情态动词 modal verbs

  1.--Is John coming by train? --He should, but he not. He likes driving his car. (2002高考题) 高考题) 高考题 A. must B. can C. need D. may
  2.It has been announced that candidates(候选人 候选人) 候选人 remain in their seats until all the papers have been collected. (2002上海高考题) (2002上海高考题) 上海高考题 A. can B.will C. may D. shall
  3.--I heard they went skiing in the mountains last winter. (2002北京高考题) 北京高考题) 北京高考题 --It true because there was little snow there. A. may not be B. won’t be C. couldn’t be D. mustn’t be
  1. I don't know where she is, she be in Wuhan. must be marking
  2. At this moment, our teacher our exam papers. 这时,我们老师想必在批改试卷。 这时,我们老师想必在批改试卷。 must have rained
  3. The road is wet. It last night. (rain) must have been looking
  4. Your mother for you. 你妈妈一定一直在找你。 你妈妈一定一直在找你。
may (might) have been hurt
  5. Philip seriously in the car accident. 菲利普可能在车祸中受了重伤. 菲利普可能在车祸中受了重伤
  6. Linda has gone to work, but her bicycle is still here. may (might) have gone She (go) by bus.
  7. Mike his car, for he came to can’t have found work by bus this morning. 迈克一定还没有找回他的车, 迈克一定还没有找回他的车,因为早上他是坐 公共汽车来上班的。 公共汽车来上班的。
高考考题: 高考考题 B
  1. I thought you like something to read, so I have brought you some books. A. may B. might C. would D. must D
  2. Where is my pen? I it. A. might lose B. would have lost C. should have lost D. must have lost B
  3. I didn’t hear the phone. I asleep A. must be C. should be B. must have been D. should have been

  4. There were already five people in the car, but they managed to take me as well. It a comfortable journey D A. can’t be C. mustn’t have been B. shouldn’t be D. couldn’t have been

  5. It’s nearly seven o’clock . Jack be here at C any moment. A. must B. need C. should D. could
不同的“肯定”程度可按下列层次排列: 不同的“肯定”程度可按下列层次排列: He is at home. (事实 事实) 事实 He must be at home.(非常肯定的推断) (非常肯定的推断) He should be at home.(很可能) (很可能) He ought to be at home.(很可能) (很可能) He may be at home.(仅仅可能而已) (仅仅可能而已) He might/could be at home.(或许 非常不确定) (或许, 非常不确定) He might not be at home.(也许不在家) (也许不在家) He may not be at home. (比might可能) 可能) 可能 He couldn’t be at home.(一定不在家) (一定不在家) He can’t be at home.(一定不在家) (一定不在家) He isn't at home.(事实) (事实)

  1. 表示能力、许可的情态动词的用法。 表示能力、许可的情态动词的用法。 表示能力: 表示能力 can, could, be able to *be able to 能用于各种时态。 能用于各种时态 各种时态。 can / could 只能表示现在或过去的能力。 只能表示现在 过去的能力 现在或 的能力。 *was / were able to : “设法做成某事” 设法做成某事” 设法做成某事 相当于 managed to do sth. succeeded in doing sth.。 。
  1. A computer think for itself; it must be told what to do. A. can’t C. may not B. couldn’t D. might not

  2. The fire spread through the hotel very quickly D but everyone get out. A. had to C. could B. would D. was able to

  3. They will run this machine on their D own in three months. A. can B. could C. may D. be able to
  4. That big cinema seat 2,000 people. A. can B. should C. ought to D. is able to
表示许可: 表示许可 may / might, can / could * might, could 比较委婉 一般多用于疑问句 比较委婉 一般多用于疑问句 委婉, 疑问句. * can, may 表达的语言比较直接干脆 表达的语言比较直接干脆. * 在以 在以could, might 表示征询对方意见 表示征询对方意见 或表示请求时,回答应相应使用can, may. 表示请求时 回答应相应使用

  5. ? Could I borrow your dictionary? C ? Yes, of course you . A. might B. will C. can D. should

  6. ? Might I watch TV after supper? A ? Yes, you . A. may B. must C. might D. can

  2. 表示否定的情态动词的用法 表示否定的情态动词的用法: 部分情态动词的否定式是情态动词中的考点 之一。 之一。 mustn’t needn’t can’t 不准, 不准 禁止 没必要 ( = don’t have to ) 不能; 不能 不可能
may not 不可以 可能不 不可以; shouldn’t 不应该 ( = ought not to )
  7. You return the book now. You can keep it till next week if you like. A. can’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. may not B
  8. Johnny, you play with the knife, you hurt yourself. A. won’t ; can’t C. shouldn’t ; must B. mustn’t ; may D. can’t ; shouldn’t

  9. --Will you stay for lunch? --Sorry, . My brother is coming to see me. B A. I mustn’t C. I needn’t C -- . A. No, you needn’t B. Not, please. B. I can’t D. I won’t

  10. --May I pick a flower in the garden?
C. No, you mustn’t D. No, you won’t

  3. 情态动词:shall, will 的多种意义 情态动词: 的多种意义: shall / will+ 动词原形 动词原形: * 均可表示将来。 过去时为 should, would. 均可表示将来。 * shall 可表示必须、命令、 警告或征询意见 可表示必须、命令、 警告或征询意见.
* will 可表示意愿、常出现的动作、在疑问句 表示意愿、常出现的动作、
中表示请求和建议. 中表示请求和建议

  11. He shall be punished if he disobeys. 如果他不服从, 就要受到惩罚. 如果他不服从 就要受到惩罚 will
  12. We are not going to quarrel at all if you only let me speak. 只要你让我说话, 我们根本就不会吵架 只要你让我说话 我们根本就不会吵架. B
  13. --Sir, he go or stay? --Let him go. A. will B. shall C. might D. could

  14. The door open. won’t 这门经常打不开. 这门经常打不开 D
  15. Ronald stay in his small garden for a long time every day in the past. A. could B. might C. should D. would
  16. You have the book after I read it. shall 我看完以后一定把这本书给你. 我看完以后一定把这本书给你



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   情态动词 modal verbs 1.--Is John coming by train? --He should, but he not. He likes driving his car. (2002高考题) 高考题) 高考题 A. must B. can C. need D. may 2.It has been announced that candidates(候选人 候选人) 候选人 remain in their seats until all the papers have b ...


   情态动词 modal verbs 1.--Is John coming by train? --He should, but he not. He likes driving his car. (2002高考题) 高考题) 高考题 A. must B. can C. need D. may 2.It has been announced that candidates(候选人 候选人) 候选人 remain in their seats until all the papers have b ...

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