阅读下面短文,根据上下文填入适当的词语,或使用括号中的词语的适当形式填 空,并将答案填写在答题卡上标号的相应位置。 (
The Internet has become part of young people’s life. 1 report shows that 38% of students often use the Internet . Most of them get 2 (use) information on the Internet 3 use the Internet to help in their studies. But many students don’t use it 4 a good way. Some play games too much, some visit websites 5 shouldn’t look at. So bad things may happen 6 students spend too much time on the Internet. 7 is important for students to use the Internet properly. Now we have a textbook, 8 uses many examples to teach students some good ways to use the Internet. It gives useful advice. Some students also make 9 on the Internet. But if you want to have a face-to-face 10 (meet) with your online friends, let your parents know and meet in a proper place. (
  2) Rivers are one of our most important natural resources. Many of the world’s great 1 are located on rivers, and almost 2 country has at least one river flowing through it that plays 3 important part in the lives of its people. Since the beginning of history, people 4 (use) rivers for transportation. The longest one in the United States is the Mississippi, and the lifeline of Egypt is the Nile. 5 transportation, rivers give water to drink, water for crops, and chances for fun and recreation for the people 6 live along their banks. However, large cities and industries that are located on rivers often make problems. As the cities grow 7 size and industries increase in number, the water in the rivers becomes 8 (pollute) with chemicals and other materials. People are learning the 9 (important) of doing more to keep their rivers clean 10 they want to enjoy the benefits of this natural resource. (
  3) Liu Xiang was the first Asian 1 (win) the men’s 110m hurdles at the Olympics in Athens. 2 that he became an idol(偶像) to the young people. “I never thought I would run under 13 seconds and break the Olympic
  3.”said Liu Xiang in tears, “I am very very excited. I’m proud not just for myself and for Chinese 4 for Asia. My race went 5 (wonderful) from start to finish.” Liu added. “It is 6 amazing experience being the Olympic champion. I want to thank my coach and my friends for 7their help. I think today we Chinese have showed the world we 8 run as fast as anybody else.”
Since his return from Athens, Liu Xiang has been at the center of a media circus and he has been to many press appearances and meetings. 9 Liu thinks 2004 is just the beginning, and he expects to be at his peak in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Liu said, “For some players, it’s just a job. For me, it’s 10 I love.”
  4) Will 1 matter if you don’t take your breakfast? Recently a test 2 (give) in the United Sates. Those tests included people of different 3 from 12 to
  83. During the experiment, these people were given all kinds of breakfasts, and sometimes they got 4 breakfast at all. Special tests were set up to see 5 well their bodies worked and when they had eaten 6 certain kind of breakfast. The results show that if a person eats a proper breakfast, he or she will work with better effect 7 if he or she has no breakfast. This fact appears to be 8 (especial) true if a person works 9 his brains. For example, if a student eats fruit, eggs, bread and milk before going to school, he will learn more quickly and listen with 10 (much) attention in class. (
  5) Enough sleep is important to health. The amount of sleep needed 1 on the age of the person and the conditions in 2 sleep takes place. The young may need more sleep than 3 old, but usually eight hours are enough for the health of grown-ups. Some can do with 4 than this amount, but others may need more. Every person knows his own need. 5 is then a matter of good judgment to satisfy his need. Sleep 6 always be enough to make one bring back his 7 (strong) and get ready for a day’s work. Fresh air is necessary to sound sleep. So it is not 8 reason for some people to think that it is practicable to sleep in the open air. A bath at bedtime, 9 hot nor cool but of body temperature, may be helpful to sleep. Sleepproducing drug(帮助睡眠的药物) should never be taken except when 10 (suggest) by a doctor. (
  6) Snake dishes have become popular 1 recent years. Snake meat in various flavors (风味) is often seen in restaurant ads. Eating snake seems to be now in vogue( 盛 行 ), and if you haven’t eaten snake yet, you 2(consider) “out of date”. But I wonder3 all the trends are worth following. Some people may defend themselves 4 saying that snake meat is nutritious. But these people don’t realize that many parasites(寄生虫), 5 do harm to our health, are found inside snakes. According 6 a survey, about 1000 tons of snakes are eaten
every year in China and sometimes as 7 as 10 tons of snakes are served on dinner tables in Shenzhen in a single day! These figures warns us that if no action is taken, 8 number of snakes will drop and make an increase in mice and worms population, which will 9 in a decrease(减产) of crop output. Who will see such tragedy happen? So let’s start not to eat snakes any more because “to protect the snake is to protect
  10.” (
  7) A few years ago, SARS 1 out in the mainland of China, causing some people 2 (kill) or nearly got close to death. The situation was so severe that there was3 time to debate who is to blame. The most important thing for the government to do is to find out the 4 of this deadly disease. They invited all the most 5 (experience) experts in this field to discuss and quite a few suggestions were put forward. Some of the top experts then tested them to see 6 they were available. Doctor Zhong Nanshan chose one patient who was seriously ill and had little hope7 picking up and had the new medicine tested on him. 8 his great joy, this patient recovered! He made his way to his office and telephoned the top official, 9 (tell) him this exciting news. For convenience, he moved to live in his office. His method did make sense. Not soon after that, the 10 hospitals also controlled this terrible disease and kicked it out finally. (
  8) I asked my uncle, who plays 1 piano well, 2 he would assess (评定) the tone of a second hand piano I was hoping to buy. We arrived 3 the house and Uncle Frank looked the piano over, then 4 (sit) down and played a mixture of honky-tonk numbers and classical pieces. When he finished, we told the family that we would call 5 in 15 minutes. Outside, Uncle Frank said that 6 the wood was battered (坏 掉的),the sound was good and we should buy it. When I phoned the woman back, she sounded as if she was crying. 7 (concern), I asked, “What’s the matter?” “We didn’t know the piano 8 play like that,” she replied. The piano wasn’t 9 sale, and her daughter had to resume(重新开始) taking piano
  10. (
  9) In North America people are always in 1 hurry. Children have special lessons or sports activities 2 school. Parents often work late and 3 get home until 7 or 8 o’clock at night. Most North American families don’t have time to prepare a meal. That is 4 fast food is so popular in North America. People 5 about 40% of
their dollars on fast food. People usually buy fast food from restaurant chains such as Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, or KFC,6 they can enjoy pizza, sandwiches, fried chicken, and so on. Fast food saves work and time, but it is not 7 (nutrition). Fast food is popular in many countries. American fast-food companies now have restaurants all over the world. But not 8 is happy about the spread(扩展) of North American fast food. A group of people in Italy want to fight 9 the spread of American fast food. They don’t like the idea of more fast food chains 10(open) restaurants in their country.
  10) Many people keep small fish 1 pets. They keep them in a tank of water. The tank is made of glass. People can 2 through it. They can see inside the tank and watch the fish. The fish need room. They mustn’t be crowded. They need 3 to breathe. 4 must be enough water for all fish. So the size of the tank is very important. In the tank people put small plants 5 are good for fish. They give oxygen to the water. Plants help in other ways, too. They can hide 6 the plants and sleep, lay eggs there. The fish 7 be kept in water all the time. Some can jump high. So the tank should be covered. This keeps the fish 8 (jump) out. The fish need food and should be fed every day. But 9 you give them too much food, it is very bad, for the extra food will fall to the bottom and make the water dirty. So the fish should get just enough food and finish 10 in ten minutes. Nothing should be left.
  1) 1 A 2 useful 3 and 4 in 8 which 10 meeting (
  2) 1 cities 2 every/each 3 an 4 have used 5 Besides 8 polluted 9 importance 10 if (
  3) 1 to win 2 After 3 record 4 but (also) 5 wonderfully 8 can 9 But 10 what (
  4) 1 it 2 was given 3 ages 4 no 5 how 6 a 7 than
参考答案 5 they 6 if 7 It
9 friends 6 who 7 in 6 an 7 all 8 especially
9 with 10 more (
  5) 1 depends 2 which 3 the 4 less 5 It 6 should 7 strength without 9 neither 10 suggested (
  6) 1 in 2 are considered 3 if/whether 4 by 5 which 6 to 7 many 8 the 9 result 10 ourselves (
  7) 1 broke 2 to be killed 3 no 4 cause 5 experienced 6 whether/if of 8 To 9 telling 10 other (
  8) 1 the 2 whether/if 3 at 4 sat 5 them 6 though/although Concerned 8 could/should 9 for 10 lessons (
  9) 1 a 2 after 3 don’t 4 why 5 spend 6 where 7 nutritious 8 everyone/everybody 9 against 10 opening (
  10) 1 as 2 look 3 oxygen 4 There 5 that/which 6 among must/should 8 jumping 9 if 10 it



   2010 年中考英语试题分类汇编(130 套)专题七 "缺词填空 年中考英语试题分类汇编( 专题七 " (2010 "江苏省镇江市,五,10) 根据短文内容及所给首字母提示写出所缺单词,并将完整单词写在答题卡对应题号的横线 上。 Some western countries insist that China is one of the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters (温室气体排放者). But in fact our government ...


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