高考英语重点知识点复习题汇编 动词词义 动词词义
  1. I really don’t want to go to the Party, but I don’t see how I can_ it. A. get back from B. get out of C. get away D. get off Key: B
  2. Being much too far, Maria was advised to reduce her food for eac h meal, yet she wouldthat. A. have none of B. accept C. take care of D. listen to Key: A
  3. Readers canquite well without knowing the exact meaning of each word. A. get over B. get in C. get along D. get through Key: C
  4. The death of her dog made her sad, and it took a long time to __it. A. put off B. get down C. get over D. come across Key: C get over 克服、战胜、恢复常态
  5. The captain told the sailors totheir sprits when they were on the point of giving up. A. keep up B. pick up C. take on D. go on Key: A keep up 保持、维持
  6. They always laya large supply of tinned food in winter in ca se they are snowed up. A. out B. off C. in D. with Key: C lay in àlay up 储存 lay in food /coal

  7. He used to be very shy but he has grown it now. A. without B. over C. away D. out of Key: D grow out of …年龄增长不再做…
  8. The doctor thinks he will pullnow. His temperature has gone down. A. together B. through C. over D. around Key: B pull through | round 恢复知觉或康复
  9:It’s your turn tothe tale A. Pick up B. carry up C. Put up D. take up
Key: D take up
  10. Sports and games can our bodies bring up B. set up C. put up D. build up Key: D. build up our bodies.
  11. As we grow older, birthdays seem to more quickly than whe n we were children. A. come in B. come around C. come out D. come over Key: B come around 来到、发生= come round Christmas seems to come around quicker every year.
  12. The boy was made tothe explanation(解释,说明 process of explaining) . A. speak B. tell C. repeat D. say Key: C A,D 不直接接内容, tell 告知
  13. Tom,yourself. Did you forget the school rules? A. behave B. believe C. perform D. conduct Key: A 举止或行为表现 Behave yourself, children!
  14. Mum, it is nice weather. I want to skate this afternoon. Don’t you think the ice on the lake is too thin toyour weig ht? A. stand B. bear C. catch D. take Key: B bear: (
  1)支撑; (
  2)=stand | endure 容忍 The ice is too thin to bear your weight.
  15. Not getting that job was a big bet down. Don’t worry. Something better will. A. come along B. take on C. go by C. fall behind Key: A come along (
  1)到达、出现 appear (
  2)=come on
  16. When did the concert? Well, two or three years ago? A. happen B. take place C. hold D. start Key: B
  17. He offered toher a hand as the suitcase was too heavy for her to carry. A. hold B. show C. lend D. borrow Key: C lend | give sb. A hand (with…) 在……帮助某人
  18. It was so noisy outside that he couldn’t down to read. A. settle B. put C. sit D. lie
Key: A settle down vi. 舒适地坐或躺 vt. settle sb. Down (使 sb )安心 Wait until the children settle down before you start the lesson. Uncle George didn't settle down until he was nearly fifty.
  19. Have a good rest, you need to your energy for the tennis m atch this afternoon. A. have B. save C. hold D. get Key: B save
  20. Historical experience canas a most important source of infor mation. A. serve B. use C. regard D. prove Key: A (
  1) vi., vt. 为……工作 serve as a gardener (
  2) vi., vt. 服役、供职 serve in the army server under sb. (
  3) vi., vt. 供……饭茶,将……摆上桌 serve coffee (
  4) vi., vt. 满足(需要),达到(目的)This room can serve for/as a study.
  21. This is a story completely by him, so don’t rust him. A. discovered B. invented C. found D. known Key: B invent a story 编故事
  22. It is much easier to talk about social change than to. A. bring it on B. bring it about C. bring it up D. bring it out Key: B 使……发生 A. 引起,有助于 C. 扶育大 D. 显示,揭露
  23. The store had toa number of clerks because sales were dow n. A. lay out B. lay off C. lay aside D. lay down Key: B lay off (暂时)解雇 lay out 安排、布置 l ay aside 储存 lay down 放下、规定

  24.A dark blue design will noton a blackboard. A. clear up B. go up C. show up D. pick up Key: C show up 颜色衬得分明、清晰
  25. He20 dollars for his old bike the other day.
A. paid B. took C. spent D. offered Key: B take 接受、得到、获得 例: take the first place take fish 抓、捕 take my pen 拿走、取走 take this cap 买下 take a cup of tea 吃、喝 take a bus 搭(车、船) take us a week to finish 需要、花费 take this passage 理解、领会
  26. Are you ready to leave? Almost, I’ll be ready to go just as soon as I putting the cle an dishes away. A. get through B. give up C. carry out D. set about Key: A 完成
  27. Bob’s the branches from the tree. Go and for firewo od. Bill! Do you think I’m really for his kind of work? A. cut away; cut it up; cut through B. cut off; cut it down; cut out C. cut away; cut it up; cut out D. cut off; cut it down; cut out Key: C be cut out for sth. = be cut to be (
  1) 有……的素质 He is not cut out for teaching= is to be a teacher (
  2) 相匹配 John and Mary are cut out for each other.
  28. It’s quite normal toten percent of the cost of a building for a period of six months or so, in case faults are found in it. A. keep up B. keep away C. keep off D. keep back Key: D A vi. (天气)持续不停 vt. 维持、保持 B 不靠近 C vi. 未下(雨,雪) vt. 不接近 D 阻止、扣留、隐瞒
  29. There is something wrong with my watch, will you? Let me see. A. see it to B. see to look at it C. see to it D. watch to it Key: C see to 修理、 处理、 照看 see to it that… 一定注意…, 务必… =make sure that
  30. How are your business goes wrong? But I have done all that isby law. A. required B. judged C. requested D. desired require (
  1)需要 ~ help (
  2)命令或指示 (
  3)(强制性地)要求、规定= demand
request (口头或书面形式)要求;(尤指)请求 at one’s request =at the request of sb. 应 sb 请求 Key: A
  31. When cutting the cloth for my suit, leave enough at the edges to my getting fatter. A. supply of B. provide for C. provide against D. provide with Key: B 防备 provide for 为某事物可能发生作准备 provide against 预防、防备发 生……
  32. Children who are alwaysby their parents soon become selfis h. A. put away B. looked after C. given into D dealt with Key: C
  33. Try to remember to turn off the light when you leave the room. I’m trying toexpenses. A. keep off B. keep down C. keep out D. keep from Key: B 镇压、控制 He couldn’t keep down his anger.
  34. After a long discussion, theyan agreement. (协议) A. came into B. came out C. came to D. came across Key: C
  35. I feel it is you as well as your wife that for your son’s ba d performance at school. A. are to blame B. is to be blamed C. are to be blamed D. is to be blamed Key: A be to blame for … 对…负责
  36. The girl behaved in a strange way. You couldn’t her mind. A. read B. realize C. recognize D. see Key: A read, “learn the significance of sth. ” 领会 sth. 的意义 read sb.’s mind | thoughts 了解某人的想法 read sb’s hand | palm 看手相 read sb.’s face

  37. A person who likes to others is definitely not easy to get al ong with. A. leave out B. pick on C. let off D. turn up
Key: B “欺负(人),批评(人) leave out 漏写;忽视 发射
let off

  38. Did you go to see he play last night? Unluckily, I couldn’t it, But I am going to see it soom. A. do B. manage C. make D. take Key: C make it 成功地做了某件事 couldn’t do | manage 没能力干
  39. It took her many years tofrom the facther son died. A. get over, which B. get away, that C. get out of, that D. get aw ay, which Key: B get away from=get out of
  40. However hard I tried to explain it to her, she just couldn’t unders tand. I found her impossible to. A. get over B. get along with C. get through D. get to Key:C get through to sb. 与……沟通

  41. I’ll thank youmy affairs alone. I will. It’s none of my business. A. leaving B. to leave C. for leaving D. not to leave Key: B
  42. He was so touchy a word from her wouldhim . A. set; out B. set; off C. set; up D. set; back Key: B 使……发火
  43. She unspeakable trouble while she considered all these questi ons. A. suffered from B. suffered C. meet D. meets with Key: B suffer vt. =stand/put up with/bear suffer from 疾病

  44. If we can’t afford meat we shall have towith fish. A. do B. go C. eat D. deal Key: A 没有 go with,只有 go without make do with=do with

  45. As a famous Chinese saying, he who doesn’t reach the Gre at Wall isn’t a true man. A. means B. goes C. speaks D. works Key: B
  46. Her face gave her when she told a lie. A. off B. away C. up D. out Key: B give away 泄露(秘密)
  47. They’veus £150,000 for the house. Shall we take it.
A. Provided B. supplied C. shown d. offered Key: D


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