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  1. I thought this book was a great help to my studies , but it proved . A. to have no use B. of no use C. being of a little use D. of no any use 答案: 答案:B 讲解: 讲解:prove 后常接 to be +形容词,of + n = adj 结构,而 prove 后 to be 可以省略,就 形成 prove of no use 意为"证明没有帮助(用处). "
  2. This kind of book very useful but books of that kind useless . A. is ; is B. is ; are C. are ; is D. are ; are 答案: 答案:B 讲解: 讲解:此题考查主谓一致.this kind of … 和…of this kind 结构不一样,of … 短语是定 语修饰前面名词,谓语数与所修饰词一致,也就是前句 kind 作主语,后者 books 为主语中 心词.
  3. It's a a difficult question ,so it's impossible for me to answer it . A. so ; fairly B. too ; quite C. rather ; quite D. very ; rather 答案: 答案:C 讲解: 讲解:程度副词考查在单选,完形很常见,要注意搭配,rather 修饰单数名词,a/an 可 放其前式后,如 a rather difficult job ,或 rather a difficult job ,而 too, so 只能用于 too/so a difficult job , impossible 常用 quite 修饰=completely , 意为"完全(根本)不可能" .
  4. The foreign teacher Mr.Halt has a strange way of writing . Here's a notice from him ,but no clear of what he has written can be made at all . A. explanation B. meaning C. idea D. sense 答案: 答案:D 讲解: 讲解:此题考查句子的结构和句意,后半句的意思是"……根本搞不清楚他写的是什么 意思."make sense of …"是固定结构,意为"弄懂,理解,有意义" " ,可将句子按主动语 态思维 We can make no clear sense of what he has written at all .
  5. Congratulations your success the film , which reminds me my childhood . A. on ; in ; for B. for ; in ; about C. on ; in ; of D. for ; about ; of 答案: 答案:C 讲解: 讲解:此题考查介词搭配,这在完形,单选,改错及学生习作中是经常考查的内容,句 型 congratulations on sb. in sth ; remind sb. of sth
  6. The reading materials will be given to needs them .Of course you can take some . A. no matter who B. whomever C. whoever D who 答案: 答案:C 讲解: 讲解:从句连词考查,to 介词后是一个句子,缺少主语,故选 whoever ,A 项只能引 导状语从句,此处是介词宾语从句,属于名词性从句,B 项是宾格,不能作主语,D 项意思 不正确.
  7. Never in my wildest dreams lead to a career in the NBA, which has allowed me to give back to my people in Africa . A. I thought the chance would B. I thought would the chance C. did I think the chance would D. did I think would the chance 答案: 答案:C
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资料有 大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com
讲解: 讲解:此题考查倒装句,否定词像 never,not ,hardly ,little,no 等为了强调或修辞 需要提到句首,该句主谓部分要形成部分倒装,即把谓语部分中的助动词,系动词,情态动 词提到主语的前面.
  8. the fog , we would not have missed our plane . A. Because of B. In spite of C. In case of D. But for 答案: 答案:D 讲解: 讲解:虚拟语气考查题,would not have missed ,是与过去动作相反的虚拟结构,意为 "我们不会错过飞机" ,前面应是与事实相反的条件.A 项"因为"不对,B 项"尽管"不 合适,C 项"以防,万一有"也不对,只有选 D.But for +n 意为"要不是,如果没有"完 全符合题意.But for…就是引导虚拟条件,=without…,或 if it had not been for ….
  9. ? Do you happen to have twenty dollars on you ? ? ? ? I want to buy a reference book . A. Do you want the money B. What will you want to do C. How much D. What for 答案: 答案:D 讲解: 讲解:交际用语考查,这需要正确理解说话人意图,问话"有 20 美元吗?"对方问得 是 "用钱干什么?" 而不是 "你想做什么?" 也就是对目的提问, 所以选 D, 全句应为 "What do you want 20 dollars for ?"
  10. Tom was worried seemed obvious to everyone present at the meeting . A. What B. Which C. That D. How 答案: 答案:C 讲解:此题考查名词性从句.分析句子成份,主语 Tom was worried , 谓语 seemed(系 讲解: 动词) ,obvious to …为表语.由此可见主语从句需要连接词才能构成,不能省略,句子完整 故选 C, that 在名词性从句中不充当成份,只引导从句.
  11. ? Excuse me ,could you tell me where I can make a call ? ? Sorry ,I am a stranger here . ? . A. Thanks a lot B. That's a pity C. Thanks anyway D. I'm sorry to hear that 答案: 答案:C 讲解: 讲解:又是一道交际用语考查,anyway 不管怎样,是一个副词,等于 all the same,尽 管没得到帮助,也要感谢.
  12. The man on bus was sent to a police station . A. to be caught stealing B. caught to steal C. who caught stealing D. caught stealing 答案: 答案:D 讲解: "catch sb. doing …"抓住某人正在做某事, 讲解:此题考查非谓语动词,首先注意句型: 此处被抓住的人应为 who was caught stealing,省略 who was 为过去分词作定语表被动.
  13. The villagers , had been damaged by the Hurricane Katirina(卡特里娜飓风), were given help by the Red Cross. A. whose all houses C. all of their houses 答案: 答案:D B. all their houses D. all of whose houses
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资料有 大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com
讲解: 讲解:定语从句考查,这是较难的一个非限定定语从句结构,句意为"村民的所有房子 all of the villagers' houses" 项 whose 代 the villagers', 并引导定语从句,A 项 whose 不能 ,D 置 all 之前,B,C 项不能引导定语从句.
  14. The weather turned out to be very good , was more than we could expect . A. it B. which C. that D. / 答案: 答案:B 讲解: 讲解:同样是非限定定语从句考查,which 的先行词为全句,这种从句一般为非限定定 语从句,由逗号分开.
  15. everywhere, the wolves had nowhere themselves. A. Hunting ; hide B. Hunting ; to hide C. Hunted ; hiding D. Hunted ; to hide 答案: 答案:D 讲解: 讲解:考查非谓语动词.第一空是过去分词作原因状语与 wolves 是被动关系=As the wolves were hunted everywhere,第二空 to hide 作定语修饰 nowhere,句型是 have sth. to do, 此处意为"没有任何地方可以藏" . (答题时间:60 分钟) 【模拟试题】 模拟试题】 一. 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题
  1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A,B,C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项. Even if the word "pop "disappears from English vocabulary , the influence of pop will remain . There has 1 been a close cultural tie between Britain and English-speaking America , especially 2 . Before World War II the Americans exported jazz and blues . During the 1950s, 3 exported rock "n"roll . Then in the early 1960s new 4 was heard , very different from 5 that had so far come from 6 . This is the Liverpool beat . Liverpool was not a 7 that anyone visited the 1960s it was known only as one of Britain's largest ports 9 , almost for fun . 8 overnight , it became world-famous as the birthplace of the new pop culture . The people responsible (负责的) the pop revolution were four Liverpool boys who for 10 together in a group and called themselves The Beatles . They played in small clubs in the back streets of the city . 11 the famous solo stars who had their songs 12 for them , The relationship with their Beatles wrote their own words and music . They had a close 13 audience , and they 14 them to join in and dance to the "beat " of the music . The Beatles 15 won the love and admiration of people of all ages . 16 they developed , their songs became more 17 . They wrote not only of love , 18 of death and old age and poverty and daily life . They were 19 by many intellectuals (知识分子) and by some serious musicians . In 1970?1971 the partnership(合作关系)of The Beatles broke up . But whatever happens to their music , The Beatles will 20 have a permanent 永远的) ( place in the social history of Britain .
  1. A. hardly
  2. A. language
  3. A. they
  4. A. voice B. sometimes B. music B. it B. sound C. always C. culture C. the British C. language D. never D. history D. which D. song
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资料有 大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com

  5. A. something B. everything
  6. A. America B. Britain C. English-speaking countries
  7. A. beat B. song
  8. A. After B. Unless
  9. A. Therefore B. Thus
  10. A. lived B. joined
  11. A. Like B. Unlike
  12. A. written B. played
  13. A. business B. public
  14. A. forbad B. allowed
  15. A. firstly B. really
  16. A. As B. When
  17. A. relaxed B. serious
  18. A. but B. or
  19. A. sung B. acted
  20. A. not B. possible
C. nothing
D. anything
D. western countries C. port D. place C. Until D. In C. Then D. Probably C. played D. danced C. As D. While C. sung D. acted C. personal D. common C. promised D. expected C. finally D. hardly C. After D. Since C. lively D. pleasing C. and D. yet C. copied D. respected C. surely D. somewhat
二. 阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A,B,C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项. A Celebrations spread across China when Shanghai , the Oriental Pearl 东方明珠) was given ( , the right to host(主办)the 2010 World Expo(世博会)on December 3 . Shanghai won the honour after beating rivals (对手) from Russia , Mexico , Poland and South Korea . " I'm very proud of being Chinese , " said Wang Kaibo , a Senior 2 student of the Middle School Affiliated(附属中学)to Beijing Medical University . " The winning of the expo is a victory , not only for Shanghai residents 居民) but for the people of the whole Chinese nation . " ( , Bidding(申办)for the expo shows that China is more confident(有信心的)of playing a more important role on the international stage . It is competing for large events and the next one could be the World Cup , Wang said . The World Expo 2010 and the 2008 Beijing Olympics will become the twin shining stars of China's development over the next 10 years , said experts . The World Expo is known as the " Olympics of the economic(经济), cultural(文化), scientific and technological fields . " It is usually held every five years and lasts for six months . The Olympics , World Cup and World Expo are considered the three top international events in the world . China is the first developing country to win the expo bid in the event's 151-year history . Not only will it attract more foreign investment(投资)to China , but experts say that the half-year-long exhibition will bring at least 70 million visitors to Shanghai . .
  21. According to Wang Kaibo , the winning of the expo is a A. surprise B. success C. miracle D. legend
  22. Which continent DIDN'T come to compete the right to host the 2010 World Expo ? A. Asia . B. Europe . C. North America . D. South America .
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  23. Which of the following is WRONG about the World Expo ? A. The World Expo is usually held every 5 years and lasts for half a year . B. The World Expo is considered as one of the top international events in the world . C. China is the first Asian country to win Expo bid in the event's 151-year history . D. The 2010 World Expo will bring a lot of profit to China . B Aboriginal is a term used to describe the people and animals that lived in a place from the earliest known times or before Europeans arrived . Examples are the Maori in New Zealand , the Aborigines in Australia and the Indians in America . They all share the fact that they were pushed off their land by European settlers . Maori The Maori were the first people to go to New Zealand , about 1,000 years ago . They came from the islands of Polynesia in the Pacific . They brought dogs , rats and plants with them and settled mainly on the Northern Island . In 1769 , Captain James Cook from Britain took possession of the island and from that time British people started to settle . The Maori signed an agreement on land rights with these settlers , but in later years there were arguments and battles between them . Aborigines The native people of Australia came from somewhere in Asia more than 50,000 years ago . They lived by hunting and gathering . Their contact with British settlers began in 1788 . By the 1940s almost all of them were mixed into Australian society as low-paid workers . Their rights were limited . In 1976 and 1993 the Australian Government passed laws that returned some land to the Aborigines and recognized their property rights . American Indians Long before the Europeans came to America in the 16th and 17th century , the American Indians , or Native Americans , lived there . It is believed that they came from Asia . Christopher Columbus mistook the land for India and so called the people there Indians . The white settlers and American Indians lived in peace at the beginning , but conflicts finally arose and led to the Indian Wars(1866?18
  90). After the wars , the Indians were driven to the west of the country . Not until 1924 did they gain the right to vote . .
  24. The similarity among Maoris , Aborigines and American Indians is that A. they



   资料有 大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com 重点例题讲解和综合能力练习 1. I thought this book was a great help to my studies , but it proved . A. to have no use B. of no use C. being of a little use D. of no any use 答案: 答案:B 讲解: 讲解:prove 后常接 to be +形容词,of + n = adj 结构,而 prove ...


   英语语法 名词 1.名词是生物, 名词是生物, 事物, 地方以及抽象概念的名称, Ben(班), 猫), cat(猫 , pen(钢笔 , 钢笔), 名词是生物 事物, 地方以及抽象概念的名称, : 如 班, 钢笔 London(伦 伦 时间)等 敦),time(时间 等. , 时间 2.名词可分为可数名词和不可数名词. 名词可分为可数名词和不可数名词. 名词可分为可数名词和不可数名词 可数名词 1.可数名词有单复数之分,前面可加数词或冠词,如:boy(男孩 ,book(书),class(班 ...


   中考重点句型练习 1.as 1.as soon as 1. Mary 一见到她弟弟就会告诉他这个消息。 Mary will tell her brother this message he sees him. 2.我们一到那儿就去爬山了。We went climbing . 3.我一买回来哈里波特就给你看的。 I’ll show you Harry Potter I buy it. 4.昨天雨一停孩子们就回家了。 The children went home 5.我一回来我妈妈就开始做饭。 ...


   U1 重点词汇讲解 一、重点词汇列表 动 词 名 词 形 容 词 重 点 词 组 for free, pay attention to, back cover earn respect, surf the Internet, Internet access, miss the chance, inform … of, average, challenging, extra, former, recent, close attend, earn, respect, prepare, drop, ...


   3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net 百万教学资源,完全免费,无须注册,天天更新! 本资料来源于《七彩教育网》 本资料来源于《七彩教育网》http://www.7caiedu.cn 中考英语重点知识讲解? 中考英语重点知识讲解?词序问题 我们知道汉语通过增加助词使一个陈述句变成问句, 而英语则是通过改变词序使陈述句 变成问句.我们把"主语+谓语+其他……"这样的词序看成一般的词序,词序跟它不同的 句子就叫倒装句. 倒装句有部分倒装和全部倒装两种. 全部 ...


   一、运用同义词(组)进行转换 用同义词或同义词组对原句中的某些词或词组进行替换, 注意转换后的词或词组的词 形变化要与句子其他成分相适应。如: 1. That day we could see flowers here and there. That day we could see flowers . 分析:答案为 everywhere。everywhere 与 here and there 都表示“到处”。 2. The teacher always takes good care of ...


   六年级英语综合能力测试题 班级: 姓名: 等级: 一..用所给词语的适当形式填空: 1. Mike is (heavy) than John。 2. We (see) elephants in the zoo last week. 3. The elephant is much (strong) than the dog. 4. Amy often (buy) a card for her teacher on Teachers’ Day. 5 .I (clean) the room eve ...

幼升小主考综合能力 英语成决胜筹码

   平面 1 幼升小主考综合能力 幼升小主考综合能力 英语成决胜筹码 近日,热热闹闹的幼升小考试进入收尾阶段。与往年比起来,今年的考题内 容丰富、形式灵活,大多学校采取“笔试+面试”的形式,多角度的对孩子们进 行评测,显得更加科学严谨。紧张激烈的考试,让广大家长和孩子进行了一场心 智的大考验。 女孩桐桐的妈妈说: “大家都希望孩子能上口碑和校风好一点的小学,这样 就离重点中学、重点大学更进一步了,真是不敢让孩子输在起跑线上呢。 ”少儿 教育专家,来自瑞思学科英语的 Sally 女士说: “小学和 ...


   高考英语翻译 (Jan..30) ) 中译英常设考点 形式主语或形式宾语 it 动名词作主语 句型结构 连词 倒装句型 动词或动词短语 中英文化差异 各类从句 成语英译 一:形式主语或形式宾语 it 那些未曾去过那个小村庄的人很难描绘出它的美丽. it ) ( It is very hard for those who haven't been to the small village to describe its beauty. 我发现很难与那些一贯固执己见的人合作. (it ) I f ...


   高考英语作文万能公式 开头万能公式: 开头万能公式: 开头万能公式一:名人名言 1. 开头万能公式一 有人问了,“我没有记住名言,怎么办?尤其是英语名言?”,很好办:编! 原理:我们看到的东西很多都是创造出来的,包括我们欣赏的文章也是,所 以尽管编,但是一定要听起来很有道理呦!而且没准将来我们就是名人呢!对吧? 经典句型: A proberb says, “ You are only young once.” (适用于已记住的名言) It goes without saying that w ...



   维普资讯 http://www.cqvip.com 教学研究 与改蕈 Junl f mtn ~R t o Tcnl y(oi dee~ or l gI tu f eho g SclS ne) a oN o r e o a 南通工学院 学报( 社会科学 版) 第 l誊 8 第1 期 20 0 2年 3月 科 技 英 语词 汇特 点分 析 和 敬 学 实 践探 索 等 罐嚣喾矗囊誓 .是薅连式卷《冀蒜喾建袭毒丢囊囊囊 毒毫毒囊袭毛岳琏 笔若 垂 携巍 芒 嚣 ≤ 喾 j 蒜 .嚣 ...


   党原中学九年级英语摸底考试题 党原中学九年级英语摸底考试题(卷) 九年级英语摸底考试 A卷 得分 一 二 三 四 五 六 七 总分 B卷 得分 八 九 十 十一 A卷 一.单词辨音(每题 1 分,共 5 分) 从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,找出其画线部分与所给单词的画线部分读音相同的选项。 ( )1.shape A.manner B. match C. create D. hang ( )2. knock A.complete B.symbol C. soft D.soldier A.he ...


   新东方在线 [www.koolearn.com ] 2009 职称英语基础班网络课堂电子教材系列 阅读理解 职称英语阅读理解知识点 主讲: 主讲:李玉枝 欢迎使用新东方在线电子教材 教材说明:本 word 讲义跟老师声音顺序完全配套 参考教材 蓝皮书: 全国职称英语考试历年真题与模拟试题汇编》 《全国职称英语考试历年真题与模拟试题汇编 蓝皮书: 全国职称英语考试历年真题与模拟试题汇编》经济科学出版社(2007 《 年 4 月) 阅读理解的解题技巧及方法汇总 在整个考试中阅读理解总共有三篇文章 ...


   Unit 1 Part One Exercise 2 1. Mike C Exercise 3 1. avoid power 2. social outgoing 3. reputation 2. Sam E 3. Ted D 4. Simon A 5. Lilly B 4. despite wittiest 5. make up for 6. describes 7. perfectionist critical 10. get rid of characteristics 8. matc ...


   应试要点 一 考生在进行英语写作时, 往往是先用汉语思维, 再经过一个翻译 转换的过程, 表达成英语的。 这样写出的英语毫无疑问地会受到汉语 语句的表达方式的影响。 中国学生的英语写作中出现的种种毛病, 根 源就在此。然而,英语思维的能力,或者说习惯,决不是一年半载能 够培养出来的。那么,考生首先要做到的是,有意识地尽量克服汉语 语句对自己英语语句写作的束缚和不良影响。 头脑中出现的要写成英 语的汉语语句, 不能基本上字对字地直接转换成英语的语句。 要找一 个规范的符合英语思维表达习惯的英语 ...