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  1. --I hope he won't get ill during the examinations. -- . He has been very well recently. A. Certainly B. No C. Not D. Yes

  2. The movie is boring; it is, in fact, rather exciting and interesting. A. anything but B. nothing but C. no more' D. all but

  3. Why didn't you tell me there was no meeting today? I all the way here through the heavy snow. w.w.w.k.s.
  5.u.c.o.m A. needn't have driven C. mustn't have driven B. can't have driven D. shouldn't have driven customers.

  4. The shop manager always says to his assistants, "We can never be A. so B. too C. that D. more

  5. Mr. Smith the roll of film as soon as he arrived home A. got down to wash C. got down to washing B. got down to develop D. got down to developing

  6. --The two pairs of shoes are the same colour. --But they are different colour. A. of; from B. of; in C. in; from D. in; in

  7. The gas tank twenty gallons of gas, but now it may only three gallons. A. holds; contain C. is held; contain B. holds; be contained D. is held; be contained

  8. They suggested not only to the party but also give a performance. A. did we go B. should we go C. we should go D. thought

  9. The president of the country was well of when he was in power. A. praised B. fond C. appreciated D. thought

  10. --Why has he been staying at home these days? --He since a month ago. A. has been out of work C. has lost his work B. was out of work w.w.w.k.s.
  5.u.c.o.m D. had left from his work http://www.TopSage.com
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  11. The reason their failure you know is they didn't get fully prepared for the experiment. A. why.., that C. for.., that B. that.., why D. why.., because

  12. great help, I could get rid of all the difficulty and succeeded. A. Offered C. Being supplied B. Having offered D. Having supplied

  13. --Jack's won holiday in London. -- lucky fellow ! A. a; A B. the; The C. a; The D. the; A

  14. You think you're clever, but that doesn't give you the right to order me about! A. should B. would C. could D. might

  15. --Which play shall we go and see? A. I'm afraid we can't B. I don't think it's interesting C. Yes, I quite agree with you D. I'll leave it to you
  16. --I didn't know this was a one-way street, officer. A. That's all right. B. I don't believe you. D. Sorry, but that's no excuse.
C. How dare you say that?

  17. The Bunsen Burner is so named because it is thought by Robert Bunsen. A. to be invented C. invented B. having been invented D. to have been invented w.w.w.k.s.

  18. --I'm told that John had another car accident this morning. --I believe not. He so careless. A. shouldn't have been C. couldn't have been B. wouldn't have been D. mustn't have been

  19. Could you give me a hand from the car, please? A. to carry the shopping 更多精品尽在大家网高考英语! 更多精品尽在大家网高考英语! http://www.TopSage.com
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B. for carrying the shopping C. and carrying the shopping D. carrying the shopping
  20. Why haven't you finished your homework yet? You to have finished it by last Sunday. A. are supposed C. are supposing B. were supposed D. were supposing

  21. --The news is spreading from mouth to mouth. --Yes, it has become talk of town. A. a ; a B. the ;不填 C. the ; the D. a ;不填

  22. Their tent, light as a feather, remained firm in the storm last night. A. as if B. even C. though D. if w.w.w.k.s.

  23. The amount of money for the seriously sick child was soon collected. A. to need B. needed C. needing D. which needed

  24. -- was it they discovered the entrance to the underground place? --Totally by chance. A. How; that B. What ; that C. When; when D. Where; that

  25. It is usually not quite cold in this area in March, but sometimes temperature be very low. A. should B. can C. must D. shall it belongs.

  26. After you have used the dictionary, please just put it back A. where B. to which C. what D. that

  27. --You went late the stadium yesterday evening, didn't you? --Yes, my wife was a little late the supper. A. to ; with B. for; with C. for; for D. at ; for

  28. --Do you know when the Chinese custom from? --It's hard to say. But its characteristics the Tang Period. A. began ; prove C. is ; appear B. started ; show D. dates ; suggest

  29. All the preparations, we're ready to start. 更多精品尽在大家网高考英语! 更多精品尽在大家网高考英语! http://www.TopSage.com
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A. made C. having made B. being made D. have been made

  30. --Did Mary come to your birthday party? --No. I her, but she was away on business. A. would like to invite C. must have invited w.w.w.k.s.
  5.u.c.o.m B. would have liked to invite D. could invite
  1.B 否定回答用 no,而不是 not,此题回答是省略的,原为 No,he won't.
  2.A anything but 表示“根本不”的含义。
  3.A needn't have done 意为“本来不需要”;D 为“本来不应该”。
  4.B too…to 固定词组搭配,意为“太……以至于……”,含有否定的意思。
  5.D 此题考查的是固定词组,get down to 后可直接接名词或动词-ing 形式。
  6.B of the same 接名词用作表语,意为“同样的颜色”;be different in 接名词,表示在 某方面不同。
  7.A 此题考查动词的语态知识。hold 表示“容纳”,contain 表示“装着”时都用主动形式。
  8.B suggest 意为“建议”,后接的宾语从句中用 should+动词,should 可以省略。
  9.D think of 用于被动为 be thou 曲 t of,B 项 be fond of 后须接名词或代词;A、C 项 后不用接 of。w.w.w.k.s.
  10.A 答语中有 since 引导的时间状语,限定了句中的动词为持续性动词。
  11.C 此题关键是 their failure 为名词词组,A 项 why 后须接句子。
  12.A 此题考查的是省略的用法。前面的分句省略的主语为 I,所以动词要用被动。
  13.C 此题考查冠词的用法。前空为泛指,后空为特指。
  14.D 此题意为“你也许认为自己弄明白了,但这并不表明你有权力命令我。”所以 A、 B、C 项都不符合题干的意思。
  15.D 问句意为“我们去看哪部戏?”A、B、c 项答非所问。D 项意为“由你决定”。
  16.D 此题考查日常交际用语知识,题干中问句是“长官,我不知道这是一条单行线”, 所以回答“对不起,没有任何借口”,A、B、c 项都不符合问句所提供的信息。 更多精品尽在大家网高考英语! 更多精品尽在大家网高考英语! http://www.TopSage.com
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  17.D 本句考查动词的被动语态和时态,it+is+动词 ed 形式,to do 是固定的搭配用法。 而 Bunsen Burner 的发明是过去发生的动作,所以用完成时态。
  18.C 本题考查时态的掌握情况,问句是“有人告诉我约翰今天早晨出了交通事故”,答 句应为“我不相信,他不可能这么不小心。”只有 c 项为此意思,shouldn't have done 表示“本 来不应该……”,mustn't have done 表示“禁止做”。 w.w.w.k.s.
  19. 此题为固定的动词词组用法。 A give sb. hand to do something 意思与 help sb. a (to)do 一样。
  20.B 本题考查的是 be supposed to 的用法。题意为“你为什么还没完成作业?你上个周 日就应该完成了。 ”在本题中 be supposed to have finished 相当于 should have finished, 意为“本 来应该完成而实际上没有”。
  21.C 本题考查冠词的用法。题中后一空为两者都知道,特指,故用 the;前一空受到 of 引导的短语的修饰,所以也用 the。
  22.C 本题考查省略的用法,thou 曲引导的分句中省略了 it is。意为“帐篷虽然很轻, 但昨晚它仍牢牢地立在狂风中”。
  23.B 本题考查定语从句的使用,题干意思为“用于治疗患有重病的孩子的钱很快被收 齐。”所以 need 在句中使用被动形式。
  24.A 本题是强调句的考查。考生可以将问句转为陈述句语气,这样题意就比较清晰: “It was how that they discovered the entrance to the underground place.”
  25.B 本题考查情态动词不同含义的辨析。而题干中要求为“有时温度可能会很低”。只 有 can 可以表示“可能”。
  26.A 本题有一定的迷惑性,很多考生选择 B,但 belong to 这一固定词组关系,非常 紧密,所以一般不提前,故 B 项错误。
  27.A 本题第一空要千万当心 go late to some place 而不是 be late for,所以 B、C、D 三 项错误,答句意思为“是的,我的妻子吃晚饭时晚了一会儿。”
  28.D 本题关键是抓住答句中所提供的信息,“It's hard to say'’,这表明回答者并不很肯 定。而 prove 证明,show 表明,排除 A,B。前一空 date from 意为“追溯至……”
  29.A 本题首先需判断用被动,排除 c。后半分句表示所有的准备已经完成,直接用过 去分词表示状态。 w.w.w.k.s.
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  30. 本题对话首先提供的信息为一般过去时, B 所以限定了所要填定信息的时态。 would like to 一般用于表示现在时,而句中时态为过去,所以需用 would have liked to w.w.w.k.s.
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   黄牛课件网 http://www. http://www.kejian123.com 新课标免费资源网(无须注册,免费下载) 语法专项 II 动词 一. 动词是表示动作或处于某种状态的词,它分为行为动词,系动词、助动词和情态动词, 动词种类多,变化又复杂,是学习英语的难点之一,下面根据动词的特点进行归类,并提 供一些辨别方法,以便于理解和掌握。 1. 行为动词在动词中数量最多, 它含有实在的意义 (又叫实义动词) 表示动作或状态, , 在句中可以单独作谓语,行为动词又分为及物动词和不及物动词 ...