1. The research is so designed that once nothing can be done to change it. A. begins B. having begun C. beginning D. begun
  2. The eighteen-storied building, when , will shut out the sun lighting up the rooms in my house. A. completed B.to be completed C.completing D. have completed

  3.If you go to Britain, you'll find the streets there less beautiful than commonly . A. Supposing B. supposed C. to suppose D. suppose
  4. I'm sure all will go well as. A. being planned B. planned C. having planned D. planning
点击高考状语从 句中的省略
什么时候可以省略?怎么省略 什么时候可以省略 怎么省略? 怎么省略

  1. Don't speak until you are spoken to .
  2. I'll buy a TV set if it is necessary. spoken to necessary

  3.She stood at the gate as if she was waiting for someone. waiting for someone
  4. He was a swimmer when he was a child. a child
  5. Though it is cold, he wore a shirt. Though cold, he were a shirt.
  6. While I was walking alone in the street, my name was called. While walking alone in the street, my name was called.
  7. While Iwalking alone walking alone in the street, was walking the street , I heard my name called.
:什么时候可以省略 怎么省略 什么时候可以省略?怎么省略 什么时候可以省略 怎么省略? 在含有状语从句的复合句中若从句的主句是 若从句的主句是it或与 在含有状语从句的复合句中若从句的主句是 或与 主句的主语相同,且在谓语中含有be时 主句的主语相同,且在谓语中含有 时,常省略从 句的主语和be. 句的主语和 .
  1. (在北京的时候 I paid a visit 在北京的时候), When/While in Beijing 在北京的时候 to the Summer Palace. When/As a young man 当是个年轻人的时候
  2. (当是个年轻人的时候 当是个年轻人的时候), Abraham Lincoln was a storekeeper and a postmaster.
  3. He has no money. (要是有的话 he will give us. 要是有的话), If any 要是有的话 Unless repaired 除非修理
  4.(除非修理 the machine is of no use. 除非修理),
  5. (要是给更多的关注 The 要是给更多的关注), If given more attention to 要是给更多的关注 boy could have turned out better.
  6. A girl stood at the gate of the school as if (跟老师讲话 跟老师讲话). talking with a teacher 跟老师讲话
再强调: 再强调:
一, 在含有状语从句的复合句中
  1.when,while,as, once,whenever引导的时
  1. , , , 引导的时 间状语从句; 间状语从句; 引导的条件状语从句;
  2.if,unless引导的条件状语从句; , 引导的条件状语从句
  3.though,although,even if ,even though引
  3. , , 引 导的让步状语从句; 导的让步状语从句;
  4.as 引导的方式状语从句;
  4. though,as if,as引导的方式状语从句; , , 引导的方式状语从句 wherever引导的地点状语从句
  5. wherever引导的地点状语从句 若从句的主句是it或与主句的主语相同, 若从句的主句是 或与主句的主语相同,且在 或与主句的主语相同 谓语中含有be时 常省略从句的主语和be. 谓语中含有 时,常省略从句的主语和 .
He shook his head as if (he was going) to say: "Don't trust her".
  1. The man we followed suddenly stopped and looked as if whether he was going in as if he was going to see whether the right direction. (NMET 2003 安徽春) 安徽春) A. seeing B. having seen C. to have seen D. to see
引导的方式状语从句中应用的较多. :省略在As if引导的方式状语从句中应用的较多. 省略在As if引导的方式状语从句中应用的较多

  1. Tom raised his hand as if (he was going) to say something.好象要说什么 (好象要说什么 好象要说什么)
  2. He acted as if (he was) a好象他是个傻瓜 fool. (好象他是个傻瓜 好象他是个傻瓜) (好象生气了 好象生气了)
  3. She left the room hurriedly as if( she was)好象生气了 angry.
  4.He stared at the girl as if (he was) seeing her for the first time. (好象是第一次看到她 好象是第一次看到她) 好象是第一次看到她
  5.The player is rolling on the ground as if (he was ) hurt badly. (好象严重受伤了 (好象严重受伤了). 好象严重受伤了).
  6. He opened the drawer as if (he was )in search of something important. (好象在寻找重要的东西 好象在寻找重要的东西) 好象在寻找重要的东西
: as if用于省略句中,如果as if 引导的从句 if用于省略句中 如果as 用于省略句中, 主语+系动词"结构,可省略主语和系动词, 是"主语+系动词"结构,可省略主语和系动词, 这样as 后就只剩下不定式 名词,形容词( 不定式, 这样as if 后就只剩下不定式,名词,形容词(短 ),介词短语 分词. 介词短语或 语),介词短语或分词.
  1. When first to the market, these 2004全 products enjoyed great success. (NMET 2004全 国卷II) 国卷II) A. introducing B. introduced C. introduce D. being introduced
  2. It shames me to say it, but I told a lie when at the meeting by my boss. (NMET 2004全国卷 全国卷IV) 2004全国卷IV) A. questioning B. having questioned C. questioned D. to be questioned

  3. The man we followed suddenly stopped and looked as if whether he was going in the right direction. (NMET 2003 安徽 春) A. seeing B. having seen C. to have seen D. to see
  4. Generally speaking, according to the directions, the drug has no side effect. (NMET2003上海卷 上海卷) (NMET2003上海卷) A. when taking B. when taken C. when to take D.when to be taken

  5. Unless to speak, you should remain silent at the conference. (NMET 2003上海春 上海春) 2003上海春) A. invited B. inviting C. being invited D. having invited
  6. When , the museum will be 2002上 open to the public next year. (NMET 2002上 海春) 海春) A. completed B. completing C. being completed D. to be completed

  7. Though money, his parents managed to send him to university. 2002上海卷 上海卷) (NMET 2002上海卷) A. lacked B. lacking of C. lacking D. lacked in
  8. told to stop, the excited children kept on talking in class, so I got angry. A. as B.when C.while D. though

  1. You should have thanked her before you left. I meant , but when I was leaving I couldn't find her anywhere. A. to do B. B to C. doing D. doing it
  2. The boy wanted to ride his bicycle in the street, but his mother told him . A. A not to B. not to do C. not do it D. do not to
  3. I'll be away on a business trip. Would you mind looking after my cat? Not at all. . A. I've no time B. I'd rather not C. I'd like it D. D I'd be happy to
动词不定式的省略:在同一句或联系紧密的对话里, 动词不定式的省略 在同一句或联系紧密的对话里,常把 在同一句或联系紧密的对话里 不定式to后内容相同的部分省略 只保留to. 后内容相同的部分省略, 不定式 后内容相同的部分省略,只保留 .

  1. Are you a sailor? No, but I A. am not B. used to C. used to be D.used to being
  2. Why didn't you take part in my birthday party yesterday? I, but I had an unexpected guest. A. would like to B. would like to have C.should D.wouldn't like to 如果不定式中含有be, have, have been通常保留 如果不定式中含有 通常保留 be,have和have been 和

  1. Do you think it's going to rain over the weekend? . A. I don't believe B. I don't believe it C. I believe not so D. I believe not
  2. The boys are not doing a good job at all,are they? .('03 北京春招 北京春招) A. I guess not so B. I didn't guess C. I don't guess so D. I guess not
:在I'm afraid,I think, I believe, I m guess等开头的作答句中 后面跟so 等开头的作答句中, hope, I guess等开头的作答句中,后面跟so 与 分别用于肯定或否定宾语是, not 分别用于肯定或否定宾语是,宾语从句可省 去.

  1. What do you think made Mary so upset? her new bicycle. A. As she lost B. Lost C C. Losing D. Because of losing
  2. One of the sides of the board should be painted yellow, and. A. the other is white B. another white C. C the other white D. another is white
  3. Would you like some wine? Yes, just . C A. little B. very little C. a little D. a few
:主,谓,宾等成分的省略 主 在英语情景会话中,答语常常省略不会引起歧义 在英语情景会话中, 的主语,谓语或宾语部分, 的主语,谓语或宾语部分,而只保留对方希望了 解的内容.在复合句或并列句中,也有省略主, 解的内容.在复合句或并列句中,也有省略主, 宾的情况. 谓,宾的情况.
When help, one often says "thank you." or "It is kind of you". A. offering B. to offer C. To be offered D. offered
  1.他曾经是个老师 他现在在一个政府办公室工作 他曾经是个老师,他现在在一个政府办公室工作 他曾经是个老师 他现在在一个政府办公室工作.
  2.这次展览比预料的有趣 这次展览比预料的有趣. 这次展览比预料的有趣
  3.她张开嘴好象要大哭起来 她张开嘴好象要大哭起来. 她张开嘴好象要大哭起来
  4.除非邀请 否则我不会去参加这次晚会 除非邀请,否则我不会去参加这次晚会 除非邀请 否则我不会去参加这次晚会.
  5.明天早点起来 要是不起来的话,你就赶不上第一
  5.明天早点起来,要是不起来的话,你就赶不上第一 明天早点起来,要是不起来的话 班车了. 班车了
  6.当我在做作业时 我听到有人喊救命 当我在做作业时,我听到有人喊救命 当我在做作业时 我听到有人喊救命.
  7.他篮球打得即使没你好 也起码一样好 他篮球打得即使没你好,也起码一样好 他篮球打得即使没你好 也起码一样好.

  1.Once a teacher, he now works in a government office.
  2. The exhibition is more interesting than expected.
  3.She opened her mouth as if to burst into tears.
  4. Unless invited, I won't take part in the party.
  5.Get up early. If not, you will miss the first bus.
  6. While doing my homework, I heard someone crying for help.
  7.He plays basketball, if not better than, as well as you.



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   英语语法手册 [英语语法手册]关于词类和句子成分 根据词的形式、意义及其在句中的功用将词分为若干类,叫做词类。一个 句子由各个功用不同的部分所构成,这些部分叫做句子成分。 词类(parts of speech) 英语的词通常分为十大类: 1)名词(noun,缩写为 n.)是人和事物的名称,如 pen(钢笔),English(英 语),life(生活)。 2)代词(pronoun, 缩写为 pron.)是用来代替名词的词, we(我们), 如 his(他 的),all(全部)。 3)形容词(a ...


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   我的 名字 时钟 我 是 好的,令人愉快的 用于动词原形 遇见,相逢 你,你们 什么 你的,你们的 喂 嗨 他的 和,又,而且 她的 问题,难题,询问,疑问 回答,答案,答复 看,望,看起来 第一的 名字(词组) 最后的,上一个的 姓氏 男孩 女孩 零 九 电话 数,数字 电话号码 卡,卡片 身份证 家,家庭 姓氏 新的 成功的 周末 也,又,太 《尖峰时刻》电影名 《憨豆先生》电影名 《少年寺》 吉他 参加,加入 跳舞,舞蹈 游泳 唱歌 初中英语单词 (一) 布朗 史密斯 杰克 琳达 尼克 ...