能确保健康的体魄。

  30. If you want it to run more smoothly, the following suggestions will help you a lot。 如果你想顺利的进行下去,以下建议将对你有很大帮助。 一.第一段
  1. 引入 . As is mentioned in the passage,… According to the author / article / passage,…(当下文又要用 As is known to us all,…时,为避 当下文又要用 时 免重复可换这个表达) 免重复可换这个表达
  2. 概括内容 . 议论文,只需在论点和简要原因上灵活变化就行。注意:议论文的要点归纳, 议论文,只需在论点和简要原因上灵活变化就行。注意:议论文的要点归纳,假如文 论点 上灵活变化就行 章中没有其他的论点和中心,可以出现作者论证其观点的例子。 章中没有其他的论点和中心,可以出现作者论证其观点的例子。 记叙文,记叙文的总结必须体现与议论文不同的一点:只把故事的主要情节简述一遍, 记叙文,记叙文的总结必须体现与议论文不同的一点:只把故事的主要情节简述一遍, 主要情节简述一遍 不理会其他枝节,直奔主题。也就是说,我们只要 写与自己的文章主体内容中心一致的情 不理会其他枝节,直奔主题。也就是说,我们只要“写与自己的文章主体内容中心一致的情 节”! ! 二.第二,三段 第二, (一)第二段开头 (
  1)议论文的第二段开头承接: )议论文的第二段开头承接: 当材料中作者旗帜鲜明时,接下来就作者观点阐述自己的看法,那么, 当材料中作者旗帜鲜明时,接下来就作者观点阐述自己的看法,那么,可以在 第二段开头这样写: 第二段开头这样写:As far as I’m concerned, what the author said / mentioned above does ring true. 表赞同时还可以用:From where I stand, I couldn’t agree more with the author’s 表赞同时还可以用: opinion. 或 In my conception / From my perspective, I am in favor of the author’s opinion. “从我的角度 观点,我十分同意作者的观点 。 从我的角度/观点 我十分同意作者的观点”。 从我的角度 观点, 当材料中出现两种看法时,或者前面有出现 一些人这样想 一些人那样想”, 一些人这样想, 当材料中出现两种看法时,或者前面有出现“一些人这样想,一些人那样想 ,接 下来就几种观点阐述自己看法时,可以这样写: 下来就几种观点阐述自己看法时,可以这样写:As far as I’m concerned, the former / latter view does ring true. 如 Some people have the idea that if they wake up early, they can have more energy during the rest day. Other people, however, think it better to wake up later. As far as I’m concerned, the former view does ring true. (
  2) 记叙文的第二段开头承接: 记叙文的第二段开头承接: “What the author mentioned above reminds me of one of my personal experience / my friend’s experience…) 用于联系自己亲身经历或他人经历。如:The author’s experience 用于联系自己亲身经历或他人经历。 reminds me of another similar unforgettable experience of mine.或 Without doubt, most 或 people have gone through such experience as the author, so have I. “The story of me / my friend can serve as a good illustration that …用于材料属于 大道理 用于材料属于“大道理 用于材料属于 大道理” 的记叙文, 主题严正鲜明, 需要你讲个例子来“证明 时, 证明”时 就照上面的句子抄下去, that 后 就照上面的句子抄下去, 的记叙文, 主题严正鲜明, 需要你讲个例子来 证明 在 面接上“道理 就 面接上 道理”就 OK!如 The story of my friend can serve as a good illustration that where 道理 ! there is a will, there is a way. 我朋友的故事是对 有智者,事竟成”很好的诠释。 我朋友的故事是对“有智者,事竟成 很好的诠释 很好的诠释。 有智者 第二, (二) 第二,三段文章主体 下面先从句式入手,共同点击出现频率最高的十大敏感关键词。之所以出现频率高, 下面先从句式入手,共同点击出现频率最高的十大敏感关键词。之所以出现频率高, 大敏感关键词
是因为就算原来没有这样的词给我们翻译,我们也可以轻松的将这样的词造出来, 是因为就算原来没有这样的词给我们翻译,我们也可以轻松的将这样的词造出来,补在文 中。 ①因果 太普通了! 因:用 because ?太普通了!用“…,resulting from the fact that …” 太普通了 如:Beijing has passed laws to forbid keeping pets in public areas, resulting from the fact that pets often pollute public areas. “北京已经出台法律禁止在公共场所携带宠物, 北京已经出台法律禁止在公共场所携带宠物 原因是宠 北京已经出台法律禁止在公共场所携带宠物, 物经常污染公共场所。 物经常污染公共场所。” …so … that… / …thus making it …./ …resulting in the fact that …/ …leading to the fact 果: that …. Our base was destroyed, thus making it impossible for us to get adequate supply. 我们的 如: 基地被摧毁了,由此使得我们不可能得到足够的补给。 基地被摧毁了,由此使得我们不可能得到足够的补给。 ②重要 小学生初中生的写法: 小学生初中生的写法:…is important 高中生的写法: . 高中生的写法:
  1.The key to doing sth. lies in … 如: The key to solving this problem lies in the cooperation of the whole society. 解决这个难题的关键就在全社会的团结协作。 解决这个难题的关键就在全社会的团结协作。
  2.Nothing is more important than to do sth. . 如:For most high school students in China, nothing is more important than to gain a satisfying performance in the National Entrance Examination.对中国大多数高中生来说,没 对中国大多数高中生来说, 对中国大多数高中生来说 有什么事情比在高考中取得一个满意的成绩更重要。 有什么事情比在高考中取得一个满意的成绩更重要。 大学生的写法: 大学生的写法:
  1. “A is to B what C is to D (比喻 “A 之于 B 就像 C 之于 D ) 比喻 如 : Air is to people what water is to fish.
  2. “ It is of vital importance to” 如: In Senior 3, it is of vital importance to find your own study method. 在高三,找到你自己的学习方法是至关重要的。 在高三,找到你自己的学习方法是至关重要的。 议论文中表达观点的句式十分常用) ③认为 (议论文中表达观点的句式十分常用)
  1. 表达个人和其他人的观点 . 太俗了, 也得用“… think it … that …” 用 think 太俗了,即使用到了 think 也得用 如:I think it necessary that we know how to solve this



   写作指导 高考英语作文常用句型 及句子变换 一.开头句型 1.As far as ...is concerned 2.It goes without saying that... 3.It can be said with certainty that... 4.As the proverb says, 5.It has to be noticed that... 6.It`s generally recognized that... 7.It`s likely that ... 8.It` ...


   英语写作常用句型 (一)段首句 1. 关于……人们有不同的观点.一些人认为…… There are different opinions among people as to .Some people suggest that . 2. 俗话说(常言道)……,它是我们前辈的经历,但是,即使在今天, 它在许多场合仍然适用. There is an old saying. Its the experience of our forefathers,however,it is correct in ...


   英语写作中的常用句型汇总 作者: 作者:Admin 来源: 浏览: 来源:英文写作网精华文库 浏览:5458 2011分享到: 2011-3-3 分享到: 第一部分 常用于引言段的句型的 2 类表达方式 一、议论文常用句型 1. It is a fact that…. 2. It is well-known that…. known 3. There is no doubt that…. 4. I think that…. 5. Contrary to the popular thought ...


   英语六级写作模板常用句型 (一)段首句 1. 现在,……很普遍,许多人喜欢……,因为……,另外(而且)……。 Nowadays, it is common to . Many people like because .Besides, . 2. 任何事物都是有两面性,……也不例外。它既有有利的一面,也有不利的一面。 Everything has two sides and is not an exception,it has both advantages and disadvantages ...


   高考英语作文常用句型及短语 1、学校生活及学习成绩 Be getting on well with one’s study某人的学习越来越好 take several courses at school在学校学若干门课程 have English (Chinese, Physics…) every (other )day work hard at … put one’s heart into…专心于;致力于 be interested in … be fond of like chemistr ...


   1,学校生活及学习成绩 , be getting on well with one's study take several courses at school have English (Chinese, Physics…) every (other )day work hard at … put one's heart into… be interested in … be fond of like chemistry best be good at …; be poor at …; d ...


   1.个人爱好与经历 . put one’s heart into… be interested in … be fond of like chemistry best be good at …; be poor at …; do well in …; be weak in make progress in …; fail in …, be tired of … pass the examination; give sb. a passing grade; major in history H ...


   " " 一、原因 高考英语作文常用句型及短语 1.A number of factors are accountable for this situation. A number of factors might 2. The answ ... contribute to(lead to )(account for )the phenomenon(problem)。 一、原因 1.A number of factors are accountable for this situation. ...


   高考英语作文常用句型及短语 1、学校生活及学习成绩 (课程、兴趣、成绩、分数……) Be getting on well with one’s study take several courses at school have English (Chinese, Physics…) every (other )day work hard at … put one’s heart into… be interested in … be fond of like chemistry best b ...


   1 put one's heart into… be interested in … be fond of like chemistry best be good at …; be poor at …; do well in …; be weak in … make progress in …; fail in …' be tired of …' pass the examination; give sb. a passing grade; major in history 主修历史 He ...



   高中英语作文经典句型 一、~ the + ~ est +名词+(that)+主词+ have ever + seen(known/heard/had/read,etc) ~ the most +形容词+名词+(that)+主词+ have ever + seen(known/heard/had/read,etc) 例句:人人听力网 Helen is the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen. 海伦是我所看过最美 丽的女孩。 Mr. Chang ...


   每日一句: One cannot put back the clock. 时钟不能倒转 课题: Unit 3 This is my sisiter Section A 1a?2d 教者:张凤 学习目标: 1、知识目标: 掌握本节课的 13 个单词. 初步介绍一下复数的概念. 学会运用介绍人的句型: This / that is...以及 these/those are 2、能力目标:. 能够自如地介绍自己的家人和朋友,并确认他人。 3、情感目标:了解家人及他人,培养合作精神。 一、 自主学习 ...


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   欢欢英语研究院 一,本群宗旨: 1, 本群致力于创造一个健康,自由,和谐,高雅的英语学习环境,为各成员提供一个良好的学习氛围,使各成员能够在这样一个条件下得到英语能力的提高。 2, 本群接纳任何水平的英语爱好者,致力于提高任何一个成员的英语能力,并充分激发对英语学习的兴趣,积极调动各方面的学习积极性,不偏废任何一方面。 3, 英语绝不是拿来炫耀的工具。本群坚决反对与打击任何一个自高自大自以为是的成员利用英语博得他人的恭维与赞赏,更不允许成员间互相吹捧,败坏风气。但愿英语水平高的朋友能够不吝赐 ...