71. It is required that every student a foreign language before goi ng abroad. A. learn B. learns C. will learn D. should have learnt key: A it is required that 后面使用虚拟的形式 2
  72. The dish you bought yesterday . key: C taste good 系表结构 A. is tasted good B. is tasted well C. tastes good D. tastes well 2
  73. The machine photos is easy to operate. A. used to printing B. is used to print C. is used to printing D. used to print key: D the machine (that is) used to print 注意: be used to do ...被用 来做...; be used to doing 习惯; used to do 指过去经常的行为,he used to smoke. 他过去吸烟. 2
  74. Tom is considered one of the best students I have ever taught. A. being...whom B. being...that C. to be...whom D. to be...that key: B be considered to be; 第二空定语从句 whom 作 taught 宾语 2
  75. It was he was working he was killed. A. that...when B. that...where C. where...that D. while...when key: C 强调句式 He was killed where he was working 2
  76. Carbon dioxide from burning fuels is the most common of the so-called greenhouse gases. A. producing B. having been produced C. to be produced D. produced key: D Carbon dioxide (which is ) produced from burning fuels 2
  77. After a quick dinner, the moment we had been waiting for . A. coming B. has come C. to come D. came key: D 填谓语动词 the moment (that we had been waiting for) came. 2
  78.They both looked like clowns, made the whole class burst into laughter. A. which B. that C. what D. as
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key: A 注意: as 引导定语从句大致分为两种情况
  1.固定结构 such...as the same...as 等
  2.表示正如...一样.例子: As is known to us all, the earth is r ound. 2
  79. If you have finished your homework and have nothing else to do, t here is no point awake just so you can say you didn't go to bed until 11 pm. A. staying B. to stay C. stayed D. stay key: A there is no point (in) doing sth. 2
  80. It doesn't matter if other students get higher test marks than you. _ is important is you do your best. A. Which...that B. What.../ C. That...whether D. What...that key: D what is important 名词结构做主语;that you do your best 表语从句 2
  81. We tried to do our experiment much the same way our teacher did. A. using...like B. with...as C. in...that D. in...like key: C in much the same way; that our teacher did 作 way 定语 2
  82. It is estimated that the number of foreigners coming to China to le arn the language over the last few years maintained an average a nnual growth rate of 35 percent. A. has B. have C. is D. are key: A the number has maintained... 这是句子主体部分 2
  83. They're very angry. They to see you for the last two or three hours. A. are managing B. will promise C. had made up their minds D. have b een trying key: D 2
  84. The newly-built university occupies an area of
  34.7 hectares(公顷), over 80% of which covered by trees and greens. A. have B. is C. has D. are
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key: B which 指代的是 an area of... 2
  85. She suggested information on radioactive matter. A. gather B. gathering C. to gather D. gathered key: B suggest doing 2
  86. The policeman five days after he had been wounded. A. was dead B. had died C. has died D. died key: D 2
  87. is known to all, Taiwan is a part of China. A. It B. As C. That D. What key: B as 引导的定语从句 2
  88. It is reported that this is the largest animal in this area. A. ever found B. ever to find C. has ever been found D. is ever found key: A the largest animal (that is) ever found 2
  89. Mary had to go to Beijing on business on June 15, happened to be her only son's birthday. A. which B. when C. then D. it key: A which 在后面从句里作主语. 2
  90. Of the two shirts, I'd like to choose expensive one. A. the less B. the most C. less D. most key: A 2
  91. People in Shanghai are looking forward great excitement to th e EXPO to be held in 20
  10. A. with B. of C. by D. to key: A looking forward (with great excitement) to the... 2
  92. I'm going to have my letters tomorrow if I've got them ready by then. A. to type B. typing C. typed D. to be typed key: C 2
  93. The fire was finally brought under control, but not extensive d amage had been caused.
英语教育网 Page 3 4/27/2010
A. after B. before C. since D. as key: B 意思是说火虽然灭了,可是还是有了很大的损失 2
  94. If the building project by the end of this month is delayed, th e construction company will be fined. A. to be completed B. is completed C. completed D. being completed key: A 2
  95. are the days when the black treated as slaves. A. Gone...are B. Gone...were C. Going...are D. Having gone...were key: B 2
  96. the usual millionaire never uses money and always gets other people to pay is he is used to thinking so. A. Why...because B. Because...so C. The reason...that D. The reason...b ecause key: C 可以看成是句式 the reason (why.....) is that... 2
  97. It was said that a series of experiments were performed Dr.K evin's nervous system was linked to a computer. A. in which B. which C. that D. when key: A Dr.Kevin's nervous system was linked to a computer in the experi ments. 注意: 如果 D while 也是正确的 298 She stayed up late she did a lot of housework. A. the night B. in the night C. during the night D. for the night key: A 空白处填的是具有连词性的词,因为它要连接两个句子 2
  99. He lives in a flat, he can see is happening in the street. A. where...anything B. from the window of which...everything C. from where...anything D. from whose window...all that key: D 3
  00. Be careful with the paper. It easily. A. tears B. is torn C. breaks D. is broken key: A
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