高考英语 重点句型课件
主语 + 不及物动词 She came./ My head aches. . 主语 + 及物动词 + 宾语 She likes English. 主语 + 系动词 + 主语补语 She is happy. . 主语 + 双宾动词 + 间接宾语 + 直接宾语 She gave John a book. . She bought a book for me. 主语 + 宾补动词 + 宾语 + 宾语补语 She makes her mother angry. . The teacher asked me to read the passage. There +be There lies a book on the desk.
基本成份的修饰语。可以是: 基本成份的修饰语。可以是: ? 定语:即用来修饰名词的单词、短语或从句 定语:即用来修饰名词的单词、 ? 状语:即用来修饰名词或代词以外的词的单词、 状语:即用来修饰名词或代词以外的词的单词、 短语或从句。 短语或从句。

Poor John tottered toward a hospital nearby. . She likes oranges imported from the USA.
状 语
John often came to chat with me. John likes oranges very much. Whenever he gets drunk,John makes Mary very angry. Hearing the news, he jumped with joy.
简单句只有一个限定动词( 简单句只有一个限定动词(即只有一个主谓结 ),它是最小的句子单位 它是最小的句子单位。 构),它是最小的句子单位。主要起下列四种 作用中的一种。 作用中的一种。 ? 作一种陈述 ? 提出一个问题 ? 发出一种命令或请求 ? 表示一种感叹 Examples: The boy hit the dog. Stephen apologized at once. Does the shop close at 7 tonight? Shut the door. What a slow train this is!
简单句的主语、宾语可以加上一个短语(如定语)来扩展, 简单句的主语、宾语可以加上一个短语(如定语)来扩展, 及物动词或不及物动词也可以与其它短语(如状语)连用 及物动词或不及物动词也可以与其它短语(如状语) 进行扩展。 进行扩展。
A bright little boy with rosy cheeks put three bottles of milk quietly on my doorstep before seven o’clock. He worked like a madman in the garden on Saturday. The young girl with long black hair seems to be very happy.
并 列 句
常用并列连词 coordinating conjunctions
and, both…and, not only…but also, neither…nor, and then but, however, while, yet for, so or, either…or, neither… nor
平行并列连词: 平行并列连词 转折并列连词: 转折并列连词: 因果并列连词: 因果并列连词 选择并列连词: 选择并列连词
Exercise: 请用合适的并列连词把每组句子合并为一个并列句。 请用合适的并列连词把每组句子合并为一个并列句

  1. He was tired.
He went to bed.
He was tired, so he went to bed.
  2. The child hid behind his mother's skirt. He was afraid of the dog. The child hid behind his mother's skirt, for he was afraid of the dog.
  3. He made a promise. He didn’t keep it. He made a promise, but He didn’t keep it.
复 合 句
由一个主句和一个或者一个以上从句所 构成的句子。在英语书面语中应用广泛。 构成的句子。在英语书面语中应用广泛。 主句是一个完整的句子,它可以独立存在 它可以独立存在。 主句是一个完整的句子 它可以独立存在。 从句是一个不完整的句子,它必须和一个 从句是一个不完整的句子 它必须和一个 主句连用,不能独立存在。 主句连用,不能独立存在。 复合句 = 主句 + 从句
复合句是在简单句的基础上,通过从属连词将两个或两个 复合句是在简单句的基础上, 以上简单句连接在一起而构成。 以上简单句连接在一起而构成。从属连词所引导的从句起 形容词、名词、副词的作用。 形容词、名词、副词的作用。复合句主要包含以下类型从 句:
  1. 主语从句
  2. 宾语从句
  3. 表语从句
  4. 定语从句
  5. 状语从句
  6. 同位语从句
  1. 宾语从句
  2. 状语从句
  3. 定语从句
复合句与简单句: 复合句与简单句:复合句 = 简单句 + 从属连词 +简单句 简单句 What he said what he did
That 定语 主语 surprised the people in the room.
That he didn’t know the answer
who were sitting in the room. who were present. whose sons were at war. who had signed the contract.
复合句与简单句: 复合句与简单句:复合句 = 简单句 + 从属连词 +简单句 简单句
the fact. 表 语
what he needs. what he gave me.
复合句与简单句: 复合句与简单句:复合句 = 简单句 + 从属连词 +简单句 简单句
I lived there. where I lived
He lived there three years ago.
He worked in that factory three years ago. 地点状语 时间状语
where his His father worked there. father worked
when he lived there
I believe that everything is going on well. She was reading a novel when I came in. She is the girl who sings best in my class.
宾语从句 状语从句 定语从 句
Practice 用所给连词连接句子。 用所给连词连接句子。 He has found out. She was late. (why) He has found out why she was late. I still remember the day. I first went to York on that day. (when) I still remember the day when I first went to York. 将各组句子连接为一个含有状语从句的复合句。 将各组句子连接为一个含有状语从句的复合句。 状语从句的复合句
He didn’t come yesterday. He was ill. (原因 原因) 原因
He didn’t come yesterday because he was ill.
I’ll give the letter to him. I see him. (时间) 时间)
I’ll give the letter to him when I see him. I’ll give the letter to him as soon as I see him. I’ll give the letter to him the moment I see him.
It is such a big box. Nobody can move it. (结果) 结果)
It is such a big box that nobody can move it.
We’ll go to the great wall. It’s fine tomorrow. (条件 条件) 条件
We’ll go to the great wall if it’s fine tomorrow.
We should not go there all the time. The place is quite pleasant.(让步) 让步) 让步
Although the place is quite pleasant, we should not go there all the time.



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