个体名词:tree, city, teacher 集体名词:class, family, society 普通名词 名 词 物质名词:paper, bread, light
抽象名词:truth, health, music
专有名词: 专有名词 English, the United Nations, Zhongshan Park
? a piece of news, two sheets of paper, two sets of furniture ? c.f. three boxes of eggs, two bunches of flowers
? ? ? ? ? ? ? Alice’s paintings New Year’s Day at the barber’s five minutes’ talk c.f. a five-minute talk the window of the room (无生命东西的名词) the death of Dr. Norman Bethune ( 名词本身较长) What’s the name of the student sitting near the window?(名词的定语较长)
? 当a, an, this, that,these, those, some, , , any, several, no, every, such, another, which, what等与名词所有格共同修饰一个 等与名词所有格共同修饰一个 名词时, 两者不能同时都放在该名词前面, 名词时, 两者不能同时都放在该名词前面, 而要用双重所有格表示。 而要用双重所有格表示。 ? He is a friend of my father’s ? This is no fault of John’s ? c.f. a picture of his brother’s ? a picture of his brother

  1. 可数名词的复数形式: ? desk desks ? class classes ? factory factories ? hero heroes c.f photo photos ? leaf leaves knife knives c.f. roof roofs chief chiefs

  2. 不规则形式: ? footfeet woman women tooth teeth ? a sheep two sheep a deer two deer ? an aircraft three aircraft ? a Chinese many Chinese ? a Frenchman two Frenchmen ? a German five Germans ? ? ? ? looker-on lookers-on father-in-law fathers-in-law grown ?up grown ups man doctor men doctors
? ? 主语:The children are playing under the tree. 宾语: a) She opens the window at five every morning. b) He looks after the child. 表语 Her daughter is a singer. 宾补 They name the boy Tom. 主补 He is considered an excellent writer. 定语 That is a bicycle factory.
? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The class is for the plan. The class are waiting for her. The savings are for your future use. The scissors are very sharp. A pair of scissors is in the drawer. The cattle are gazing at the foot of the hill. The police are gathering in the street. A policeman is asking him several questions.
? A deer is over there in the bush. ? Three deer are appearing over there in the bush. ? Five hundred dollars a month is not much. ? Mr. Smith, together with his wife and two sons, is to arrive on the evening flight. ? The manager as well as his colleagues was present at the meeting. ? The owner and editor of the newspaper is a friend of mine. ? The old lead a happy life.
? Fans or an air-conditioner is necessary for the laboratory. ? Neither the students nor the teacher knows anything about it. ? Not only the workers but the manager objects to the change. ? There’s a book, two pencils and some paper on the desk.



   初三英语语法总结 重点短语 1. beg one's pardon 2. multiply …by… 3. slow down 4. wear out 5. try on 6. make a decision, 7. a place of interest 8. make a mistake 9. drop off 10. think about 11. make up one's mind, 12. at all, 13. at least 14. by the time 15. carr ...


   初中英语语法总结(打印版) 1 (see 、hear 、notice 、find 、feel 、listen to 、 look at (感官动词)+do eg:I like watching monkeys jump 2 (比较级 and 比较级) 表示越来越怎么样 3 a piece of cake =easy 小菜一碟(容易) 4 agree with sb 赞成某人 5 all kinds of 各种各样 a kind of 一样 6 all over the world = the ...

初 一 英 语 语 法 总 结

   广州市智盟教育咨询有限公司 初一英语语法总结 一、词法 1、名词 A)、名词的数 我们知道名词可以分为可数名词和不可数名词,而不可数名词它没有复数形式,但可数名词 却有单数和复数之分,复数的构成如下: 一)在后面加 s。如:fathers, books, Americans, Germans, apples, bananas 二)x, sh, ch, s, tch 后加 es。如:boxes, glasses, dresses, watches, wishes, faxes 三) 以辅音字母 ...


   初中英语语法总结 ( 动词的时态) 11.1 一般现在时的用法 1) 经常性或习惯性的动作, 常与表示频度的时间状语连用。 时间状语: every…, sometimes, at…, on Sunday。例如: I leave home for school at 7 every morning. 每天早上我七点离开家。 2) 客观真理,客观存在,科学事实。例如: The earth moves around the sun. 地球绕太阳转动。 Shanghai lies in the ea ...


   初中英语语法总结 ( 动词的时态) 11.1 一般现在时的用法 1) 经常性或习惯性的动作, 常与表示频度的时间状语连用。 时间状语: every…, sometimes, at…, on Sunday。例如: I leave home for school at 7 every morning. 每天早上我七 点离开家。 2) 客观真理,客观存在,科学事实。例如: The earth moves around the sun. 地球绕太阳转动。 Shanghai lies in the e ...


   高二上学期英语语法总结 1.不定式被动态的一般形式的内涵及用法。 .不定式被动态的一般形式的内涵及用法。 2.用作主语、定语、宾语和状语的不定式的四种功能的用法 .用作主语、定语、宾语和状语的不定式的四种功能的用法。 ①当不定式的逻辑主语是不定式所表示动作的承受者时, 不定式一般用被动形式。 不定式被 动形式在句中可作主语、表语、状语、补语等。如:To be obeyed was natural to her.她生性 让别人听命于她。(作主语)The problem remained to ...


   中小学课外一对一辅导专家 初中英语语法总结-中考英语复习资料 初中英语语法总结 中考英语复习资料 1. 名词 (1) 不规则名词的单、复数形式要特别记忆: man?men, woman?women, child?children, foot?feet, tooth?teeth (2) 单数、复数同形的名词: fish, sheep, deer, Chinese, Japanese (3) 常用复数形的名词: trousers, shoes, glasses (4) 只有复数形的名词: tha ...

初二英语《Unit 8 How was your school trip》ppt课件(三)

   How was your school trip? Section A A: So, Tina, what did you do? else met B: You won't believe it, but I Jake Dean. A: Jake Dean, the famous? You really met him? actor B: Yes! He's making a movie at the . aquarium A: Wow. Did you get his ? autogra ...


   pen [pen] ball pen [bT:l] T [pen] pencil [pensYl] book [buk] bag [b妯? ? ruler [ru:lY] set square [set] [skw[Y] [ black board [bl?] [bT:d] T chalk [t?T ?T:k] ?T ...


   Never give in, never, never, never Winston Churchill WW II " was a global military conflict between 1939 and 1945, which involved most of the world's nations, including all great powers, organized into two opposing military alliances: the Allies a ...





   为了深化教育改革,提高教学质量,大学英语的四级考试进行了改革。这次改革的目的是为 了更加全面地测量大学英语综合应用能力。其中听力理解部分的分值比例从原来的 20%提 高至 35%;增加了长对话听力理解测试,复合式听写由原来的备选题型改为必考题型。听 力成绩的好与坏, 很大程度上决定了考生能否顺利过级, 而且考生普遍对新题型的听力不适 应、跟不上、得分偏低。如何科学复习、切实提高听力水平和听力成绩已成为广大考生和辅 导老师必须面对和思考的迫切问题。所以听力是考试的重点,更是高职学生的弱点。因此 ...


   英语词法和句法 1.词法(morphology)词法研究的对象是各种词的形式及其用法。 英语词类的形式变化有: 名词和代词的数、 格和性的形式变化; 动词的人称、 时态、语态、语气等形式变化;以及形容词和副词比较等级的形式变化。 2.句法(syntax)句法研究的对象是句子各个组成部分及其安排的规律。 词类和句子成分的关系 在句子里,一定的句子成分由一定的词类来担任。现将哪些句子成分通常由 哪些词类来担任列述如下: 主语:名词和代词 Beijing is the capital of our ...


   1.Getting daily exercise is important. 每天锻炼很重要。 2.Seeing is believing. 眼见为实。 3.Teaching is learning. 教学相长。 4.driving is exciting. 开车真是刺激。 5.Lying is a bad habit. 说谎是一个坏习惯。 6. Saying is easy.Doing is difficult. 说起来容易,做起来难。 7.Listening to his sp ...


   unit 6 the operating system 1-new words: 1. boot n. 引导程序 A small routine, read into main memory when the computer is turned on, which reads the rest of the operating system into memory. routine n 例行程序 翻译:一小段(例行)程序,每次开机就自动读入内存,然后, 翻译:一小段(例行)程序,每次开机就 ...