高考 英语阅读理解解析
《孙子兵法》曰:“知己知彼”才能“百战不殆”,对待高考,我们应该首先明白 NMET 的考试 要求,做到“知彼”,然后分析自己的强项、弱项,做到“知己”。阅读理解是 NMET 的重头戏, 能否顺利通过此关影响高考全局,因此考生必须对阅读理解的题型特点、解题技巧等有个清楚的 认识。?


  1) It can be inferred from the text that .?
  2) From the text we know that .?
  3) The story implies that .?
  4) The paragraph following the passage will most probably be .?
  5) The writer ? s attitude toward…is .?

Example 1 One day a man walkedsintosa pet shop and said to the shop assistant, need two “I small mice and about five dozen roaches and two spiders.”?
“What do you need these things for?”the shop assistant was very surprised.?
“Well,”replied the man,“I’m moving out of my apartment and the landlord insists that I should leave the house in exactly the same condition as I found it.”?
Q: The passage suggests that when the writer movedsintosthe house, it was .
A. very clean ?
B. just cleaned by the landlord ?
C. tidy and comfortable ?
D. dirty and full of insects ?
解析:要恢复原样须买些老鼠和蟑螂等昆虫,因此推出答案为 D。?
Example 2 Some people are never right. They never have good luck. They usually do the wrong thing and say the wrong thing. And even if what they say or do is OK, they as a rule say it or do it at the wrong time. So these people always have problems. They often break dishes. They sometimes miss buses and airplanes.?
Mr Neff is different. He is always right. He is never wrong. He usually has good luck. He seldom has problems. He never breaks dishes. He never misses buses or airplanes. Even if he does miss them, it is always the fault of the buses or air planes. Mr Neff knows al-most everything. He doesn’t ask questions; answers q uestions. He never says, don’ know.” he “I t ?
Q: Which of the following best describes the writer’ attitude towards Mr Neff?? A. He finds s Mr Neff hard to understand ?
B. He thinks Mr Neff wonderful ?
C. He feels pity for Mr Neff ?
D. He does not like Mr Neff ?
解析: 本文中使用 never, 还写到 Even if he does miss them, it is always the fault of the buses or the airplanes.故暗示他对 Mr Neff 的讨厌之情。答案为 D。?
在阅读理解题中, 又有相当一部分属于事实或细节题, 下面仅就这类题的正确解法作简要说明。 ?

在解答这类问题时要求学生抓住题干文字信息,采用针对性方法进行阅读,因为这类题的答案 在文章中可以直接找到。?
A giant dam was built many years ago to control the Colorado River in the U.S. T his dam was built to protect the land and houses around the river.?
This huge dam is in the Black Canyon. It is possible to drive a car from one sid e of the river to the other on a road, which is on the top of the dam. This dam is so big that there is an elevator inside. The elevator goes down forty-four stories from the road to the bottom. There is enough concrete in this dam to build a highway from New York to San Francisco. Thousands of people worked on this d am for five years.?
This huge dam was called Boulder Dam when it was finished in 19
  36. Later it was renamed Hoover Dam in honor of a president of the United States. Hoover Dam, one of the highest dams in the world, is situated between the states of Arizona and Nevada.?
Q: Hoover Dam lies .?
A. between Arizona and Nevada ?
B. in the Black Canyon ?
C. between New York and San Francisco ?
D. both A and B ?

Invited by Mr. Ye Huixian, host of the well ? received TV programme“Stars Tonig ht”, Miss Luo Lin, Miss Asia of 19
  91, appeared as the guest hostess on the Shan ghai TV screen last Sunday.?
Born in Shanghai and taken to Hong Kong when she was only six years old, Luo Lin has never dreamed of being Miss Asia. Her childhood dream was to be an air ? hostess. Before she took part in the competition, she had been an airhostess in Cat hay Airline for seven years. However, it still took her three months to learn the art of walking on the stage, dancing, singing, making-up and other proper manners, designed by the Asia TV Station. ?
“It’s really a hard job for me. I won’t enter for such competition any more. Anyhow, I am quite lucky. I am also glad to have had more chance to work for the social welfare since I won the title. This time, in Shanghai, I'd love to make a deep impression on my TV audience, " said Luo Lin with a sweet smile.?
Q: Which of the following is NOT true??
A. Luo Lin is a native of Shanghai.?
B. Luo Lin moved to Hongkong with her parents.?
C. Luo Lin won the title of Miss Asia in 19
D. Asia TV Station helped Luo Lin to become Miss Asia.?
解析: A、C 和 D 都可在原文找到答案,而 B 项原文列的是: taken to Hong Kong 可判断不 是 moved to Hong Kong with her parents,因此选 B。?

做此类题时,学生应尽可能地利用生词所在的上下文来猜测词义,即利用我们所熟悉的词或短 语和上下文中的已知部分进行逻辑上的推理,有时还需依靠常识和经验。?
Another source of knowledge is the vast store of traditional practices handed do wn from father to son, or mother to daughter, of old country customs, of folklor e. All this is very difficult for a college student to examine, for much knowled ge and personal experience is needed here to separate good plants from wild gras s. The college student should learn to realize and remember how much of real val ue science has found in this wide, confused wilderness and how often scientific discoveries of what had existed in this area long age.?
Q: In the last paragraph the phrase“this wide, confused wilderness”refers to . ?
A. personal experience ?
B. wild weeds among good plants ?
C. the information from the parents ?
D. the vast store of traditional practices ?
解析: D。划线部分指的就是上文的 another source of knowledge,即: the vast store of traditional practices。



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