81.Hearing Mummy at the door, . A. off the bed the little girl jumped B. off the bed jumped the little girl C. off the little girl jumping the bed D. off jumped the bed the little girl key: B 1
  82. All the methods he could think of the traffic jam . A. solving … wasn't working B. to solve … didn't work C. solving … didn't work D. to solve …wasn't working key: B 1
  83.--You look very pleased today! --Yes, I so happy as I do now for a long time. A. didn't feel B. wasn't feeling C. don't feel D. haven't felt key: D 1
  84.That girl is Mary's cousin. A. pretty little Swedish B. Swedish little pretty C. Swedish pretty little D. little pretty Swedish key: A 1
  85. It's so easy as you imagine. A. almost not B. not nearly C. hardly D. not almost key: B not nearly: not at all He's not nearly as good-looking as his brother. We've saved some money, but it's not nearly enough . 1
  86.While watching TV, . A. the telephone rang B. the telephone was ringing C. the telephone was heard ring D. I heard the phone ringing key: D 1
  87.You rarely have breakfast at home, you? A. do B. don't C. have D. haven't key: A 1
  88.The Australian teacher had all his students their English names on cards. A. written B. to write C. write D. writing key: C 1
  89.It was not I saw Helen the next morning I felt relieved. A. until, that B. when, that C. until, when D. when, then key: A 强调句式 1
  90.When you have seen the film, you'll find the hero . A. a person too perfect to be not true B. a too perfect person to be true C. too perfect a person to be true D. too perfect a person to be not true key: C 参考 too big a hat; so easy a question; how difficult a question 1
  91.Edith has invented a device can solve the problem of saving electricity. A. which she claims B. she claims it C. as she claims D. what she claims key: A 去掉干扰词: she claims 1
  92.Everybody was looking for you when the meeting was over. You without a word. A. mustn't leave B. shouldn't have left C. couldn't have left D. needn't leave key: B 1
  93.I can hardly imagine a boy of ten so cruelly.
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A. to be treated B. to treat C. be treated D. being treated key: D 参考: do you mind me opening the windows? do you mind Tom opening the windows? 1
  94.So that the little girl covered her ears with her hands. A. loud was the thunder B. loud the thunder was C. the thunder was loud D. was the thunder loud key: A 1
  95.I would have come sooner, but I that you were waiting. A. hadn't known B. wouldn't know C. haven't known D. didn't know key: D 1
  96. hearing the news, all of us jumped with joy. A. At B. On C. By D. In key: B 1
  97. Naughty as my brother is, he is never late his homework. A. but...for B. but...with C. /...to D. /...with key: D 逗号后面为主句,前面不可加连词. be late for 迟到; be late with 中 with 用法: used to say what an action or situation is related to: We have a problem with parking in this area. Be careful with that glass. a job with the company 198 . What is troubles you most from time to time? A. it that B. that C. which D. it key: A 1
  99. Jack passed the examination though he had done the others. A. as much as half B. half as much as C. as half as much D. as much half as key: B 2
  00. Martin, with his wife, both working in the same company, decided that they would send their little daughter to the nearest kindergarten. A. is B. are C. have D. has key: D 2
  01. The sofa made of real leather costs more than made of artificial leather. A. that B. this C. it D. one key: A 2
  02. People always shake hands and say "How do you do?" when to each other. A. introduced B. introducing C. introduce D. to be introducing key: A 2
  03. --Who are those people with the banner? --A group itself the league for peace. A. calling B. calls C. called D . is called key: A a group who calls itself the league for peace. 2
  04. How I regretted the days in doing the useless work! A. which wasted B. wasted C. wasting D. having wasted key: B 2
  05. Tom, on time tomorrow. A. is sure to come B. will be sure to come C. be sure to come D. to be sure to come key: C 祈使句 比较: Tom is sure to come on time tomorrow.
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  06.--Who will take the place of the manager while he is away? . A. Neither B. No one C. Not one D. No body key: B no one=nobody 2
  07. Everyone found how strange Mr. Wang to arrive so early, he was always the last the office. A. it was for...to get to B. was for...getting to C. it was for...arriving D. was...to get to key: A it was strange for Mr. Wang to arrive so early; the first the last 后面使用 to do 作定 语 2
  08. After the war, a new school building was put up there had once been a theatre. A. that B. where C. which D. when key: B 2
  09. His attitude suggests that he really interested in it. A. isn't B. should be C . not be D. weren't key: A 注意这里的 suggest 是表明,暗示的意思 2
  10. We decide not to stop other than at his house. A. where B. anywhere C. somewhere D. everywhere
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   www.yingyu.com.cn 版权所有??英语教育网 271. It is required that every student a foreign language before goi ng abroad. A. learn B. learns C. will learn D. should have learnt key: A it is required that 后面使用虚拟的形式 272. The dish you bought yesterday . key: C ta ...


   www.yingyu.com.cn 版权所有??英语教育网 241. The students their teacher, with their eyes on the paper in his hand. A. following...fixing B. followed...fixed C. followed...fixing D. following...fixed key: B 第一空填谓语动词 第二空 fix one's eyes on 所以使用被动形式 242. We all ...


   121. When he arrived, he found the aged and the sick at home. A. nothing but B. none but C. none other than D. no other than key: B none 可以指人也可以指物 122. John seems a nice person. , I don't trust him. A. Even though B. Even so C. Therefore D. Though ...


   91. Could have been who helped Sunny get her work done? A. they … it B. they … them C. it … them D. it … they key: D 强调句式 it could have been they who/that helped Sunny get her work done 92. I know a place I can get a calculator on sale. I'll pick o ...


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   2007 年高考试题??英语听力(湖南卷)录音稿 第一节( 小题, 第一节(共 5 小题,满分 7.5 分) 听下面 5 段对话,每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳 选项。听完每段对话后,你都有 10 秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话 仅读一遍。 1.When will the two speakers leaveif they get cheaper tickets?’ A.On Tuesday. B.On Thursday C.On Fri ...



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   词汇考查 1.China is very__(出名 出名)for the Great Wall. 出名 2.The baby is asleep. Don’t make so much (吵闹 吵闹). 吵闹 3.Jim is a little(感兴趣 in Science, but 感兴趣) 感兴趣 he is good at Chinese. 4.(幸运 That woman didn’t hurt 幸运). 幸运 herself badly. 5. The cat has been__ ...


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